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1745 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive

January ?th 1745

We are informed that the Providence Brig from Ipswich was taken on Christmas day (laden with coal) of Flamborough Head by a privateer from Calais, Mr Terry ransomed his ship for £135.

January 25th 1745

A remarkable incident happened in Edinburgh last week.
About three years ago, a sheriff a clothier from Mussleburgh,was missing, he was supposed murdered as the effects of drunken quarrelling, but the fact was that very near his home he was pressed and hurry'd onto a man of war boat which carried him off.
The ship sailed the next morning for the West Indies where he has been till now
In the meantime his inconsolable widow imagined his ghost appeared often and to dry her tears she married and has got a child some weeks old, what the consequences will be is unsure.

February 9th 1745

To be sold-a farm called Reading Slough in the parish of Buddesdale, Suffolk, containing 127 acres of enclosed land with a large right to the common.

February 16th 1745

On Sunday morning, about 300 lbs of tea was seized at Thorpe, Essex by a party of soldiers on information received.

March 9th 1745

Last Tuesday, Walter Kettlby, custom officer of Ipswich port, went with a party of soldiers to Twaite and made a small seizure of tea and brandy.
As they were going thither an inferior officer of customs was stopped at Clopton tollgate by two men who carried him into a wood and stripped and whipped him severely and turn'd him loose and left him with his hands tied for 1 ½ hours before he could get his hands loose.

March 9th 1745

On Sunday night last, in the middle of the night a gang of about 30 smugglers came into Beccles and broke open a house and pulled a poor man out of his bed and whipped him in the chamber with the cat o' nine tails, dragged him down the stairs head first, through the yard with a very hard frost and deep snow, set him on one of their horses and carried him away without anything on him except a shirt and night cap.
He has not been heard of since.

March 30th 1745

At Ipswich Assizes-William Doughty for breaking into the house of William Death at Acton, Suffolk, to be transported for 7 years.

April 6th 1745

Last Saturday, William Gooda and Charles Sewell, two shoemakers in Beccles were committed to the county gaol at Ipswich having confessed they were concerned in carrying away Henry Nursey.

April 11th 1745

Norwich , May 10th , 1745, all lovers of cricket are hereby desired to meet at Gray's coffee house on Friday 17th inst at 6 in the evening to settle rules for that manly diversion.

April 25th 1745

On Whitson Monday the 3rd of June, there will be a match of football to be played by 20 men, 10 on each side at Battisford Tye, Suffolk, near Stowmarket for 10 hats, every man to put down 1s and enter their name on that day, no man to strike a man when he is down.

July 6th 1745

To be sold or lett, a fine large milch ass with colt by her side. Enquire of Mr Robert Self of Tivshall Green, Suffolk

July 6th 1745

On Friday there will be a show of lambs at the Green Man commonly called the Half Way House at Melton in Suffolk where all farmers and graziers may be furnished with stock and meet with a hearty welcome by their humble servant Richard Gibbs.

July 30th 1745

Lost on Whitsun Monday, June 3rd last between Ipswich and Colchester, a paper parcel containing three pieces of Irish Holland directed to Mr Thomas Baker of Foxhearth, Essex, near Long Melford, whoever brings it back to Thomas Shave at the Naggs Head, Ipswich or the Black Horse at Stratford shall receive 5 guineas.

August 10th 1745

At Bury Assizes, four malefactors received the death sentence-Thomas Hart for breaking into the house of Thomas Hart at Westhall, Suffolk, and stealing a watch and three silver spoons, John King for stealing a mare from Mr Jacobs of Milden and William Fuller for stealing several pieces of silver out of the house of the Rev Fawcett of Monks Ely, all were repreived.

August 10th 1745

Today is published the Gentleman's Magazine-price 6d.

September 21st 1745

Edinburgh, September 9th. It is said the Young Chevalier affects a great deal of popularity, he has been granted a pass to the linen draper in London who had been in Perth buying quantities of cloth and he told him he was expected at St Jame's in the space of two months.

We hear that upwards of 200 Highlanders who were sent to search for arms took the opportunity to plunder and loaded themselves with horses they could find and went off home.
It is said they are being pursued.

September 21st 1745

Ireland, Dublin. Last week's Assizes ended at Castlebar where a boy of 11 was try'd and found guilty of murdering a girl of 8 by throwing stones at her which hit her on the head, he was sentenced to die next November.

October 5th 1745

Whereas a rebellion has broken out in Scotland there are strong reasons to believe it will be supported by France and Spain, the declared enemies of this country, a general meeting is therefore apprehended at the Greyhound in Stowmarket at 10 on Monday the 14th of October when the Nobility, Gentlemen and Clergy are desired to attend in order to consult on the proper method to support the King and Government. Grafton.

October 12th 1745

To be sold at Wattisfield, Suffolk-good dwelling house with three rooms of floor-brewhouse-stables-5 acres. Apply Samuel Weyard of Hepworth.

November 9th 1745

Stolen or strayed from the parish of Gestingthorp in Essex near Sible Hedingham-a black horse near 14 hands-5 years-white snipend of nose. Whoever gives information to Thomas Marlton of the Compasses in Gestingthorp shall be allowed reasonable charges.

November 16th 1745

All persons having claims on the estate of Sir John Barnardiston Bart, late of Long Melford are desired forthwith to send particular to John Alexander, attorney at law of Threadneedle Street, London.

December 7th 1745

To be lett, a commodious house at Hartest, Suffolk, containing parlour-hall-kitchen-brewhouse-dairy-cellars-5 chambers and garrets above them-stabling for 5 horses-pleasure gardens-orchard-ponds-50 acres-late in occupation of John Goodall, deceased. Apply to John Poole of Boxted Hall.

December 28th 1745

To be sold-a grist mill in the parish of Benhall, lately erected-within a mile of Saxmundham-fit for dressing flour and having a new Frencher little more than a three years old, also good horse mill which has an 18ft wheel and two pairs of stones. Enquire of John Cooper of Benhall.

1746 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive

January 4th 1746

On Friday three men were carried before Lord Fitzwalter and committed to Chelmsford gaol. They appeared to be natives of France and were taken in a small vessel in the Burnham river, having been observed for a considerable time founding the depth of the said river in several places.

January 11th 1746

Stolen from widow Jewers at Bradfield St George, a black horse-15 hands-3 years. If any man brings the said horse to widow Jewers they will receive 2 guineas reward

January 18th 1746

Last Tuesday morning a melancholy accident happened at Freston near Ipswich
William Frost, a considerable farmer in the parish was standing with his wife by the kitchen fire when the door opened and seeing his son of 18 years going out fowl shooting, he called out to him and said the gun had been laid so long he was afraid the lock was not being in order and desire he would strike it down. The son continued in the room but when talking to his father turned the muzzle towards the fireplace and struck down the cock when it went off, he saw both his father and mother fall and expire immediately.
It is now apprehended that a servant had made use of the gun without leave and laid it up with a charge in it.

January 18th 1746

Strayed out of the grounds of John Rand of Lyston in Essex near Long Melford-a sorrel gelding of 15 hands-5 years old and the property of Benjamin Bradley of London. Whoever gives tidings shall have reasonable charges and a handsome reward.

February 15th 1746

Scotland---Four German deserters from Lord Drummond are arrived in Newcastle, the reasons they gave for deserting were want of pay and provisions. 
They are part of the Pretender's guard and were upon a hill with him outside of all manner of danger during the battle of Falkirk.

March 1st 1746

To be sold-a good quality farm lying in Hitcham-Buxhall and Gt Finborough-70 acres are well bounded in 14 acre enclosures with a house and good hedgerows. 
Send proposals to John Beamont of Ringshall, Suffolk.

March 8th 1746

Edinburgh-Feb 27th. On Monday last the sentence of a court martial on some officers and deserters was executed at Montrose.
Captain Kenningham, who was brought under guard to the head of the artillery had his sword broken over his head by the Provosts and his sash thrown down on the ground and he was ordered to quit the army for cowardice and misbehaviour.

March 15th 1746

At the Queen's Head pit at Twait, Suffolk, on the 25th and 26th inst, will be held a main of cocks, to be fought between the gentlemen of High Suffolk and the gentlemen of Cambridgeshire, to weigh 31 cocks a side in the main, ten byes and one guinea a battle, byes for two guineas.

March 22nd 1746

At Bury Assizes-William Rook and Daniel Partridge were sentenced to death for house breaking, James Snell and Sarah Stave,7 years transportation. Sarah Stave was delivered of a fine boy a few hours after she came out of the Shire Hall.

March 22nd 1746

To be lett, a house with 4 acres of good pasture land lying by Tye Green in Glemsford, fit for a tradesman with barn and stable. 
Apply to Samuel Bigg of Braggons Farm, Boxted, Suffolk.

April 5th 1746

Notice is hereby given that all sorts of cattle are taken into pasture at Hintlesham Hall Park, there are 146 acres of pasture, well watered with due care and attention given. Prices-1 year old colts-1s per week-2 year olds-1s 3d---3 year olds-1s 6d-horses and mares-2s a week. Buds-(calves with horns just appearing) 2d per week-2 year olds-1s a week-3 year olds 1s 3d-cows 1s 3d-- Scots 1s per week.

April 5th 1746

A servant wanted who can shave, write accounts and attend a gentleman who is much afflicted with gout. Apply George Temple, Bury St Edmunds.

April 26th 1746

Colchester. Last Friday, three French prisoners who were taken some time ago with 30 others in a privateer of the Suffolk coast by Captain Robert Martin, made their escape but were retaken on Monday morning endeavouring to get off in a fishing vessel which they seized and got aboard off Mersey.
Next day they were back in their quarters.

March 3rd 1746

Extract from a letter from Inverness. April 18th

 The Duke engaged the rebels on a moor near Culloden House, the two armies cannoned each other for half an hour when the rebels themselves much galled by our fire, advanced and endeavoured to force our lines with small arms and swords in hand but we bravely repulsed them with very little loss of life on our side, the fire continued for half an hour when the rebels not being able to stand our or break our lines retreated at a long step.

March 3rd 1746

Letter from a Serjeant in the Duke's army to a relative in Ipswich observing the rebels having the choice of ground were posted advantageously and had time to raise four batteries on which they placed 16 pieces of cannon. He reckoned the number of enemy killed on the spot to be 2000 upwards.

April 29th 1746

Fire broke out at Bungay and consumed in less than three hours, 15 houses to the ruin of many poor families.

May 10th 1746

To be sold-The mansion house called Hintlesham Hall and Park, late the estate of Richard Powys, deceased.

June 7th 1746

-Edinburgh---On March 29th His Royal Highness the Duke marched from Inverness on the front of the head of the 12th battalion of regular troops, the Campbells, Sir Alexander Macdonald's men and the McLeods, the rebels of Glenmorison, Urquart and Stratherrick submitted this day.

July 5th 1746

There are several letters from the north to London which gives account of a body of his Majesty's Forces surprised a party of rebels and they refused to lay down their arms and most of them were killed and the Pretender's son was slain.

August 16th 1747

To be lett-a very good water mill with granaries for carrying a large extensive trade in employment of a mill-situated in Colnes Wakes, Essex, a fine wheat growing county-
Convenient dwelling house late in occupation of Abraham Johnson, deceased.

August 23th 1747

A farm called Brook House, Sible Hedingham to be lett-cow house-561 acres in all.

August 30th 1747

At Bury Assizes, John Cobbold , John Lockwood of Sproughton, Suffolk and Robert Cooke of Ipswich-7 years transportation and Susan Cooke, mother of Robert Cooke for 14 years.

September 6th 1746

Colchester-On Friday last John Skinner, a noted smuggler was executed at Chelmsford for killing his man, a few hours before he stabbed himself in the body with a knife but the wound being slanting missed his blood vessels. 
His body next day was carted to Brightlingsea where he was born and buried there.

September 6th 1746

Farm at Gt Wratting to be sold-80 acres, in occupation of Humphrey Leech for £40 per annum.

October 11th 1746

To be sold in the oister pit at Bonebridge near Ipswich-
Fine pye oisters without mixtures of any sort they being the best where all gentlemen may depend on being served during the season, either in small quantities or in barrels as from Colchester these fish being taken from the same river the Turmer.

October 18th 1746

We hear that many more of the principals among the Highlanders, about 300 men were on board with the young Pretender so that there are none or few in the country of the Highland rebels.

October 25th 1746

To be sold, two copyhold manors of Bloys and Grassalls in Sible Hedingham, Esex with fenced land and woods being to the value of £250 a year. Apply to John Yeldham, attorney at law at Bocking, Essex.

November 29th 1746

Whereas on Wednesday night, July 16th last, two ponds in Framlingham belonging to Thomas Mulliner of Stratford near Saxmundham were robbed, any person concerned therein I promise a reward of 10 guineas or if one of the said person concerned in the same robbery or discovers his accomplices shall receive 5 guineas.

December 6th 1746

Strayed or stolen out of a meadow belonging to Sudbury Arms near Sudbury on the 19th of September last-a pyebald horse-red and white-13 hands-6 years-information to Mr Betts of the Fox and Trap, Sudbury, Suffolk, and will receive ½ a guinea reward.

December 6th 1746

A wrestling match between Daniel Pryor of Hargrave, Suffolk and the noted James Burgiss of Mildenhall, Suffolk will take place at the sign of the Two Wrestlers in Risbygate Street, Bury.

1747 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive

January 3rd 1747

Extract from a letter from Edinburgh, 

I have the remaining piece of news to tell you that is no less than the taking of the famous Man Mountain alias Hugh Cameron of Annock, 
He was a captain by the Grenadiers in Lochiel's regiment, the most notorious rebel clan in the Highlands. He is certainly a prodigious man, 6ft 7" tall without his shoes, his foot is 6 inches broad and his calf of his leg is as big my body.
He was taken by a Lieut. of our regiment with a party of men of about 5 in number from our garrison in a hutt near a great wood. 
The lieutenant caught him napping in bed at about two in the morning, by his side were a brace of pistols, a firelock and broad sword which he was deprived of use by the sudden rush of our men who hauled him out of bed naked and brought him to our garrison with great dispatch for fear of rescue.

January 10th 1747

All persons indebted to the estate of Edward Morley, late of Starch Hall in Lt Maplestead, Essex, deceased, are desired to pay the same to John Morley of Halsted.

January 10th 1747

To be sold an estate in Cavendish, in occupation of Mr Ereth at a yearly rent of £11. For particulars apply to Samuel Raymond of Belchamp Hall.

January 10th 1747

To be lett, a well accustomed Inn known as the Green Dragon in Sudbury, near to the market place, consisting of 4 rooms on the floor, in occupation of John Edwards-good brew house-stables for 30-40 horses. Enquire of Arthur Brewster of Sudbury.

January 24th 1747

To be sold on Wednesday, 28th of January, at the Bull Inn, Long Melford. All the cows-horses-waggons-tumbrels-plows-brewing office-household goods off the premises of Acton Hall, Sudbury, Suffolk. 
An attender certificate will be given of the cow kind that they are in perfect health.

January 31st 1747

To be sold or lett for period of 10 years and entered immediately-Great Bulmer Meadow-30 acres. Particulars from John Hassel of Sudbury.

February 7th 1747

Beside the Window Light Bill, his Majesty yesterday gave assent to that relating to the disease in cattle.

February 7th 1747

At Bury Assizes--J
ohn Osborne received the death sentence for robbing the house of Isaac Cook but is reprieved. 
Thomas Smith to be transported for 7 years for breaking into the shop of Thomas Davie of Debenham, Suffolk.

April 25th 1747

A very fine stone horse-15 hands-free from all blemishes, is allowed by all judges to just a made horse in the kingdom, he is known as Young Dimple-to cover mares this season at a guinea a leap-1s for the man-money to be paid at the stable door. At ?????.

March 23rd 1747

Brought into our roads at Ipswich by Capt. Grant of his Majesty's sloop Hazara, the Heureux, a privateer belonging to Ostend. 
She had about 10 days out and had taken a Danish ship and had engaged a collier from Sunderland, the captain of which was shot through the head.

March 23rd 1747

To be sold at Stradishall, Suffolk-the manor of Sharions at Stradishall-in occupation of Benjamin Webb-40 acres-tythe free---£22 per annum. Enquire of Mr Brise of Clare.

March 23rd 1747

To be sold by Robert Newman at Long Melford, Suffolk. 
A parcel of gooseberry vinegar-near 5 years old-of his own making at 2s a gallon-it is thought by good judges to be the best in England and has proved to keep pickles for two years very good.

June 22nd 1747

Miscellaneous news from America-----We hear that the Highlanders will be indulged the wearing of the Highland dress for two years longer.

July 25th 1747

To be lett and entered at Michaelmas or sooner if desired, an ancient well accustomed Inn situated in the market place in Sudbury and called upon the name of the Anchor, now in occupation of William Coppin-house-hold furniture-brewing office equipment-stock of beer. Apply William Coppin.

August 15th 1747

On Wednesday the prisoners were removed from the county gaol at Ipswich to Bury to take their trial but there is a report that one of them was rescued on the road.

August 15th 1747

On Saturday last, a private centinel of Colonel Fitzroy's company in the fifth regiment of foot guards received 200 lashes being the last of the 600 ordered by a court martial for sodomical practices and drummed out of the army with a halter round his neck. 
He was whipped on Thursday last on parade when he received 200 lashes.

August 15th 1747

To be lett and entered upon at Michaelmas for a ten year period-a farm at Bungay known by the name of Stow Park-130 acres at a yearly rent of £73-10 acres of turnips-10 acres of clover etc, the tenant being dead the stock will be sold to the succeeding tenant if liked.

August 29th 1747

Jacob Minter of Eye, William Wade of Rickingall and John Swefter (nick named fingers), all apprenticed to me for three years have deserted from my service, this is to give notice that if they directly return to my ship they will be forgiven, if any person employs them they will be prosecuted according to the law.

September 5th 1747

Whereas it has been usual to have a shew and market or fair of horned cattle at Ballingdon in Essex on or about the 14th of September and great quantities of horned cattle are driven out of the north and other counties through the Hundred of Babergh, Suffolk, to the said market whereby the infectious distemper among horned cattle may spread in the said Hundred. 
These are by the order of the Justices of the Peace to prohibit all persons offending against the order in driving or exposing for sale will be prosecuted as the law directs.

September 12th 1747

Mr Voyce was declared duely elected Mayor of Sudbury, 31 votes for Mr Voyce and 12 for Mr Carter.

September 19th 1747

We have received a letter from Sudbury complaining of a mistake in our last issue in relation to the election of Mayor, the letter asserts that if all 48 freeholders had been impannelled to vote he would have had a majority of. We cannot pretend to determine which of these accounts is the rightest.

October 10th 1747

At yesterday's Sessions held at Ipswich, John Griggs, a man of 50-60 was found guilty of attempting to commit sodomy on a boy of about 16, he will receive his sentence on Monday.

October 24th 1747

On Saturday last John Griggs who was found guilty of attempting sodomy stood in the pillory at Ipswich and was well pelted by the spectators.

October 31st 1747

To be lett and entered immediately-a publick house known by the name of the Malden Grey, within ½ a mile of Sudbury, Suffolk, --good stables-barn-4 acres of orchard-11 acres of good arable land thereto belonging. Apply to William Freasson, attorney at law at Sudbury.

December 12th 1747

Last Saturday a party of Welch Fuziliers being ordered to assist officers of the customs to prevent a cutter from running goods, met with a violent shower at East Bridge near Sizewell which obliged them to take shelter at a public house.
They had not been there ten minutes before a gang of smugglers above 30 of them, all mounted and armed came into the yard, part of them putting their horses into the stable. 
The Lieut and his men went out and required them to surrender upon which they immediately fired upon them but the Lieut ordered part of his soldiers to fire and soon put them in confusion and took two of them and killed two more (one had a reward of £500 upon him) and killed two horses and took nine more but no goods, the two men were sent to London by sea, it is very likely they are the same men in K.16 ?.

December 19th 1747

It is certain advice has been received at Court of a ship being arrived at one of the ports of Scotland with some chiefs of the rebels (whom they escaped after the battle of Culloden) on board also a large quantity of arms, such is the malice of the common disturbers of Europe to the mildest and best of the Kings.

December 19th 1747

Stolen on Tuesday 8th of December in the night, a steel saw-pit saw out of the pitt house belonging to Theodore Eccleston of Crowfield Hall in Suffolk. Whoever takes the offender shall receive 1 guinea reward.

December 26th 1747

Two of our men of war sent by Vice Admiral Byng to the Levant Sea for the protection of ships in those parts fell in with 7 rich merchant ships bound for Turkey, three of which they took, one of them on board had upwards of 200 bales of cloth.

1748 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive

January 2nd 1748

To lett-a capital mansion house called Bishop's Hall at Battisford in Suffolk-stables-coach house-granary-15 acres of pasture-rent as a whole £14 yearly.

January 16th 1748

Last Sunday morning early, William Rowland, a smuggler who lately was a butcher in Ipswich was taken in bed by a party of Welch Fusiliers commanded by Lieut Marly and on Tuesday was sent by sea to London. The farmer who sheltered him is committed to the county gaol at Ipswich.

January 23rd 1748

This journal will be published next week on Friday as Saturday is a fast day.

March 12th 1748

We hear from Maney in the Isle of Ely that a poor man and his wife and children who lived in a little house in the fen was confined to his cottage by the frost for five days with scarce anything to supply nature being destitute of victuals and drink also of fire and candles.
It appeared the frost was breaking, the poor man and his eldest daughter ventured to the town to get provisions in a gunning boat but on their return the wind became very hard and overturned the boat and the poor man and his daughter were drowned. 
His starving wife and son continued another two days without subsistence when two men in a boat went into the house and found the poor woman and her boy starving, they were immediately taken care of and are now in a fair way.

March 12th 1748

A female child, supposed to be about five days old was found dead in an old basket fastened to a gate near Shadwell Lodgein the parish of Rushford near Thetford in Norfolk. Whoever discovers the person concerned shall receive two guineas from William Steggles, overseer of the parish of Rushford.

March 19th 1748

At Bury Assizes-Stephen Pettit who was convicted of murdering Joseph Keys received the death sentence, John Bugg, Robert Leech and John Gooday to be transported for 7 years, Richard Deeks is to remain a prisoner.

March 26th 1748

On Thursday last at Chelmsford Assizes, Richard Stevens was capitally convicted of stealing five cows and a heifer also Joseph Parvett for stealing a mare, both were later reprieved.

April 16th 1748

All seamen's widows whose husbands were either killed or drowned in his Majesty's service any time since 1741 will have a bounty of 13 months wages, all women who have lost sons in an engagement since 1730, ditto, also £5 for each child for widows left with children.

April 16th 1748

To be lett and the fallows to be entered immediately-a farm at Hundon near Clare in Suffolk-containing 230 acres, now in occupation of Robert Turner. Enquire of Mathew Halls, Hundon.

April 23rd 1748

To be lett a mansion house called Kirby Hall, Castle Hedingham.

April 30th 1748

Last week, James Smyth was appointed as one of the surveyors of windows and light for Norfolk.

May 14th 1748

Cocking at the Swan Inn at Sible Hedingham,Essex between the gentlemen of Suffolk and the gentlemen of Essex-21 cocks a side--- four for byes-4 guineas a battle and 10 guineas the odd.

May 21st 1748

Bristol May 14th. Last Tuesday a remarkable discovery was made about one of his Majesty's ship's, The Prince Edward in Kingsroad, a person who went by the name of John Davidson having drank freely became passionately fond of his messmate which occasioned him to suspect something, having informed his officer and on due examination by the ship's surgeon he was discovered to be of the female sex and confessed to having been three years in the Privateers Service in which she was so successful as to be entitled to £150 prize money.

May 21st 1748

Last Monday, William York, a boy of something less than ten years and five months old was committed to Ipswich gaol for the murder of Susan Mayhew, a child of about five years who was his bedfellow in the town house belonging to the parish of Eyke, Suffolk.

He confessed that a trifling quarrel happened in the same house on Friday 13th at about 10 in the morning,.
He struck her with his open hand and made her cry that she was going out of the house to a muck hill. He followed her, he had with him a hook in his hand with the intention of killing her but before he came up to her he went back to the house to find a knife and got hold of the girl's hand and cut her wrist all round to the bone then threw her down and cut her bone above the elbow then set his foot upon her stomach and cut her right hand round the bone, he thought she would not die and took the hook broadways and struck her several times and he found she was dead. 

The reasons he gave for this barbarity was that the child fouled the bed (in which they lay together) and that she was sulky and he did not like her.

When he had completed the murder he concealed it by filling a pail of water and washing the blood off the child's body and buried it in the muck hill together with the blood that was spilt upon the ground and made the muck hill smooth as he could, he washed his knife and hook and the blood off his clothes and came down and got his breakfast. 
We are informed when examined he was cheerful and easy.

June 4th 1748

To be sold the real estate of the late Richard Palgrave, deceased, situated in Barningham, Norwood, Palgrave and other places in Norfolk of the yearly rent of £650.

July 30th 1748

Notice is hereby given that the Cawston, Norfolk, sheep shew will be held on Wednesday at the sign of Crown in Cawston Woodron?, Norfolk where all persons shall have a glass of wine, good beer and a hearty welcome.

August 6th 1748

At Bury Assizes, William York, the boy who murdered the child at Eyke recently received the death sentence but it is expected to be deferred till November 11th. Samuel Roper to be burnt in the hand-Ann Grove, Mary Harrison and John Shelten to be whipped.

August 13th 1748

We hear a cricket match will be played on Friday the 19th inst upon Bentley Green, Essex, by the Earl of Oxford and ten men from St Osyth, Essex, and Richard Rigby and ten men from Mistley, the wickets to be pitched at 12, there is a great deal of money depending on the matter as the last game was won St Osyth with great difficulty.

September 17th 1748

To be sold-a farm at Alpheton, Suffolk, near Long Melford, now held by Thomas Debenham at a yearly rent of £43. Apply to James Rayment attorney at law at Yeldham, Essex.

September 24th 1748

Whereas it is reported that small pox has been very much in Lavenham ,Suffolk, this is to ensure the publick that only one family has had it and every person recovered.

October 1st 1748

On Monday night a captain in the navy challenged another sea captain to meet in Hyde Park by 7 in the next morning, one was there but the affair happening when they were in liquor the other mistook the place which prevented effusion of blood.

October 8th 1748

The herring fishery goes very slowly, the ports have not yet taken 1200 barrels, usually by this time of the year they have taken 20,000 barrels, instead they have caught mackerel and sold them fresh from the boats for 3s per thousand and large mackerel from 12 to 14 for a penny.

October 8th 1748

Last Friday a pocket book was lost by a gentleman between Semer and Sudbury, Suffolk with two bank notes of £100 each and a £50 note, whether lost or stolen we have not heard but we are informed that a messenger was sent by the gentleman to London for the three notes and found they all had been payed at the bank before he got there.

October 29th 1748

A few days since died Nicholas Hammond a husbandman of Coggeshall, Essex, aged 116, he retained his senses almost to the end.

November 12th 1748

William York, the boy who received the death sentence for murder at the last Assizes and was then ordered to be executed upon this day is reprieved till next Friday.

November 19th 1748

William York was further reprieved till the 16th of this month.

December 10th 1748

Oxford, Dec.3rd. On Saturday last in the afternoon, two Quakers, a man and a woman, with a great concourse of people following walked through Oxford cloathed in hair sacking cloth which we are informed was penance for having a bastard child, they walked through the streets at separate times repeating something as they went.

December 10th 1748

On Monday last (some say five some say ten) armed robbers broke into the house of Mrs Leman of Wenhaston, Suffolk, near Halesworth and carried off money, jewels, plates and linen to the value of some say 300 to 400 pounds.

December 17th 1748

Brent-Ely Hall, Suffolk, to lett-modern building-gardens-coach house-stables for 10 to 12 horses-10 acres of land, situated near Lavenham in Suffolk.

December 17th 1748

Whereas a mad bull of sandy colour, clumsey made, wall eye'd-- fully chapped-- fierce appearance, has for some time infested the grounds of a farmer near Bishop Stortford in Hertfordshire, it frequently runs roaring and foaming about the said town to the great terror of children and weak minded people. 
This is a warning to all such to avoid the said bull or if unavoidable not to be terrified for on being opposed with resolution the stardly animal will with a hideous bellow turn tail. 
The said farmer gives notice that he will give encouragement to such as will bring bull dogs of the English breed capable of driving him out of these parts as he has already been out of Essex and Kent.

1749 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive

January 21st 1749

The Bishops Stortford farmer wishes to address those worthy persons who offered to furnish him with dogs to clear his ground of the mad bull.

February 4th 1749

On Monday last a black was committed to the castle in Cambridge for breaking open a chest of a farmer near Risby in Suffolk and taking £8, he says he was a drummer in the French service which he deserted and came over with our troops from Holland.

February 25th 1749

A reward of £50 whereas Thomas Otley of Sudbury, Suffolk, bargeman and a outlawed smuggler made his escape from Capt. Dove at Yarmouth. Whoever shall cause Otley to be apprehended shall receive a reward of £50. Otley is 63 years old-6ft high-ruddy complextion-very stout-well set-he is lame and sickly.

March 11th 1749

William Yorke (the boy who murdered the girl last summer) is reprieved by his Majesty for three months longer

April 1st 1749

Last week, Mary Woods of Grundisburgh who it is said to be 11 years old last New Years day, made an oath that John Mayhew, a husbandman of the same parish had carnal knowledge of her body about 3 years ago also several times since, particulary in August last every time by force and violence.
Mayhew had just recovered from small pox and was taking the air himself when he met her in a field for the first time, she declared herself with child but three eminent surgeons who practice midwifery said she is very near her time and that her true age is the material point and we have procured the following certificate 
Mary Woods, daughter of William and Margaret Woods was baptized on the 15th of January 1737 as it appears in the register book of Grundisburgh. Witness by my hand. Gilbert Martin Rector. 
A warrant has been granted against Mayhew but we do not know if he has been apprehended.

April 8st 1749

At Bury Assizes, 
John Gaifer for stealing 20 sheep from Mr Bennington at Capel is to be executed on the 8th of April.
To be transported for 7 years -Susan Mayhew for robbing Mr Lane of Ipswich of £26-
Edward Hill for breaking into the house of Elizabeth Smith of Stowupland and taking £5-
Ann Manwarning for stealing plow irons from Mr Shave of Acton-
John Hodson for taking from the Key at Sudbury some coals belonging to Charles Whaley.

April 8th 1749

To be lett-Red Castle Farm in Pakenham; Suffolk, three miles from Bury-320 acres with nearly 240 enclosed.

April 15th 1749

John Gaifer was executed near Ipswich for stealing 20 sheep.

March 20th 1749

Last Monday, Jonathan Paul was committed to Ipswich gaol on suspicion of horse stealing, the man and the horse were described in the 10th advertisement of our last paper, he was apprehended at Higham.

March 27th 1749

We hear from Aberdeen that some of Lord Cluney's tenants have killed a young fox which was white as snow and were in pursuit of the old one of the same colour.

June 19th 1749

Broke out of Halsted Bridewell, Essex, on May 30th, with two locks and a bazill on his legs-Philip Shelley aged 40 years, upwards of 5ft-dark complextion-wears his own black hair-had on loose coat and blue waistcoat. 
Whoever secures the said Shelley and gives notice to John Woodall, master of the Bridewell shall receive from the said master 3 guineas.
 N.B. The said Shelley comes from Belchamp Walter in Essex.

August 12th 1749

At Bury Assizes held this week, Jonathan Paul and Thomas Johnson received the death sentence for horse stealing but both were reprieved.

September 30th 1749

On Monday William Warren of Laxfield, Suffolk, was charged with stealing a horse out of the grounds of John Moore of Wattisden, Suffolk.

October 28th 1749

On Monday last at Bury, William Murdock, a drover was convicted of driving cattle at night contrary to his Majesty's order of Council without a certificate and paid the penalty of £10.

December 30th 1749

To be sold to the highest bidder by inch of the candle on the 9th of January at the custom house, Colchester-500 gallons of foreign brandy also oil case bags containing 100 lbs of green tea and bohea.

1750 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive

January 20th 1750

Lost, supposed to be run away with on Thursday last from the gate of a cottage on the great road between Long Melford in Suffolk and Bridge Street in the parish of Long Melford-a black roan mare hobby of about 13 and a half hands high with spaving on the off leg behind-blind in the off eye-long mane-short cut tail-with good saddle and green girths. Whoever brings the said mare or gives information of her so that she may be had again to the owner Mr Joseph Pawsey at Clapp Stile in the parish of Alpheton near Long Melford or to Mrs Ana Wallis? at the Coffee House at Colchester shall be well rewarded for their trouble with reasonable charges.

January 20th 1750

Lost on Thursday the 11th day of January instant from the parish of Alpheton near Long Melford, Suffolk-one dark colour'd roan filly between 8 and 9 years old-about 15 hands high-long mane-short tail-spavin on off leg behind-blind in off eye-had on when left a bridle and saddle with a green saddle cloth. Whoever gives notice of the above mare to Mr Bezar Blundel at the Greyhound Inn in the Butter Market, Bury or to Thomas Paulston at the Kings Head, Lavenham or to Mr Joseph Pawsey of Alpheton shall be well rewarded for their trouble. By me Joseph Pawsey. (Perhaps Inns were notified as likely places to find missing horses)

February 3rd 1750

Broke out of Halsted Bridewell-Robert Turrel-about 28 years-goes a little stooping-pale complextion-has lost or very bad decayed fore teeth-wear a wig. Whoever secures him shall have 3 guineas reward. The above was born in the parish of Chapel, Essex.

February 24th 1750

They write from Anstruther in Scotland that on Thursday morning last they had so great a take of herrings that some boats brought in 4000 and some 2000 and that the value of herrings taken in the Isle of Bute at the mouth of the Clyde, the value of herrings this season amount to £1500 upwards.

March 17th 1750

At Chelmsford Assizes this day, Thomas Munns and John Hail were capitally convicted for robbing the Yarmouth mail last summer near Rumford in Essex.

March 17th 1750

Deserted in Sudbury last Friday from Col Fitzwilliam's Company of Regiment of Foot, William White, born at Rougham in Suffolk-about 22 years-5ft 10" high-lately had small pox-last he worked for Mr Whiffan of Lawshall as a bricklayer. Whoever gives information etc shall receive 1 guinea reward.

March 17th 1750

Cocking at John Catton's Angel Inn at Halesworth between the gentlemen of Suffolk and Norfolk, on the Wednesday 28th of March-to shew 11 stags-21 cocks-fight for 5 guineas a battle and 20 guineas the odd, the pitt will be set at 10 on each day, all gentlemen shall meet with a happy welcome from Thomas Catton.

March 24th 1750

Stolen out of the stable of Edmund Tuffel of Lt Cornard, Sudbury, a bright bay mare-14 hands high-large star on forehead-switch tail if not altered-white on near foot behind, lost at the same time, a new whalebone whip, whoever gives tidings etc etc shall receive 1 guinea.

March 31st 1750

At Bury Assizes, Thomas Martin received the death sentence for robbing John Bas on the highway near Bury. N.B. Wednesday is the appointed day for the execution of John Johnson also received the death sentence but reprieved Jonathan Paul and Thomas Johnson who were convicted of felony at the last Assizes and sentenced to transportation for 14 years.

April 7th 1750

Last Saturday, Jonathan Paul, James Edwards and Ann Gillet were put aboard a vessel in London in order to be transported. Thomas Martin was executed on Wednesday.

April 28th 1750

Sudbury Stage Coach to London in one day begins on April 23rd-sets out from the Rose and Crown Inn, Sudbury on every Monday-Wednesday and Friday to the Spread Eagle in Grace Street, London and returning every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to the place aforesaid at 9s a passenger, to be allowed 30lbs weight and above at 1s per score. N.B. Passengers to be taken up at the Bell, Hedingham-Green Man at Gosfield and the White Hart at Bocking, performed if God permits by us Thomas Holmsted and William Woods.

March 12th 1750

They write from Glasgow that his Majesty has been pleased to grant to the town of Dumfries the sum of £2800 out of Lord Elcho's fortune to make up the loss they suffered from the rebels in 1745.

May 19th 1750

To be lett-a farm in Gt Wratten, Suffolk, now in occupation of Humphrey Leech at a rent of £45 annually. Apply at Cock Inn, Thurlow.

June 2nd 1750

As Major Rich and Coronet Wilson of Sir Robert Rich's Regiment of Dragoons were coming down east Hill in Colchester in a chair the horse ran away and tore the chair to pieces, each gentlemen had a leg broken and the Major 's life is in great danger.

June 16th 1750

Stolen on the 6th or 7th of June from Edmund Pemfritt, a fustian maker of Tilbury near Castle Hedingham, a black horse-8 years-ears cropt-a cut mane and tail-white slip on face-stiff when cold on his near hind leg-inclined to be greasy round his hinder hoofs. Whoever etc. etc. shall receive a handsome reward.

June 30th 1750

Tobias Hill, a black, one of the drummers in Sir Robert Rich's Regiment was committed to Ipswich gaol, the coroners enquiry having found him guilty of the murder of Ann Blakemore of Walberswick.

June 30th 1750

William Cullen of Palgrave in Suffolk was committed to Ipswich gaol charged with horse stealing from John Roberts of Trimley St Martin's.

August 25th 1750

At Bury Assizes, Toby Gil, one of Sir Robert Rich's drummers received the death sentence for the murder of Ann Blakemore of Walberswick, next Monday is appointed for his execution which will probably be in Ipswich and he is to be hanged in chains near the place where he committed the murder. (note: For details, see the article on Black Tob ARMC) William Cullum and John Scot, for horse stealing also received the death sentence but were reprieved.

September 2nd 1750

Deserted from Capt William Price of Col. Herbert's regiment, William Taylor, a peruke maker by trade-born at Stoke near Clare in Suffolk, he is a genteel man of about 24 years--5ft 9" high. Who ever etc. and secures him will receive 1 guinea.

October 6th 1750

Advert---As I do not intend letting my dogs go out spotting during this time of distemper raging among horned cattle in the neighbourhood, I desire that all persons whatsoever to keep their dogs off the manors of Dallingho, Dallingho Campsey-Bredfield Campsey and Bast Brodish. William Negus