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1773 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive

January 2nd 1773

Mark Lane-wheat to 43s-rye to 33s-malt to 35s-beans to 32s 6d-ticks beans to 34s -peas to 35s-oats to 13s 6d.

January 9th 1773

Married --- on Tuesday morning the Rev Seymour Leeke of Yakslee Hall, Suffolk, to Miss Rant of Ipswich.

January 16th 1773

We hear from Hadleigh that the fever which has been rife among the village poor and lower classes of people is now abated and that out of 3000 inhabitants only two died.

January 16th 1773

On Saturday an inquest was held at Chelmsford on George Blackwell of Stanstead in Essex by a wheel of a wagon going over him.

January 16th 1773

Poachers----Whereas early on Friday morning the 6th inst, three men were detected in Abbey Wood, Flixton, South Elmham, with six brace of pheasants which were taken from them, they made good their escape
This is to give notice whoever gives information to Francis Chamberlain of Flixton Hall shall receive two guineas reward.

January 23rd 1773

Inquest on Henry Johnson who hung himself in a barn in Kelsale, Suffolk. Lunacy.

January 23rd 1773

On New Years day last, according to custom a number of tenants to the amount of 52 dined with Mr John Strutt of Tarling in Essex, he is possessed of a great number of farms and it is his pride to encourage the industrious by having as many tenants as possible.

January 29th 1773

On Monday, Simon Finch and John Edwards of Sible Hedingham were charged with stealing several fowls.

February 13th 1773

We hear that the low lying lands in Lincolnshire commonly called the fens, which have long lain waste are draining under the inspection of a surveyor in order to be converted into cultivated land.

February 13th 1773

James and John Driver, husbandman and woolcomber of Diss were committed to gaol on suspicion of breaking into the house of Mr Edward Catchpole of Palgrave and stealing one wheaten loaf.

February 27th 1773

T be lett at Clare, Suffolk, a farm now in the occupation of John Ambrose, more land can be had if required.

March 13th 1773

This is to inform the publick that the annual fair usually held at Earl's Colne in Essex on the 5th of March will not be held this year on account of the small pox being very much in the neighbourhood.

March 20th 1773

We hear from Bury Assizes that John Mayhew and Henry Flatt, for horse stealing and William Bolton for burglary at Twaite Bucks Head are capitally convicted also John Allen, George Kemp and Benjamin Hotten were capitally convicted at Chelmsford.

March 27th 1773

Bolton left for execution at Bury all others reprieved.

March 27th 1773

At Beccles Assizes a cause was tried wherein---S-L ---B of Beccles was plaintiff and J of the same place the defendant, J is one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace of Suffolk and Norfolk. 
Plaintiff''s action was brought for forcible entry into plaintiff's house at night time by defendant ( he being away from home) with intent to debauch his daughter. 
The jury found for plaintiff and gave him �280 damages.

April 3rd 1773

On Sunday next in the afternoon a sermon will be preached at St Mary's Tower church at Ipswich for the benefit of the red sleeve charity school by the Rev Mr Pemberton, rector of Foxearth, Essex and Chaplain to the Right Honourable the Earl of Egmont.

April 10th 1773

To gentlemen cricketers of Stowmarket----Notice is hereby given that 11 pairs of gloves valued at 7s each pair will be played for by the Married v Single of Stowmarket on the camping ground or Stock Green in Stowmarket, stumps to be pitched at 10.

April 10th 1773

The annual fair at Kersey on Easter Thursday will not be held this year on account of small pox in the town.

April 10th 1773

Whereas the house of Samuel Coker of the Queens Head at Bures being broken into on the 3rd inst and two silver tankards etc stolen-this is to give notice that a handsome reward will be given for information by me Samuel Coker.

April 17th 1773

Married at Alphampstone, Essex, the Rev Mr Morgan rector of the parish, to Miss Tindall, daughter of the Rev Tindall who about a month ago resigned the living in his favour to Rev Morgan.

April 17th 1773

Inquest at Ulting, Essex, on John Lindsell aged about 23 years who received a kick on the head by a blind horse, he died immediately.

April 24th 1773

On Friday last was seized 140 half ankers of brandy-rum and Geneva, by the crew of the Yarmouth custom house smack boat from a parcel of smuggling riders near Horsey.

May 15th 1773

On Saturday last at about 4 in the morning, fire broke out at Henham Hall, Suffolk, the seat of Sir John Rouse which in about 10 hours entirely consumed the same together with a valuable library and the principal furniture. 
The loss is computed to beat �20,000, it is unknown how the fire started.

May 15th 1773

On Monday last Thomas Sewell and Warren Hurrel were stubbing gravel in a pit at Earl's Colne in Essex when the side of the pit fell in on them burying them in the gravel
Immediately a search was made and on digging them out Hurrel was found crushed to death and Sewell was very much bruised.

May 22nd 1773

Sir John Rouse's seat and rich furniture was by slight omission uninsured whereby the loss sustained by the fire is said to amount to �30,000 upwards.

May 29th 1773

To be sold-a large quantity of corn shovels by Thomas Spurgeon, shovel maker of Mount Bures, Essex, also other stuff.

May 29th 1773

To cover mares at the Black Lion, Long Melford in Suffolk-a beautiful Arab ass, property of J. Fuller, he will cover at 1 guinea a mare, he is remarkably swift and trots at the rate of 12 miles an hour-13 hands high, he is allowed to be the handsomest of his kind ever seen in England.

June 5th 1773

To be sold on the 22nd of June at Gedden near Felsham in Suffolk-a very good windmill with going gears. For particulars apply to widow Pettit.

June 12th 1773

The sale at Gidding of the windmill will not be at the time proposed, notice will be given in future.

June 19th 1773

Last week, William and John Tatem for stealing goods from Mr Seggers of Chelsworth were committed to Bury gaol also John Clarke for robbing John Farrow on the highway at Assington.

July 3rd 1773

Last week, a young man bathing in a pool at Sproughton got entangled in weeds and drowned.

July 3rd 1773

Richard Chapman of Withersfield was committed to Bury gaol for stealing two sheep the property of John Cooke of Withersfield.

July 3rd 1773

At Chelmsford races, the rider of Mr Rossiter's horse in going round the bend the third time and by endeavouring to get the whip hand of Mr Millwood's horse, he turned the corner too sharp and hit his horse on a distance post, fracturing his skull
He died on Thursday morning.

July 31st 1773

Stolen from out of the stable of the Rev Guron at Assington, Suffolk, on Sunday morning last-a bright bay mare-15 hands-one wall eye-a nag tail-also stolen at the same time out of the pasture, a chestnut gelding from the pasture of Thomas Layzel of Assington-whoever lays information of the said horses and bring them to justice shall receive 4 guineas and 2 guineas if horses only found.

August 7th 1773

At Bury Assizes on Monday last, came before the Lord Chief Justice De Grey, a trial by an issue from the court of the King's Bench upon information from the name of the Attorney General, several persons concerned in a riot upon the Moot Hall in Sudbury on the 29th of October 1771 when Walden Hammer was acquitted but six others were convicted of the same offence and are to receive sentence in the Court of the King's Bench next Michaelmas.

August 7th 1773

At Bury Assizes-William Tatem -Isaac Lazarus-John Pells-Henry Smith for grand larceny-7 years transportation.

August 7th 1773

On Friday evening last as two ladies and a gentleman were coming by post chaise from Ingatestone to Chelmsford, they were attacked by a highway man within a � a mile of Chelmsford
The ladies being much frightened could not get down the window of the chaise, the highway man seeing the confusion opened the door and entreated them not to be intimidated for he would not hurt them, neither rob them, he was apprehensive if the gentleman had enough to supply his wants
The gentleman gave him 10 guineas and told him it was all he had and had nothing to pay for the chaise which he said cost him 1 � guineas, he returned that amount but asked him for his watch.
The gentleman pleaded hard, it being a family watch, the highway man no further requested it as he had sufficient to supply his necessities.

August 21st 1773

On Friday last Woolverton Hall in Suffolk, the estate of the late John Tyssen was sold at Messrs Langfords to William Berners Esq for �11,440.

August 28th 1773

At Ipswich lamb sale, lambs were sold from �6 per score to �16 per score, there was a great quantity of them at the show which lasted only three days.

September 4th 1773

A few days ago there died the Lady of Henry Vernon of Gt Thurlow Hall, Suffolk, she was the eldest daughter of and co-heiress of Mr T. Payne of Hough in the county of Lincoln and sister of Lady Cust, widow of the late speaker of the House of Commons.

September 11th 1773

Mr Sneyd has presented the valuable living of Sible Hedingham worth �500 to-?--and to the Rev Pugh, curate the living Castle Hedingham.

September 11th 1773

On Monday last as Peter Muiliman was coming from his seat at Castle Hedingham, he was stopped between the 5th and 6th mile stone on the Rumford road by two highwaymen on fresh and well mounted with one on each side of the chaise, but not finding any booty they tossed back what they had taken also his watch, so he lost nothing, there were many horsemen and carriages and particulary two timber carriages on the road at the time.

September 18th 1773

Run away from their families in Long Melford-George Pool and Jamon Durwin, Pool is a carpenter of about 25 years -5ft 6" high-own hair-light brown-Durwin is a labourer working at malting-he is 5ft 7" high-whoever apprehends them and brings them to the church-wardens or overseers of Melford shall receive 1 guinea reward and reasonable expenses.

October 2nd 1773

On Tuesday last-Edward Nice was committed to Chelmsford gaol by Mary, wife of Joseph Peacock of Toppesfield, Essex, with attempting to break into her house and commit rape.

October 9th 1773

Extract from a letter from Annapolis, Maryland, America, dated July 19th. 

We hear from Frederick County that about 10 days ago one Mossman purchased a parcel of convicts in order to dispose of them advantageously, all of which he sold before reaching Frederick Town except four with whom he was proceeding towards Hagars Town, one of his servants told his master he was very much fatigued to go any further.
They rested themselves on a tree by the side of the road, after sometime Mossman said they must proceed but they refused and threw him backwards over the tree and dragged him five steps into the wood then cut his throat from ear to ear. They took his pocket book and went over the mountain, calling at every tavern on the way.
They met a man who had seen them with their master on his way up with them and enquired of him, they said he was behind refreshing himself but he concluded he had been murdered, he raised the alarm and they were pursued and taken and are now in gaol at Frederick Town.
They have signed a confession.

October 16th 1773

To be sold-all the outdoor and indoor stuff of the late Richard Carter of Lavenham Park Farm Suffolk. -20 horses etc.

October 23th 1773

We hear from Norfolk that many farmers of property in the county are this year adopting the practice of setting wheat.

October 23rd 1773

Inquest on Monday on William Hates of Hempstead who fell in a ditch. Accidental.

October 30th 1773

To be sold at the sign of the Punch Bowl in Cockfield, Suffolk-about 12 acres of land lying near the green also pieces of enclosed land estimated at about 12 acres near a green called Smythy Green, Cockfield with right of grazing on the commonage-barn-in occupation of Robert Studd.

October 30th 1773

To be sold by auction in Westgate Street, at the house of the Green Man, Long Melford near the Black Lyon-the household goods of ? November 20th.

November 30th 1773

Inquest at Peasenhall, Suffolk on Thomas Edwards, a bricklayers labourer who in digging under the foundations of a garden wall belonging to Thomas Staunton Esq to let it down, the wall fell on him, he was immediately taken out , lived for a few hours then dyed.

December 4th 1773

Committed to Chelmsford gaol, Thomas Pepper of Halsted, Essex, charged with stealing a quantity of hops out of the kiln belonging to Thomas Unwin of Castle Hedingham.

December 11th 1773

Committed to Botesdale Bridewell-Henry Borret of Horham for swearing and abusing the Sheriff's Officers in execution of their duties and levelling a gun at them.

December 24th 1773

On Monday last, Thomas Kendall, labourer was committed to Chelmsford gaol on suspicion of breaking open the lodging room of Thomas Partridge of Bulmer in Essex and stealing a quantity of wearing apparel which was found in the hutch of Kendall.---

March 19th 1774

Thomas Kendall was capitally convicted at Chelmsford Assizes for burglary but before the judge left the town he was respited.

1774 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive

January 15th 1774

Notice----Whereas I, John Ambrose, late servant of Stephen Dalton at the sign of the Bull Inn at Long Melford, being sent by the same Stephen Dalton to bring home an empty chaise from the sign of the Waggon at Sicklesmere and did being much disguised in liquor, abused the horse and broke the chaise. I hereby humbly apologise and ask the pardon of him and promise never to be guilty of like again. Witnessed by me-Timothy Constable.

January 22nd 1774

Benjamin Salmon for stealing a leg of mutton from Brazillia Hare of Woolverstone, Suffolk. To be transported for 7 years.

January 29th 1774

Compact farm to be sold at Belchamp St Pauls, Essex, pleasantly situated in sporting country-farmhouse-stable-barn-outbuildings-100 acres of arable and pasture-in occupation of Widow Hall at a rent of �85 per annum-to be sold at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury, on March 12th next.

February 12th 1774

Last Saturday, six persons were found guilty of the late riot in Sudbury, Suffolk, were brought to the Kings Bench bar to receive sentence and were ordered by the court to suffer six months in prison and whipped, and an inhabitant of the town was ordered to pay �100.

February 19th 1774

At Colchester, James Harvey was committed to Chelmsford gaol charged with stealing five dung hill fowls the property of Mr Parmenter.

February 26th 1774

Cambridge-It is reported that an old man who died recently near Newmarket who just before his death confessed that he set fire to a barn at Burwell, Cambridgeshire on the 8th of September 1727 when no less than 80 persons lost their lives and that having an antipathy to the puppet showman was the cause of him committing the action.

March 12th 1774

Thomas Pepper was capitally convicted for stealing hops at Halsted, Essex. John Kendall was capitally convicted for burglary but before the judge left Chelmsford he was pleased to respite him but to be branded, whipped and discharged.

March 26th 1774

At Bury Assizes-Isaac Fincham-Robert Woods and James Fyson for stealing rabbits out of a warren to be transported for 7 years.

April 16th 1774

On Wednesday afternoon at Stratford by Dedham a very severe battle was fought between Luke Williams a nail maker of Mistley and Joseph Clarke a butcher from Hadleigh, for 18 guineas they fought for 1 hour 16 minutes, it was doubtful for the greater part of the time who would gain victory but it ended in favour of Williams, there was upwards of 2,000 spectators.

April 16th 1774

At Chelmsford Assizes-James Boreham, a notorious poacher for feloniously attempting to shoot the gamekeeper belonging to John Strutt of Terling, Essex, to receive a sentence of two years imprisonment or to enter as a soldier in the East India Company and to serve for five years.

April 16th 1774

Cattle will be taken at Lt Thurlow Park---Bullocks at 1s 6d each per week-Horses at 2s.

April 23rd 1774

On Wednesday last, Humfry Scott was executed at Bury gaol for housebreaking. He acknowledged the justice of his offence.

April 23rd 1774

Chelmsford-A few days since the gamekeeper to Mr Wilkes of Woodhall, Essex, cut his throat, his bad behaviour incurred his master's displeasure and was that day discharged from his service. 
He left behind a wife with seven small children now living, why he is most remembered he has 19 children by 19 women and another woman is with child by him and is near her time.

April 30th 1774

A main of cocks will be fought at William Cranes at Rivenhall End cockpit between Suffolk and Essex for considerable sums on May 16th. Feeders are from London.

May 7th 1774

Inquest at Stonham Earl on Roger Taylor who while assisting another servant in brewing beer accidentally fell in the copper of boiling wort, he died next day in great agony.

May 14th 1774

Melford Fair---Edmund Thompson at the Black Lyon on the green begs leave to inform his friends and the customers that he proposes to provide an ordinary event during the three days of the fair at two o' clock.

May 14th 1774

To be sold all the household goods of Jeremiah Heard, miller at Melford. On the next day will be sold an excellent good windmill-pair of French stones and a flour mill-to be sold at the Swan Inn at Clare on the 30th of May.

May 14th 1774

The farm and lands of John Aldham, deceased, to be sold-agreeably situated in Foxearth, Essex, in fine sporting country-4 miles from Clare and Sudbury and two miles from the pleasant villages of Cavendish and Melford-consisting of good farmhouse-three barns-two stables-convenient outhouses with yard and orchard-90 acres of arable and pasture-light fertile soil with right of commonage-also a messuage in occupation of James Coulson and a cottage in occupation of Thomas Deal and all the buildings -- 56 acres of land Are copyhold of the manor of Foxearth and subjected to �3 7s quit rent. This estate had been in the hands of the owners from time immemorial.

June 4th 1774

On Tuesday last, Joseph Dixey, one of the drivers of the Sudbury stage waggon was convicted before the Rev Mr Kendall of Bulmer for wilful misbehaviour in obstructing the carriage of Richard Moore of Kentwell Hall, Melford, on the Kings highway in the parish of Lt Maplestead.

June 4th 1774

Wanted-Man and Wife as governor and governess of Cavendish workhouse. Apply to officers of the parish.

June 11th 1774

To be lett at Michaelmas---Reed Hall, Suffolk-about four miles from Bury-now in occupation of Thomas Jacobs-about 300 acres of arable and pasture-11 acres of wood-barn and stables contiguous to the house.

June 18th 1774

Stolen from the lands of Thomas Mayes of Lt Cornard, Suffolk,by John Tillet, a linen weaver--a grey gelding. 2 guineas reward for information-apply to Thomas Mayes or Isaac Mayes of Glemsford.

June 25th 1774

Mark Lane-Wheat to 49s-Fine Essex wheat to 50s-Kentish to 54s-Oats to 21s-Barley to 29s.

July 2nd 1774

Strayed or stolen from the lands of Benjamin King of Melford, Suffolk-a brown bay gelding. Information to David Steed, glazier, Melford.

July 9th 1774

Last week was tried three smuggling cases at Ipswich. Joseph Savery, a Kentish man who was fined �120-John Levitt of Tunstall, Suffolk, �202 10s-Robert Baker of Wangford, Suffolk, �200.

July 9th 1774

On Wednesday last a presentation passed the seal to the Rev George Mariot of the rectory of Alphampstone, Essex, on presentation of the Lord Chancellor.

July 30th 1774

On Monday last was married at Chelsworth in Suffolk-Lieut. Col. Ainslie of General Elliots Reg Of the Light Dragoons to Miss Ann Sharpe of Bath.

September 3rd 1774

Boston-July 18th. Guards are placed at the gates of Boston to prevent desertions of soldiers, notwithstanding every precaution, scarcely a day passes without some men being missed, this is now the 48th day of the siege of Boston. Extracts from letters received---The Indians seem determined to go to war, many white people consisting of whole families have been scalped, thousands have left their habitations.

September 3rd 1774

Yesterday afternoon, one Lilly who says he comes from Canterbury stopped at the sign of the Gun at Dedham with three horses, he offered one for sale, it is conjectured that the horses are not his own and he was committed to Colchester castle for further examination.

September 10th 1774

Boston-New England---Some soldiers have deserted His Majesty's service belonging to a regiment lately arrived from Gt Britain and Ireland-this is to give notice that all soldiers who deserted previous to the 10th day of July shall receive pardons, failing to do so they will receive no mercy.

September 10th 1774

Benjamin Smith of Sturmer, Essex, was committed to Chelmsford gaol by John Purkis on suspicion of stealing two sheep out of his flock at Sturmer.

October 29th 1774

On Tuesday last-committed to Bury gaol, William French a weaver for assaulting by striking William Humphrey, Mayor of Sudbury in the publick execution of his duty in making a public proclamation for election in the Borough.

November 5th 1774

The present unfortunate distressed situation of the widow of the late Rev Thomas Kendall of Bulmer in Essex will be it is hoped be a sufficient apology for a addressing her position in publick on her behalf. 
About eight weeks since she has lost her husband who died of putrid fever, leaving her with seven daughters in circumstances but little removed from absolute want, the fever unhappily communicated to six of her children, the two eldest have since died, the third lies dangerously ill that her life is despaired off, the other three it is hoped to recover. 
We the undersigned humbly solicit charitable contributions and donations which will be acknowledged by Dr Chapman and Mr Deeks of Sudbury.

November 26th 1774

Nov 21st  1774 - 
The wife of the late Rev Kendall takes this opportunity to sincerely thanks her friends and publick for the timely assistance which she has received and has enabled her to struggle thro' that load of misfortune which had her and her family in ruin had they not been supported by their kind benefactions. 
N. B. To the publick, they may be assured that no part of the money has or will be appropriated but to her immediate use and benefit.

November 26th 1774

On Tuesday, a large seizure of 25 � ankers of Geneva was made at Thorington in Suffolk by Mr Bell the supervisor and Mr Walker the excise officer which they were conveying in a cart to Wangford when a party of smugglers fell upon them with bludgeons in a barbarous manner, they rescued the said goods and carried them away which was 12 lbs of green tea-4 gallons of Geneva which the officers had seized at Blythburgh, Suffolk the same day.

November 26th 1774

Last week there died the Rev Heckford, for 50 years the rector of Chilton and Gt Cornard.

November 26th 1774

Inquest at Sapiston, Suffolk on Stephen Sherring, a nurseryman to the Duke of Grafton at Euston in Suffolk. He went out on Saturday evening to watch a grove where he suspected timber being stolen and was not heard of until Monday morning following a search his horse was found near a pit in which he drowned.

November 26th 1774

Committed to Ipswich gaol-Tristram Harper of Aylsham in Norfolk charged by a Scots drover of picking his pocket of 4 golden guineas and 4s 6d in silver.

December 31st 1774

On Tuesday last, Edward Wallace was committed to Bury gaol for breaking open the cellar of the White Swan at Melford and stealing a quantity of liquor.

December 31st 1774

The farmyard of Sir Charles Davers of Rushbrooke near Bury was robbed of 11 fat turkeys by a gang of villains, they have pilfered from most of the farmers thereabouts.