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1775 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive

January 21st 1775

Isaac Heard of Melford was charged with stealing two new shirts from Francis Place of Sudbury valued at 3s 6d.

February 11th 1775

Last week a servant of Mr Abraham Constable at Warmingford, Essex was driving a bull and some cows out of a yard the bull caught him with his horns by the thigh and tore it in a terrible manner, he died on Saturday night.

February 18th 1775

Last week there died at Trimley in Suffolk-John Cobbold who left his considerable fortune to John Cobbold a common brewer of Ipswich.

February 18th 1775

On Sunday last as a man servant belonging to Mr Kenningale of Chelsworth in Suffolk in his return from Wickham St Pauls, Essex, was stopped by two footpads between two woods in Bulmer Tye who desired him to stop, upon his refusal one fired a pistol at him which missed.

March 11th 1775

There died in child bed, the lady of Mr Christopher Medcalfe of Hawstead in Suffolk.

March 11th 1775

On Thursday last, the Lady of Henry Vernon was brought to bed a son and heir at his seat at Gt Thurlow to the great joy of his gentle family.

March 29th 1775

A few days ago while the wife of a gentleman not a few miles from Witham, Essex, was in labour, her sister attended her but the day after the delivery she set off with the sister's husband on a fashionable excursion to France or Scotland.

May 6th 1775

On Sunday evening at about 7, the son of Mr Manning a bargeman, a lad of about 15 years was setting the stanchion at Wiston near Nayland in Suffolk, he fell in to the stream and drowned, several endeavours were made to get him out but he was not found until 5 the next morning.

May 13th 1775

At the Quarter Sessions at Bury-Hannah Hunt was convicted of removing her three children with small pox upon them into the parish of Lavenham, she was fined? (illegible) and ordered to Bury gaol until the fine was paid.

May 13th 1775

On Friday last, fire broke out at a pot ash in Framsden, Suffolk, five stacks were consumed.

May 13th 1775

On Monday last a young man was driving a load of dung down Risbygate Street in Bury when endeavouring to stop the horses his foot slipt and he fell with both wheels going over his right leg, he now lies with little hope of recovery.

May 13th 1775

On Monday last a servant of Mr Hurrell of Felsted Common, Essex, was attempting to swim in a pond after washing sheep, he was drowned.

June 10th 1775

Last Thursday sen'night the remains of Henry Adams of Stanway in Essex, was interred in the Quaker burying ground at Earls Colne, there were 30 carriages-120 horses and 3 to 4 hundred people at the funeral.

June 17th 1775

Letter received by a family in Colchester from their son dated -- Boston, April 23rd . Boston is now in a terrible situation and I am at a loss to describe the troubles, last Tuesday, the Governor ordered a party of men to March to Concord and seize a magazine that he had information on etc etc.

July 1st 1775

We hear that the Senecas, one of the six Indian nations are determined to supply the Americans against the arbitary exactions of the British Parliament and if desired will lend their help in this day of distress expected if the Colonies are subjected. They shall also fail a sacra file to Gt Britain.

July 15th 1775

Last Friday, was committed to Chelmsford gaol-Samuel Watts of Lamarsh, Essex, charged with burglaring and entering the house of of Sarah Bruce and robbing her of a quantity of wine-7 guineas-a of a guinea and a Queen Anne farthing.

July 22nd 1775

By a letter received from a gentleman at Roxbury near Boston-we are surprised that the account of the skirmish at Lexington between the regulars and the Provincials is a that the Kings Troop fired on the Americans is a tale.

August 5nd 1775

At Chelmsford Assizes-Thomas Clamping for setting fire to Mr Down's farm at Lamarsh, Essex was capitally convicted.

August 12nd 1775

Last week a poor boy who was keeping horses upon the road at Hadleigh, Suffolk, received a kick on the head from one and died soon afterwards.

August 19nd 1775

On Monday last, George Ketson, farmer of Debach, Suffolk, hung himself.

August 19nd 1775

At Bury Assizes-JohnTillot for stealing a grey gelding from Thomas Mayes of Lt Cornard was capitally convicted.

August 19nd 1775

To be sold by auction at the Kings Arms, Halsted on the 1st of September-a brewhouse with a house-storehouses-cooperage-malt office. At the same time 13 well accustomed public houses commonly called -Two Brewers-Black Bull-Three Crowns-Cock and Chequer-Dolphin-King's Head-Angel-White Bear, all in Halsted-the Swan in Hedingham Castle-Three Horseshoes in Greenstead Green-Blue Boar in Earls Coln and several private houses, all of the estate of John Whaley.

August 19nd 1775

Ewardstone Grove to be sold---capital mansion house complete with furniture with tythes of the parish of Edwardstone and 240 acres of land, also may be purchased the Manor and Advowson of Groton with a farm of 120 acres.

August 26nd 1775

There was a large shew of lambs at Ipswich fair-weather lambs from 9 to 18 per score and ewe lambs at 7 to 14 per score.

August 26nd 1775

Died at Sudbury-John Burkett.

August 26nd 1775

Last week as a boy, the servant of William Wright of Gt Waldingfield, Suffolk was driving his master's wagon hastily in the harvest field he met a fellow servant who frightened the horse to make it run further, the boy jumped out of the wagon and endeavoured to stop the horses when he fell down and two of the wheels went over his legs, it is thought he is unlikely to recover.

September 2nd 1775

The child of a poor man at Henham, Suffolk, was left in a cradle while it's mother from her home, she had given the child a lump of sugar in it's mouth and some wasps were drawn thither it is supposed by the sugar, it was stung in a terrible manner that the child died soon after. N. B. Onion juice gently swallowed is a certain cure for a wasp sting.

September 2nd 1775

To be sold at the Cock Inn at Lt Thurlow on October 11th-a farm and lands belonging to Mr Mathew Ashman in Barnardiston.

September 9th 1775

Yesterday the proclamation declared the Americans in open avowed rebellion and absolutely forbids all persons carrying on correspondence with them was read in Ipswich Market place.

September 9th 1775

Yesterday died of small pox at Halsted. Essex, Thomas Pitslow, one of the people called Quakers, he was a young man of amiable disposition.

September 9th 1775

The Petty Sessions for the Babergh Hundred for hiring and retaining servants will be held at the Black Lion on Melford Green on the 26th inst, a good ordinary will be served at an hour before 2 o' clock .

September 16th 1775

On Monday last as Mr Candler of Ipswich in company of two other men were coot shooting on the river in Ipswich with two boats, on of them was handling a gun with the muzzle forward when it went off and discharged the contents through his hand, the others were likewise injured but not dangerously.

September 23rd 1775

To be sold in the parish of Stansted and Melford-a freehold farm with house-buildings-orchard-40 acres-now lett to Daniel Mead at 55 per annum .

September 23rd 1775

The fens in the neighbourhood of Ely are under water, the great bank of 100 feet leading to Maypole broke about Denver sluice last week, by the breaking of the bank at Whittlesea fen, five miles from Peterborough, the waters poured in so rapidly and drowned seven poor people who were reaping oats.

October 7th 1775

Samuel Norfolk the younger of Toppesfield in Essex was committed to Chelmsford gaol charged with suspicion of murdering his wife. 
The discovery was made by a servant boy who after telling such a story before the Coroner and jury as made them give their verdict of Accidental death, he told another person what he had told the Coroner was entirely false and that his master had drowned his mistress, he was taken before the magistrates who he told all the family except him and his mistress were sent to a meeting and his master ordered him to go and see some sheep, after a little way he heard a person begging very hard for her life and he saw his master lying on his belly near the pond and supposed he was holding her head under the water..
Committed to gaol.

October 21st 1775

Castle Hedingham---There was a the greatest plenty of hops this season in the Halsted Hedingham district that has been known for a century past, the year 1719 was plentiful but not compared with this, 25 cwt being produced from one acre as big as small apples, many being 4 inches long.

October 28th 1775

Last Monday a match was run for 17 does-a buck-17 ewes and a ram which was run for over Lexden Heath by H, Bevan's gray mare and Mr Minks bay mare, it was won by the latter.

November 11th 1775

This week, Roger Coote was returning from Bury to Newton near Sudbury in a loaded cart, it overturned and falling on his breast he was killed on the spot.

December 2nd 1775

Inquest at Chipping Ongar, Essex, on Anne Reynolds aged about 18 months who being left alone in a bed in a cottage, a pig came into the room, got upon the bed and pulled the child out of the same and bit parts of it's fingers off and otherwise wounded it in the face to such a shocking manner that it languished till next day and died.

December 16th 1775

On Friday, Mrs Webb of Glemsford, wife of a considerable grazier was brought to bed of three girls who are all likely to live and the mother is in a fine way of doing well.

December 16th 1775

Last week at about five, Mr Brewer of Lawshall was robbed of three guineas in gold, some silver and a watch at Nowton about 1 miles from Bury by three men.

December 30th 1775

On Saturday night a well dressed man was found murdered on the road near Gosfield Hall, Essex, he had been to the public house the night before near the spot and had pulled out three to four guineas when some villains seeing him took the opportunity when he went out to rob and murder him.

December 30th 1775

On Saturday last a detainer was lodged against S. Norfolk the younger of Yeldham in Essex, he is now in Chelmsford gaol charged with the murder of his wife Sarah.

1776 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive

January 6th 1776

On Tuesday was married at Acton church---Robert Mumford, Gent,an eminent farmer from Gt Waldingfield to Mrs Lugar of Acton Hall.

January 6th 1776

On Friday morning about 2, as three young men were coming from Melford in a one horse chaise, they were stopped near a mile stone by footpads who demanded money but with resolution they endeavoured to wrench the pistol from him and struck the horse who rushed forward with great spirit and prevented them being robbed.

January 13th 1776

Yesterday morning about 6 the Norwich coach was stopped about one and a half miles from Newmarket by a highway man who was shot at by a passenger, upon him clapping his horse with his spurs he rode off a yards and fell, he was taken up and carried to the Red Lion Inn in Newmarket but expired an hour after. He had no pistol but used an iron candlestick, he proves to be one Walker whose father sometime kept the Star Inn, Newmarket.

January 13th 1776

Wanred-a man and wife to be managers of Glemsford workhouse, they must understand the woollen manufactuary in regarding top spinning work and carding, none need apply who cannot stand strict scrutiny in regarding the honesty, sobriety and humanity. Apply to officers of the parish.

July 20th 1776

On Tuesday last was shot at Nacton, Suffolk, a most beautiful bird called a Carolina Chatterer.

January 20th 1776

To be lett for 7 years, a brick mansion called Hedingham Castle, containing 6 rooms on a floor-convenient for a gentleman's family-pleasant situated on an eminence near Castle Hedingham in Essex-stabling for 7 horses-antique castle or tower the hill where it stands is encompassed by a brick wall-about three acres of land including gardens, lawns and castle hill.

February 3rd 1776

A sheep was roasted on the ice in our salt water river at Ipswich.

February 3rd 1776

On Tuesday last upwards of £100 was raised in the parish of Melford and immediately applied to the relief of the poor of the parish.

February 17th 1776

Three men from Lavenham Bridewell were sentenced to be whipped for stealing wood from John Symonds.

March 9th 1776

Last Monday died at Swilland, Suffolk, Mr Stearn from wounds received in his back by the discharge of a gun which was in the hands of his nephew, they had been out shooting together about two months ago.

March 23rd 1776

Last Saturday passengers on the Norwich machine were robbed betwixt Newmarket and Six Mile Bottom by three footpads who in the evening had robbed two farmers and a waggoner going from Saffron Walden fair.

April 13th 1776

Watts and Young who broke out of Chelmsford Bridewell last week were committed to gaol for having in company John Kendall who admitted in King's evidence committing a burglary on the dwelling house of Sarah Brewester at Lamarsh in Essex.

April 20th 1776

Last Saturday, Jeremiah Rust, servant of Mr Simpson of Sudbury was killed by a waggon wheel going over him which was loaded with hop poles, his fellow servant was asleep upon the wagon and continued to sleep till a gentleman who was passing deceased rode up to the wagon and acquainted him of it.

May 11th 1176

Last Wednesday, Thomas Coke was elected one of the members of Parliament for Norfolk.

May 18th 1776

Yesterday one Glass, servant of Jacob Runnett of Westerfield in Suffolk was fined for not being with the wagon when it returned from Bury.

May 25th 1776

On Saturday last Mr Oliver's loaded wagon was coming heavily laden down Ballingdon Hill, Sudbury, the wheel sliding iron broke, the wagon bore heavily on the horses one of which slipped down and the fore wheel run over the hind parts, it was obliged to be immediately killed, the waggoner himself being nearly killed.

June 1st 1776

The owners and occupiers of the land on both sides of the river Stour leading from Manningtree to Sudbury are desired to meet at the house of William Kenningale at the sign of the Vine in Nayland Suffolk to consult about taking proper measures to prevent damage being done to lands adjoining the same river by navigators thereof.

June 8th 1776

Deserted from the recruiting party of the 63rd regiment-William Westrup a woolcomber of Lavenham, aged 25 years-5ft 7"-dark hair, the above William Westrup has surrendered as a deserter from the 1st Division of Marines-likewise John Andrews from Rattlesden in Suffolk-aged 19 years-5ft 9"-brown hair-scar on right cheek. Whoever gives information shall receive 20s for each.

June 22nd 1776

Whereas Susanna, wife of John Clive of Castle Hedingham did elope from her husband in the company of Joseph Debnam, carpenter of the same place. This is to inform all persons I will not be answerable to her.

July 6th 1776

Last Friday forenoon, two middle sized men appeared in Sudbury, having hung their horses at the door of a public house they went into several shops under pretence of buying a yard of serrot or ribbon, two of the shops they robbed and the remainder they got off scarce when the fraud was discovered before news came from Melford that several shops had been robbed the same way, they were immediately pursued and traced to Dunmow but got clean off.

July 6th 1776

To be sold-freehold farm in Wickham St Pauls, Maplestead, Pebmarsh , Lt Maplestead, Twinstead and Gestingthorpe in Essex-convenient messuage being in good repair-77 acres of arable and 31 of woodland-now in occupation of John Mortimer.

July 20th 1776

At Ipswich Quarter Sessions-John Cheny for stealing fowls from the parish of Wetheringsett and Brockford-sentenced to get sand and gravel and cleanse the river Thames for 7 years.

July 20th 1776

At Farnham, Suffolk on Monday last a poor man suspected of being a wizard was swam (as tis called) in the river Deben in the presence of a great number of spectators who had assembled from different parts of the county of Suffolk on the occasion, he was put upon his watery trial about 7 in the evening with his feet and hands tied but to the surprise of the whole company he sunk to the bottom and had it not been for the assistance of a humane spectator the experiment would have terminated in a manner shockingly to it's protectors, mortified and disappointed the company soon dispersed, ashamed of themselves and angry at their own weakness and credulity.

July 20th 1776

On Wednesday night a stable at Botesdale, Suffolk was broke open and a chest which contained £500 was taken with some bills, the money was taken but the bills were left.

August 3rd 1776

On Saturday, Edmund Tampin of Willisham in Suffolk, about 11 years old being playing near Barking Fox when he ran against the thiller horse of a wagon laden with timber, it wet over his head and killed himself.

August 3rd 1776

At Chelmsford Assizes-Samuel Watts the younger for burglaring the house of Sarah Brewster at Lamarsh, Essex was capitally convicted.

August 10th 1776

At Bury Assizes-John Howe the younger of Shimpling for riotously forcibly carrying away his father from his house in Elmswell, Suffolk-to pay £10 or 12 months, Valentine Risbrook and four others, Howe's associates, are to pay £5 each or six months, these ruffians with Howe at their head seized a helpless diseased parent and dragged him out of the house upon the ground to a post chaise at the door and thrust him in it and carried him off in the face of the day.

August 17th 1776

Watts was executed at Chelmsford last Friday, he confessed he set fire to a barn at Lamarsh, Essex, he also in company of one Airey broke into the house of Mr Graiggs at Middleton, Essex and at Hill farm, Lamarsh.

August 24th 1776

A few days since was married at Burgh, Suffolk, William Dallinger, a farmer aged 74 to Susan Game, aged 20. Mr Dalliger has used crutches for 20 years but on the wedding day he went to church with neither a stick or crutches, Mr Dallinger is very deaf and the clergyman had difficulty in performing the service.

August 31st 1776

Wednesday night as some husbandmen were making merry at harvest end at Belchamp St Pauls, Essex, they agreed to wrestle but wrestling soon turned to fighting when one named Dobson received a violent blow on his head and he has remained speechless without any sign of recovery ever since. It is hoped it will prove a caution to harvestmen who too often instead of being merry and social over good liquor they are partaking off, often go quarrelling and abuse each other and commit such acts as they have cause to repent afterwards.

September 7th 1776

Daniel Dobson mentioned in our last issue has since died.

September 7th 1776

Inquest on Thomas Pamment of The Soken, Essex, who slipped down a wheat loft and unfortunately fell with his whole weight upon the upon the handle of a fork which was standing perpendicular against the loft, it entered the lower part of his body more than seven inches and that was the cause of his death.

September 14th 1776

On Monday was married George Maxwell of Munches, Dumfries, Scotland to Miss Lucy the eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Gage, Bart, of Coldham Hall, Suffolk

October 5th 1776

At Braintree Fair cheese sold from 9s to !7s-butter from 25s to 38s-Hops from 50s to 90s.

October 26th 1776

Last Tuesday a servant of John Crowfoot of Satterly was found much bruised on the road and with a broken leg, he was drawing a wagon load of coals and fell from the shafts as he was very heavy in liquor.

October 26th 1776

Last Friday se'nnight a man who keeps a house in Moulsham near Chelmsford was whipped through the town for stealing two trusses of hay, he also to suffer two years prison in Newport Bridewell.

November 2nd 1776

Last Friday there died at Fornham in Suffolk, Mrs Palmpin wife of Robert Plampin of Chadacre.

November 9th 1776

At Sudbury, there was a day of rejoicing by the news of the taking of New York by the King's Forces, bells were rung in the three parishes and at noon there was a discharge of the 7 pieces of cannon in the Market Place, a stage was erected on the market hill on which there was an exhibition of fireworks after which a very large bonfire was lit. The loyal inhabitants of this borough seemed very happy at the success of his Majesty's forces and the Americans are held in greater detestation (if possible) than ever. At Chelmsford as soon as the post arrived from Halsted with the extraordinary news bells were set ringing.

November 23rd 1776

Last Wednesday afternoon as a farmer of Chattissham, Suffolk, was going for chalk his horses took fright and endeavouring to stop them he fell and the wagon wheel went over him breaking his thigh.

November 23rd 1776

On Monday last, two men belonging to Mr William Graham of Hintlesham were getting stone out of a pit when the earth gave way and fell on them breaking both legs on one of them.

November 23rd 1776

Last Friday as a cart of Joseph Stammers was standing at a baker's in Bocking, unloading flour a boy riding past the horse when it took fright and ran over a boy of about 10 and killed him.

December 14th 1776

On Friday the 29th ult as John Ponder was returning from Lavenham to Monks Eleigh he was stopped by two footpads and robbed of 4 guineas.

December 14th 1776

At Waltham in Essex last Saturday, a fox was being pursued by dogs when it jumped through a pane of glass into the servant's hall at Langley's, the seat of Mr T. Tuffnell at Waltham, the servants were at breakfast and he jumped onto the table and then went up the chimney where he taken and kennelled.

December 28th 1776

Notice is hereby given the next meeting of the trustees of the turnpike road from Sudbury to Bury will be held on Tuesday the 7th of January next at the Swan Inn at Sudbury.