The Foxearth and District Local History Society
1803-1805 Bury and Norwich Post newspaper archive

January 5th 1803

On Wednesday last at his brother's home in Berner Street, London, there died Mr W.H.Campbell of Lyston Hall, near Melford.

January 12th 1803

Last week in Cavendish there died Mrs Jay wife of John Jay of Cavendish

January 12th 1803

On Friday last was married in Foxearth church in Essex, the Rev Thomas Wright, Rector of that parish, to Miss Medlicott, daughter of the late John Medlicott Esq of Moor-town House, County Kildare, Ireland.

January 19th 1803

To be sold at the George Inn at Cavendish--4 freehold tenements in occupation of Messrs Hardy, wheelrights and other good tenants, pleasantly situated on the Green near the church containing large keeping room and shop in front, two good chambers. Three other tenement cottages situated near the front of the church-yard, in occupation of William Spencer.

February 2nd 1803

On Thursday last, marriage at Pentlow of Mr Adams of Pentlow Mill to Miss Partridge of Melford.

February 2nd 1803

Last week Lieut.Col.Parker shot a Hooper or wild swan on the canal at Sir Harry Parker's seat at Melford. It measured 7ft 4" across with the wings extended and 6ft 4" from beak to tail, it rather indicates continuance of the severe weather.

February 2nd 1803

On Monday last there died Thomas Brand of Polstead Hall.

February 23rd 1803

Sir J.C.Hipppersley, last week gave 2gns to every freeman of Sudbury who chose to accept it and 1gn to each poor freeman who had not got a vote owing to him having accepted parish relief, nearly 400 freemen took part.

February 8th 1803

On Saturday last, a dispensation was passed to enable the Rev William Mackelin M.A., chaplain to the Earl of Strathmore to hold the Rectory of Gt Yeldham presented by Sir Wm. Beaumanice Rush with the rectory of Gt Chesterton and Little Chesterton.
February 8th 1803. There died at Cavendish, Mrs Parmenter of the George Inn.

February 22nd 1803

Yesterday se'nnight there was an inquisition on John Bull a taylor who was found frozen to death in a ditch in the parish of Bulmer beside the road leading from Bulmer to Hedingham.

February 22nd 1803

On Thursday last as Mr P.H.Raymond Esq of Belchamp Hall was riding through Sudbury, his horse took fright at some children and ran with such violence against the shafts of a stage waggon that it penetrated the horse's chest to 8 inches, Mr Raymond was thrown but not injured, the horse is dead.

March 16th 1803

Orders have been issued by the War Office for an inquiry into dicipline at Chelmsford barracks from whence soldiers are supposed to have gone out nightly during last month and committed highway robbery on the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

March 16th 1803

The Militia for Suffolk have been ordered to be embodied at Bury and Ipswich on Monday.

March 16th 1803

Last week there died, Mr Frost a miller from Borley in Essex.

March 16th 1803

A few days since there died Mrs Eton, widow of the late Thomas Eton of Goldingham Hall, Essex.

March 23rd 1803

On Saturday fen'night there died in his 34th year, Thomas Teverson a farmer and miller of Wratting Wash near Haverhill. The nurse going to his funeral at Cowlinge on Saturday last fell from her horse and broke her leg.

March 30th 1803

On Monday sen'night there died at his seat at Twinsted Hall near Sudbury at the advanced age of 70 years, Sir John Marriot, for many years M.P.for Sudbury and late Judge at the Admiralty Court and Master of Trinity Hall at Cambridge.

April 13th 1803

There died at Poslingford Hall, Clare, Mrs Eagle wife of Mr W.Eagle at a very advanced age.

April 20th 1803

To cover this season at John Addams's farm at Foxearth at 10s a mare and 1s for the man, a cart horse colt, 3 years old, he was got by Mr Chinery's horse " Plough Boy of Welnetham" from a very good cart mare, the mare's that do not season this year will be covered at half price next year.

May 4th 1803

At Garraways Coffee House in London. Free-hold farm called Stettles at Otten Belchamp and Walter Belchamp, three miles from Clare, consisting of 90 acres held by Richard Pratt at the low rent of 85L.

May 18th 1803

An incidence occurred at Boxford Chequers Inn, a boy brought in a nest of young rats and threw one down to a cat which had kittens, instead of destroying it the cat carried it to her kittens and suckled it for three weeks, whenever it strayed from the nest she brought it back.

June 8th 1803

Lately died John Eaton of Goldingham Hall, Essex.

June 15th 1803

To be sold at the George Inn at Cavendish--Dwelling house in occupation of John Kemp, a tallow chandler and shopkeeper also a truly fertile field called Town Field. Fields called Hungerdown, 3 acres and the Sponge also 3 acres.

June 20th 1803

An instance of affection has taken place at Ickworth Park at the Lodge, here a cat has suckled and brought up four squirrels for which she evinced great care and tenderness.

June 20th 1803

There was an inquisition at Newton on a boy called John Partridge who was killed by a tree falling on him.

June 29th 1803

By the new window duty every window over 50 superficial feet shall be assessed as two windows.

August 1st 1803

An estate called Chilton Street, a hamlet near Clare to be sold. Good messuage, 2 barns-stables-cow house-168 acres in occupation of Thomas Peacock.

August 8th 1803

On Wednesday as Samuel Trott was driving his master's tumbril laden with straw he accidentaly fell down while crossing a rut and the wheel went over him, he was killed on the spot.

August 29th 1803

The old Melford stage waggon which ran from Bury to Melford to be sold at Melford George Inn, property of John Fitch, 9 inch wheels-8 horses-a 6 inch wheeled waggon with 4 horses-harness and other implements for carrying on the business.

October 3rd 1803

At Garraways Coffee House, Change Alley, London. By Mr Jaques. Hill Brow Farm at Belchamp Walter near Sudbury, containing 74 acres 1 rod 17 perches of inclosed meadow pasture and arable with farmhouse and buildings, in occupation of John Hume, also at Borley, Tibbs Farm, 25 acres with cottage and barn in occupation of John Hume.

October 3rd 1803

On September 20th was married by special licence at Leatherhead in Surrey, John Campbell Esq M.P. of Lyston Hall, Essex to Miss Hay daughter of Lt Col David Hay of the Royal Artillery.

October 10th 1803

Mr Amos Todd of Acton Hall is appointed Chief Constable of the Babergh Hundred.

October 17th 1803

On Thursday last was married at Belchamp Walter church by the Rev S.Raymond, the Rev P.H.Raymond of Sicklesmere to Miss Edwards of Bradfield Lodge, daughter of J.B.Edwards.

December 7th 1803

On Wednesday last William Clements a servant of Mr Fitch of Melford was fined 10s for leaving his master's waggon and horses in a public street, a woman and her child had a narrow escape from being killed and a shop window was broken by the horse, the man was much concerned and promised to be more careful in future.

January 4th 1804

On the 10th ult there died at his son's house in Epping aged 85 years, the Rev Charles Stuart for 50 years Rector of Ashen and 40 years vicar of Steeple Bumstead.

April 11th 1804

Capt Mathew of Clare Rectory has recently been appointed Lt Col of Risbridge volunteers. Captain Commandant McLean of Acton Hall is appointed Lt Col to the Babergh Hundred Volunteers.

April 25th 1804

The three Lieutenants Campbells of the 24th Regiment who fell in the battle of 23rd of September in India were the three sons of Lt Col Campbell of the same regiment.

May 2nd 1804

On Monday last the Lavenham Volunteers marched into Sudbury to be brigaded with those of Bures. The Sudbury company of the Babergh battalion were inspected seperately, they performed manoeuvres and the platoon executed them to entire satisfaction of the Inspecting Field Officer who said they would not disgrace veteran troops.

December 12th 1804

The quantity of wheat entering the Custom House at Ipswich has exceeded 20, 000 quarters of which 20, 000 were from Dantzic, 3000 from Archangel and a similar quantity from Koinngsburgh.

December 12th 1804

On Saturday last the prison in the old County Gaol in the market place was moved to the newly erected one Southgate street in Bury.

December 19th 1804

Last week a little boy named Dunston in the absence of his parents drank from a kettle although on the fire, he was scolded that much that he died that night in excruciating pain.

February 27th 1805

On the 1st inst-died at at the age of 85, Richard Aldham of Foxearth Hall in Essex.

March 6th 1805

Wanted immediately, about 35 loads of sound walnut timber, best prices given. Apply S.Scott, gunmaker, Melford.

March 13th 1805

There on Friday se'nnight at the parsonage house at Twinstead, there died Mrs Grey wife of the Rev Robert Grey, rector of Twinstead and Gt Yeldham.

March 13th 1805

Joseph Everitt for stealing barley from the barn of Deborah Pettit of Mount Bures and William Sexton for stealing two sacks from Anne Ramsay at Stoke by Nayland, both to be transported for 7 years.

March 13th 1805

T.Alefounder of Cavendish, 2 months for stealing a coat from Joseph Brown and to publicly whipped twice at Cavendish.

March 22nd 1805

On Friday last at about two in the morning an accident happened at Lavenham, the Rev Mew and his wife were returning from visiting friends and on going down the hill near the Swan Inn, a spring in the gig broke and the the horse ran away down the Hadleigh road, on turning into the Rev Mew's residence it broke the fence down adjoining Mr Bailey the carpenter's house and ran it's head through the wall of Mr Bailey's house, Mr Mew fell on a stone and was killed on the spot, Mrs Mew was dreadfully hurt but is expected to recover.

March 22nd 1805

To be sold by auction--All the farm live and dead stock and furniture of Mr Stammer's on a farm called Pannels at Glemsford.

March 29th 1805

W.French of Sudbury was committed to our gaol for breaking open the barn of Peter Bowers ans stealing 12 bushels of peas.

July 17th 1805

We hear that three Private soldiers in the East Suffolk Miltia have latel come into large fortunes proved to be legal by the representatives of the late William Jennens of Acton.

July 17th 1805

Notice is hereby given that the bridge called Ballingdon Bridge in the highway from Bury-Norwich and Yarmouth to London in the county of Suffolk and Hamlet of Ballingdon Essex is impassable and will continue to be so for some time and a passway for horses and carts and carriages will be over Common meadows called Portmans Crossing and Kings Mere the property of the inhabitants of Sudbury.

July 31st 1805

Freehold Estate known as Wentford in Poslingford for sale, in occupation of John Barker, 91 acres, also live and dead stock.

August 14th 1805

To be sold by private contract. Swan Hall, situated in Hawkedon, Glemsford and Cavendish, large timber house with barn, cowhouse and stables, 163 acres. The price may be known on application to the Rev Stannard of Wakes Colne Hall.

August 21st 1805

Thomas Bridgeman,(late waiter a the Greyhound Inn at Bury) respectfully informs his friends, gentlemen, farmers and travellers and others that he has the newly built and commodious house called the Cock Inn at Clare, Suffolk, which he has fitted up with the neatest of manner with new beds and other requisite furniture and laid in a selection of good wines of the best vintage and genuine spirituous liquor. He flatters himself that a diligent attention will be paid to public accomodation and a grateful sense of favour conferred will not be wanted to merit the patronage of friends who may honour him with thier support. A good ordinary every Monday at two o' clock with real home brewed ale.

October 2nd 1805

The live and dead stock from Ovington Hall to be sold, the property of the late Thomas Fuller English.
A capital dairy of cows, dairy and brewing utensils, hunter-cart stallion, 3 years old-11 horses-21 beautiful polled cows-2 year old bull- 42 swine-large quantity of fowls-3 road waggons-2 harvest waggons-7 tumbrils- 6 ploughs etc-brewing copper-cheese press-morts-cheese tubs- stand keelers-40 piece course earthenware-valuable furniture-mahogany wainscoat-7 windsor chairs-a chamber of chairs-4 post sacken bottom bedstead-bath and pantheon stoves-smoke jack with crane etc.

November 19th 1805

On Thursday morning last we received the news of the singular victory over the combined fleets of France and Spain by the ever to be lamented gallant Lord Nelson. The Aldermen of Bury ordered the Volunteers to fire three excellent vollies.

December 4th 1805

On Monday se'nnight died Henry Ponder, greatly lamented by his friends, aged 47 years, a crepe manufacturer of Sudbury.
On the same day died Mrs S.Death aged 45 years of Alpheton Hall.

December 4th 1805

At Mark Lane--Wheat averaged 65s 10© d a quarter- Barleys 40s- Pease 45s 11d-Oats 22s-Beans 47s.