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1884 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 26th 1884

Mr William Lord, a farmer from Acton was summoned by the police for permitting a locomotion traction engine to travel on the road without having a man in front. Dismissed.

February 2nd 1884

There was a serious charge against Alfred Smith, an excise officer and Alfred Pearson, a dealer both from West Belchamp (probably Walter Belchamp) which charges them with assault on the night of 24th of January at Ballingdon, the following were complainants F. E. Dunn of the Market Hill, Sudbury, G.E.Mauldon, innkeeper of Ballingdon and David Rule a gardener. Several advocates had private conversations which resulted in the cases being withdrawn, the Bench agreed. 
It is understood the defendants will make a money payment and the costs.

February 9th 1884

Poslingford. Fatal accident to Mr Joseph Woolard. 
It appears that Mr Woolard left his home at Chipley Abbey a little before seven after having taken a slight repast with the intention of proceeding to Broxted Lodge, about ½ an hour later his horse returned alone and went to the pond to drink, on examination it was found the strap and stirrup were missing, 
Mrs Woolard immediately instigated a search by the men at hand and afterwards the deceased gentleman was found by his groom quite dead lying on his back in a ditch containing 12 inches of water, it is conjectured Mr Woolard was riding by the side of the ditch and by some means was thrown and rendered unconscious. 
Deceased was 34 years old and leaves a widow and one son.

March 1st 1884

In the High Court of Chancery. Carter v Williams. Belchamp St Pauls . Wood Barn Farm. For sale 11 acres of capital undergrowth lying in 12 acres of wood of the growth 13-14 years, 1,100 bundles of thatching stuff to be sold by Octavious Fitch and by the receiver in the above cause on March 11th ,81½ ringes containing splendid ash poles well suited for hurdle makers with faggot wood and pea sticks included. The company are requested by the auctioneer to meet him in the wood at 12 o' clock.

March 15th 1884

Glemsford. On Friday morning last, the rat, bird and mouse destroyer from this place was at Mr Hart's premises, the horse slaughterer of Walter Belchamp, when 600 rats were picked up, their united weight being over 13 stone

April 5th 1884

Died. On the 31st ult, Sarah Chinnery widow of Samuel Chinnery of Foxearth, Essex. aged 88 years.

April 26th 1884

Messrs George Grimwood and sons of Sudbury have been entrusted with extensive alterations to the Lavenham sugar beet factory which amounts almost to rebuilding the factory, they commenced operations on Monday last.

April 26th 1884

On Sunday afternoon a fine specimen of an otter was taken in a trap near the river Stour about ½ a mile from Clare by a lad named Deaves, the animal weighed 15lbs and is 45 inches long.
It was exhibited on the market hill on Monday and attracted great attention.

April 26th 1884

Cavendish. The village was thrown into a high state of excitement.
On Tuesday morning, at about 20 past nine a shock was felt all over the place, a gentleman found a peculiar substance opposite the White Horse Hotel in flames the substance smelt like sulphur, the police were sent for from Clare and arrived in a short time.
After investigation it was elicited that the compound was found in a bottle at the back of the grammar school and had been thrown by one of occupants. A boy who found it threw it into the pond near the school where a little girl saw the bottle and took it out of the pond and emptied the contents. The supposed contents (dynamite) turned out to be phosphorus used in a chemical experiments by the young gentlemen at the grammar school and the shock mentioned was the effects of an earthquake.

April 26th 1884

Sudbury. The town was much affected by the earthquake wave on Tuesday morning but happily we were spared the immense damage which devastated Wyvenhoe and Colchester.

Mary 17th 1884

American emigration. During 1883 there passed through the Castle Gardens, 388,541 immigrants of these 170,000 were Germans-90,000 from the British Isles of over half were Irish-25,000 from Italy-20,000 Swedes-11,000 each from Norway and Hungary.

Mary 17th 1884

Sudbury. A most beautiful specimen of a gold noble struck in the reign of Edward the 111 was recently dug up in a garden in Sudbury, it is now in possession of Mr Read at Mr Howe's the jeweller's on the market hill.

June 14th 1884

Alfred Suttle a labourer of Glemsford was charged with stealing a silk handkerchief valued at 1s 6d the property of William Fosker a stockman of Cavendish, on being searched by P.C. Tuthill nothing was found but a handkerchief was found in a stable from whence he was seen to come. 14 days.

July 5th 1884

Myra Cranfield late of Lt Yeldham but living in Cross street, Sudbury was brought into custody charged with being drunk and disorderly in Friar's street. William Sillitoe, son of the landlord of the Ship and Star said the prisoner refused to leave the house when ordered to, the prisoner said you knocked me about shamefully. 21 days hard labour.

July 12th 1884

John Suttle and Abner Gridley, matmakers of Glemsford were charged with being drunk and disorderly on the highway on the 28th. £1 and 6s costs each.

July 26th 1884

At about noon on Friday a report that a horse had drowned at Clare proved true, 
On reaching the river near Alger's coal depot, a horse and cart were seen in the river, the unfortunate animal and a cart were nearly submerged, a considerable help had to be obtained before they could be landed, they proved to belong to Mr Chickall of Stradishall, the cart was new one and the horse was valuable at £40
It had been feeding on a strip of grass near the river and it is supposed to have backed into the river.

August 30th 1884

There was a fire at Green farm, Newton, which consumed a considerable amount of property, the fire was observed early in the evening and the alarm was given, Sudbury fire brigade arrived but the flames had gained such a hold that not much was saved, damage is estimated at £2000, the occupier is Mr John Rolfe and the owner is Mr S.K. Hart of Hadleigh.

September 6th 1884

Wanted at Michaelmas next by an experienced man, a situation as a farming bailiff, has been in last place for 7 years. Address, John Brown, Post Office, Alpheton, Long Melford.

September 6th 1884

Clare. On Tuesday, George Martin of this town, late District Secretary of the National Agricultural Labourers Union was apprehended on a warrant charging him with receiving at divers times various sums of money belonging to the Union which George Martin had wilfully and fraudulently misapplied contrary to the statute in such a case made and provided. Martin was on Friday taken before Mr W.W. Boreham and remanded until the next Petty Sessions, the magistrates offered bail but as the sureties were not forthcoming the prisoner remained in custody.

September 20th 1884

For sale on Friday next at Broxted Lodge, Hundon, by order of the exors of the late J.A. Woolard. From the Chipley Abbey, Broxted Lodge and Banstead Farms. 39 horses-21 steers-220 swine-- 200 poultry-8 h p portable engine by Clayton-drum and elevator by Burrel -Maynard chaff cutter-Ward and Silver 4 hp drum works-implements etc.

October 18th 1884

Alfred Suttle, matmaker of Glemsford was charged with drunk and disorderly on the highway. 10s with 7s costs. James Oakley matmaker of Glemsford was charged with damaging undergrowth to the extent of 2d in Easty Wood, Cavendish, was ordered to pay the damages and fined 5s with 6s costs.

October 25th 1884

Marriages. On the 22nd inst at St Peter's church, Sudbury by the Rev T.L. Green, rector, David Ward of Foxearth Essex to Louisa, the third surviving daughter of the late Timothy Leggot, tobacconist of the Market Hill, Sudbury, Suffolk.

November 1st 1884

Early on Tuesday morning fire broke out at Red House farm, Foxearth, in occupation of Mr Ray resulting the total destruction of one wheat stack, this years produce, no fire engine was in attendance but the flames were promptly subdued by labourers working on the estate.

December 20th 1884

A request has been issued by the Post Master General as follows. 
The Post Master General desires to call attention to the fact that the least desirable manner in which appreciation may be shown of the labours of postmen during the Christmas season is to offer them drink whilst in the discharge of their official duties,it is calculated to bring trouble and disgrace, the Post Master earnestly hopes therefore the public will refrain from putting such temptation in their way

December 27th 1884

A dispatch has just come to hand from Adelaide reporting a serious encounter between a number of Germans and English sailors, through the Germans using knives one of the Englishmen was killed and two others seriously injured.
The affray took place in Port Adelaide between men belonging to the British Brigadines Minnie and Bebington and the German steamer Catania.

1885 Bury Free Press newspaper archive

January 10th 1885

Charles and Henry Rising and Arthur Cook, labourers of Melford were charged with being in a disorderly condition at Melford church on December 21st, it was proved by several witnesses that the defendants attended Divine service and continued laugh and talk much to the annoyance of the congregation. 5s each with 8s 6d costs.

February 28th 1885

Death. On the 21st inst, Elizabeth wife of Richard Prigg of Poplars Farm, Gt Cornard and youngest daughter of the late Mr Teverson Ruse, butcher of Long Melford, Suffolk, aged 28 years.

March 7th 1885

To Let, Shimpling Street Farm at Michaelmas next with windmill thereon-capital house and buildings-facing the highway leading from Shimpling to Bury-about 152 acres. Apply to E.F.Fisher of Long Melford.

March 7th 1885

Glemsford. Inquest on William Brinkley, aged 50, at the Greyhound, 
George Wells identified the deceased as a lad who helped him put a pony into harness the day before and he seemed quite rational, about four hours later witness went into the loft over the Greyhound and found him hanging from a beam dead and cold. Mrs Watkinson, landlady of the Greyhound said she had an occasion to tell deceased of some account that was not correct, he had worked for her husband and his place was worth £1 a week, 
Mr Watkinson said deceased worked for him for nine years. 
Temporary insanity.

April 11th 1885

For sale in the parish of Pebmarsh-Twinstead-- Alphampstone and Henny on the 16th of April at the Rose and Crown, Sudbury, the freehold estate known as Thompson's farm with a gentlemanly residence-buildings-11 cottages and 191acres to be sold by Messrs Balls and Newman.

April 18th 1885

At West Suffolk Quarter Sessions. The chairman represented that the bridge between Cavendish and Pentlow was in a dangerous state and the Essex surveyor would not agree to repair it because it was not worth repairing and that a new girder bridge would have to be built before long, the Court empowered the bridge committee of that district to confer with the Essex authorities.

April 25th 1885

At Castle Hedingham Petty Sessions, Frederick Boughen, labourer of Cavendish was charged with assaulting Arthur Barnes, labourer of Lt Cornard, complainant said 
"I live at Lt Cornard, I was on the other side of Bulmer Tye going home with a load of poles from Bulmer woods, defendant overtook me between Bulmer Fox and Sudbury, he was riding in a horse and cart, I was sitting on the poles when defendant struck me with a whip on the face, I asked him what he was doing, he came up and struck me again, he then left me."
 By defendant, "I said friend your pony can't half go"
The assault was admitted. 2s with 19s 6d costs.

April 25th 1885

Egging. Robert Rutter a matmaker of Glemsford was charged with taking one partridge egg on the Boxted Hall estate, John Cook, gamekeeper, stated that he watched defendant's movements, he saw defendant go to a fence and take an egg out of a nest and he offered me abuse when I told him off it. 2s 6d with 7s costs.

July 11th 1885

West Suffolk Quarter Sessions. 
Pentlow bridge. 
The clerk of the peace read the following report from the new county surveyor. 
"My Lords and Gentlemen, the bridge is of timber structure, half belongs to Essex and half to Suffolk, I have examined the same and find it in bad repair, especially on the Suffolk side, the span of the bridge is 38 ft and the width of the roadway is 14 ft 6 inches, I have prepared two designs for the rebuilding, design one is for a brick structure with two brick arches each 18ft 6 inches wide and a pier in the centre, design two is for an iron girder bridge of one span of 38 ft and bridge abutments, I beg to recommend adoption of design one which is that the a new bridge be erected about 4 to 5ft further upstream provided arrangements can be made with the land owners."

The bridge was indeed built and proudly bears the date and the coat of arms of Suffolk and Essex. The brick design with twin arches was chosen and very handsome it looks too

July 18th 1885

Grey's Grammar School, Cavendish, endowed in 1696 and revised scheme in 1802. Preference unreservedly allowed for clergymen's and other professional men's sons, farmers etc. Prospectus from the headmaster.

August 1st 1885

Hartest. A meeting numbering several hundred people assembled on Hartest green to hear an address from Joseph Arch, President of the Agricultural Union, we have received the following reports on the cause of the strike now going on, last autumn the farmers (with the exception of Walter Maxim who is one of the tenants on the Boxted Hall estate) reduced the labourers wages from 11s to 10s per week, in the spring the men asked to have the shilling put on again, the farmers refused, some going as far as to threaten the men with a further reduction, the consequence of which the men left their work.

August 15th 1885

Long Melford and District Horticultural and East Anglian Dog-Poultry-Pigeon-Society will hold their annual show of flowers-fruit-vegetable-dogs-poultry-pigeon-rabbits and cage birds in the picturesque park and grounds of Melford Hall kindly lent by Sir William Hyde Parker, on Tuesday the 25th, 216 money prizes, 32 cups and the band of 3rd battalion, the Suffolk Regiment. Mr Barker's steam hippodrome will attend. Admission, 1s until 3 o' clock after then 6d.

August 15th 1885

Sudbury. On Monday afternoon a frightful fatal accident occurred in the harvest field at Gt Cornard in occupation of Mr William Prigg by when a poor man named Thomas Barrel, aged 60, who lost his life
Several years ago he lost one of his arms in an accident, last Monday afternoon he was driving a reaping machine when one of the wheels came in contact with a large stone giving such a jolt that the driver was thrown backwards off his seat onto the revolving knives behind. 
The other men in the field stopped the machine but too late for the unfortunate driver whose body was found to be fearfully lacerated by the blades. 
Accidental Death..

September 26th 1885

Wanted. Required by the 1st of October near London, a good house and parlour maid, strong and willing to undertake 4 bedrooms, stairs, 2 sitting rooms and able to wait at table and keep plate well. Apply Mrs Landon, Roden House, Brentwood, Essex.

October 3rd 1885

An alarming fire broke out in a range of stacks at Chiswick farm, Melford near which is situated a barn and stables, it is close by a lane called Long Lane and by the road side at Westgate street, the fire spread quickly to the adjoining stacks and the barn erected on a hill, in a short time assistance was at hand and the men released several pigs, the fire destroyed 4 wheat stacks the produce of 30 acres, 2 barley stacks the produce of 13 acres, the barn and 6 acres of peas, no livestock were injured. 
The produce belongs to Ward and Silver and the barn to Sir William Hyde Parker, no doubt is entertained but that the fire was caused wilfully.

October 17th 1885

Died. Coker, suddenly at Borley Place,Essex, Mary Ann Coker late of Foxearth aged 69 years.

October 24th 1885

On Friday morning a lad in charge of a flock of sheep belonging to Mr Ardley of Melford allowed them to stray about the railway embankment near the crossing about one mile from the station, before he could get them off the 11-10 passenger train from Bury came round the curve in the line and ran into the sheep killing 23 of them.

November 28th 1885

Melford. The late fire at Windmill Hill, George Strutt aged 21 of Melford was charged with setting fire to the premises on Windmill Hill the property of George Leech when three barley stacks-a chaff cutter-200 coombs of barley-9 acres of beans-a self binding reaper and a threshing machine were destroyed, damage is estimated at between £200 and £300, the prisoners father has been in the employ of the prosecutor for 17 years and no unpleasant words had ever been exchanged between the prisoner and the prosecutor. Committed for trial.

December 26th 1885

The inquest at Polstead on the body of a travelling knife grinder named Alfred Webb was resumed, 
He was last seen alive on the 5th of November when he had a fight with a labourer named Humphrey, he was in the company of a man named Lynch and Frederick Goody. 
On December the 6th, Mr Brown of Potash farm found him in a pond, Goody and Humphrey gave evidence to show that there had been a fight amongst them at the Shoulder of Mutton, Polstead on November the 5th but there is no evidence to connect them with the death of Ansell alias Webb. 
Verdict found drowned