1862: 27th August  at the Kings Head [newspaper 12.8.62]

Mr. Fenn  and Mr. Crisp (jointly concerned on this  occasion)  are  instructed by Messrs. Garrod, the
Proprietors to sell by auction at the King's Head Hotel, Beccles on Wednesday 27th August, 1863 at
Four for Five o'clock the following eligible property at Beccles.


Lot  1    The  semi  detached  comfortable  Free  hold  dwelling  houses  with  yards,  outbuilding,  and
Gardens attached, situate in Ingate Road, and occupied by Mrs. Mannall and Mrs. Candler, as tenants
from year to  year


Lot 2  The valuable and exceedingly productive garden ground in perfect order, planted with thriving
fruit trees in full profit and in part ornamentally laid out.  Also a piece of fine pasture land, with large
barn,  storehouse, stable  and  gig  house,  all brick  and stone  built  and tiled.  The  lot  is situate near

Ingate road and the common Lane, adjoins lot 1, contains altogether la lr.0p., and is occupied by Mr.
Wm. H. Garrod, who will give possession.


Lot 3  The well built and handsomely wide brick fronted Freed residences  in Exchange Square, one
hitherto occupied by Miss Woolner, and the other by Mr. W.H. Garrrod.  These houses are in perfect

condition, stand in one of the most commanding and cheerful situations in the town, and possession
may be had at Michaelmas.  There are in the rear large Paved Yards, with outbuildings, back entrance

from Newgate Streed; also a wood cottage fronting Newgate street and occupied by Robert Weeds.
Lot 4  A range of four brick and tiled cottages with small gardens and entrance from Newgate Street,
three of which are occupied by the Widow Page, Hames Nunn, and Albert Lockwood.


Lot 5  The Coach House and Granary, Cart Lodge, Three stables with hay lofts, and other convenient
buildlings and yard, surrounded by a brick wall situate the east side of Newgate Street, adjoining Lot
4, and opposite to the back of Lot 3


The  property  may  be  viewed  on  application  to  Mess.  Garrod;  and  particulars  with  plans  and
conditions of sale may be had, in due time, of Mr. Fenn or Mr. Crisp, the auctioneers, or of Messrs
Bohun and Rix, solicitors, Beccles


1862: 27th August [newspaper 19.8.62]
To plumber,  glaziers,  and  capitalist,  desirable freehold business promised,  garden  and  vineries,  at

Mr. Fenn,

Lot 1: Dwelling house, shops and part of a garden situate in the New Market place in occupation of
Mr Pert, plumber glazier and painter and in which the said business has been successfully carrried on
for the last thirty five years


Lot 2: a small piece of garden ground adjoining lot 1
Lot 3: the remaining portion of the garden well planted with fruit trees and bushes, together with two
productive vineries


Lot 4:  a two stalled stable, adjoining lot 2 with approach from the cliff
Mr. Fenn received instructions from Mrs. Swan to sell by auction on 27th August 1862  the excellent

dwelling  house  coach  house  and  granary,  three stables and other convenient buildings  and yard in
Newgate Street opposite to the back of the redicendeds