Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 
PROPERTY from 1875


East Suff Gaz 6 Jul 
East Suff Gaz 6 Jul 

SALE: Seven Freehold Cottages in Meachem’s Yard. Rentals of 20 11s
SALE OF Moore’s PROPERTY; Lot 1; Robert Flick 1437; Lot 2 JC Copeman 200; Lot 3: John
Read 205; Lots 5 - 10 not sold; Lot 11: E Masters 820; Lot 12: Steward & Patteson 800; Lots




13-16 not sold
Mr Martin’s House & Millwright’s Shop sold to Mr Oldrin  750
LICENCE transfer: Pickerel: Clarke to Samuel Aldred;

East Suff Gaz 6 Jul 



Cross Keys from Susannah Dunscombe to Robert Meen.
LICENCES: Application by John Spencer of Station Road, beer house keeper (the Star) ; owner
Charles Pierson Skreen’s Park, Roxwell, Essex

East Suff Gaz 3 Aug 




ALSO William Flower, Newmarket, Intoxicating Liquor Licence; owner John Garnham
SALE: In Liquidation: A  Campling, of the Old Thatched House: Furniture 2 Sitting Rooms, 5  
Bedrooms etc.

East Suff Gaz 10 Aug 


East Suff Gaz 17 Aug 

SALE of WW Garnham’s Estate: Lot 1: E Masters 410; Lot 2: E Masters; 175; Lot 3: E Warren
300; Lot 4: E Warren 295;  Lot 5: E Masters 295
TO BE LET: Station Road: Well fitted-up house: Entrance Hall, Drawing & Dining Rooms, Kitchen,

East Suff Gaz 31 Aug 



back offices & 5 Bedrooms. Enquire at No 10.
TO BE LET: Stable & Chaise House & two capital store houses adjoining in Newgate, late occupied
by W Moore. Apply Flick & Sons, Land Agents, Saxmundham

East Suff Gaz 31 Aug 


East Suff Gaz 31 Aug 

COUNCIL; 1. Premises owned by Mr Maplestone  & occupied by David Jude & others on Love
Lane; dead well removed; connected to the sewer, water supply laid on;
2. William Spratt to remove nuisance in premises occupied by Myall, Money etc. & provide proper






3. JL Kent’s cottages in Hungate Lane to connect to sewer & provide WCs
4. Newgate: Property occupied by Robert Read etc. to improve privy accommodation & remove pig

supply of water.;




5. Mr Edwards & Mr Le Grice warned not to slaughter animals on unlicensed premises.
6. Owners of Properties ordered to connect to the sewer; Isaac Vertigen, Harriet Ecclestone, Sarah




7. Mr Sayer to close his pump & join water supply (occupied by Everett, Gaze, Smith etc.) & John
Barnby in London Road (occupied by William Buckenham)




8. TM Read to stop keeping pigs on Corporation Wharf
9. CF Parker be allowed to connect to the sewer.
10. Footpath to be made round original Town Hall




11. Mr Boreham to lay drain from his property in Market Place
12. Ladies to have special time for using Bathing Place
13 POST OFFICE. had ignored the wishes of the town, “An altogether unsuitable place, a village




grocer’s shop was much more preferable.”; “a disgrace to the Town”; “scant courtesy had been  
shown the public.”
COURT: Sanitary closure of well in premises occupied by Mr Watson, chemist. He did not use the

East Suff Gaz 14 Sep 




of the Fever.
SALE: A good freehold Family Residence in Saltgate occupied by William Cutting: Entrance Hall,

well himself, but persons living in the adjoining cottages did. Mr EB Crowfoot said it was the
East Suff Gaz 21 Sep 

30ft x




Dining & Drawing Rooms, back Sitting Room, Cellar, WC & six good sleeping Rooms. Water
Gas are laid on.. A two stalled Stable & Coach House, with loft over and a large Workshop


East Suff Gaz 12 Oct 

SALE: Liquidation. WW Garnham:’s property by the Trustees. The Thatched House (late in the
occupation of Mr A Campling, draper, milliner & dressmaker.)
Substantially built trade premises and Residence with a shop frontage of nearly 50 ft in Blyburgate,






Two large Shops, spacious show room with fitting room attached, a large Workroom about 30ft x
15ft with Warehouse above, Entrance Hall, Dining & Drawing Rooms, two Sitting Rooms, Eight
Bedrooms. Attic, Kitchen, brick & tiled Offices, Coal & Wood Houses, Gig House, Stable with hay




loft over & a covered entrance with folding doors from Ingate [Grove] Road; also a small Garden in
which stands a brick & tiled Summer House. Gas is laid on throughout the premises, and there are
pumps of spring & soft water on the property. Land Tax 1 - 19s.

Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 
East Suff Gaz 12 Oct 


FIRE: On Thursday & Friday evenings about 200 boys collected together about 7 o’clock on the
Common and set fire to the furze bushes & continued until 10. A sharp look out is  kept by the boys,
and as soon as ever a policeman is seen, the cry of “round up” is raised, and the mob close until






danger is over. On Thursday evening the Police captured a boy (whether in the act of lighting a furze
or not does not appear) but his companions made so furious an onslaught upon the “upholder of the
law” that he was compelled to let his capture go. The rumour that a number of the Corporation men,




and an increased force of Police, were on the Common on Saturday night, was sufficient to deter the
boys from going there, and they contented themselves with running through the streets for half an
hour, and halloing, to the great annoyance of persons who were obliged to be out.


East Suff Gaz, 23 Nov 

CLOSURE OF WELL. Mr Garnham contested the closure of well in premises occupied by Mr  
Watson. EB Crowfoot: “danger of typhoid fever”. Analysis from sample sent to London: “The water
is of the most dangerous character, and is utterly unfit for use.” - Well ordered to be closed.




East Suff Gaz, 30 Nov 
East Suff Gaz, 30 Nov 

SALE: Watchmaker’s tools, large Vice, Clocks, etc. by Mrs Ayers
SALE: White Lion, by executors of late Mrs Shore. Family, Commercial, Posting & Market House.
With Stabling, Coach Houses & Buildings, Picturesque Bowling Green & productive Kitchen  




East Suff Gaz, 28 Dec 
East Suff Gaz, 18 Jan 

SALE: Furniture of  late Miss Hill in Fair Close Road
BURGLARY: Mrs Atkinson, grocer, 34 Newmarket. Beneath her house there was a cellar,  




communicating inside with the house and an entrance by steps from the street, the doors of which
were usually fastened. At 9.30 pm she heard noise in lane adjoining shop, & on going out heard
breaking earthenware, directly afterwards saw Edward Sampson stumble against the wall of the




White Swan, on the opposite side of the lane. She then heard someone coming up the cellar steps,
the closing of the doors & saw James Turner speak to Sampson.
The same two were accused of stealing a broom & shovel from Reuben Cowles, grocer of  



Blyburgate. They were carrying broom etc. when they were arrested.
COUNCIL: 1 Lady’s Meadow, some interest of the Railway Company. The path had been broken up
by F Copeman, who had also removed some Posts, Must reinstate both directly.

East Suff Gaz, 25 Jan 




Additional lamps in Hungate Lane suggested.
To provide proper privy accommodation: Joas James, Mr Dale & G Sutton.
Water unfit to drink in the Falcon, Messrs Garrod’s premises in Newgate, Mr Copeman’s property in






Lady’s Meadow
Ordered that tests be done on the Town Pump. “Quite unfit to drink.” - closed immediately, handle

removed. Mr Mullett said he had drunk from it for 31 years had enjoyed it up to the last hour.




Town Clerk to be paid 100 p.a. & the Surveyor 75 p.a.
Experimental Pumping of sewage commenced




Town Clock did not keep Greenwich time, it was 5 minutes faster than railway time. Decided to Beccles
change it to Greenwich time.
SALE: WINDMILL: An excellent Post Windmill, with brick Round House, Patent & other Sails,

East Suff Gaz, 1 Feb 




two pairs of French Burr Stones, Wood Shaft, Iron Stone Nuts, good Head Wheel, & other suitable
ALSO a good brick & Slated Dwelling House, with substantial Stables, Cartshed & other convenient




outbuildings and productive Garden;
ALSO a valuable piece of Arable Land situate on an eminence near the London Road, in the  
occupation of Abraham Ling, who will give possession on 6 April 1876. The property is all Freehold



& Land Tax redeemed
SALE: Swine’s Green: Freehold Cottages with front & back Gardens. Trustees of John Ling:
Brick & Tiled Double Cottage occupied by John Barber & George Sampson

East Suff Gaz, 1 Feb 




Two small brick & tiled Cottages, one occupied by James Balls, the other unoccupied. There is a
well of good water on the property. Land Tax 6s 10d
Transfer of Licence. Abraham Aldred, the Pickerel applied for transfer of licence of Angel Inn to him

East Suff Gaz, 1 Feb 



The Pickerel to Thomas Rouse.
C Nursey, Marble & Stone Mason thanks for support for past 13 years, has moved from Bridge
Street [Northgate?] to Station Road, late in the occupation of JM Walne. Mrs Walne wishes to thank

East Suff Gaz, 8 Feb 




employers of her late husband. Disposed of to Mr Nursey.
TO LET: Good Business Premises, with 10 Roomed Residence in Saltgate, with Yard, Stabling,
Coach House & Workshops suitable for a Wheelwright, Cabinet Maker or Builder. Apply Charles

East Suff Gaz, 15 Feb 
Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 



Drake, Land Agent
DEATH of Robert Burstall, grocer, aged 73
Thomas Claxton thanks for support over 25 years. Business taken over by Robert Rodwell from

East Suff Gaz, 22 Feb 
East Suff Gaz, 14 Mar 



London & Oxford. Tailor, Hatter & Outfitter.
CARRYING BUSINESS, Old Established, between Beccles & Yarmouth with horse & covered van.
Apply James Barkway, Red Lion, Blyburgate, Beccles.

East Suff Gaz, 14 Mar 


East Suff Gaz, 21 Mar 

TO BE LET: Carpenter’s Shop, Double Stalled Stable in occupation of G Dunn. Enquiries F  
Blunderfield, 13[?] Station Road
TO BE LET: A garden containing 3 Acres. Apply George Fenn.

East Suff Gaz, 4 Apr 


East Suff Gaz, 11 Apr 

SALE Executors of late William Delf
LOT 1: Mercantile Property on the Waterside in the Old Market Score: comprising Two Substantial
brick built 40 Quarter Maltings  with steeps, Working Floors & kilns of the most modern approved







construction, Malt Stores & Barley Chamber of ample extent’ open ground & an enclosed Yard
communicating with a Staithe on the River Waveney, now in the occupation Messrs John &
Crisp, for a term of which three years will be unexpired in September at the low rent of 15 p.a.




[Bought in 1340]
LOT 2: Four Cottage Tenements in the Old Market Score let at rents producing 13 7s pa.




LOT 3: The Stone Cottage with ground in front in Northgate occupied by Mr D Delf at 6 pa
[Purchased By W Delf 120]
LOT 4: Valuable piece of Accommodation or Building Land, also well adapted for a market Garden




containing 4a 0r 23p in Ravensmere, occupied by A Piper - due to quit at Michaelmas.
[Purchased E Masters %500]
LOT 5: A very pleasant Suburban Residence in London Road, [No18] in occupation of Mrs Hillier at




rent of 26 pa.. The House is conveniently arranged and contains 3 Sitting Rooms, 5 Sleeping  
Rooms and suitable domestic offices. The Drawing Room communicates by French Casements,
through a Conservatory with a tastefully disposed Pleasure Ground, beyond which are spacious




Kitchen Gardens, with right of carriage way to the road.
[Mr J Cooper 560]
COUNCIL: 1.  Agreed ground in Swine’s Green, where the Pound used to stand should be let on

East Suff Gaz, 18 Apr 




Building Leases for 75 years.
2. Ordered the Wells on premises occupied by SF Pells & D Soanes be closed.
3.  Beccles Brewery to discontinue keeping pigs.




4. Messrs Crisp to discontinue keeping stock in Fair Close.
5. Pump in New Market to be removed & well arched over.
6. The Walk to be repaired with Flag Stones.




7. Water in the Newmarket contaminated, but the Council still wished to keep it. Committee set up.
8. ASSEMBLY ROOM: Estimate for setting back the windows, painting or cementing the outside &
restoring the windows. The interior to be painted Fence grey (3 coats), woodwork painted  




throughout, wood white & gold. Chandeliers to be put in order & restored. Ceiling to be whitened
and painted portion restored. Gas hanging tubes to be oil gilded, picture rods cleaned.. The lobby to
be painted, papered and varnished, as now. The room formerly used as the Public Library to be  



painted & papered. Decided to only have the interior decorated.
TO BE LET: Nice House in Station Road & large Garden, Coach House & Stable if required. Apply
OVERCROWDING:: A correspondent writing concerning the apparent mortality in the town for

East Suff Gaz, 16 May 
East Suff Gaz, 16 May 




months past draws attention to the overcrowding in some houses in the town. In one house near
Blyburgate, containing two rooms, eight persons are living: A man & his wife, two adult sons, a boy
& a girl in their teens & two children




In another two-roomed house, not  far from the Church seven persons are living. Father & mother,
the King’s Head.

son of 20, a daughter of 22, another of fifteen & two younger ones, They all sleep in one room.




LOT 1: In the occupation of Mr Le Grice, butcher 
LOT 2: In the occupation of Jonathan Read.
ALSO Two & a Half Acres of Accommodation & Building Land in Caxton Road to be offered in

} [Jonathan Read 910]





eight lots, 2a 1r 25p [Lots 1 & 2: Pert 80; Lot 3: R Read 41; Lot 4 Robert Copping 40; Lots 5 -
E Masters : 135.]

TO BE LET: Wharf Premises with good Dwelling House in Northgate suitable for Stonemason,

East Suff Gaz, 23 May 
Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 




Builder, Felmonger, Maltster etc. The adjoining House & Shop can be let with the above. Apply Mr
Pert, Market Place or JT Woodard, architect, London.
HISTORICAL  FIND: While excavating to enlarge Mr TH Pearce’s wine cellars [14  Blyburgate] the

East Suff Gaz, 23 May 




workmen found a pitcher, supposed to be of Saxon period.  It was found in the angle formed by the

connection of two very thick and strong stone walls, apparently of some old building, whose
existence was previously unknown. How far these massive walls extend was not ascertained.


East Suff Gaz, 30 May 
East Suff Gaz, 6 Jun 
East Suff Gaz, 20 Jun 

TOWN PUMP removed last Tuesday.
TRANSFER OF LICENCE: Fleece INN, Blyburgate from Brooks to Saker.
SALE: Executors of late Thomas Delf: Freehold Properties




LOT 1: Substantial  & well-built Dwelling with Draper’s & Milliner’s Shop, Show Rooms &  
Warehouses occupying a commanding  position in the most frequented thoroughfare of the town,
having frontages towards the Corn Exchange Square & the New Market Place. The Residence  




contains Drawing Room, two Sitting Rooms front & back Kitchens, larder, two cellars, five principal
Bedrooms, Nursery, two Attics & convenient closets.
The Business Premises comprise Entrance Hall, spacious Draper’s & Milliner’s shop 50ft in length,

tank, &



a back entrance from Sheepgate. There are pumps of hard & soft water on the premises. Land Tax

with centre skylight, two show rooms, underground warehouses with recess for shop shutters. I
the rear of the House is a paved Yard in which are water closets & other offices, soft water




1 11s 6d. These premises are tenanted by Mr George Yallup under a lease, three years of which will
be unexpired at Michaelmas. Rent 75.
LOT “ A freehold Dwelling House at the junction of Northgate & Bridge Street, containing two




Sitting  Rooms, back Kitchen, pantry, larder, cellar, three principal Sleeping Rooms & two attics
ALSO Grocer’s & Draper’s Shop, extensive Earthenware & Glass Showroom, 50ft in length,  
conveniently fitted with shelves, & approached from the Shop. Grocery & other Warehouses; also a




Land Tax 14s 10d; This lot is occupied by Charles Lockwood a yearly tenant at Rent of 25
productive Garden, well planted with fruit trees & bushes. There is a pump of excellent spring water.  
SALE at Lowestoft of WW Garnham’s property in Marine Parade. Liquidation.

East Suff Gaz, 20 Jun 


East Suff Gaz, 22 Jan 
East Suff Gaz, 5 Feb 
East Suff Gaz, 5 Mar 

LICENCE transferred of the Sun Inn from Charles Frampton to Charles Chaston.
DEATH: Robert Meen, landlord of the Cross Keys. Heart attack. Came to Beccles 18 months ago.
SALE: A Genteel Residence in St George’s Place. Apply GB Angell.


TO BE LET: Furnished apartments near the Railway Station. Apply Mrs O Crisp, Avenue  
LIQUIDATION: William Bird, Baker,

East Suff Gaz, 12 Mar 
East Suff Gaz, 30 Apr 


East Suff Gaz, 7 May 
East Suff Gaz, 14 May 
East Suff Gaz, 4 Jun 

SALE: Furniture of Benjamin Bird, Northgate, baker; by order of Trustees.
TO BE LET: House, Shop, Premises of Abraham Brown in New Market. Apply R Block
SALE:  Furniture of J Thompson


East Suff Gaz, 25 Jun 
East Suff Gaz, 2 Jul 
East Suff Gaz, 2 Jul 

SALE: Pedgrift’s property [already have details]
SALE: Late Mr  J Thompson  Furniture etc.
LET small Stable & Coach House near Station Road; Apply N Pells & Son, builders


East Suff Gaz 30 Jul 

TO LET: The Very delightful & pleasantly situated Villa Residence “Ingate Lodge” for many years
also extensive Pleasure & Kitchen Gardens.


the Residence of the late Mr Fenn, with Stale & Gig house, Vinery & Greenhouse in full bearing,


East Suff Gaz 30 Jul 

TO LET: The Very delightful & pleasantly situated Villa Residence “Ingate Lodge” for many years
also extensive Pleasure & Kitchen Gardens.


the Residence of the late Mr Fenn, with Stale & Gig house, Vinery & Greenhouse in full bearing,


POLICE COURT: Information against Jane Davy, the occupier of an overcrowded house in  
and the other the living room. The living room is about six yards square, the other room is about

East Suff Gaz 30 Jul 
Puddingmoor, known as the “Hole in the Wall”. The house has only two rooms, one a wash house  

defendant & her


In each there is a bed. There are no upper rooms. Seven people sleep in the house, viz:
brother-in-law, a boy aged 16 years of age, one about 10, another about 7, a little  
old, and a baby.



girl a year and a half




Mr AG Love, Inspector of Nuisances, said he had served notices on defendant, who had repeatedly
promised to get out some of the children, but she had not done so.
Defendant said that the oldest boy was going to sleep out after this. Her children enjoyed excellent




health while living there. One boy particularly weak before, was now quite jolly. It was her wish to
get another house, but she could not get one.
The Bench made an order that only one adult and four children under the age of 16 should sleep in

Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 
the  house.
[The situation still looked the same in 1881  according to the Census:



Pudding Moor Stepping Hill, Beccles, Suffolk, England
Robert DAVEY 
Walter DAVEY 

Census 1881



Beccles, Suffolk, England 
Beccles, Suffolk, England 
Beccles, Suffolk, England 
Beccles, Suffolk, England 



Bricklayers Widow
General Labourer
General Labourer





Herbert DAVEY 
Maria J. DAVEY 
Elias DAVEY 
This house was owned by Harriet Meen. It was the third house down from the top of Stepping Hill leading into Ballygate.]


Beccles, Suffolk, England 
Beccles, Suffolk, England 
Beccles, Suffolk, England 

Brother In Law 



General Labourer


Parish Register 


Marriage of Jane Spall to Robert Davey
May 14




full age
19 years




of this parish &
of this parish by banns


Groom’s Father   




by J. Talbot Johnston [Rector]
he signed x 



lime burner







Henry Aldous
Eliza Spall X



she signed  

Parish Register 

BAPTISM of Children:
May 31





ROBERT son of  
DAVID son of 


Robert and Jane DAVEY bn Dec 9 1861 
Robert and Jane DAVEY bn Aug 5 1862


May 31
Feb 19 





ANNIE FRANCES daughter of

Robert & Jane DAVEY 
Robert & Jane DAVEY bn Jan 7 1873 



Mar 25


East Suff Gaz, 25 Jun 

SALE: Pedgrift’s property [already have details]
LOT 1 purchased SW Rix 530




LOT 2 purchased R Boon 390
LOT 3 purchased SW Rix 325




LOT 4 purchase SW Rix 86
LOT 5 purchased Mr Crisp 500
LOT 6 purchased R Boon 480
LOT 7 purchased Mr Saltmarsh 410.


East Suff Gaz 13 Aug 

TO LET: Dwelling House & Market Garden (1a 1r 20p) extending from Blyburgate to London  
Road, formerly in tenure of Robert West, now of Mr Kett. Apply Mr Mayhew, Bank, Beccles
SALE: Furniture of Mrs Durrant, deceased, late of Smallgate.

East Suff Gaz 20 Aug 


East Suff Gaz 20 Aug 

TO LET: Hungate House, Hungate Lane. Completely Furnished. Consists of eight rooms, Kitchen &
convenient premises & a small garden in front & back. Apply Mr TA Laws.
SALE:: Freehold Building Land, FAIR CLOSE. [Four Lots: Nos 1, 3 etc. Fair Close]

East Suff Gaz 27 Aug 


East Suff Gaz 27 Aug 
East Suff Gaz 10 Sep 
East Suff Gaz 10 Sep 

SALE: Farming Stock of late George Fenn at Brick Kiln Farm
TO LET: Two newly constructed houses at St George’s Place; Apply J Mullett, Bank Street.
LIQUIDATION John Holton, wine & spirit merchant.


East Suff Gaz 17 Sep 
East Suff Gaz 24 Sep 

SALE: New & Second Hand furniture of Mr Tyrell.
SALE: Puddingmoor: Five Substantial Cottages in Puddingmoor abutting on properties of Mr Crisp
& Mr George Tyrell  with good gardens, containing nearly one rod, occupied by Brady,  Reynolds,




TO LET: House in London Road. Enquire Thomas Garrod.
TO LET: Stabling or Warehouse Hungate Lane: Apply Mr Flegg, King’s Head Hotel Yard.

Peck, Tyrell & Gardener, quarterly Tenants. Rentals 17 2s

East Suff Gaz 1 Oct 
East Suff Gaz 1 Oct 


East Suff Gaz 8 Oct 

RAVENSMERE property of Deverson Titshall. Two closets to six houses. Offensive state. Ordered
to provide proper water supply. (At present depended on rain water).
TO LET: House in Newmarket. Apply R Francis, Red House.

East Suff Gaz 15 Oct 


East Suff Gaz 22 Oct 

SALE: Detached brick & slate House in Fair Close, 3 upstairs & 4 downstairs Rooms; Coal house,
LICENSE:  Volunteer Arms to Mark Mills, late of Marquis of Granby; William Bugg takes license of

Pump of excellent spring water, Garden, back & front. Apply R Mills, Falcon Inn.
East Suff Gaz 22 Oct 



Marquis of Granby (previously kept Wortwell Dove)
SALE: Furniture of CC Green at Cross keys
OFFICE of late Beccles Brewery Company removed to Waterworks Office in Smallgate.

East Suff Gaz 29 Oct 
East Suff Gaz 5 Nov 


East Suff Gaz 5 Nov 

ADVERTISEMENT: GEORGE Knights, for many years Head Gardener at Worlingham Hall,  
commenced business as Seedsman & Fruiterer, Greengrocer in Newmarket, opposite King’s Head.
MESSRS AB WORTHINGTON, successors to the Beccles Brewery Co. Founded 1830

East Suff Gaz 12 Nov 


East Suff Gaz 12 Nov 

TOWN CLOCK not keeping good time. Mr Alecock contacted asking for the clock to keep better
time. - Differed from railway time.. The glass in front of clock to be cleaned.

Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 


East Suff Gaz 19 Nov 

SALE: property of Mrs Rachel Lark, deceased, in Puddingmoor: Three capital Brick & Tiled  
Cottages, a large Garden well planted with fruit bushes & trees. Frontage on Puddingmoor of 90ft,



nearly 1 acre. Rental 30 pa. Free Rent to Manor Of Barsham Hall 1 Coomb of Barley.



[W Woolner 320]
SALE: Messrs Leny & Smith to sell Fox & Hounds beerhouse in Ravensmere, a very improving
area, from which a new road to the Railway Station is now being formed. For many years held by

East Suff Gaz 19 Nov 




Philip Jarmy; large yard with stabling, loft, chaise house & shed. ALSO a brick & tiled Cottage &
workshop held by George Gray.
[Messrs Youngman & Preston 700]




East Suff Gaz 26 Nov 

SALE: Hungate: All the bricks, tiles, timbers, flooring, doors, windows & other materials arising
from two buildings & outbuildings & portion of a Wall recently occupied by James Beales & John



Markwell. The purchaser to pull down the buildings & remove the materials within six weeks.


East Suff Gaz 26 Nov 

SALE, 5 December 1878 at King’s Head: Residence of Richard Bohun, Esq.
LOT  1  The substantially built spacious and comfortable  FAMILY MANSION,  late the residence of
Richard Bohun, Esq., eligibly situated in Ballygate Street, having a west front on a tastefully planted






lawn and pleasure ground, and commanding a remarkably picturesque view of the river and valley of
the Waveney and of the upland scenery beyond.
The  House  contains:  Basement:  Beer  cellar  and  vaulted  wine  cellar  with  brick  bins.  Ground  Floor:





Entrance Hall, Vestibule and principal Staircase; former Bank Office 23ft x 14ft with separate
entrance  from  the  street.  Breakfast  Room  15ft  x  13ft;  Drawing  Room  21ft  x  17ft;  Second

from Ballygate; and Sitting Room formerly used as an Office. Back Hall & servants
and WC. Butler’s Pantry and Store Room, closets and shelves, etc.

Staircase; Lobby


First Floor: Landing, four lofty and spacious Sleeping Rooms, Dressing Room, Lobby and store





Separate staircase from Kitchen, three servants sleeping rooms.
Second Floor: Two large front Sleeping Rooms and two small Bedrooms.
Yard; Two stalls and loose box.




Outgoings:  Apportioned Land tax 1 5s 0d;   Tithe commutation: 2s 6d
[AK Hockey 1,200]




Three Dwelling Houses situate in Ballygate in Beccles. Occupied by:
Mr Welton [No 14] 6 Rooms, Wash House & cellar with outhouses; yearly tenant from Midsummer;
3 months notice; Rent 7 10s p.a.




Mrs Sarah Grimwade [No 12] 5 Rooms, Wash house & cellar; detached Workshop & coal house;
quarterly  rental; notice to quit 6 April; Rent 8 1s 4d p.a.
Mrs Carl Peterson [No 10] 5 Rooms; detached Wash house & coal house; yearly rental; notice to




quit 6 April; Rent 7 10s p.a.
With this Lot included: A yard in which are 2 outhouses, a pump & well of good spring water, with a
carriage road to the street enclosed by iron gates.




Tenure Freehold; Land Tax 0 14s 4d; Free Rent to Manor of Barsham Hall 2d.
Use of Lots 3 & 4 to draw water & use of carriage way.
[Mr Block 420]




Two Dwelling Houses adjoining Lot 2 [Nos 10-14] let to Mr James Mullett as yearly tenant; notice
to quit 6 April 1879, at rent of 22 11s 6d: Underlet:




Mrs EA Mullett: [Bal 4] Entrance passage, 2 Sitting Rooms, 3 Sleeping Rooms, attic & cellar, with
small yard & detached Wash House.
Mrs Elizabeth Cox: [Bal 6] 2 Sitting Rooms, 3 Sleeping Rooms, attic & cellar & detached Wash




house & small yard.
Also Garden now let therewith & part of yard hitherto occupied with Lot 2.
[H Harmer 400]




A Plot of Garden  or Building Land, commanding a fine view of the Waveney Valley and  upland
beyond. In hand.




[Mr Hockey 60]
A Double Cottage and Garden Ground with a site for an additional Cottage, situate in Puddingmoor

Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 




Street, let to Noah Grey and Mary Carter at 8 pa.
[Mr Culham 175]


East Suff Gaz 26 Nov 

FIRE: Thanks of Mr Thomas Pearce who helped put out fire his Spirit Store in [14] Blyburgate.
Thanked those who prevented the premises being looted during the fire.
ALARM OF FIRE: The inhabitants of the upper part of Blyburgate were seriously alarmed on  

East Suff Gaz 26 Nov 




Monday evening by a cry of ‘Fire!’ This was about six o’clock and it was soon ascertained that fire
full of smoke, and it was found that a large quantity of paper in the spirit store had caught fire.  

had broken out on the premises of Mr TH Pearce, wine & spirit merchant. The shop and house




Assistance was promptly at hand, and by the aid of a copious supply of water Mr Pearce was able to
extinguish the flames before much damage had been done. It was very fortunate that the fire was so
timely discovered, otherwise it must have proved extremely disastrous, not only to Mr Pearce’s




premises and goods, but to the property around. The store at the back of the shop where the fire
broke out contains hundreds of gallons of proof spirit in barrels and bottles, and had this once caught
fire nothing could have saved the premises. The fire appears to have resulted from an apprentice in

at  the



time in filling up some wine bins in the store, and during his temporary absence in the cellar the
candle fell down and ignited the paper.

Mr Pearce’s employ carelessly leaving a candle burning on some paper. The lad was engaged



LICENSE TRANSFER: Duke Inn Edward Bailey to Luke Smith
Pickerel from Edward Smith to George Everitt, previously of Winchester.
Cross Keys from Mrs Mean, deceased to James Walpole.

East Suff Gaz 24 Dec




East Suff Gaz 24 Dec 
East Suff Gaz, 7 Jan 

SALE: Northgate: Furniture of Mrs Isabella Thornton, deceased
BECCLES BRIDGE: Alderman Masters remarked upon the condition of Beccles Bridge, that it
stood in great need of improvement, and if the Navigation Commissioners could do anything to bear




upon that end, it was highly desirable they should do so. (The Mayor said he had been on the  
Commission many years and they had never had a meeting.)
The Town Clerk said that when the Beccles port dues were done away with a fund was set apart as a






contribution towards Beccles Bridge. That fund had been accumulating ever since, until now it was

something like 1,200. He believed it was invested in consuls, and that it was under the control
the Navigation Commissioners.


East Suff Gaz, 21 Jan 

NEWMARKET: Red House [No 33] WH Wright, purchased Outfitting shop of R Francis. Old  
Stock being disposed of.
BREWERY BUILDINGS: AB Worthington intended pulling down some buildings near the Bridge

East Suff Gaz, 21 Jan 




& offered to sell land. Council thought they ought to buy it if they could afford it. It would improve
the town and a dangerous corner.
SALE: Fair Close Land: Four Plots on the North Side, depth of 129ft, frontage of 30ft.

East Suff Gaz, 28 Jan 



[Mr Brundell for 284]
TO LET: STATION ROAD: Convenient House containing 5 Bedrooms, Dressing Room, WC, 2
Parlours, Kitchen.

East Suff Gaz, 21 Jan 


East Suff Gaz, 21 Jan 

LICENSE TRANSFER: Sun Inn from Charles  Chaston to Henry Thomas Buggs
Cross Keys from Samuel Coker, executor of Ellen Meen to James Walpole
Marquis of Granby from Mark Mills to William Buggs.




East Suff Gaz, 11 Feb 

LICENSE TRANSFER:  Duke Inn: from Edward Bailey to Luke Smith
Pickerel: from Edward Smith to George Everitt
BLYBURGATE [37?]: RJ Read bread & biscuit trade disposed of to Alfred Cady

East Suff Gaz, 18 Feb 


East Suff Gaz, 25 Feb 

SALE: Puddingmoor: Freehold double Cottage with valuable Building Land at junction of  
Puddingmoor and the path leading to Ballygate in occupation of John Lockwood 7 James Gray. The
land, now cultivated as Gardens, contains (with the site of the buildings) 28 rods, has a frontage of





SALE of FURNITURE, Newmarket; Mrs Hannah Knowles executors.
SALE: Household Furniture of  late John Garnham, Esq. in London Road.

135ft & well adapted for the erection of several cottages. [Mr AE Hockey 195]

East Suff Gaz, 11 Mar 
East Suff Gaz, 25 Mar 


East Suff Gaz, 25 Mar 
East Suff Gaz, 25 Mar 

SALE: Household Furniture late Mrs Coombe, 3 Wellington Terrace, Station Road
BUILDERS TENDERS: 4 Dwelling Houses in Hungate for Mr Harper. Plans with Messrs N Pells,



East Suff Gaz, 25 Mar 
East Suff Gaz, 1 Apr 
East Suff Gaz,  1 Apr 

TO LET: Newmarket: Shop lately occupied by harness maker. Apply CP Poll
SALE: Household Furniture of late Mrs Amelia Palmer, Bridge Street
SALE IN LIQUIDATION: Mr William Hochkin, timber merchant. Stock in Trade & Household

Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 



Furniture, at North House, Ravensmere.
CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH: Foundation Stone of New Sunday School & Classrooms to be
laid by JJ Colman, Esq., MP followed by Public Meeting.

East Suff Gaz, 8 Apr 


East Suff Gaz, 8 Apr 

BUILDERS: DRILL HALL:  Tenders for new Hall 100ft x 50ft 9ins with residence for drill  
instructors. Offices of N Pells
LICENCE TRANSFER: Victoria Arms: William Woolner to John Girling; Spread Eagle from S

East Suff Gaz, 8 Apr 



Wright to Robert Harper, carpenter Falcon from Robert Mills to Elizabeth Mills, his widow
SALE; Mr George Gooch retires from farming. Sale of five cows, dairy utensils etc.. Ravensmere.
RAVENSMERE: Mr Darby said his new buildings had been completed.

East Suff Gaz, 29 Apr 
East Suff Gaz, 29 Apr 


East Suff Gaz, 13 May 

SALE: Trustees of the Estate of William Hochkin: Freehold Property:
LOT 1  Modern Residence: North House, Ravensmere, with tastefully arranged Gardens late in the



occupation of William Hochkin




[E Masters 520]
LOT 2: A valuable piece of Building Land 0a 2r 17p on EAST side of Lot 1, with small Boarded &
Tiled Barn




[Ingate Cable 100]
LOT 3: Double Residence in Northgate with offices & good piece of Garden occupied by William
Woodthorpe & Thomas Holmes.




[E Masters 210]
LOT 4: Newly erected Brick & Tile Stable & Coach House, with Loft over, lately occupied  by Wm




[E Masters 85]
LOT 5 Small Double Residence in Ravensmere opposite LOT 1 occupied by MA Knights & C Ives




LOT 6: Residence in three Tenements adjoining Lot 5 occupied by F Laws, FR Ulph & R Turrell.
LOT 7: Small Double Residence next Lot 6, occupied by R Woodgate & W Walker




LOT 8: Small Double Residence: next Lot 7 occupied by W Beckett & R Chase
[withdrawn: Lots 5, 6, 7, & 8 withdrawn at 950]




LOT 9: Small piece of Building Land at the corner of the road, opposite Lot 5, occupied by W  
[James Mobbs 25]


East Suff Gaz, 20  May 

SALE: Two Freehold Houses & Shops in the Newmarket occupied by Miss Knights & the Misses
Chase. Let at Rents of 69 a year.
[purchased by Mr CM Chase for 1095 & 35 for fixtures




East Suff Gaz, 3 Jun 

NORTHGATE Improvement: Letter from brewers AB Worthington. Suggested pulling down 10
houses to widen road. Total rent of 55 pa. Value 850 guineas.. Tenants: Mills, Marshall, Cable,
Jacobs, Secker, Gilding, Brady, Hemblant, Rush & Butcher. - Not Council’s idea at all. Idea  





SANITARY CASE: Ingate Cable, butcher summoned for permitting a nuisance. Only one privy for
the use of 35 people living in five houses belonging to him in Ingate. must be three.. To be  done

East Suff Gaz, 3 Jun 




within a month.
SALE: Swine’s Green: executors of John Garnham.
LOT 1 A very desirable Small Estate formerly known as the Royal Oak, consisting of a good  

East Suff Gaz, 10 Jun 




residence, substantial & Convenient buildings & 7a 1r 18p of superior land, about 3 acres are  
cultivated as market Garden, now occupied by John Clarke for 12 tears at 40 pa.
[not sold]






LOT 2 A substantial brick & tiled double Cottage on the opposite side of the road to Lot 1 with
large garden of 2 roods, 30 perches occupied by James Dowe & George Flowers total yearly rent
13 10s



[Mr TA Woodroffe 155]
SALE: Swine’s Green by Mrs Minton 
LOT 1: Substantial brick & tiled Cottage in three Tenements with stable, cartshed and large garden

East Suff Gaz, 10 Jun 




three roods and twenty perches occupied by James Sampson, Henry Batterbury, & Ebenezer Harvey.
Rents 19 0s 0d
[Mr James Dowe 290]



Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 




LOT 2 An excellent Double Cottage near Lot 1, with large gardens containing two roods and 9  
perches occupied by Abraham Fiske and James Knap. Rents 14
[Mr W Sampson 210]




LOT 3  A Double Cottage in Blyburgate (near the Fleece Inn) [Nos 54 & 56] with workshop and
garden  occupied by Henry Aldred & Widow Copeman. Rents 11.
[{Mr Isaiah Copeman 155]


East Suff Gaz, 10 Jun 

SALE: Ingate [Grove] Road by Mrs Jones:
Three Brick & tiled Cottages adjoining the Thatched House, with shoe-maker’s shop & yard in front.
In the occupations of William Moor, Anna Stevenson & Rufus Lewis Day. Rental 15 10s





[Mr JE Crisp 200]
SALE: Land in Ringsfield Road by executors of Mrs Harriet Thompson
Arable Land nearly four acres, now occupied by John Barnby, Rent 10.

East Suff Gaz, 10 Jun 




[Mr John Barmby 270]
AND Rent charges out of premises in Beccles of 9 18s 6d.
[Mr D Jude 195]




East Suff Gaz, 10 Jun 

SALE:: in July by Boutelle & Durrant
100 Plots of Freehold Building Land; each containing 20ft frontage to a good hard road leading from
County Bridge to the Railway Station.





ALSO 5 newly erected houses and Shop adjoining let to good tenants.
SALE: small piece of Building land in Ravensmere, late Mr Hochkin. Mobbs, Estate Agent,  

East Suff Gaz, 10 Jun 


East Suff Gaz, 10 Jun 

TO BE LET, Frederick’s Road: Providence Lodge: Drawing, Dining & Breakfast Rooms, with 7
Sleeping Chambers, Stables & Chaise House, large Garden. Enquire at premises of owner Rev SK





SALE: LOT 1 Residence in Blyburgate with Surgery, Stables, Gig House, Granary and other  
buildings by direction of executors of late James Cleveland
[Mr G King, senior 570]

East Suff Gaz, 17 Jun 






LOT 2  a double cottage adjoining. Executors of James Cleveland.
[Mr G Moor 180]
SALE of FURNITURE, Beaumont Villa, London Road of late William Meen. Pony, harness,  

East Suff Gaz, 24 Jun 



Phaeton, etc.
SALE: Northgate:
LOT 1 Substantial brick and tiled Residence & Shop occupied by William Vyse [34 Northgate]

East Suff Gaz, 24 Jun 




[James Cullum 265]
LOT 2: Double Cottage & garden adjoining occupied by Benjamin Ward & Widow Barber. [32/34



Northgate Meachem’s Yard]



[Mr M Jarmy 165]
CAXTON ARMS: Thomas Wright takes over from Robert Norman
TO BE LET: [44 Northgate ?]  A House, large and commodious, having every convenience, Lawn &

East Suff Gaz, 24 Jun 
East Suff Gaz, 1 Jul 




Gardens, Coach House, Stables, etc. May be hired with, or without large Kitchen Garden. Rent very
low. Apply AK Hockey, Middle Class School
THUNDERSTORM: a dreadful thunderstorm passed over Beccles on Sunday morning. The rain fell

East Suff Gaz, 5 Aug 




in such quantities that the streets resembled water-courses. Two foot deep near the Black Boy and
nearby houses flooded again. The wind constantly changed direction. At an early period of the storm
unbeknown to Mr Pells, the wind or the lightning carried away the top of his tower mill. The  




lightning was very severe at  this time, and it is believed  it was the prime agent of the mischief. The
whole of one side of the cap of the mill was carried to the south west, while the wind-shaft, head,
wheel, sails and stock fell to the north-east.. It was an enormous power which bore away this heavy




weight of iron and wood (about 20 tons), secured firmly to the mill, the tower of which was also
wrenched and broken some 12 feet from the top. To repair this a considerable portion of the mill
must first be pulled down.




The wind shaft and head wheel were broken by the fall; and the stock and sails descending upon the
engine house made a complete wreck of it, though fortunately, the engine itself was not injured. The
fly was so much smashed, and altogether the damage is of such a character that several months must




elapse before the mill can again  be brought into working order.  Mr Pells estimates the damage
between 400 and 500.
THE POST MILL in Ingate Street, the property of the late Mr J Cooper, was wrecked in the same

East Suff Gaz, 5 Aug 
Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 




storm, and about the same time. Mr Finch and his wife were standing at their chamber window(some
20ft to the north-west of the mill) and saw the whole affair. The fly moved quite round, and the mill
was blown backwards; then a flash of lightning appeared to strike it, and the sails fell, followed




quickly by the wind-shaft, head and tail wheels, and the cap. The sails were completely splintered,
and the pieces were blown about in all directions. The roof of the round house  was broken in by the
falling timbers, and several adjoining houses were damaged. All the machinery that fell was more or



less injured, while the head wheel was rendered quite useless. The mill is indeed a complete wreck.
SALE:  LOT 1: A comfortable Residence in Rosemary Lane, occupied by Mr Alfred Darby
[Mr G Bell 157 10s]

East Suff Gaz, 12 Aug 




LOTS 2 & 3: Six cottages at the junction of Bridge & Northgate Street occupied by: J Mills, A  
Ward, B Bird, R Brady, W Algar, & D Ward.
[ two cottages: Mr R King 280; 4 cottages: Mr Cullum 210]




East Suff Gaz, 12 Aug 
East Suff Gaz, 19 Aug 
East Suff Gaz, 12 Aug 

SALE: Furniture of late Mr John Cooper
SALE: FURNITURE: The Crown, late Nathaniel Blyth.
SALE of Wreck of Schooner Buoy Yacht, of Lowestoft at the Quay, Beccles.


East Suff Gaz, 26 Aug 
East Suff Gaz, 16 Sep 

TO LET: Ingate Lodge, with coach house and stable, now occupied by Mr Burch. Apply H Read.
SALE: Northgate: Freehold House, Shop & commodious back premises with side entrance. 300;
Apply R Crickmore, Blackheath



East Suff Gaz, 23 Sep 
East Suff Gaz, 23 Sep 
East Suff Gaz, 23 Sep 

TO LET: London Road: pleasant house: Apply Thomas Garrod.
LIQUIDATION: George Kerridge, baker & earthenware dealer
OLD MARKET LETTING: Trader Burton had been allowed to rent pitch in the Old Market for



sales. Permission for a week or two, but stayed one month. New printed arrangement required.
been there 3 years) & the former Minister Rev J Flower.: “When he came to the town in 1833 there

East Suff Gaz, 30 Sep    




was very little provision for education. There were indeed Sunday Schools, but no week-day schools
of much account. In connection with the Church of England there was a small girls’ school in the
Feoffment Chamber, but that was not superintended by any person of great capability, though it had






the great advantage of being nurtured by one of the ladies in this town.
In connection with Nonconformity there was only a school of about twelve girls, who were  
accustomed to meet in the adjoining vestry. They were taught by Martha Gooch, who had been the





domestic servant of his predecessor of his predecessor, Mr Sloper. She was a woman of good
understanding and good common sense and fervent piety; and her great desire was to teach
young people their duty to God and man. And she was successful in training up many who

convene a  




useful in this town as domestic servants. But of course she could not teach what she did not
and considering it was high time they had something better he asked the then Portreeve to
meeting, and he laid before that meeting what he thought ought to be done. He carried the



But calling the meeting had this effect, that their church friends looked favourably on what they did,

with him so far that they agreed there should be one large school for the instruction of the poor
weekdays; but the difficulties sprang up and this was not carried out.





and some of them continued to subscribe so long as they had British Schools. The result was they
had four large schools, National and British - two for boys, two for girls which were great helps to
the Sunday Schools.




Amongst others who visited their schools in the capacity of Her Majesty’s Inspector was Matthew
Arnold “sweetness and light” - (laughter). In dealing with nonconformity, however, he showed very
little sweetness - about as much as there was in a crab apple; and as to light, that slender ray of light,




which came down from heaven and lighted up Martha Gooch’s soul he deemed far better than all his
glow-worm philosophy. Sunday schools were in existence before he came here, and the children
were taught in the chapel and in the vestry.... He heartily congratulated them on possessing such a




handsome and commodious school room, with classrooms, which he believed were of more  
importance than any of them yet realised.
TO LET: Northgate: a Yard containing several outbuildings and convenient for water carriage.  

East Suff Gaz, 7 Oct 



Apply T Pert, glazier.
DEATH: Mr Robert Aldous, owner of the Ingate Pottery. Went to Yarmouth in horse and cart, fell
out of it on return journey through paralysis.

East Suff Gaz, 7 Oct 


East Suff Gaz, 28 Oct 

SALE: INGATE: Substantial Double Cottage:  front sitting room, back kitchen, pantry, coal house,
3 sleeping rooms with yard in occupation of James Ward an George Barnes, Aggregate Rent 15 pa.
Water is laid on.



Beccles, Newspapers, Property from 1875  
David Lindley, July 2001 



[purchased Mr R Boon 190]
SALE: INGATE: Four freehold brick & tiled Cottages with Gardens, in occupation of Mrs  
Burwood, John Balls, Henry Smith & Samuel Purland, weekly tenants. Rents totalling 20 16s pa.

East Suff Gaz, 28 Oct 




[Mr R Cowles 200]
SAMUEL GIBBS, Smallgate, Corn Chandler & Coal Merchant thanks patrons of many years.  
Business taken over by William B England.

East Suff Gaz, 28 Oct 


East Suff Gaz, 4 Nov 
East Suff Gaz, 9 Dec 

LIQUIDATION: Benjamin Brown of Beccles, saddler
CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH: Builders & Contractors: Alterations & Additions:. Drawings by
the Architect Boardman to be seen in Vestry.



East Suff Gaz, 16 Dec 
East Suff Gaz, 16 Dec 

TO LET: Ballygate; the House & Shop now occupied by Mrs Artis [probably 11 Ballygate]
BECCLES MIDDLE CLASS SCHOOL: Since our last annual report of the school, owing to the
very rapid increase of pupils, the school has moved from the old premises in Northgate to new, more




healthy an commodious premises in Ballygate, which being the freehold property of the principal, Mr
AK Hockey, no expense has been spared to make them adapted in every way to the requirements of
a school. A new schoolroom, dining hall, and dormitories have been added, replete with the most






recent appliances. The schoolroom, which is 72ft x 21ft x 16ft, is well warmed, ventilated, and with
plenty of light, is really most comfortable. The dining hall which is 42ft x 21ft x 16ft, is a capital
room, and in every way adapted for what is required. The dormitories above the dining hall and




school room are well lighted, ventilated and very lofty. Also every convenience is provided for  
cricket, football, bathing and all other outdoor sports. Large percentage of pupils between 12 and 14.