SALE: To be  sold by Auction on  Saturday, 24th instant  between the hours  of two  and four  at the
King’s  Head  in  Beccles:  The  estate  for  life  of  James  Elmy,  tanner,  a  bankrupt,  of  and  in  a  very
handsome Bricked Messuage,  late in  his  own occupation, with  a  large  &  commodious Tan Yard,

Norwich Newspaper 7 Feb 

convenient offices & outhouses proper for carriages in the said trades, together with a Summer house,
neatly finished & so situated as to command a  
SALE: To be let or sold House with glovers’ shop & Fellmonger’s office adjoining, late John Meek

very agreeable & extensive prospect.
Nor Merc 18 July 

decsd [He died in March 1772]
BUSINESS: Thomas Hart, glazier & house painter (son of Philip Hat, late of Beccles, deceased) has

Nor Merc 15 Aug 

taken Shop late Meek’s [33 Northgate]
SALE: To be let good house with wash house, stable, garden & very large yard let for business of felt

Nor Paper 13 February  

monger in Bridge  Street,  late  occupied  by John Meek,  decsd. The land so large  and the navigable
river from Bungay  running at the bottom of the yard, makes it convenient for almost any brabch of

trade: Enquiries: Mrs Meek, widow or
Robert Simons at Ringsfield Hall.
SALE:-  To  be  sold  by  auction,  Capital  substantial  well-built  freehold  brick  mansion,  situated  in


Nor Merc 16 May

Beccles,  Suffolk  now  in the  occupation of John Cooper,  Esq,  commanding  extensive and pleasant
views of the navigation on the River Waveney for many miles, a large walled garden, planted with
the choicest fruit trees, now in full perfection, a fish pond, Boat house and the river at the bottom of

the garden. The house consists of three Parlours, Servants Hall, Housekeeper's room, Butler's room,
China room, Kitchen,  Store room, Brewhouse  etc. Ten room, six Bedchambers, Dressing room and
garrets, a large handsome six-stalled stable, coach house for three carriages, Hay and corn chambers

over the same, with 2  large yards walled in, fine pasture for  a certain number  of  horses  and  cows,
with every convenience for a gentleman of Fortune or Capital Merchant and fit for their immediate
reception, the whole being in perfect repair.



Enquires of Samuel Maltwood Creed, Beccles (This will be advertised but twice more)
To be let (Tanning Office) late B. Murrill &  Handsome house lately built 
Desirable  situation  in  the  corn  trade  in  Beccles.  House  &  Staithe  yard,  extensive  granaries,  malt

Nor Merc 6 Mar
Nor Merc 24 Feb 
house with 30 comb steep adjoining river. Enquiries Sam Lillistone who wishes to resign the business
NorMerc 27 Mar 

SALE: Northgate or Bridge Street, Freehold Estate of Edmund Skipper. Substantial dwelling House,
Cottage  in  the  Yard  in  three  Dwellings,  Back  House,  Granary,  Slaughter  House,  Stable  for  six
Horses, Hog styes, & all other necessary outbuildings for a butcher in large business.


 Mapes & Nobbs inform gentlemen, clergy, yeomanry, tradesman, town & neighbourhood: Dinner at
Assembly  Rooms  on  Thursday  7  July  [Thanksgiving  Day  for  the  defeat  of  Napoleon]  10s/6d.

Nor News 25 June

Stewards: JL Farr, B Bence, Nicholas Bacon, T Farr,  I Blowers, G Bohun, S Lillistone, W Oswald
[John Mapes was Landlord of the King's Head & Daniel Nobbs of  the White Lion]


Nor Mercs 21 Feb 

Bankruptcy hearing against Robert Oswald 
To tanners: To be sold or let with immediate possession: A good dwelling house, large Tan Yard and
all necessary outbuildings situate in Beccles, where a considerable trade has been carried on. Apply

Nor Merc 21 Feb 

to [William] Oswald, Beccles.
SALE:  William  Lee  Pierson,  wine  spirit,  hop  &  seed  merchant.  He  has  declined  the  business  in
favour  of Mr James Boyden, who  has purchased the stock  of  choicest wines, spirits,  ales  London

Ipswich Journal Apr 

bitter, hops etc.
To be sold by private contract: The freehold MANSION situate in Northgate Street, Beccles, in the
occupation of Cranston Bacon, Esq, the proprietor, with walled-in garden and greenhouse at the back,

Nor Merc 19 May 

and  another walled-in  garden  containing  about an acre of  land  across the said street in front of the
Mansion, next the River Waveney, well planted with fruit trees. Also about five acres of pastureland
across Ravensmere Street, opposite the back of the Mansion and over which, an extensive view from

the  east windows is  commanded to  Lowestoft  and  into Norfolk. Also  avery valuable  assortment of
building materials. Apply Mr Bohun, solicitor.
SALE of FURNITURE by W Buck: Genuine household Furniture of WL Pearson, Brandy Merchant,

Ipswich Journal 2 Jun 

Beccles. ALSO a Modern Gig with lamps & cushions complete.
[To be sold at North Cove upon premises of James Boyden. Farming stock.]
[To be sold  by Robert Oswald. Premises of James Boyden in Worlingham. Farm goods sale]


Ipswich Journal April 
Ipswich Journal Sept 

Mansion House  and premises  in the  occupation of Cranston Bacon,  Esq., the propietor, Northgate
Street, Beccles to be sold by S. Crowe. Also furniture and building materials.

Norwich Merc. 30 March


To be sold by public auction by Sam Crowe:
LOT 1: The Mansion & premises in Northgate, with walled-in  garden  in  front,  adjoining the River

Ipswich Journal 17 March

Waveney, in the occupation of Cranston Bacon, Esq., the proprietor.
LOT 2: The piece of Pasture  Land at the back  of the  above premises  containing  about five  acres,
alsdo in the occupation of Cranston Bacon.


The Estate is freehold with the exception of a few perches of land at one corner of the garden. May be
viewed by applying at the house, and possession at Michaelmas next.
ALSO on the third day of the same month will be sold by auction all the household furniture, bedding


& co of the said Cranston Bacon, and a large assortment of very valuable building materials.
Eligible  situation  for  Timber,  Corn   or  Coal  Merchants,  Boat  Buiulder  etc.   in  Beccles  ,  with
possession at Michaelmas. Sale by  George Crowe.

Ipswich Journal 21 Aug 

Nine  several  tenements  or  cottages  with  convenient  outbuildings  and  a  spacious  Staithe  or  Quay
extending along the River Waveney upwards of fifty feet, most conveniently and eligibly situated for
carrying on trade of a Timber, Corn or Coal Merchant or for a boat builder. All freehold; particulars

from Mr Woodroffe, carpenter or Mr Sharpin.
Eligible situation for a corn or liquor merchant. A messuage in Bridge Street comprising 2 keeping

Ipswich Journal 15 Jan 

rooms,  a  counting  room  and  kitchen  on  the  ground  floor,  five  good  bedrooms  and  two  attics;
excellent  cellars,  back  kitchen  and  other  convenient  offices.  Also  capital  newly-built  two  stalled

stable, chaise house and good granary, with a spacious quay by the side of the Waveney and a yard
and garden extending thence to the street.


The prmises are all leasehold and will be sold subject to a lease to Mr Saunders, the present occupier
(three years of which will be unexpired at Michaelmas next) at yearly rent of 30.
Stephen  Saunders  of  Beccles,  Spirit  and  Porter  Merchant  assigns  estates  to  Robert  Chipperfield,

Ipswich Journal 19 Feb 

Beccles for benefit of creditors.
R.  Oswald to sell furniture and effects.



SALE: Northgate: Dwelling House, outbuildings, 140ft quay; 50 yards of Beccles Bridge, 3 adjoining houses with bake house
& rope maker's shop

Nor News 10 April
Nor News 10 Aug 1833 

SALE: for benefit of creditors. House with granaries, outbuildings, yards,gardens, 140ft quay within
50 yards  of Beccles Bridge. Brewing Trade  has been  &  is  now  carried  on by the  late proprietor.

Edward Arnold
[Saunders seems to have been trading here since 1820.]
SALE at White Lion: Benefit of Creditors: Edward Arnold:


Norwich Mercury 10 Aug  

House now used & converted by Boatbuilder down The Score near Old Market, with Frontage of 80ft
on Waveney.
SALE  by  W  Pettingill:  House  in  Rosemary  Lane,  Northgate.  House  with  Garden  in  front  in

Ipswich Journal 8 Aug  

Rosemary Lane fronting Back Street [Ravensmere] occupied by Mrs Cross.
ALSO House with Garden in front in Rosemary Lane occupied by William Wright.



TO BE  LET:  In Bridge  Street, House with  Stables & wash  house  adjoining River, suitable small
Mercantile man, now in posession of Messrs Charles Hursthouse & Co.

Norwich Mercury 12 Mar  

SALE:Brick & Tile Built Dwelling House: 2 sitting rooms, counting house & kitchen on the ground
floor; 5 sleeping rooms, granaries, outbuildings, yard & garden, and Quay next the River Waveney of

Nor News 22 Sep 

about 40ft in extent & within 50 yards of Beccles Bridge, having every convenience for carrying on a
considerable  mercantile trade  of  almost any description. Freehold,  in excellent repair in Northgate;
now  let  on  a  lease  to  Mr  Hursthouse,  a  highly  respectable  tenant,  for  a  term  of  years  expires

Michaelmas 1841 at annual rent of 40.
Land Tax 1-2-0. Free rent To Manor of Beccles 5 1/2d to Rosehall 2d
mortgage at 4 1/2%

may     remain

[Mr Hursthouse was a Timber Merchant]
SALE: House,  Yard & Garden & Quay (140ft) within 50 yards of Beccles Bridge, on lease to Mr
Hursthouse. Sale by Oswald.

Ipswich Journal 15 Sep 
Norwich Mercury 1 Jan 

SALE: Property of William Oswald, decsd, for sale in Beccles: Dwelling House (Coach House, 2 Stalled stable
etc.) next to that of EP Montagu, Northgate [and other properties]


7 Jun 

Sale 7 June 1841 at the King's Head, Late the Estate of Robert Crickmer, decsd.
All that very highly desirable,  old  established  and  very valuable mercantile property, most  eligibly
situated in Northgate, by the side of the River Waveney, comprising a most extensive and complete


range  of capital warehouses  and  granaries,  capable of containing upwards of 500 lasts  of  corn and
150  chaldrons  of  coals,  with  malting  offices  and  two  malt  kilns  attached,  in  full  trade,  all  most

substantially built and in good repair.
Also a spacious and commodious WHARF or STAITHE extending in width 88 feet by the side of the


River  Waveney,  and  150  feet  in  length  from  the  said  street,  with  which  it  has  an  entirely  open
communication for the conveyance of corn, coals and other merchandize.


Contiguous to the warehouses is a very comfortable DWELLING HOUSE ( the late residence of the
deceased) with a good counting house adjoining.


Also  a  free  PUBLIC  HOUSE  called  the  Marquis  of  Granby,  well  situated  for  trade  (  the  tenant
whereof is under notice to quit at Old Michaelmas next) and a brick and tiled building used as a store
house, together with spacious stabling for horses frequenting the Staithe.



All frehold. Land Tax 2 12 0.
Free Rent to the Manor of Beccles 2s 4d.  [This is the property concerned with here]
Free Rent to the Manor of Rosehall 2s 1d


SALE: Oswald to Sell at King’s Head: [Robert Neech, the Elder, bankrupt:]
LOT 1. NORTHGATE [Nos ]: House with Grocer’s Shop & 2 Cottages on West Side of Northgate
near the Bridge occupied by John Rand, grocer, & Robert Mills. Annual Rent 17

Norwich Mercury 12 Mar 



LOT 2.  NORTHGATE: [Nos 76 & 78] House & Cottage on the East Side opposite Lot 1,
Includes  an  excellent Dwelling House with  neat  cottage  adjoining. On the  east side of Northgate,
opposite Lot 1, with a capital brick-built 4 stable & 2 loose boxes, with a small garden & spacious

back yard, & pump with excellent spring water. Also a brick tiled cottage, situate on the east side of
the yard & fronting the back street  leading  from the Bridge to the Red  Lion Inn; now  in several

occupations of Edward Hindes, veterinary surgeon, Charles Allen & Samuel Neech. aggregate rental
22-10s, Land Tax 13s 6d

Nor News 11 Jul 

SALE:   Will be sold by Auction (under a power of  Sale) All those  substantial Brick & Tile Built
Premises  in  Northgate  &  late  in  occupation  of  Samuel  Emms  Atkinson  comprising  an  excellent

Dwelling House containing  sitting rooms,  kitchen, store room, pantry,  cellar, washhouse  & 5  airy
sleeping rooms

ALSO a  capital Cottage, lately licensed  as a Beer House, with two sitting  rooms, two bed rooms,

washhouse, pantry and cellar. also
NEWLY ERECTED BREWHOUSE with tun & store rooms, capital 186 gallon copper, beer cooler,
18ft 10 ins long, 11ft 4ins deep & every other convenience.


AND an excellent Malting House adjoining with a twenty-coomb steep, malt kiln & floor complete &
dry malt store room.
ALSO an excellent tiled coal shed for 300 tons, capital Counting House, Gig House & Stable, with


other convenient outbuildings & spacious yard with a quay next the River Waveney of about 140ft in
extent & within 50 yards of Beccles Bridge.
There  is  also  a well  of  excellent spring water upon the premises about  30ft  deep, from which the


water is drawn by a capital force pump, which is nearly new.
The  Auctioneer  begs  most  respectfully  to  invite  the  attention  of  Brewers,  Maltsters,  messuage  &
premises Title: Deed of conveyance of 10 October 1842 being the assignees of Charles Crickmay, a


bankrupt to Samuel Emms Atkinson
SALE:  near  BRIDGE  STREET:  George  Fenn  to  sell  Residence  close  to  Beccles  Bridge:  Stables,
Coach House, Walled-in Garden etc, now occupied by Mr C Hursthouse & his undertenants.

Norfolk News 26 May 


Beccles Wkly 2 Jun 

SALE: Property of John Gooderham:
LOT 1: Two Dwellings: a) New Dwelling, with Plate Glass Shop Window [Northgate 28]



b) Cottage adjoining in occupation of Mr Fryer & others [Northgate 30] Rents; 24 9s
SALE or TO BE LET: House in Rosemary Lane. Owner HJ Kerrison

Beccles Wkly 2 Jun 
Beccles Wkly 27 Apr 

ADVERTISEMENT:  William  Vyse,  Boot  &  Shoe  Maker,  Northgate.  Thanks  Public  for  6  years


Beccles Wkly 22 Jun 

SALE: Household Furniture in dwelling house lately occupied by Mrs Feltham.
TO BE SOLD: A very handsome Rowing Boat with Masts, Sails, Oars etc, in excellent trim having
been built in the last two years. Enquiries James Boyden or William Wright, boat builder.

Beccles Wkly 8 Jun 


Beccles Wkly 20 Jul 

SALE by direction of Executors of  late Mr Oswald:
A comfortable FAMILY RESIDENCE pleasantly situated in Northgate, with paved Cortyard & large
Garden, well planted with  choice fruit trees &  bushes walled  all  round, a pump of excellent spring


water & conveniently arranged Stable, Gig House & Offices.
The House  contains  Entrance Hall, Breakfast, Dining  & Drawing Rooms, Three  Sleeping Rooms,
Three Attics, Kitchen, Store Room, Pantry, Wash-house & Cellars. Annual Outgoings: Land Tax 16s


11d 1/2d.This property is all Freehold, was in the possession of the late proprietor & possession may
be had at Michaelmas.
SALE:  Two superior brick built, four roomed, Freehold Dwelling Houses with front garden walled

Beccles Wkly 27 Jul 

in.  Situate  in Northgate, one tenanted by John Mills, the  other lately occupied by Mrs J Feltham,
deceased. Estimated Rentals 14.
TO BE LET: Small genteel House in Northgate, apply E Buck, wine merchant.


Beccles Wkly 11 Oct 

TO BE LET OR SOLD, Furnished or Unfurnished, with possession at Christmas:
Family  Residence  in  Northgate,   consisting   of  Drawing  Room,   handsome  apartment  with  bow
windows 29ft 9ins x 19ft 3ins & looks into Pleasure Garden; Dining Room, Study, Kitchen, Butler’s

Beccles Newspaper 11 Oct

Room etc.,  Seven  Sleeping Rooms  & Three Attics, Vegetable Garden of three  quarters of  an  acre,
with frontage of Ninety yards at River’s side.
A Boat House, Summer House, Stables & Coach House. In the Pleasure House is a well-stacked &


fruitful Vinery & an Orangery. Contiguous is a Meadow containing four acres.
[Montagu left Beccles in 1859, the year his wife died. He died in 1862 at Sandgate, Kent aged 71]
TO BE LET with immediate possession: A commodious House &  Shop with Garden  in Northgate,


Beccles Wkly 11 Oct 

now in the occupation of Thomas Claxton, tailor, who is removing to New Market.
 DEATH: On Saturday the 22nd March, suddenly, at her residence at Beccles, in the 72nd year of her
age, Dorothea  Louisa, only surviving  daughter of the late Rev Roger Freston HOWMAN, formerly

Beccles Wkly 25 Mar 

rector of Shipmeadow in this County, and of Hockering in the County of Norfolk.
Death  of Miss Howman,  a  bountiful  friend to the poor,  aged  71. A special train took  her  body to
Norwich. Buried in family tomb at Hockering.

Beccles Wkly 25 Mar 
Beccles Wkly 8 Jul 

ADVERTISEMENT: COWLES ACADEMY: Messrs Cowles &  Son.  Vacation terminates Monday
21  July. The Classical Department  conducted  by Mr W Cowles;  French  by Monsieur Pringee; Mr

Cowles superintends the English Department assisted by competent Masters.
TO BE LET: House with front Shop, parlour, keeping room, kitchen, six sleeping rooms, good cellar

Beccles Wkly 16 Sep 

& yard in centre of Nothgate. Apply James Piper
SALE: Household Furniture of Mrs Ferrier


Beccles Wkly 30 Sep 
Beccles Wkly 11 Nov 

TO  BE  LET:    [Northgate  17]  Residence  in  Northgate,  containing  Sitting  Room,  Kitchen,  three
Sleeping Rooms, pantry, cellar etc. Now in the occupation of Mrs Pedgrift
TO BE LET: The SCORE: 2 roomy Cottages, in good repaior with use of Wash house, near the Old

Beccles Wkly 5 May 

Market. Apply SS Jones.
SALE: Property of HS Farr
Two Houses in Northgate occupied by RA King & W Crowfoot


Beccles Wkly 28 Jul 



[Reached 310 Reserve 400. Not sold.]
TO BE LET: Owner PC Benns: Two Dwelling Houses in Northgate.
SALE:  under  Deed  of  Assignment  of  Property:  Property  of  Mr  James  Crisp  in  Bridge  Street

Beccles Wkly 15 Sep 
Beccles Wkly 27 Oct 

DEATH: Mr Richard BURWOOD, senior, whitesmith, aged 75 years.
SALE: An excellent Dwelling House with Boat Builder’s Workshops & large Yard next the River


Beccles Wkly 28 Jun 
Beccles Wkly 18 Sep 


East Suff Gaz 3 Nov 

William Delf, general smith & machinist, Northgate, taken old established business of
Messrs Burwood
TO BE LET: Two Maltings each with 60 coomb steep

East Suff Gaz 6 Nov 



ALSO: genteel Residence in Northgate, good Garden, Coach House. Apply Mr Maplestone, Aldeby
SALE or LET: Dwelling & Premises in Northgate in occupation of James Mayhew, coal merchant.
Application to him. [Northgate 5]

East Suff Gaz 29 Dec 
East Suff Gaz 10 Aug 

Isaiah Copeman taken the premises in Bridge  Street [ie Northgate] so many years  occupied  by Mr
Lay. Best meats on reasonable terms.

East Suff Gaz 15 Mar 

TO LET: Spacious Store Room 66ft x 23ft & a Granary 37ft x 23ft. The Buildings are Brick & Tile
&  in  good  repair.  Situate  alongside  the  River  Waveney  with  Right  of  Wharfage.  Rent  clear  of

outgoings 16 pa. Apply William Woodroffe, builder, Beccles.
Isaiah Copeman,  butcher, taken premises  in Blyburgate,  recently occupied  by Robert Reeve & for

East Suff Gaz 21 Nov 

many years in the occupation of Robert Copeman.
TO BE LET: Old established Stone Mason’s in Northgate. Apply HJ Kerrison
TO BE LET: Two furnished apartments. Apply Mrs Thornton, Northgate


East Suff Gaz 12 Mar 
East Suff Gaz 18 Jun 


East Suff Gaz 8 Aug 

SALE: Property in Jones’s Score, next the River
LOT 1: A most excellent Cottage fronting Northgate in the occupation of James Linder
ALSO three comfortable Cottages occupied by R Linder, Widow Oxborough [No 7] & H Farrow




ALSO: Substantial detached Cottage now in the occupation of Albert Lockwood
LOT 2: Four good Cottages at the West End of Lot 1, in the occupation of John Winsdale [No 5], B
Ward [No 4], John Goffin [No 3], & Thomas Bean [No 2] 


LOT 3:  Valuable  business premises, substantially built  brick  & slated Dwelling House, large Boat
Builder’s  Shop,  Stable, with other buildings  & offices adjoining, having  a  good River Frontage. In


SALE:  LOT  1:  Seven  convenient  Cottages  in  Meachem’s  Yard  &  with  excellent  frontage  to
Northgate, in the occupation of Widow Smith, S Moore, C Aldous, Widow Barber, Widow Cooper,
W Secker & F Rouse. 160 may remain on mortgage.

East Suff Gaz 2o Aug 



occupation of Samuel Wright, Boat Builder.. All in good condition. [No 1]
James Moore,  butcher  moved from Blyburgate to Northgate, for  many years  occupied  by Mr Lay,
lately by Isaiah Copeman

East Suff Gaz 16 Oct 


East Suff Gaz 11 Feb 

TO BE LET: Waveney Lodge. Apply James Crisp
Death  on 22  Instant [September]  at Beccles of Mrs Chalker, relict  of late James Chalker,  Esq.  of
Aldeby, aged 75 years

East Suff Gaz 30 Sep 
East Suff Gaz 21 Oct 

TO BE  LET: Residence  of  late Mrs Chalker,  containing  on Ground Floor:  Entrance Hall, Dining
Room & Drawing Room leading into Conservatory & Fernery. Housekeeper’s Room & well arranged
& complete domestic offices. On the First Floor: five Bedrooms, 2 Dressing Rooms & water closet.

On the Upper Floor: Servants’ Rooms.
The Outbuildings  comprise:  2 Coach Houses,  Stable  & 2  Lose Boxes, Harness House,  Laundry &


The Pleasure Grounds are about one acre in extent, in which are Vinery, capital Orchid House, Stove
House, etc.
SALE of Stove & Greenhouse Plants: Up to 1,800 plants in pots, many large Stove Plants, Orange &

East Suff Gaz 28 Oct 

Lemon  Trees,  Fuschias,  Geraniums  etc.  Bedding-out  plants  &  seedlings  in  boxes  &  about  300
Strawberry plants in pots.

Beecles Paper 21 Apr 

To BE LET: Residence in Northgate, lately in the occupation of Mrs Chalker, deceased. Apply Mr

East Suff Gaz 16 Feb 

SALE:  Extensive & Vauable Trade Premises (by direction of the Motgagees &  under the power of



The Dwelling House & extensive trade premises in Northgate now occupied by Mr Edward Buck.
ALSO the comfortable White Brick & Slated Residences in the occupation of Mr Buck & Mr Alfred  



These last mentioned Houses are of modern erection & replete with comfort.
The entireproperty is freehold & covers an area of half an acre, havi8ng frontage of 86ft on Northgate  
& 76ft on the River Waveney, The business of a wool stapler & wine merchant have been carried on

for many years & there is every advantage of a still more extensive trade.
[Northgate 19 & 21]
TO BE LET: Two comfortable furnished apartments in Northgate. Apply Mr RF Thornton.


East Suff Gaz 18 Apr 
East Suff Gaz 27 Apr 

SALE:   Executors   of  John   Fryer   Whitehead:  Two   comfortably  arranged  Dwelling  Houses   in
Northgate with large Yard adjoining, abutting on the River Waveney & where a lucrative trade as a
Stone Mason  has  been carried on  a  great  number  of years.  Substantial well  built Dwelling House

fronting Northgate, now in the occupation of Charles Nursey - good quay abutting
ALSO a comfortable Dwelling House & Front Shop adjoining, now occupied by Mrs RF Thornton.



East Suff Gaz 8 Jun 

East Suffolk Gazette, Tuesday June 8, 1875  AT BECCLES, MR. FENN & MESSRS. H. & S. READ
(jointly  concerned)  Are  favoured  with  instructions  to  Sell  by  Auction,  at  the  LION  HOTEL,
BECCLES,  on  Tuesday,  the  29th  ofJune,  1875,  at  Four  for  Five  o’clock  in  the  Afternoon,  by  

direction of the Trustee of Mr. WILLIAM MOORE’S Estate,
THE following Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY-



Lot  11.—A  Large  and  Substantial MANSION,  in Northgate  Street, formerly occupied  by the  late
Mrs.  Chalker,  with  Coach-houses,   Stables,  Harness  House,  Ornamental  Garden   and   Pleasure  

Ground,, in which are Conservatory, Circular Fernery, Peach House, and Cucumber House
[Mr William Moore was manager of the Caxton Press and fraudulently left a debt of 42,000 when


he disappeared  from  Beccles rather suddenly. He  built Douglas  Place  in  the  grounds of Northgate

SALE Executors of late William Delf


East Suff Gaz, 11 Apr 

LOT 1: Mercantile Property on the Waterside in the Old Market Score: comprising Two Substantial
brick built 40 Quarter Maltings  with steeps, Working Floors & kilns of the most modern approved
construction,  Malt  Stores  &  Barley  Chamber  of  ample  extent,  open  ground  &  an  enclosed  Yard

communicating with a Staithe on the River Waveney, now in the occupation Messrs John & Edwin
Crisp, for a term of which three years will be unexpired in September at the low rent of 15 p.a.
Edwin Crisp, for a term of which three years will be unexpired in September at the low rent of 15


[Bought in 1340]
LOT 2: Four Cottage Tenements in the Old Market Score let at rents producing 13 - 7s pa.







[Bought in 1340]

LOT 2: Four Cottage Tenements in the Old Market Score let at rents producing 13 7s pa.



LOT 3: The Stone Cottage with ground in front in Northgate occupied by Mr D Delf at 6 pa
[Purchased By W Delf 120]



Waveney, and eight cottages situate in the Score, near Northgate.
SALE: H & J Read on 28 May
Northgate:  [probably No 5] Brick & Tiled Freehold Dwelling House:  2 front sitting  rooms,  Wash

East Suff Gaz 22 May 

House & 2 sleeping rooms. Occupied by Henry Goffin
[Withdrawn at 120]
SALE of Beccles Brewery together with 18 Public Houses:


Lowestoft Journ 2 March



Messrs Masons instructed by surviving Proprietors to sell in London in April
FREEHOLD BREWEY PREMISES situate in Beccles upon the River Waveney and a short distance
from the Railway  Station, consisting of Brew House, with malt and  hay lofts, working tun rooms,

engine and boilerhouses, stores, stabling, wharf. Containing Wharf, Counting House, two residences,
14 Shops and Cottages; the whole forming a compact site with ample accommodation for increasing
the  manufacturing  capabilities,  together  with  the  43  quarter  plant,  very  complete  and  of  modern

construction,   with   powerful   machinery   and   appliances   and   embracing   two   Milburn’s   Patent
Dessicating Cylinders.


ALSO  eight  rented  public  houses,  eight  freehold  situate  in  Beccles  and  the  adjoining  country,
excellent freehold stores at Ipswich and rented stores at Yarmouth.


The trade has been  established  upwards  of 50 years and was formerly carried  on  under the firm of
Thornton & Co. and approaches 7000 quarters per annum.



The business has been successfully & profitably conducted by the present & late proprietors.
SALE:  Freehold properties late  Mr John Pedgrift,
LOT 6: Modern Double Residence in Northgate, [Nos  15 &  17]  with  convenient  offices, stable,

East Suff Gaz 18 May 

coach  house,  excellent  Vinery & well planted Gardens  abutting  upon the River, now  occupied  by
Miss Parker & Mr Thomas Hayes, yearly tenants at rents amounting together to 30 10s p.a.
[LOT 6 purchased R Boon 480]



LOT  7:  A  Thirty-Four  &  a  Quarter  Malting  adjoining  Lot  6,  abutting  the  River  Waveney,  well
with  Steep, two  Working Floors, Kiln, Malt  Store  & Barley Chamber,  adequate  for  400 Quarters,


occupied ny Messrs J & E Crisp, yearly tenanta at the Rental of 47 10s.
Lots 6 & 7 are Land Tax Redeemed.  
[LOT 7 purchased Mr Saltmarsh 410.]





East Suff Gaz 9 July 

SALE: Lot 1: Northgate
Substantial Brick & Tiled Residence & Shop in the occupation of William Vyse
SALE: Lot 1: Comfortable Residence in Rosemary Lane occupied by Alfred Darby

East Suff Gaz 5 Sept 

BANKRUPTCY  of  AB  WORTHINGTON  &  Marshall,  brewers  of  Beccles  &  141  Commercial
Street, London. Liabilities of 24,000. Assets: a brewery, public houses, plant, stock in trade & other  
property  in  Beccles,  besides  public-houses  at  Yarmouth,  Ipswich  &  other  places.  Debts  include:

East Suff Gaz 14 Jun      

Horsley & Co 10; E Masters 19; EW Hindes 79; JM Brundell 51, GB Angell 2; NW Pels 10;
N Pells & Son 10; FS Rix 10; Churchwardens 33.


East Suff Gaz 25 Oct 

SALE: Brewery House, Northgate; Furniture
SALE: In liquidation: Trustees of Mr James Aldred, baker and confectioner. Household furniture &

East Suff Gaz 24 Aug 

baker house fittings.
SALE: BECCLES BREWERY, NORTHGATE: Important and valuable Freehold Business Premises

East Suff Gaz 1 Mar 

with comfortable & well-arranged Private Dwelling House, Offices, 12 Workmen’s Houses, Shops &
Cottages,  20 Quarter  Steep Malting, with working  floors,  barley & malt  chambers, large range  of
convenient buildings and storage room, recently erected. Modern stabling for 10 horses, Blacsmith’s

Shop and spacious Yard, the whole formerly known as the Beccles Brewery. An extensive frontage to
Northgate  and Bridge  Street,  and in the  rear  bordering  upon the navigable River  Waveney, with  a
wharfage of considerable length.


LOT 3:  A Freehold Dwelling House in NORTHGATE [No 5]:, near the Old Market, with fish-house
attached, two stall stable, coach house, and chamber over, let to Mr H Goffin at 13. These premises
have  recently  had  a   considerable  sum  expended  upon  them,   and   are  suitable  for   a  carter  or

East Suff Gaz 31 May 

SALE: Executors of PC Benns: Lot 1
Residence abutting Northgate & Thurlow’s Yard with garden occupied by H Benns.


East Suff Gaz 2 Sept 



The Lord Nelson, beerhouse, adjoining, occupied by Mrs Mary Ann Mills
ALSO 6 substantial Cottages in Thurlow’s Yard occupied by G Grey, Charles Spalding, Mrs Knights,
Thomas Vyse, Steven Cooper, & John Bellward with Yard & Staithe 

East Suff Gaz 17 July 

SALE: Brick & slated Residence & shop with extensive Yard, Warehouse & Workshops now in the
occupation of  George Stephenson under lease for 10 years commencing 6 April  1883 at rate of 18-


Brick & Slated Residence adjoining above with Yard, Stables, Cart Shed & other buildings, now in
the occupation of Mrs Anderson, a yearly tenant: Rent 14.
Extensive business premises & frontages both on Northgate & the River Waveney.


East Suff Gaz 27 July 

SALE:    Northgate,  Marquis  of  Granby,  adjoining  the  Staithe,  containing  Sitting  Room,  Smoking
Room, Bar, Tap Room, Store Room, Pantry, 2 Excellent cellars & 4 Bedrooms
SALE : Late Mr W Lenny


East Suff Gaz 27 Jul 1888

SUBSTANTIAL RESIDENCE:  Entrance Hall, 3  Sitting Rooms, Kitchen,  Store Room,  good Cellar
& 3 Bedrooms



COMFORTABLE  SMALL  RESIDENCE  adjoining:  large  Sitting  Room,  Kitchen,  Pantry,  Store
Room, Cellar, 2 Bedrooms.
ADJOINING are the Mill House with two floors & Brew House



ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE YARD are substantial brick & tiled Stable, Harness House, Gig
House, Cart Shed & large Granary over.



NEXT the last described building a brick & slate Ten quarter Malt Office approached from
the Old Market, with Barley Chamber for fifty quarters, two working floors, Kiln & Malt Store.


In  close proximity to residence and abutting Northgate, valuable piece of Garden Ground tastefully
planted with flowers, well adapted for building.



The Malt Office is in the occupation of Messrs Crisp & Son, the tenancy expires at Michaelmas next.
The rest, with the exception of the small residence, occupied by the Proprietor.
SALE: Northgate, West Side:

East Suff Gaz 9 Sept 

Freehold trade premises with  Spirit Dealer’s  & Retail  Licence  in  occupation  of  EWT Buck, Wine
Merchant, known as “Waveney Wine & Spirit Stores”
ALSO  2  Brick  &  Slated  Residences  adjoining,  now  in  the  occupation  of  Mr  Buck  with  the


Warehouses, Outbuildings & Garden in rear. Nearly half  an  acre.  Frontage  of  86ft on Northgate &
76ft on Waveney.
SALE:  Remaining  Stock  of  late  Edward  Buck:  80  dozen  wine,  40  gallons  Brandy  &  Rum.  700

East Suff Gaz 29 Oct 

dozens of bottles, casks, cases, measures, old Iron etc.
SALE:  Northgate:  Freehold  Property,   for   many  years  occupied   by  Mrs   Young,   in  which   a
considerable business is carried on. Substantial Residence & Grocer’s & Corn Chandler’s Shop, with

East Suff Gaz 28 Mar 

spacious Warehouse. Granary & Offices in rear.
SALE: Ravensmere & Northgate
Lot 1: Ravensmere: Fully Licencesed Public House: Royal Oak, now tenanted by Messrs Morgan &


East Suff Gaz 10 June 

Co of Norwich
Lot 2: Northgate: Double Cottage & valuable & productive piece of Garden Occupied by Isaac Amis
[number 42] & Fred Hembling [number 40] [presumably sold to Thomas Woodroffe]



The house & premises known as the Waveney Wine & Spirits Stores for many years
occupied by the late Mr E Buck, are put up for sale by public auction & purchased [Northgate 19 &

Jordan’s Almanac Oct 18
21] by Mr Morse for 830.

REACHED HERE 16 the December 2004
have checked that all entries above are listed in the relevant Newspapers

East Suff Gaz 18 May 

SALE: Mrs B Young: Freehold:  Substantial Residence  &  Shop with spacious Warehouse, Granary
SALE: Furniture of Mr JA Capon, leaving town


East Suff Gaz 26 Jul 
East Suff Gaz 26 Jun 

SALE: Substantial brick & tiled freehold Cottage with Garden in front in the occupation of William
Remblants, a quarterly tenant. Rent 6 10s pa
TERRIFIC  GALE:  The  most  destructive  gale  in  this  country  since  4  August  1879,  prevailed  on

East Suff Gaz 26 Mar 

Sunday  afternoon. The noise  and confusion were  most  alarming, particularly when the shutters  of
several  shops  were  simultaneously  carried  away  by  one  of  the  most  furious  gusts  of  wind.    The
buildings in NORTHGATE suffered more from the  gale than any other part of the town, All  along

NORTHGATE  broken  tiles  and  brick  ends  strewed  the  road,  covering  it  entirely  in  two  or  three
places. Mr E Masters’ house was almost completely unroofed, and his conservatory was practically

East Suff Gaz 6 Sep 

SALE: Read Stanford & Gayford to sell property the valuable Freehold Builder’s Premises consisting
of Range of Brick, Boarded and Tiled Workshops, Office, Vinery and



a  Well-built  Brick  &  Tiled  Dwelling  House,  the  whole  contained  in  a  spacious  Yard,  having  a

frontage of 111 ft upon the River Waveney, and now in the occupation of Mr TW Woodroffe.
Extensive Malting used as a Fish Washing & Curing House, abutting at the east end upon the road to


East Suff Gaz, 31 Aug 

the Score, adjoining properties of late Clifford Smith [St Peter’s House], Mrs Rix [11-14 the Score]
& Mr A Gordon [No 10 The Score]
SALE: Brick & tiled DWELLING HOUSE & SHOP No 7 Northgate


Property Advert 12 Apr 

No  9:  Brick  &  tiled  cottage  adjoining  in  the  rear.  Yard  with  back  entrance  on  the  SCORE,  and
Warehouse with loft over now occupied by Mrs Sillett and Mr George Rand, weekly tenants at 19

[Purchased by E Sillett 180]



SALE: The SCORE: Cottages for the Trustees of late Mr Delf.
[purchased CC Betts 225]

East Suff Gaz 20 Aug 

SALE: Late Nathaniel Pells: Lot 14; NO. 14  NORTHGATE, containing Cellar, Entrance Hall with
Closet,  Large  Front  Sitting  Room  with  Register  Stove,  Kitchen  with  Cooking  Stove,  Pantry  and
Closet, Small Covered Way in rear, Large Front and Back Bedrooms with Stoves and Closets, W.C

,and Landing Closet on First Floor; Large Bedroom with Stove, Small Bedroom and Landing Closet
on Second Floor.


Brick and Tiled Coal House, Wash-house with Heater Stove, Iron Pan, Iron Oven and Earthen Sink
with Water laid on, W.C., and Back Yard, now in the occupation of Mrs. Anderson, whose tenancy
expires at Michaclmas next, at the annual Rent of  20.


The adjoining RESIDENCE, No. 16 NORTHGATE, containing Entrance Lobby, Front Sitting Room
with  Register  Stove,  and  Two  Recess  Closets,  Kitchen  with  Cooking  Stove,  Pantry  and  Two
Bedrooms, one having Stove, and Large Attic.


Brick and Tiled Washhouse with Heater Stove; Iron Pan and Earthen Sink with Water laid on, W.C.,
Coal  house  and  Back  Yard,  now  in  the  occupation  of  Mr.  Alfred  William  Harris,  as  a  quarterly
tenant, at the annual Rent of 8 10s 0d.


SPACIOUS BUILDER’S YARD, in rear of the ahove and extending to Ravensmere, with Entrance
from same,
Tiled and  Iron Roofed Builder’s  Premises, Two Boarded and Corrogated Iron Roofed  Sheds,  and

containing Brick  and Tiled Counting House with  Stove, Range  of Brick, Boarded  and

Pump and Well of Water, now in the occupation of Mr. H. Catling, at the low Rent of  2, with early
Possession hy arrangement.
OUTGOING :—Land Tax as asseiaed.



The Passage leading into Ravensmere at the rear of these houses is included in this Lot, but subject to
a Right of Way over the same Passage to and from Ravensmere for the owners and occupiers of Lot
15 [19 & 21 Ravensmere] as far as that Lot extends



Sold to AE Mickleburgh 410
SALE:   LOT  1:  NORTHGATE:  Old  fashioned  red  Brick  freehold  RESIDENCE,  MONTAGU

East Suff Gaz 2 Sep 

HOUSE with grounds extending to the River, now occupied by Col Lush on lease expiring on Lady
Day next Rent 80.
[withdrawn 1175]
SALE:  Executors  of  John  Barmby:  Nos  76  &  78  NORTHGATE,  frontage  of  36ft  extending  to
RAVENSMERE, Brick & Tile with cement fronts. No 76 in occupation of James Keeble, Rent 6 pa.


East Suff Gaz 27 Jan 

No 78 in occupation of Charles Grimmer, rent 10.
Fronting  RAVENSMERE  a  Brick   &  Tiled  COTTAGE;  No   43  RAVENSMERE:  Fish   curers  


Premises: Brick & Tile Stable with 2 Loose Boxes, with Shed at end, Coach House with Loft over,
brick & tile FISH CURING HOUSE, cart Lodge, in occupation of Mr RW Balls. Rent 10.
[withdrawn at 475]


East Suff Gaz 27 Jan 

SALE:  Arthur  Hindes:  NEAR  ROSEMARY  LANE:   4  COTTAGES  with  large   &  productive
Gardens, abutting on properties of Messrs WH Delf & JF Tracy. In occupation of S Hall, A Hunting,
C Aldred & CE Groom. Rents 28 2s Freehold.



[purchased Mr Wilson 270]
SALE: No 57 NORTHGATE; Freehold DWELLING HOUSE: substantially built of Brick & Tiled,
with valuable frontage of 17ft 9ins, large Front Room, suitable for a Shop, & convenient Yard in rear.

East Suff Gaz 8 Apr 

Let to Mrs E Keable, producing 10 pa.
EAST SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL asked to give immediate consideration to traffic conditions
in Northgate, so that through traffic of a heavy character can be diverted

East Suff Gaz 6 Jan 


East Suff Gaz 8 Mar 

Sale of property of Mrs Aes Green on 8 March, “ARNOLD COTTAGE,” 3, ROSEMARY LANE,
LOT  2.The  Attractive  Semi-Detached  FREEHOLD  Brick  and  Tiled  Dwellinghouse  having  South
aspect,  Small  Walled-in  Garden  and  containing  —Kitchen  with  Copper  and  Oven,  Pantry,  Two


Sitting Rooms each with a Stove, and Two good Bedrooms one having a Stove. Outside small Paved
Yard  in which  is  a Tap of Company’s Water, Coal-house,  W.C.,  and  large Brick, Flint  and Tiled
Store  Shed or Workshop. This  is  let  on  a monthly tenancy to Mr. H. G. Holland, a tenant  of  long

standing, at the aggregate Rental of 14 19s. Od. per annum, the Landlord paying Rates.
OUTGOINGS paid by the Landlord
Parochial Rates, amount paid for the half.year ending 31st  March, 1937, 1 I8s. 7d, . Water Rate 2s.



11d. per quarter.
Any Fixtures and Fittings which are the property of the Tenant are excluded from the Sale.