Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 





Thomson Wilson.
A. K. Hockey.




E. Masters, F. S. Rix, Clifford Smith, J. P. Walton.
M. F. Buck, I. Copeman, H. W. Cutting, A. K. Hockey, Mitchell, N. W. Pells, T. Pert, C.
Poll, E.G. R. Watson. T. Wilson, A. Woods, H. Woolner.


Land and Estate Committee
Sanitary or Local Government Act Committee
General Purpose’s Committee 

The whole Council.
The whole Council.

The Mayor, Deputy-Mayor, Alderman Rix, Councillors Woods, Pert, Watson, Woolner.
The Mayor, Alderman Walton, Councillors Buck. Cutting, Pells, Watson, Woolner.

Finance Committee 
Fire Brigade Committee
Town Clerk


 The Mayor, Deputy-Mayor. Alderman Walton, Councillors Buck, Pells, Pert, Woods.
G. B. Angell.


Borough Treasurer 


John Clarke.
W. Flower and J. T. Ecclestone.


C. Dennington.

Sergeant-at-Mace and Curator of the Town Hall 
Collector of Wharfage Dues 

R. S. Norman.
John B. Sprunt.

Jacob Baxter.

Marsh man 

The Town Council, Clerk, G. B. Angell, Treasurer. John Clarke. Medical Officer. E. B. Crowfoot. Inspector of Nuisances, A.

G. Love.

Owners, the Town Council. Steward, G. B. Augell. Collector. G. Love.

Member of Parliament (for North Suffolk)

Sir Savile Brinton Crossley, Bart., Somerleyton Park.

County Council:  Representatives for the borough
Coroner (for East Suffolk
) — C. W. Chaston.

— Alderman .J. K. Garrod; Councillors E. Masters and J. P. Walton.

--- A. F. Vulliamy, Ipswich.
— H. Read, H. Cunningham, S. Miles, A. Woods, C. F. Parker, S. Dowe.

Supeiritendent Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths

— F. S. Rix; Deputy
— H. E. Harmer.
— P. Jude.

Parish Solicitor
— J. M. Brundell, B. A. King, A. Pells, T. A. Woodroffe.
Assistant Overseer

— F. S. Rix.
— A. G. Love.

Collector of Rates and Taxes
Excise Officer and Corn Inspector
Inspector of Police

— Jonathan Nobbs.
— J. W. Tavender.

— Alfred Hubbard.
Town Crier

— James Beales.

The  Mayor  (T.  Wilson),  for  the  borough  only;  Deputy-Mayor  (A.K.  Hockey),  for  the  borough  only;  F.  St.  John  Barne,

Hall;  H.  C.  Bagot-Chester,  Henstead  Hall;  J.  Crisp,  Beccles;  W.  M  Crowfoot,  Beccles:  R.  Dashwood,  Geldeston:  E.  T.
Dowson, Geldeston; Russell G. Freeland, Toft Monks; R. T. 0. Sheriff, Henstead Hall.

John Crisp, E. B. Fiske, J. K. Garrod, W. H. Garrod, E. Masters, C. F. Parker, H. Read. Clerk, A. G. Love.

Gurneys, Birkbeck & Co.; F. S. Rix, Manager.
Lacons, Youell & Co.; G. S. Bond. Manager.

W.M. Crowfoot (Chairman), H. Read (Vice-Chairman), S. E. Crisp, W. Read, F. S. Rix. Clerk, G. B. Angell;
School Attendance Officer, A. G. Love.

Rev. J. Rowsell, Rev. J. H. Raven, J. K. Garrod (Hon. Secretary), Clifford Smith (Hon. Treasurer), John Crisp, William Laws,
Thomson Wilson, with W. M. Crowfoot and C. F. Parker (Churchwardens) ex-oflicio, form the Committee of Management.
Ladies’ Committee,

Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 
Mrs. Rowsell, Mrs. J. R. Crowfoot, Miss M. S. Crowfoot, and Miss Harvey.

S. Wilton Rix, Robert Dashwood, John Crisp, E. B. Fiske, G. B. Angell, F. S. Rix, W. M. Crowfoot, S. Edwin Crisp, T. A.

Laws, Henry Read, J. K. Garrod, Wm. Cowles, John Clarke, and B. W. Kent. Clerk, B. Jude.

President, the Mayor; Hon. Treasurer, J. K. Garrod ; Hon. Secretary.  E. B. Fiske; Hon. Medical Officers.  W. M. Crowfoot.
M.B.. B. B. Crowfoot, M.B., R. I. Metcalfe, M.D.. who, with the Collector of the Beccles Feoffees and the Deputy Mayor, are
ex-officio members of the Committee. Elected

members of Committee Rev.J. Rowsell, Rev.W. H. Mnncaster, E. T. Dowson,

W. B. Easter, B. Masters, T. Wilson. Matron, Miss Going; Dispenser, William Flower, M.P.S.; Secretary, D. Jude; Bankers.
Gurneys & Co.

Chairman, the Rev. F. M. Arnold. Vice-chairman. C. F. H. Collisson. Ex-officio Guardians, Richard Day French, Lieut-Col.
St. John Barne, John Crisp,  W. Hartcup,  and Wm. Miller Crowfoot.  Auditor, C. F. Costerton. Clerk, Frederic  Shelly Rix.
Master.  Samuel  Capon.  Matron,  Mrs.  Capon.  Chaplain,  Rev.  M.  S.  Suckling.  Medical  Officer,  Beccles  District,  E.  B.

Crowfoot,  M.B.  Relieving  Officer,  Beccles  District.  David  Jude.  Inspector  of  Nuisances,  Beccles  District  (exclusive  of
), David Jude.  Sanitary Medical Officer (for  the whole Union  except  Beecles), Thos. Garneys. Nurse,  Louisa Burtt.
Cook, Maria Gooderham. Porter. William Gooderham. Assistant to Matron, Mary Hill. Fortnightly Meetings of the Board—

Mondays, at half-past 10

School Attendance and School Inquiry Officer, Beecles District, David Jude.

Rev. J. Rowsell, Rev. W. H. Muncaster, T. Bee, W. M. Crowfoot, W. Flower. J. K. Garrod, T. A. Laws, C. F. Parker. and N.
W. Pells. Clerk and Registrar, F. S. Rix. Grave.digger and ground keeper, Robert Aldous.

Local Committee, John Crisp, J.  Edwin Crisp, W. M. Crowfoot,  Edward B. Crowfoot,  E. T. Dowson, W. H. Garrod, J. K.
Garrod, E. Masters, C. F. Parker, Rev. J. H. Raven, 5. W. Rix, Rev. J. Rowsell, J P. Walton, T. Wilson. Chairman and lion.

Secretary. Edward Brown Fiske.

Directors, J. P. Walton  (Chairman), J. Crisp, J. B. Crisp, W. M. Crowfoot, F. Morse, J. D.  Eastaugh, C. F.  Parker, W. H.
Tacon, U. S. Block. Managing Director, C. F. Parker; Secretary, F. S. fix; Col. lector, A. G. Jarman ; Foreman at the works, U.

G. Shadforth. Price of gas, 4:. 2d. per 1000 cubic feet.
Directors, Thomas ilL Quill  (Chairman). Osbert Chadwick. C.M.G.. Emanuel Allen, J. K. Garrod, T. Wilson. Manager and

Secretary, G. B. Angell: Bankers, Gurneys & Co.; Auditors. R. A. King and J. N. Brundell.
His  Honour  Judge  Sir  Francis  Roxburgh,  Q.C.  Registrar,  B.  B.  Fiske;  High  Bailiff,  Edward  Muskett;  Bailiff,  W.  Smith.

Office— Ballygate Street. Office hours at Beccies—from 11) am, till 4 p.m.. except on Saturdays, when the Office is closed at
1 p.m. The Court is held at Beccles Police Court and the Oddfellows’ Hall at Bungay every alternate month, except August.
The Beccles and Bungay District comprise the following Parishes




Henstead with Hulver 




Bungay St. Mary


Ilketshall St. Andrew 
Ilketshall St. John 
Ilketshall St. Lawrence 



Bungay Holy Trinity 
Burgh St. Peter

Ilketshall St. Margaret 
Kirby Cane 

Toft Monks











North Cove 


Wheatacre All Saints

Gillingham All Saints  
Gillingham St. Mary  

Norton Subcourse 








Inspecting Officer for the Beccles, Aldeburgh, Southwold and Harleston District:    Major Wilson.

T. Sergeant.
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

Acting Chaplain:   


Rev. R. A. Hitchcock
Sergt..Major C. Barkham, RA.

Drill Instructor:    

Staff Sergeant


T. Cocks.
 WJ Fuller
T. Rackham, R. Bellingham, A. E. Mickleburgh, G. Pearson, S. M. Taylor, J. Rye, A. Balls, and H.




J. Bolton, T. Palmer,  C. Bumpatead, W. Fenn, F. J. Allen, G. Baxter, and J. Salmon.
A. Runacres, H. S. Tandy, C. Clarke, H. Lawrence, H. M. Read, and G. W. Cross.

Brigade-Band Master
Band Sergeant
Band Corporal


G. Hussey.
T. Saul.
H. Larke.


Band Bombadiers:  
Enrolled strength, 114

G. Judge. A. Wellstood, and R. Spall.
R. Ellwood and G. Hussey.



Orderly Room and Armoury in charge of Sergeant-Instructor John Roff, Old Market  Place.


FWD Robinson and J Read
JP Larkman, W Read, TP Angell, WJ Rix


Acting Chaplain:  
Drill Instructor:
Colour Sergeants:  

Rev J Rowsell
John Roff (late 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards)
 JS Branford and A Girling




W Beckett, F Boyce, WC Roff, A Wright, F Hayward, W Hadenham, R Martin, and H Piper
J Bultitude, G Starland, CH Smith, J Brandford, and E Money



FH Ayers
W Charlish and G Roff

Treasurer and Secretary:

Wm Read
Gurneys & Co


Service of the Corps accepted by Her Majesty, 21st April, 1860
Enrolled strength, 177




FJ Allen
WJ Fuller



A Balls, FJ Boyce, RL Davy, A Dennington, W Elliott, jun, H Farrow, E Read, G Simmonds,
A Sparrow, RS Tuthill, W Upcraft, and J Hammond
SF Field

Deputy Engineer
WG Aldous


A handsome Bittern is shot on the banks of the Waveney, which Mr. H. Tilney preserves.
Mr.  B.  Chisholm  is  presented  with  a  useful  dressing-case  by  the  Congregational  Young  Men’s
Christian Association.

Jordan’s Almanac 6 Dec 
Jordan’s Almanac 7 Dec 
Jordan’s Almanac 8 Dec 

The annual distribution of prizes to No. 8 Battery takes place at the Town Hall. There are about 106
prizes, ranging in value from 2  2s. to 1s. 6d. The Countess of Stradbroke presents the prizes, and a
miscellaneous entertainment follows.

Jordan’s Almanac 9 Dec 

A paper prepared by Mr. W. F. Spaull is read at a meeting of the Beccles Liberal Association on “The
Progress  of  Liberalism  during the past year.”  It is stated that the  members of the  association  had
increased 50 during 1889.


The Rector presents the annual prizes to G and H Companies, about 60 in number, at from 18.s. and
pair of trousers to 2s 6d. and bottle of wine also 57 special prizes for regular attendance at drill, and
sectional prizes. A Smoking Concert is held.

Jordan’s Almanac 20 Dec
Jordan’s  Almanac  21  Dec  Mr.  A.  Ward  is  presented  with  a  handsome  lamp  by  the  Trustees  and  Committee  of  the  Juvenile

The  Salvation Army bid farewell to two  soldiers who  have  offered themselves as Officers for the

Jordan’s Almanac 22 Dec
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

work of the Army.
The  Rev.  W.  H.  and  Mrs.  Muncaster  provide  breakfast  for   about  50   aged   members   of  the

Jordan’s Almanac 25 Dec

Congregational Church. Solos and choruses from the Messiah are afterwards sung by the choir in the


The  fifth  and  eighth  bells  in  St.  Michael’s  Tower,  having  been  recast  by  Messrs.  Warner,  bell
founders, London, are formally “opened,” ringers attending from Ipswich, Norwich, Yarmouth, &c.,

Jordan’s Almanac 26 Dec

who pronounce them to be in good time and harmony with the rest of the peal.
The first distribution of soup to the poor is made.
Mr. G.  Stevenson’s prize, a sportsman’s knife, for the largest roach caught during 1889, is awarded


Jordan’s Almanac 31 Dec
Jordan’s Almanac 31 Dec
to Mr. C. Metcalfe for a roach weighing 2 lbs.


Jordan’s Almanac 1 Jan 

H. L. U. Sharpin is elected Fauconberge Scholar for 1890
Eighty-six members  of the Church of  England Temperance  Society meet  at the  annual tea  in the
Ingate Mission-room. ‘The secretary’s report states that there has been an increase in membership of

Jordan’s Almanac 6 Jan 

upwards of 40 during the year.
Mr. W. M. Crowfoot and Mr. W. Read, the Scripture examiners, report to the School Board that the
scholars have passed a most satisfactory examination.

Jordan’s Almanac 8 Jan 

At a tea meeting of the Bible Class held weekly at the Institute, it is proposed to form a fife and drum
Mr. Cunningham. of Castle Farm, dies suddenly, aged 70.

Jordan’s Almanac 11 Jan


Jordan’s Almanac 13 Jan

It is announced that the sanction of His Royal Highness the Commander-in-Chief has been received
for the formation of a Battery of Position at Beccles with four guns.
The boys of the Board School are examined in drawing by Captain Woolner, from the Science and

Jordan’s Almanac 14 Jan
Jordan’s Almanac 17 Jan

Art Department. and earn the highest mark “excellent’
A Juvenile Temple is instituted in connection with “Love and Unity Lodge. I.O.G.T,


Jordan’s Almanac 18 Jan

Mr. C, B. Hale is presented with a handsome music stand and Farrar’s “Early Days of Christianity.”
bound in morocco,  in recognition  of the  musical  instruction  given  by him to the  members of the

Jordan’s Almanac 21 Jan

Congregational Band of Hope. The elder boys subscribed for the book among themselves.
Mr. Frederick Copeman dies, aged 42. surviving his father-in-law only eight days.


Jordan’s Almanac 21 Jan

The annual tea of members and friends of the Congregational Church is held, and encouraging reports
respecting the Church and Sunday School are read. There has been a clear gain of 11 in membership
during 1889.

Jordan’s Almanac 22 Jan


Mr. Benjamin Woolnough dies, in his 70th year.
The new “Cambridge”  quarters  having been  added to the  striking  of the town  cluck  commence to
play at seven in the evening.

Jordan’s Almanac 25 Jan
Jordan’s Almanac 25 Jan

The annual general meeting of members of the Beccles Liberal Association is held. It is reported that
the members increased from 106 to 150 during last year,
The electric light is installed in the manager’s and clerks’ rooms at the Caxton Press.

Jordan’s Almanac 30 Jan


Jordan’s Almanac 31 Jan
Jordan’s Almanac 31Jan 

The total receipts of the National  School for year  ending to-day amount to 7l7  -4s. 4d,. including
13 8s. 7d. balance from previous year; the expenditure amounts to 720 4s. 3d.. leaving 3 Us. id.
due to treasurer.


The Beccles Amateur Dramatic Society give their first public entertainment at the Town Hall. Mr. S.
Theyre Smith’s sparkling comedietta, “Cut off with a. Shilling,” is well played by Miss C. J. Rix, Mr.

Jordan’s Almanac  1 Feb 

W. J. Rix, and Mr. S. Tavender. The laughable farce, “D’ye know me now?” is afterwards performed,
the principal  characters being  represented by Messrs.  L. G.  Laws, J. Tavender, W. Beckett.  and J.
Salmon. So many persons present themselves for admission that  

the     Town     Hall     proves
inadequate for their accommodation.
The Amateur Dramatic Society repeat their performance, and the Hall is again filled with playgoers.


Jordan’s Almanac 6 Feb 

A twelve days’ mission  is  commenced  at the  Wesleyan  chapel  by the Rev.  S. T. Parr. one  of the
circuit ministers.

Jordan’s Almanac 16 Feb 

Mr. F. S. Rix and Mr. A. R. Clatworthy are elected to represent the laity at the ruri-decanal meetings
for the present and two following years.

Jordan’s Almanac 19 Feb 

The  first  of  the  public  subscription  dinners  annually  given  to  the  railway  employees  at  Beccles
Station is held at the King’s Head Hotel, the Mayor presiding.
The third anniversary of “Love and Unity” Lodge, I.O.G.T., is celebrated by a public entertainment in

Jordan’s Almanac 19 Feb 
Jordan’s Almanac 19 Feb 

the Town Hall.
At a meeting of amateur and professional gardeners, a committee is appointed to make arrangements
for a Chrysanthemum Show to be held in the month of November.

Jordan’s Almanac 21 Feb 
Brigade Bandmaster G. Hussey is the recipient of a handsome saxophone from Capt. Kerrich, “Jock’s
Jordan’s Almanac 21 Feb 
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

Lodge,” Geldeston.
The Mayor presides over a meeting convened by circular, and a committee is appointed with the view

Jordan’s Almanac 25 Feb 

of erecting a pavilion on the Common for the use of cricket and football players. It is announced that
about 50 has been collected or promised.


The retiring members of the  School Board,  viz. Messrs. W. M. Crowfoot, H. Read. F.  S. Rix, J. E.
Crisp, and Wm. Read are re-elected.

Jordan’s Almanac 26 Feb 

The  second  of  the  dinners  to  the  railway  servants  is  held  at  the  White  Horse  inn.  Mr.  F.  W.  U.
Robinson. C.C.. in the chair.

Jordan’s Almanac 26 Feb 

MARCH 1890

Mr. Charles Gent, upholsterer, aged 61, dies suddenly while at work away from his home.
Twenty-one degrees of frost are registered at midday.
A distribution of 142 books and 182 cards is made to the members of the Church of England Band of

Jordan’s Almanac 4  Mar 


Jordan’s Almanac 4 Mar 
Jordan’s Almanac 4 Mar 

Hope, for regular attendance at the meetings, reciting, and for the best written essays on the lessons
taught during the year.
An examination for Leman scholarships is held. Candidates number five from the Board, four from

Jordan’s Almanac 8 Mar 

the National. and two  
scholarships to Cobbin and Ulph, from the National. and Abel and Turner from the Board school.
It is  announced that A.  W. Read, son of Mr.  W. Read,  and W. Tacon Flower, son  of  Mr.  Wm.

from the  Leman schools. The  examiner. Rev.  J. H. Raven,  awards the
Jordan’s Almanac 10 Mar 

Flower, satisfied the examiners at the Cambridge Local Examinations.
The  Flower  Show  Committee  meet  and  decide  to  hold  the  annual  Show  of  flowers,  fruit,  and
vegetables in August.

Jordan’s Almanac 11 Mar 

The first meeting  of the  newly  elected  School Board  is held. Mr. W. M. Crowfoot is  re-appointed
chairman, and Mr. H. Read vice-chairman.
The  annual  meeting  of  the  Waveney  Angling  Club  is  held  for  the  election  of  officers  and  other

Jordan’s Almanac 12 Mar 
Jordan’s Almanac 13 Mar 

business. The treasurer reports a balance of 2 17s. 8d., after paying an increased subscription of 7
to the Protection Society.


Mr. Henry Woolner  is presented with  a handsome  and valuable marble clock  in recognition  of  his
Services as secretary of the Caxton Sick and Funeral Benefit Society since its establishment in 1873.

Jordan’s Almanac 14 Mar 

The Caxton Athletic Club members re-appoint Mr. M. F. Buck  hon. secretary and treasurer, and also
the various sectional officers and representatives. The balance sheet shows an expenditure of 51 l0s

Jordan’s Almanac 15 Mar 

1ld., and a gain of 3 9s. 2d. to the funds in hand.
A special meeting of members of the Literary Institute is held to consider the financial position of the
society.  It is  resolved to recommend  an  increase  of the  subscription of senior  members to l0s, per

Jordan’s Almanac 18 Mar 

The Beccles cricket club meets to elect officers and committee for the ensuing season. The meeting,
in order to attract additional members, decides that the minimum subscription shall he reduced from  

Jordan’s Almanac 18 Mar 

5s. to 2s. 6d.
The Church of England Central Society for Providing Homes for Waifs and Strays holds a successf ul
meeting  at the Rectory-room. The  Earl  of  Stradhroke presides,  and  one of the clerical secretaries,

Jordan’s Almanac 20 Mar 

Rev. H. B. Barrett, is present. Mr. E. T. Dowson,  diocesan secretary, reports that the receipts from
Beccles postal district increased from 32 l3s. 1d. in 1888 to 45 6s. 7d. in 1889.
The annual meeting of members of the Beccles Literary Institute is held. and it is decided to increase

Jordan’s Almanac 26 Mar 

members’  annual  subscriptions.  Officers  and  committee  are  appointed,  the  Mayor  accepting  the
presidency of the society.

APRIL 1890

A fire occurs at Mr. W. M. Crowfoot’s residence, attributable to a large beam in the kitchen chimney.
No great damage is done.
The  Lawn Tennis Club  hold their  annual meeting for the  election of officers  and  committed. The

Jordan’s Almanac  Apr 
Jordan’s Almanac 1 Apr 

secretary (Mr. A. W. Jordan) presents a satisfactory report.
A fire breaks out in the wool-shop occupied by Miss Darby, Smallgate street. The damage is confined

Jordan’s Almanac 2 Apr 

to goods in the window.
The anniversary of the Martyrs’ Memorial foundation-stone laying and of the recognition services of

Jordan’s Almanac 4 Apr 

Mr. L. H. Colls’ pastorate, begun in 1886, is commemorated by a public tea and public meeting.
Members of the Beccles Amateur Dramatic Society give their second public performance. The Town

Jordan’s Almanac 7 Apr 

Hall is crowded, and the acting of Miss C. J. Rix is especially praised. In the comedy, “The Duchess
of Bayswater & Co.,” the principal personators  are Miss Rix, Miss Hockey, Mr. W. Beckett, Mr.
Tavender,  and  Mr.  C.  Hockey.  In  a  laughable  farce  which  follows.  Mr.  L.  G.  Laws  and  Mr.  W.

Beckett are the chief actors.
The  Easter  Vestry  meeting  is  held.  Mr.  W.  M.  Crowfoot  and  Mr.  C.  F.  Parker  are  re-appointed
churchwardens: and two of

Jordan’s Almanac 6 Apr 

the retiring members of the Burial Board, Messrs. Parker and T. A. Laws
are  re-elected, Rev.  L. H. Colls being  elected in the place  of Mr. W.  Flower, who withdraws. The

Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

offertory account is read, showing total receipts, 370 6s. 10d. Increased offertories are requested to
avoid  a  deficit  next  Easter.  and  also to  be  able to  hand  over  a substantial  balance to the Curate’s

Mr. A. G. Gowen and Mr. G. Pye. organist and choir-leader respectively at the Primitive Methodist

Jordan’s Almanac 6 Apr 

Chapel, are presented with hymn and tune hooks in acknowledgement of services rendered.
The report of Her Majesty’s Inspector on the National Schools is published, classing girls’ and infants

Jordan’s Almanac 6 Apr 

as “excellent,” the boys’ as “very good.” Amount of grant earned. 470 9s. 6d.
A social meeting in connection with the Young Women’s and Young Men’s Christian Associations is
held in the Congregational schoolroom.

Jordan’s Almanac 9 Apr 

C. H. Lloyd’s dramatic cantata, “Hero and Leander,” is successfully performed at the Town Hall by
the Choral Society. A miscellaneous selection follows. The principals are Miss Ada Patterson, RAM.,
and Mr. Fred. Bevan, Gentleman of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal.

Jordan’s Almanac 14 Apr 

A  deputation  of  working  men  wait  upon  the  Feoffment  Allotments  Committee   in  respect  of
applications for allotments. The deputation are informed that the matter will receive attention.
It is announced that the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons had conferred the degree of Fellow

Jordan’s Almanac 16 Apr 
Jordan’s Almanac 21 Apr 

upon Mr. W. M. Crowfoot.
The  third  quarterly  meeting  of  the  Beccles  Town  Council  is  held.  On  the  recommendation  of  a
committee, the Council decide to take the bathing-place into their own hands, and appoint a superin-

Jordan’s Almanac 21 Apr 

tendent at the expiry of the lease of the tenant in May.
The annual dinner to B Troop, Loyal Suffolk Hussars, is held at the King’s Head Hotel. Major Lucas,
late commander, introduces Mr. A. W. Fulcher as the new captain.

Jordan’s Almanac 24 Apr 

Prizes for good conduct, regular attendance, and proficiency in musical drill are distributed by Miss
Wilson to members of the Girls’ Institute.
The  cricket season is  commenced with a  match  between the Town  and Caxton Clubs, won  by the

Jordan’s Almanac 25 Apr 
Jordan’s Almanac 26 Apr 

The first letting of Corporation marshes is held. 145 acres realizing an average of 31s. as compared

Jordan’s Almanac 28 Apr 
with 36s.6d. at the corresponding letting in 1889.

MAY 1890
1.  At a meeting in Vestry a rate of  2s. in the is ordered for the current half-year.
2.  Twenty original 10 shares in the Water and Gas Company sell for 15 l0s. each. and eight shares of 1883 issue realize 14

l0s. each.
3.   Sergt.-Major Barkham, drill-instructor to No. 8 Battery, 1st NAV., is presented with a handsome timepiece on the occasion

of his silver wedding.

7.  The Fire Brigade are called to a fire at Ringsfield. where a large stack of straw on Mr. Buck’s occupation is destroyed.
8.    Mr-  James  Judd,  Gladstonian  candidate  for  North  Suffolk,  addresses  a  meeting  at  the  Town  Hall.  His  candidature  is

supported  by  Mr.  G.C.  Whiteley,  candidate  for  Greenwich.  Rev.  W.  H.  Muncaster,  and  Mr.  C.

Smith (chairman).
9.  The White Lion Hotel is temporarily closed owing to an outbreak of smallpox.
12.  The Great Letting of Corporation marshes is held;  276 acres realize just under 21s. per acre.

15.  An aged widow, named Ellen Garwood, attempts suicide by cutting her throat.
14.  The Fauconberge School Sports are held.
14.  The opening of new schoolrooms adjoining the Martyrs’ Memorial is celebrated by the Baptist Church and congregation

with special services and a tea.
11.  A young person. named Amy Chambers, dies in the town from smallpox.
27.  The thirtieth annual prize meeting of the Suffolk County Rifle Association is opened on the Beccles range. The meeting

extends  over  three  days;  Corp.  H.  Tilney  takes  the  second  prize  in  the  grand  aggregate,.  being

fourteen points only  
30.  The  annual  meeting  of shareholders  of the Beccles Water  and Gas Company is  held.. The  accounts show a  balance of

below the champion medallist..

cent. on shares issued in  

18s 6d, and it is resolved to declare a dividend of 9 per cent. on original shares and 8 per

JUNE 1890
4.  The Salvation Army “Household Troops Band from Headquarters, visit Beccles.

4.  The shops close at 4 instead of 5 o’clock as heretofore.
5.  Mr. N.. Pells, late alderman of the Borough. dies in his 78th year.

6.  At a meeting of  “Do Right and Fear Not” Lodge, I.O.G.T., a handsome lamp and purse containing l0s. 6d.. are presented to
Mr. C. Phillips, leader of the new fife and drum band..

8.  This being Hospital Sunday the Artillery and Rifle Volunteers attend the Parish Church. in the morning.
8.    Funeral  of  Mr..  N..  Pells,  attended  by  the  Mayor  awl  Corporation,  members  of  the  Burial  Board,  and  other  public

11.  A child, named Maggie Lane, aged two years, is found dead in bed. having been. suffocated by accidentally swallowing a

Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

15.  This day is observed as Hospital Sunday, and the Volunteers attend the Parish Church.
16.  A public  meeting to protest against the Government measure providing for payment  of  compensation for public house

licenses is held, at the Congregational schoolroom..
24.  The annual meeting  of Governors  of Beccles Hospital is held., the year  closing with a balance  of 44 5s. 10d. in hand.

rules  are  approved.    Mr.  P.  W.  Snell  is  appointed  secretary  to  Beccles  Hospital  by  the

committee of management.
29.  The Caxton Athletic Club  hold their tenth  annual  Sports. The day  is  very wet,  but otherwise the  meeting proves  very

successful, a large number of competitors entering the field, and there being some close racing.

JULY 1890
1.  The price of gas is increased from 4s. 2d. to 4. 4d. per 1000 cubic feet.

2.  The annual sale for the Church. Missionary Society, at the Rectory. realizes 76.
7.  Bro. F. J. Allen is installed Worshipful Master of Apollo  Lodge of Freemasons.

8.  Mrs. Colls, wife of  Rev. L. H. Colls, pastor of Martyrs’ Memorial Baptist Church, dies, aged 35.
8.  The Royal Oak public house is sold to Messrs. Morse and Woods for 805.
8.  Messrs. C. Durrant and Sons hold their annual lamb sale, upwards of  3000 being penned. Highest prize realized is 45.s.

8.  The Corporation visit the Channel Fleet in Lowestoft roads, and are afterwards entertained to dinner by the Mayor.
14.  Col. Buxton inspects the Rifle Volunteers, and congratulates them on their numbers.
19.  Mr. Isaiah Copeman, councillor for the borough, dies in his 50th year.

19.  The Artillery Volunteers are inspected by Col. Shuttleworth, RA., who congratulates them on their turn-out and drill.
23.  The late Councillor Copeman’s funeral is  attended  by the Mayor  and Corporation, and  by members  of the Temple of

Friendship Lodge of Oddfellows. M. U.

30.  Miss Crowfoot’s annual sale of work for the Delhi Zenana Mission realizes about 60.
18.  Kate Woolner, aged 6, daughter of Mr. H. Woolner, falls into the river, and is rescued from drowning by Mr. H. Stimpson.
31.  The annual distribution of prizes to boys of the Fauconberge  School takes place, a suitable address being delivered by the

Ven. Archdeacon Perowne, B. D. who presides.

11.  Nominations are made for the vacant seat on the Town Council

12.  Mr. J. P. Larkman withdraws from candidature.
13.  The Annual Flower Show is held, on the grounds of Messrs. J. and J. E. Crisp. The exhibits are generally good in quantity

and  quality, and there  is  a large  attendance  of the public. In the  evening Mr. Crisp’s  gardens are

illuminated and there is  
12.  Mr. W. F. Spaull is elected on the Town Council by 162 votes against 102 given for Mr. W. J. Copeman, his opponent.
21.  The fourth quarterly meeting of the Town Council is held. A report from the Medical Officer of Health, dated July 3rd., is

a display of fireworks.

read, stating that the borough was then free from contagious disease.
30.   Mr. W. J. Ashby, master of the National  School,  dies suddenly,  from heart disease, while  away  at Yarmouth  on  his


1.  The elementary schools re-open after the summer holiday.
1.  A Sale of Work  is held by the Baptists,  at the Town Hall, towards the  debt on their new schoolroom, and  about 34  is

5.  Mr. Cadge, solicitor, meets with a severe accident through his horse bolting.
7.  The Rev. James Sharp. new Wesleyan Superintendent minister, preaches his first sermons at the chapel in Station road.

8.  Mr. R. C. Dunt, of St. Peter’s school. Yarmouth. is appointed headmaster of the Boys’ National School, Beccles.
11.    The  annual  meeting  of  the  Waveney  and  Oulton  Fisheries  Protection  Society  is  held,  and  the  need  for  increased

subscriptions, is earnestly enforced. The committees report continued improvement of the fishing in

the waters under
12.  George Gray. a timber carter, aged 47, is accidentally killed at Barsham, while returning home with a load of timber. He

their control. It is resolved to continue two bailiffs for six months longer.

13.  No. 8 Battery hold their annual carbine shooting for tradesmen’s prizes. The best score, 67 points, with 20 shots at 200 and

and the hind wheel of the drag passing over his neck, killed him instantly.

400 yards. is made by Gunner Sewell.
The prizes in the school-at-arms competition are awarded to


(I) Gunner C. Barkham. 2; (2) Sergt. Rackham, 1 and badge:
20.  Mrs. Ellen Garwood, widow, aged 74. dies at Shipmeadow workhouse, from bronchitis and the effects of a wound in the

(3) Corp. Salmon, l0s. and badge.
throat self-inflicted on May 13. A verdict of felo de se is subsequently returned by the Coroner’s

20.  The Rifle Volunteers hold their annual company prize-shooting. Corp. H. Tilney carries off the honours with a score of 62

points with 14 shots at 200 and 500 yards.
21.  Ernest Edward King, aged 20, is drowned in the river Yare, at Bramerton, near Norwich, while on a pleasure trip. He was

leaning on the flagstaff of the steam launch and fell overboard.
25.  A large and representative gathering of townspeople and neighbouring clergy and gentry are present at an entertainment by

Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 
Mr. R. Corney Grain, at the Town Hall, by invitation of the Mayor.

25.  A gymnastic club and school of arms is formed, to practice in the Corn Hall. Thirty members are enrolled.
26.  Messrs. H. and J. Read held their annual Michaelmas sale, at which 256 horses are brought to the hammer. Good prices

are made; the highest. 49 and 1/2 guineas.
27.  Emma Ward, aged 36, wife of Alexander Ward, dies from internal injury caused by a calf tossing her in play on the 24th


8.   Mrs. Ellen Dixon, aged 57, is killed by her son, Alfred William Dixon, during an attack of homicidal mania.
15.  The Fire Brigade  are  called to  a fire at  Willingham,  caused by  over-heating  of  chaff  in  a  barn on Mr. G. King, junr’s,

18.  The annual meeting of the Beccles Working Men’s Club, is held. A favourable balance sheet is presented, but it is reported

that membership has declined.

22.  Ten good-sized black bass are introduced into the river Waveney, imported f rom Germany.
21.  Nominations close for the coming municipal election The four retiring members including the Mayor, are nominated, and

two others, Messrs. Field and Riches, who afterwards withdraw.
22.  The Mayor and Mayoress of Beccles attend the Lord Mayor’s Ball at the Mansion House.
25.  A haystack belonging to Mr. D. Aldred is set on fire and destroyed. The Brigade save the adjoining buildings.

2.  Nonconformist demonstration is held at the Congregational Church, and the principles of Nonconformity enforced by Revs.

W.H. Muncaster (Beccles), .J.G.  Watson  (Bungay), J. Garrett Brown  (Saxmundham),.  and  S. B.

Driver (Lowestoft).
7.   The Protestant Alliance hold  a public meeting to  remind the people  of the  blessings  of the Reformation. The Dean of

Achonry and Mr A. H.. Guinness. MA.. attend as deputation.
7.  Cannell and Son, of Hardley, hold their annual root show at the Corn Hall.
10.  The first quarterly meeting of the Town Council is held at noon, when Major Wilson is re-elected Mayor, and nominates.

Councillor Hockey as his deputy. In the evening the Mayor is entertained at the customary public

12.  The B.A.Ds. give a matinee and evening performances of “Peacock’s Holiday,” a farcical comedy, and the comic drama,

“The  Spitalsfield  Weaver,”  which  are  produced  with  great  success.  The  characters  in  the  first-

named are admirably  
W. J.. Rix, W. Beckett, and Coker;. in the  
Beckett.. W. S. Rix, and Snoad.

sustained by Miss Rix, Miss Hockey, Messrs.  L. G. Laws, J. Tavender,
drama   by  Miss  Hockey,  Messrs.  J..  Tavender,  W.

13.  A rate of 2s. 2d. in the is made for the current half-year:
18.  A report by Sir A.. Blomfield. A.R.A., on repairs required to the church tower is published. The complete restoration is

estimated to cost 600.

18.  T. C. Smith. of Cheltenham College, son of Mr C. Smith, is. elected to a classical scholarship at Hertford College, Oxford.
20.   The first  Exhibition  of Chrysanthemums is  held  at the Town Hall,  and proves most  successful in  every  respect. The

committee are rewarded by a large attendance of visitors.

20.  Mr. T.. A.. Laws, of The Nurseries, dies at the age of 82..
25.    The  body  of  Mr.  Laws  is  interred  in  the  cemetery,  the  Mayor  and  Corporation,  and  the  representatives  of  all  the

societies sharing in the last honours paid to our venerable and worthy townsman.

2.  A bazaar is held in aid of the fund for furnishing the Wesleyan minister’s residence, and realizes 53.
3.  The trial of A. W. Dixon, began on Tuesday. ends to-day, and the jury find that he was insane when he killed his mother,

5.  The Beccles  Liberal Association  adopt a  resolution repudiating Mr. Parnell  and expressing unabated  confidence in Mr.

the judge makes out a warrant for his committal to Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum.

8.  The Choral Society perform Spohr’s Last Judgement, and achieve a great success.
9.  The tradesmen’s prizes are distributed by the Mayor to members of G and H Companies of Rifle Volunteers, of whom Capt.

Robinson makes a good report.

12.  Messrs. G. Durrant and Sons hold their Christmas sale of fat beasts. Highest price realized is 34.
15.  Messrs. H. and J. Read hold their Christmas sale, the highest price obtained is 34 10s.
18.  Mr. A. R. Clatworthy is elected on the Burial Board, to fill the place of Mr. Laws, deceased.

19.  Mrs. Sarah Barwood, widow of John Barwood, carter, Beccles, is buried in Beccles Cemetery. She died on the 11th inst.,

at Norwich. having completed her 100th year on the 11th October last.
20.  The distribution of tradesmen’s prizes to No 8 Battery of Artillery Volunteers is made by Major Wilson. who presents

ex-Sergt. Pearson with  a  handsome clock,  on  behalf of the Battery,  as  a memorial  of  his  active

services for many years.
22.  The Mayor distributes the prizes anti certificates to the successful students of the Science and Art classes. A satisfactory

increase in their numbers is reported.
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

26.  Skaters have a fine time of it on the River during the Christmas holidays.
26.  Miss Gooch is presented with an album by members of  “Do Right and Fear Not” Lodge, I.O.R.T.

29.  The carpenter’s shop at Railway Station is destroyed by fire.
31.    About  200  heads  of  families  are  entertained  at  a  substantial  meat  tea  at  the  Congregational  schoolroom,  with  funds

collected by the C.Y.M.C A.

1.   B. Smith is elected Fauconherge Scholar for I891
6.   An inquest  is  held  on the body of the  infant  daughter  of Frederick  Fairhead, the  child  having died suddenly  owing to

laryngeal spasm.
7.   Much distress exists, and a number of men call upon the tradesmen and well-to-do residents for relief.
8.   The members of the Girls’ Institute are entertained at tea, and a New Year’s present given to each.

8.  The annual meeting of members of the Literary Institute is held, and the Treasurer reports an adverse balance of 2 14s. 7d.
10.  Skating competitions for money Prizes are held on the river Waveney.
12.  A theatrical entertainment is given at St. Mary’s for the benefit of the Church of England Waifs and Strays Society.

12.  A public meeting is held to organize measures of relief for the distressed poor.
17.  The members of  “Do Right and Fear Not” Lodge, I.O.G.T., arrange a free tea for the unemployed.

17.  The river being still frozen up. a second lot of skating matches take place.
21.  The annual tea meeting of the Congregational Church is held.

22.    The  annual  meeting  of  the  Beccles  Liberal  Association  is  held.  It  is  resolved  to  ask  Mr.  Broadhurst  to  accept  the

23.  The Beccles and Lowestoft ‘ Champion” skaters have a trial of speed on the river Waveney. and W. Belward carries off

honours for Beccles.
23.  An opening dinner is held at the White Lion Hotel.
24.  A free tea for the children of the unemployed is arranged by “Do Bight arid Fear Not” Lodge. I.O.G.T.

27.  Capt. Allen. of the Fire Brigade, is presented by its members with a gold scarf pin.
5.    The members  of the Fire Brigade, Corporation  employees,  and  other public servants,  are  entertained to dinner  by the

8.   A young man. named Marshall. attempts suicide by jumping into the river while in a state of drunkenness.
11.  Pearson and Clements from the Board, and Baker from the National school are elected to Leman scholarships.

14.  The Beccles Fox Terrier Club hold their first coursing meeting.
18.  The second railway dinner is held. Mr C. Smith in the chair.
18.  An accident happens at the London road crossing, which a team of four horses is passing over when a goods train dashes

by. The gatesmuan is hurt by the broken gate, one horse killed, and another very much injured
22.  The Mayor addresses a letter of complaint to the G.E.R. Company, respecting the want of necessary accommodation for

passengers at the railway station.

24.  Mrs. E. E. Read, widow of the late Mr. John Read, of Worlingham, dies, aged 64.
MARCH 1891
2.   A coursing meeting, promoted by the Beccles Fox Terrier Club, takes place at Gillingham.

3.   Mr. J. H. Easterhrook. fishing for pike in the Waveney, catches a black bass, which he returns into the river.
13.  A Confirmation is held at the parish church, and 110 candidates from Beccles are presented to the Bishop.

‘13.    The  annual  meeting  of  members  of  the  Caxton  Amateur  Athletic  Club  is  held.  The  officers  and  committee  are  re-

15.  Mrs. R. E. Beckham dies, aged 61.
17, 19  The Suffolk Congregational Union holds its annual meetings at Beccles. The laying of the memorial stone of the

minister’s new house forms part of the proceedings.
23.  Mr. J. Jackson. the Liberal Unionist candidate for North Suffolk, makes his first visit to the town on the occasion of the

Easter anniversary of the Wesleyans at the Town hall.
27.  Special services are held to commemorate the opening of the Martyrs’ Memorial Baptist Chapel, and the six years’ work

the present pastor, Rev. L. H. Colls.

27.  Miss Mary Crowfoot dies, aged 80 years.
31.   The Easter Vestry meeting is held, and the desirability of repairing the church tower is discussed. It is resolved to ask the

Mayor to call a public meeting to consider the condition of the tower and to do what is requisite.

APRIL 1891
2.   The  body of Miss Mary Crowfoot is  interred in the family vault in the  churchyard.  She was one of the last of the few

parishioners who retained the right of sepulture there.
2.   The annual meeting of the Beccics Cricket Club is held

Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 
4.   The Mayor and parish church office-bearers present to the Rector the Easter offerings of the congregation, amounting to
152 7s. Sd.

6.   Mr. R. H. Chester dies, aged 78 years.
8.   The quarterly meeting of the Beccles Band of Mercy is held, over a hundred members being present. Fresh members are


8.   ‘l’he successful winter session of the Congregational YMCA. and Y.W.C.A is brought to a close by a social evening.
13.  The quarterly meeting of the Town Council is held, and it is resolved to grant tenants greater freedom in the use of the

A petiton to the County Council,  asking them to declare five miles  of  roads  in the borough to  be “main roads’’  is


13.  Mr. Judd. the Liberal candidate for the division, gives his lecture. “A Popular Talk on Palestine and Egypt. and what I saw


15.  Mr. A. Godfrey is presented with a purse of money in acknowledgment of services to the Wesleyan cause.
16.  Mrs. Eliza Phillipps is found dead sitting in a chair at her house.
16.  A public meeting. convened by the Mayor. is held to consider the repair or restoration of the church tower. A committee is

formed to assist the Rector and churchwardens in carrying out necessary repairs, and about 46 is

contributed in the
23.  A public meeting addressed by the Hon. P. Stanhope. and Mr. G. White, of Norwich, is held in support of Mr. James Judd,


the Liberal randidate. who is present. and meets with a very hearty reception.
25.  Twelve degrees of frost are registered.
27.  A town Bicycle Club is formed; the entrance fee is fixed at 2s. 6d.

28.  Mr. H. Stimpson loses a valuable retriever by poisoning.
28.  The quarterly meeting of the Norwich Diocesan Association of Ringers is held. The secretary reports that the association

has a roll of 600 performing members.
MAY 1891
4.  The White Lion Bowling Green is opened under new management.

6.  An  entertainment is  given  by the  children.  attending the Board schools, the  first part consisting of  a play in three  acts,  

Holiday Concert.” Both parts are  

The  Children’s  Market:”;  in  the  second  part  a  musical  sketch  is  played,  entitled  The
extremely well sung and acted by the youthful performers.

7.  A poor’s-rate of  1s. 8d. in the is made for the current half-year.
8.   Some  antimacassars  in Mr. Brooks’  shop in the New Market accidentally  catch  fire,  but no serious  amount  of  damage


11.  The “great letting” of marshes is held, and realize about 6s. per acre more than in 1890.
11.    The  Choral  Society  give  a  miscellaneous  concert.  The  soloists  are  Madame  Adeline  Paget  (soprano)  and  Mr.  A.  G.

Laugdon (bass).

12.  Two entertainments are given in the Corn Hall by boy inmates of Dr. Barnardo’s Home.
13.  The Artillery Volunteers are inspected by Lord Stradbroke.

13.  The Ven. Archdeacon of Suffolk, Rev. Dr. Woolley, pays his fifth visitation to Beccles.
13.  The Fauconberge Grammar School sports are held.

18.  The van of the Land Restoration League visits the town, and speeches are made advocating “the land for the people.”
18.  In the English Twenty Club Shoot, Private R. Tilney makes 95 points out of 105 possible.
22.    A  Unionist  meeting  is  held  at  the  Town  Hall.  when  Mr.  James  Jackson,  the  Liberal  Unionist  candidate,  is  formally

introduced to the electors by Mr. W. M. Crowfoot. who presides. After hearing Mr. Jackson and Mr.

C. W. Gray.  
27.  A meeting of the Relief Committee is held, and the amount collected is reported to have been 127 ls.; expenditure, 82

M.P., a resolution is adopted approving of Mr. Jackson’s candidature amid cheers.

29.  Frederick Warnes dies suddenly at Brentwood.
29.  A dividend of 9 per cent, on original shares and 8 per cent. on those last issued by the Gas Company is declared.

6d. It is resolved to place the balance of 44 I5s. 0d. on deposit in the Bank.

JUNE 1891
1.  An inquest is held on the body of Mr. Henry Leach, aged 66, who committed suicide by drowning while temporarily insane.

2.  Dr. A. H. Mann. organist of King’s College, Cambridge, gives two organ recitals at the parish church.
2, 3.  The Suffolk and Norfolk Association of Baptist Churches hold their annual meetings at Beccles.

4.  A temporary chapel at St. Benet’s capable of accommodating about 150, is opened with a celebration of High Mass.
10  At a meeting of the School Board, the report. of H.M. Inspector on the examination of the schools is read. The amount of

grant earned was 469 6s. 6d.
13.  A grand  bazaar, opened by  Lady  Stradbroke,  is held  at the Town Hall to raise funds for a new heating  apparatus at  St.

Mary’s Church. Gillingham. The proceeds of sales, &c., amount to 91.
14.  This being Hospital Sunday, the Volunteers attend church in the morning. The offertories throughout the day amount to

19.  Corp. H. Tilney wins the  championship of Norfolk, Bronze medal of the National RA.,  and 25 in money prizes at the

prize meeting of the Norfolk Volunteer Service Association.
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 
23.  A statement of tlte expenditure for the Soup Kitchen shows that it amounted to 132 4s. ted.. leavimtg a balance of 13 Ss.

24.—A Chtiirch Missionary Sale of Work is hell at the Town Hall, and realizes 76.
The annual meeting of Governors of Beecles Hospital is held at the Council Chamber. The statistical Statement shows 65 in-

patients, and 222 out-patients admitted to the benefit of the Hospital,  at an  expenditure of 449 5s.

27.—The Caxton Athletic Club hold their annual Athletic Sports, which are very successfully conducted.

JULY 1891
1.—The first anniversary meeting of the Band of Mercy is held.

5.—A lad named Joseph Webb, aged 17, of Gilliugham. is drowned while boating on the river Waveney.
8.—The members of the Congregational Church Guild enjoy a trip to Oulton Broad.

11.—The Friends’ Outing Club hold their second annual outing. journeying to Norwich by rail attd river.
A special meeting  of  members  of the  Working Men’s Club  is held,  and  a sub-committee  is appointed to  look out for  fresh

l)remises, owing to the prohibition of card-playing at the present club room.
13.—fl True1),  Loyal  Suffolk  Ilussars,  go through their  animual  course of musketry.  and  are entertaitted  at supper by the

Private 14. Tilney and Curpl. H. Tilitey represent G and H Coin-panics at the Bisley rifle meeting, which opeits to-day. ~orpl.

Tilney wins prizes, amounting to 11.
14.—Messrs. G. Durrant & Sotts 1101(1 their lamb sale, and about 3,700 lambs are brought to the hammer.
15.—The Congregational Baiiil of Hope treat have a most enjoyable tril) to .Suuthwold by road.

18.—The employ~s at Messrs. C. Horsley & Son’s carriage works enjoy a trip to Yarmouth.
19.—Inaugural services are held by the Primitive Methodists to raise Funds for a new schoolroom.
22.—A festival service by village church choirs is held at the parish church, cofldnCted by Dr. Bates, of Norwich Cathedral.

25.—G and II Companies proceed to Yarmouth for a week’s encampment.
The Artillery Volunteers are inspected by Lieut.-Col. Shuttle. worth, R.A.

28.—Past-Grand Jas. Ward, aged 53, is interred in the cemetery, officers and members of the Oddfellows Ledge joining in the

funeral procession.
Miss Crowfoot~s Sale of Work for the Delhi Zenana Mission realizes 61 9s. $d.
30.—Tue annual distribution of prizes to Fauconberge scholars takes place. an excellent address being delivered by Mr. W. M.

1.—The Beecles Fire Brigade take a trip to Southwold. and are entertained. together with the officers of the Sonthwold Fire

Brigade, to a meat tea lye Capt. F. J. Allen.
Aquatic Sports, promoted by the Caxton Athletic Club. are held, 2.—A terrific thunderstorm bursts over the town, deluging the


and roads with rain, which falls in torrents for an hour. Large hailstones do much damage to growing crops and flower gardens.
(i—The Loyal Suffolk Yeomanry hold their annual prize meeting. The challenge cup is won by a team representing B Troop.

while  of  individual  prizes  Sergt-Major  Bennett  and  Trooper  Mills.  of  D  Troop,  win  1  and  los.

12—Beceles Flower Show, fortunate in the weather, proves a grand success. .~ pyrotechnic display is made, and Mr. J. Crisp’s

grounds are beautifully illuminated.
At a special meeting of the Town Council. the Public Health Acts Ameuduient Act. I 590, is adopted. to come into operation

on the 1st October.
15.—Corpi.  H.  ‘I’ilnev  receives  a  trinumphal  greeting  on  his  return  from  the  prize  meeting  of  the  Suffolk  County  Rifle

Association at Ickworth. whet, lie had distinguished himself by adding to his honour of champion of

Norfolk the championship of Suffolk, besides winnin~ 52-12 in money.
19.—The managers of the National schools and tIme School Board decide to accept the Government fee grant of los. on the

average attendance ~f children.

21.—The annual Bre~vster Sessions are held. Two publicans are cautioned. Unt all the licences are renewed.
22.—The lice.  S.  3’.  Parr, Weslcyan circuit minister, preaches his farewell set-muons on appointment to Castletown circuit.

Isle of Man.
24.—Mr. W. Piper celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of his wedding.
At the quarterly meetitigot dim’ Town Council, an agreement with the t~as Company for public lighting on the same ternis as

last year is signed
1.—It is announced that Mr. J. Jackson, the Liberal Unionist caudmdate for the division, had informed the leaders of his party

that he intended to retire from the contest.
2.—A lawn tennis match hetweemi C. Metcalfe’s team and Beccies 

—  Lawn  Tennis  Club  resmilts  imi  a  victory  for  the

former by 92 games to 27.
3.—A  moecting  is  held  to  elect  officers  and  comnmittee  of  the  new  club  formed  in  connccti’,n  with  thc  Beccles  Liberal

Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

Association. Mr. F.
Dowsett is elected presulent; Mr. W. F. Spaull. secretary and treasurer.

9.—Mr. C. Smith anul his bride, teachers in the Congregational Sunday school, are presented with an electro-plated biscuit box

and a lamp hy their fellow teachers and class.
11.—A child, named Edgar Sturman, aged 5. dies at the Hospital from lockjaw. coimacquent on injury to the hamud.
12.—The  Artillery  Volumuteers  hold  their  ammimnal  prize  shooting.  Bomh.  Barkhamn  makes  the  higlmest  score,  t;5

24.—Mr. John Crisp. J.P.. dies, aged 53 years.
A visitor from Lomolon. Mr. llavelammd Mittifie Cornish, who had been yachting. isIrowned while bathing.

25—By invitation of the Mayor (Major Wilson) a large party are entertained at the Town Hall by Mr. H. Corney Grain.
28.—At a public fleeting in connection with the Sunday School anniversary and harvest celebration of the Martyrs’ Memorial

(Baptist) Chapel, collections are made sufficient to wipe off the debt remamning on the new school-

room, erected at a cost of 784 Ifis. lId.
30.—The funeral obsoquies of Mr. .T. Crisp are attended by the Mayor and Corporation anI many inhabitants of the towmi

2. 3.—The Hospital Friday and Saturday collections are made, and realize 411 7s. II A.
3.—Mrs. Susan Shreeve Woodward, widow of the late Win. Woodward. dies suddenly at Enfiell Lock. where she is visiting,

aged 73.
6.—The new pathway commimunicating betweemi Raven’s meer and Norrhgate-street is formally opened by the Mayor and


8.—Mr. .Jeremiah Tyrrell. proprietor of the (liii curiosity shop” in Puddimmg.mnoor, dies, aged 75.
Mrs. Elizabeth Slanmi, aged 32. wife of las. Mann, gardener, comnmnits suicide by throwing herself imito the Waveney while

temnporarily insamie.
12.—A meeting is held to wimmil up the affairs of the Working Men’s Club. and it is ayreed that ~ 11) 2s. -Id.. the btslance in


hatmil. lue divided between Ileceles Hospital tund tIme
Ill—i-us Excellency lie Marquis Deves. h1:sster of the Horse to the King of Siamn. itte id ed h E. Loftus. Esi1.. of the Siamese

oump Kitchen.
Legat ton in London. pay a \‘isit to Messrs. llorsl.y .v Son’s carriage works.

211.—Mr. Harry Scynion m Fost r, Slser i If of boo lomi, is sclecteul tnt thu. Conservat iye can’li,late fit North Suffolk
25 1 cv liuLt- 1it:t~’j ii’ ii I’ is belil.

1.—The retiring Councillors, Messrs. Polls, Pert, Poll, and Woolner, are re-elected, unopposed.
Mr. Robert Larke, Builder, dies aged 74.

4.—A special service  at the parish  church in  aid  of the fund for the  repair  of thechnrch tower is  attended by the Mayorand

Coporation. The offertory amounts to L22.
9.—Councillor A. Woods is elected Mayor for the ensuing year. It is stated that 288 had been voted by the County Council

towards the repair of streets and roads in the borough.
11.—It is announced that Mrs. W. P. Garrod has signified her intention of founding a scholarship at the Faucouberge School,

of the annual value of Lii), for proficiency in French, German, History, and Geography.

12.—Prizes won by members of the Waveney Angling Clnb are presented by Licut. Caliwell, RN.
16.—Mr. H. S. Foster, the Conservative candidate, addresses a well attended meeting at the Town Hall.

18.—Mr. Benjamin Ward celebrates his golden wedding day.
19. 2u.—The Beccl~s and District Chrysanthemum and Floricultural Society hold their Annual Show at the Town Hall.

22.—Swallows are observed in the neighbourhood.
24.—A seven days’ united Temperance Mission is begun at the Town Hall, by Mr. 0. Blaiklock, of London.
26.—A slight fall of snow at night.

Mr. D. T. Cowan, late Secretary of the Beccies Liberal Association is presented with a handsome marble clock.
2.—Dr. J. E. Taylor. of Lpswich, lectures at the Town Hall on the probability of finding coal in East Anglia.

3.—A salmon trout, weighing 14 lbs. loz. and measuring 35 inches in length. 18 inches in girth, is caught in the river Waveney

by Mr. R. C. Mann. Mr. H. Tilney is entrusted with its preservation.
6.—The  Right  Rev.  A.  G.  Riddell.  Bishop  of  Northampton,  holds  a  confirmation  at  St.  Benet’s,  and  42  candidates  are

The Choral  Society perform Haydn’s  oratorio, “The Creation.” with the professional  assistance of Madame  Isabel George

(soprano), Mr.  Win. Fell (tenor),  and Mr. Dan Price (bass),  and  a  string  band led  by Mr.  Walter
Tuddenham. The Town Hall is filled, and the oratorio is excellently rendered. Mr. IV H. Williamson.

M Bac., conducts.
13.—The Congregational Band  of hope performs  a very pretty Christmas Cantata, Mildred  and Patty,” before  a  large  and

appreciative audience.
16.—The  gentry and tradesmen’s prizes to the Artillery Volunteers  are presented to the men by Major  Wilson. The money

prizes amount to over 30.
17.—The Rev. J. W. Egar, rector of Geldston. dies somewhat suddenly.

Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 
l9~.—Mrs. Fiske. Market Gardener. tin. meets with  an aeco while-d~~toiding  - the second foot-stile on the Iliji Read. Mrs.
Fi,.ke sustains  ~  fractured  linec  and severe bro sad  a lad named Michael Martin is terribly insured

about the h They are removed to the hospital.
21.—The annual  dis&ibution of prizes to C  and H’Compaui&~. Volunteer Batt.. Norfolk Rept. takes place. the men  beinte

vlOusiv entertained to a cold collation, by (a ptain F. W. D. Bela; A public meeting in support of the
Society for die Preventini Cruelty to Animals is held at the Rectory room. Ilic flu presides.

22.—Lily Howlett. assistant at Mr. Spaull’s. is taken ill while ~.Li on the ice, and dies in an apopletic fit. shortly afterward.
23.—Rev. J. Rov,se~l distributes the annual prizes to thc sucees competitors of the Leman School.

24.—A disastrous  collision Occurs  on  ~he Great  Eastern Railwa” Baruby Box resulting  in the death  of two of the compa1
servants  and  one passenger. Geo.  Pulford. G. Haylett. C.  L~ C. W.  Stringfield,  harry Torvey,  and

Wni. Jlorrett are send injured. Several Beccies people in the train were very  
2~i.—The usual services are held at the Parish Church, whic
fully decorated. The offertory amounts to k~7 lbs. l~id. and is of the District Visiting Society.

h is
28.—The inmates of Shipmeadow Workhouse are entertained to a~ stantial tea, followed by an amusing sleight-of-baud cute~

meat, kindly given by Mr. Womack Brooks of Beccles.
30>—A smoking concert is held at the Town Hall. under the au,~ of the Beccies Conservative As~ociadon and is attended by

Foster. Eeq., Sheriff of London, the Conservative Candidat1


31.—Watch-night services are held in the Wesleyan.

North Suffolk. 
Primitive Methodist Chapels.
1.   A New Year’s tea and vocal evening are given at the Girl’s Institute. After tea short addresses are given by the Rector and

the Mayor, (A. Woods, Esq.).
2.  Mr. J. L. Garden, of  Redisham Hall, dies suddenly from influenza
3.  The members of the Church of England Temperance Society hold their annual tea at the Ingate Mission room 80 sit down

to the tables which  are  liberally prepared and tastefully decorated  by Miss Robinson (Roos Hall).
After tea they are

entertained by the Misses D. E. and G. E. Woods.

4.  Mr. A Balls shoots a mad bull in Blyburgate Street.
5.  It is announced there are 300 cases in the town suffering from Influenza epidemic.

7.  The remains of the late Mr. .1.  L. Garden. Redisham Hall,  are  interred  in the family vault  at Ringsfield. The Rev  F. M.
Arnold officiates.

8.  The Artillery Volunteers are entertained at the Town Hall through the hospitality of Major Wilson.
14. It is announced that the death of  HRH. the Duke of Clarence and Avondale takes place at Sandringham at 2.15 a.m. from


16.  Skating competitions on the marshes are held in connection with the Caxton Athletic Club.
17.      Sermons  are  preachel  in  the  parish  church  by  the  Rector  and  Rev.  J.  H.  Raven  in  aid  of  the  National  Schools,  the


18.   A Municipal Election takes place to fill the vacancy caused by the retirement of Mr. C. Mitchell.
who leaves the town. The

two candidates  are Mr. J.  P.  Larkman  and Mr. A.  E. Mickleburgh, the
former being elected by a majority of 242 votes.  

State of the poll, Larkman, 372; Mickleburgh.

The various Establishments of the town close at 12, owing to the funeral of H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence. A service

in  commemoration of his death, is held in the parish church, the Rev. J. Rowsell being the preacher.

21.      A   fine   specitarn   of   a   hen   bittern   is   shot   at   Barnby.   Mr.   H.   Tilney   preserves   it.
6.  “A Social  Evening for the People,”  arranged  by the Beccles United  Temperance Committee, is


held in the Town Hall, the
16.    Asecond  dinner  is  provided  at  the  King’s  head  Hotel  for  the    railway  employees  at  Beceles
Station unable to attend the first.


24.  A successful Military Ball, complimentary to Major and Miss Wilson, antl arranged by the non-
commissioned officers of the   
24.  The Annual Social Tea of the members and others connected with  the Congregational Church is


held. During the evening
Miss.Macdonnell (Matron of the Beccles  
in connection with the London Missionary Society, with a  

the Rev. W. H. Muncaster,  on  behalf of numerous subscribers presents
Hospital), who is  about to undortake missionary work
nurse’s    chatelaine    and    purse    of
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

An inquest is held at the Police Court emmrt, touching the death of Kathleen Lucy Barter, infant daughtor of George and


Mary  Ann  Baxter,  who  is  found  deal  in  bed.  The  jury  returned  a  verdict  of  death  from  natural
causes. viz.. convulsions.


1.  A Catholic Re-union takes place in the Town Hall, which was tastefully decorated for the occasion. Dancing was one of the

features of the evening.
1.  The wedding of Mr. Charles E. Dunn, son of Mr. G. A Dunn, of Beccles, to Miss Alice Pye, of Woolwich, takes place. The

happy couple were the recipients of numerous presents.

1.  The members of the Congregational Church have their annual tea meeting.
2.  Messrs. H. Copeman and Son secure first prize in the open class for Bantam Rosecombs at Sheringham Fanciers’ Annual

2.  The members of the Wesleyan Band of Hope have their New Year’s Treat in the Schoolroom. The tea was followed by an

4.    Miss  Thompson,  late  of  Beccles  Post  Office,  is  presented  with  a  silver-mounted  oak  inkstand  by  the  postmen  and

5.  Covenant Sunday observed at the Wesleyan Church, a good number being present.
6.  Schools re-open after the Christmas holidays.

6.  Mrs. J. R. Crisp’s Children’s Invitation Party takes place at the Town Hall; a large company was present.
6.  The first Annual N.C.O.’s Dinner in connection with the G & H Companies (Beccles) 2nd V.B.N.R. held at the Railway

6.  A Tea and Entertainment in connection with the Beccles branch of the Church of England Temperance Society held in the

Ingate Mission Room.
6.  A week of United Prayer of the Beccles Free Churches commence. The opening meeting held at the Primitive Methodist

7.    An  employee  named  Benns  meets  with  an  accident  at  Messrs.  Elliott  and  Garrood’s  Ironworks,  his  foot  being  badly


8.  A Golf Club Ball is held at the Town Hall.
8.  Annual Christmas tea and entertainment to the inmates of the Wangford Union Workhouse, at Shipmeadow takes place.
8.  Annual Tea  and  Entertainment in  connection with the C.E.T.S. Band  of Rope held  at the Town Hall.  180 persons  being

9.  The members of the Parish Church Choir take part in the Norwich Cathedral Festival.
9.  Annual Meeting of the shareholders of the Beccles Waterworks Company held, when a dividend at the rate of 2 per cent, is

10.  The death takes place at the ripe age of 89 years, of Mr. G. Woolnough, an old and respected inhabitant of Beccles.
10.  Annual Tea and Distribution of Prizes take place at the Henham and Wangford Schools.

13.  The death takes place of Mr. Edward Shiplee. the oldest member of the Beccles Post Office staff. In his capacity as rural

messenger for forty years he is accredited with having walked 190,280 miles.
14.  The wedding takes place at the Parish Church of Miss Florence Maria Merrells and Mr. James Cutler, both well known in

the town.
16.—Messrs. H. Copeman and Son are awarded second and third prizes for their Rosecomb Bantams at the Bury and District

Fanciers’ Society.
16.  Death of Mrs. M. Pells at the age of 90 years. Deceased was a sister of the late Mr. Geo. Woolnoigh, who died on the 10th


18.  The funeral takes place of Mr. Edward Shiplee, members of the two Courts of Foresters being present.
19.  Rev. A. Legatt, of Yarmouth, preaches at the Congregational Church.

20.  The Rifle volunteers have a route drill along the Gillingham road.
21.  Beecles P.S.A . Society have a social evening, the schoolroom being nicely decorated for the occasion.

Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

22.  Annual Entertainment of the Congregational Band of Hope.
23.  A meeting  arranged  by the Wesleyan  Sunday  School  and Band  of  hope in  aid  of Dr.  Stephenson’s  homes, held  in the

Schoolroom. Rev.  J.  Sanger presides,  and  a total  contribution  from the school  of  4  12s. 1d. is

23.    Second  Annual  general  meeting  of  the  Beccles  Golf  Club  held  at  the  Club  House,  Mr.  J.  E.  Crisp  in  the  chair.  A

balance  sheet  was  produced  by  the  hon.  sec.  (Mr.  E.  Hewer).  Payment  on  the

shares for 1901 of 4 per cent, was agreed  
24.  Meeting of the Bcccles Hospital Saturday Fund held in the Council Chamber, Mr. H. Hopson presiding. Collecting Boxes

were opened, the net proceeds from all sources amounting to 95 2s. 8d. - about 10 less than the

previous year.
25.  Mr. A. K Hockey, President of the North Suffolk Football League, presents Bungay with the Allerton Cup.
26.  Offertories are taken at the Parish Church on behalf of the National Schools amounting to 13 2s.

28.  Annual meeting of the Loyal “Temple of Friendship” held at the King’s Head, the secretary announcing the saving on the
year’s transactions amounted to about 400.

29.  Bible Classes at the Congregational Church have a tea and social evening in the Schoolroom, a pleasant time being spent.
29.  Beccles Town Council decide at a special meeting to erect an Isolation Hospital, at a cost of 252 l0s. for use in case of

smallpox outbreak.

30.—Annual business meeting of Congregational Church Choir held when Mr. Geo. Hector is appointed secretary.
30.  A little girl named Cox, living on the Grange Estate falls from an upper window and is severely injured.

1.  A Concert in  aid  of the Nurses’ Home is held at the College  Schoolroom. The programme was  arranged  by Mr. A. K.

2.  Anniversary services held at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, the Rev. E. Ball preaching.
3.  Rifle Volunteers headed by the bugle band have a march out.

3.  A meeting of the C.E.T.S. held, when Rev. P. Oakley Hill, Vicar of Upton, Norwich, gave an address.
3.  Mrs. Hayes, Gresham House School, is presented with handsome clock, suitably inscribed, from the adult members of the

dancing class.
3.  Mr. H. W. Cocks of Bungay. gives an interesting paper on “What, when and how to read “ to the members of the Wesley


4.  A Dance arranged by Mr. W. Hall, takes place in the Town Hall, about 70 being present.
4.  About 50 persons attend a Social Evening given by the Congregational Church Choir.

5.    Annual  meeting  of  the  Beccles  Co-operative  Society  held,  when  a  dividend  to  members  of  1s  10d  in  the    was

5.   Members  of the Girl’s  Friendly  Society have tea  at the Town Hall  after which the  company were  entertained  by Mrs.

6.  Mrs. .J. K. Barney, a lady from America. gives an interesting address entitled “Round the world with the White Ribbon” in

of Littleport.

theTown Hall. There was a large attendance.
6.  Miss Hannah Pleasants is the recipient of wedding presents from the firm  and young women  employed  in the Binding

Department of the Caxton Press, in acknowledgment of a long period of service.

7.  A meeting of the subscribers of the Chrysanthemum Society held in the Rectory Room, Canon Rowsell presiding.
8.  The G.E R.  employees  in the Way  and  Works Department have their Annual Dinner at the Railway Hotel, Mr. Youell


8.  Nomination of Candidates for Beccles School Board, viz. W. M. Crowfoot, surgeon; W. Heather, Congregational minister;
11.  The Beccies Orchestral Society give a successful Concert at the Town Hall, a large number being present.

J. P. Larkman. solicitor; W. Read, merchants’ manager; E G.R. Watson, chemist.
11.  The first of the annual dinners to the railway employees, at Beccles, promoted by public subscription, held at the King’s
Head Hotel, Dr. McComb presiding in the absence of the Mayor. Mr. Blanden, station master, was

in the vice-chair
12.  A slight outbreak of fire occurs at the Convent.
12.  The annual tea and Meeting of the members of the Congregational Church takes place, a good number being present.

and about 50  members of the staff were present.

13.  Nos. 8 and 9 Companies 1st N.V.A. inspected by the Adjutant, Capt. Wyatt, at the Drill Hall.
13.   Sergt..Trumpeter C. H. Barkham  is presented with a long service medal, by Adjutant, Capt. Wyatt, at an inspection of

8 and 9 Co’s , 1st N.V.A.

15.  Annual Meeting of the Waveney Valley Teachers’ Association held, Miss Robinson presiding over a good attendance.
18.  The second portion of the staff at the Beccles station have their Annual Dinner at the White Lion, the Mayor presiding.

19.  The members  of the Wesley Guild hold  a “Social”  in the  Wesleyan  Schoolroom. A large  number present  and  a capital

programme provided.
22.  Corporal W. Upcraft, Rifle Volunteers, is presented with pair of field glasses, tobacco and pipe on his leaving for South

Africa with the Norfolk Volunteer Service Co.

24.  A man named Alfred Turner, while unloading sleepers near Beccles Railway Station has his foot badly crushed.
24.  At the Wesleyan Schoolroom a paper is read by Mr. R. E. Adams before the Wesley Guild, on “The Conduct and Ritual of

Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 
Divine Service.’

25.  Adjutant V. T. Worship inspects the Rifle Volunteer recruits at the Drill hall, Old Market Place.
25.  A successful meeting of the Temperance Society held in the Congregational Schoolroom, Rev. W. Heather presiding.

25.  Disasfrous fire occurs at Bungay resulting in total destruction of Mr. C. Marston’s corn mill near the Staithe. Estimated
damage 2000.

25.  Death of Lord John Hervey occurs at Bungay, causing universal regret.
26.  Annual Meeting in connection with Public Library held. Canon Rowsell presiding, when question of taking over adjoining

Reading Room is discussed, and a committee appointed to go into the matter.

29.  A G.E.R fireman is taken to Beccles Hospital, having sustained injuries by falling from his engine
29.  Mr. P. J. Gibbons holds his annual Cycle Show at the Town Hall.

MARCH 1902
2.  Rev. C. J. Thorne, missionary from Madigascar preaches at the Congregational Church in the morning.

2.  A successful Temperance meeting held in Town Hall, Mr. Garwood Ingate presiding.
3.  Beccles Volunteers who signed for service in South Africa leave Norwich with the Service Company.
3.  A Sale of Work is held at the Barracks in aid of the Salvation Army self-denial fund.

3.  The C.E.T.S. conclude its winter session by a successful meeting at the Ingate Mission Room. Canon Rowsell presides.
4.  Capt. Henderson of the Beccles Salvation Army meets with an accident while cycling to a service at Loddon.
4.    The  death  takes  place  at  Fair  Close,  of  Mr.  Joseph  Watson,  at  the  age  of  59  years.  Deceased  was  for  many  years

superintendent of the Wesleyan Sunday School.
5.—A Sale of Work in aid of the Twentieth Century Fund is held in Congregational Schoolroom 23 2g. being realized.
5.  A Smoking Concert arranged by the Beccles Conservative Association is held in the Town Hall. Col. Lucas M.P. for the

division  was  present  and  received  a  hearty  reception  upon  addressing  the  meeting.  The  Mayor

6.  Meetings in connection with the Beccles and District Free Church Council held at Halesworth.
7.  Annual Meeting of the Caxton Athletic Club held when a gratifying balance in hand is reported.
7.  Meeting  of  members  of the Chrysanthemum  and  Floricultural  Society held in Rectory Room. The Mayor  expressed the

opinion that the Chrysanthemum Show was appreciated and ought not to be allowed to lapse.

8.  Funeral service takes place in the Wesleyan Chapel of the late Mr. J. G. Watson, a large number being present.
9.  At the P.S.A. meeting the Rev. W. Heather pays a touching tribute to the memory of the late Mr. J. G. Watson.
12.  Confirmation Service held in the Parish Church conducted by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese. There were 132 candidates

from the various parishes present.
12.  Members of the British Women’s Temperance Association have their annual tea in the Primitive Methodist Schoolroom,

financial and other reports being rnost encouraging.

12.  First meeting of the re-elected Beccles School Board held, when the usual business was transacted.
l4.  Meeting of membsrs of Beccles Public Library held, when Committee reported it would be impossible to amalgamate with

the Reading Room.

15.  Annual Dinner of the Caxton Press Fire Brigade held at the King’s Head Hotel, the Mayor presiding.
16.  The Annual Tea and Entertainment given to their employees by Messrs. Elliott and Garrood takes place at the Town Hall

and proves a great success.
16. The Rev. H. Flemming, of Clacton-on-Sea preaches in the Primitive Methodist Chapel in connection with the Connexional

Home Missions.
17.  In connection with the British and Foreign Bible Society a lantern lecture upon ‘China and the Chinese” and “Bible work

among the Chinese” is given in the Town Hall by the Rev. J. Thomas, formerly of Shanghai. The
collection amounted  

tc 5 13s.

17.  The funeral of the late Mr. Robert Tilney takes place; Canon Rowsell officiated and there were a large number present.
17.  First general meeting of the Beceles Waveney Angling Club held at the Cambridge Stores, Northgate street. There was a

good attendance and Col. Combe was elected president.

18.  Two well attended entertainments are given in the Town Hall by the boys from the Farningham Homes.
19.  The Choral Society assisted by the choir perform at the Parish church Mendelssohn’s ~‘ Hear my prayer” and Stainer’s

“Crucifixion.” A large congregation was present.
20.  The marriage of Miss Grace Rankin Wilson, daughter of Col. T. Wilson, Mayor of Beccles, with Mr. Richard Cromwell

Warner, son of Rev. Canon Warner, takes place at St. Andrews, Ashley Gardens, Westminister.
20.  The Annual Meeting  of the Church  of  England Central  Society for providing  homes for  Waifs  and  Strays  held  in the

Rectory Room. A service was afterwards held in the Parish Church.
20.  Local Inquiry held in connection with the application by the Beccles Town Council, for a loan of 1,000 for improvements

to  the  Town  Hall,  before  J.  C.  Pottinger,   Esq.,  M.1.C.E.,  one   of   Local  Government  Board

20.   Vestry Meeting  held when the  outgoing  overseers, Messrs. A.  Pells, C. H. Durrant, H. Hopson,  and  L. G.  Laws  are

nominated for the ensuing year.
21.  At the Wesleyan Chapel Rev. T. Brian Castle, of Nottingham,  deputation  for Home Missionary  Society gave  a lecture

entitled “A Methodist Revival in the Parish Church.”
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

23.  Offertories at the Parish Church in aid of the Curates Fund realise 16 17s.
26.  The annual rent audit tea takes place in the Town Hall, the Mayor presiding.

28.  The offertory at the Parish Church in aid of the Jews’ Society realised 5 I5s. 6d.
28.   Special  rejoicings with the  Salvation Army  on the  occasion of the  marriage  of “Capt.” J. Henderson with “Capt.” M.

28.    Service  of  Song  given  in  the  Primitive  Methodist  Chapel  entitled  “Blind  Betty’s  Text,’  the  narrative  given  by  Mr.

being the first Salvation Army officer’s wedding ever celebrated at Beccles.

Garwood Ingate.
28.  Anniversary services held in the Martyrs’ Memorial Chapel, Mr. J. Hunt Lynn preaching in the afternoon.
31.  The marriage takes place of Miss  Edith Clark,  fourth  daughter  of Mr. James Clark,  of Market House. to Mr. Arthur

Ashford Waller, second son of Mr. 11. WaIler, Pier Terrace, Lowestoft.
31.  The Town Hall is densely packed with an audience to witness the talented Walford Family’s Entertainment.
31.  Rev. J. Hunt gives interesting lectures on “Some early American Methodist Preachers” in the Wesleyan Chapel. There was

APRIL 1902
1.   A Vestry Meeting held at the Parish Church, the Rector presiding, when the parish accounts were produced.

good attendance.

6.   The PSA. starts its new 13th half.yearly session.
8.   Adjutant V. T. Worship inspects the Rifle Volunteer recruits in the Drill Hall.
9.   School Board Meeting held, presided over by Mr. Wm. Read.

11.  Messrs. Read, Stanford and Gayford hold their annual spring sale of horses. There was a good demand.
12.  The funeral takes place of the late Mrs. F. S. Rix, amid manifestations of respect and sorrow.
12.  A Smoking Concert in connection with the Ancient Order of Shepherds takes place at the Caxton Arms.

13.  The Artillery Volunteers have a church parade and march to Barsham Church. Rev. Allan Coates preached.
15.  First annual meeting of the Men’s Social Institute held at the College, Mr. A. K. Hockey presiding.
16.  Theatrical performances by local ladies and gentlemen in aid of the Hospital are given in the Town Hall.

16.  The 16th  annual Tea of members  of Mr. J.  S. Palmer’s Bible Class takes place in the Waveney  Schoolroom, when the

Rector distributes the books subscribed for by the members.
17.  A town’s meeting to decide what should he done to suitably celebrate the coronation of the king, is held in the Town HalL

The Mayor presided and there was a good attendance.
20.    Mr.  Adam  Adams,  of   Lowestoft,   occupies  the  pulpit  at  the  Primitive  Methodist  Chapel   and  preaches  to   good

21.  Messrs. Read, Stanford and Gayford let for the Town Council about 200 acres of mowing and grazing marshes, realising

about 40/- an acre.
23.  Rev. W. Heather Secretary Beecles and District Free Church Council, who attended the great meeting held in St. James

Hall,  London,  to  protest  against  the  Government’s  New  Bill  on  Education  gives  an  interesting
account of the bill and  

his visit,  in the Congregational  Schoolroom. Rev.  E. Ball presided  and

there was a large attendance.
25.    Mr.  W.  S.  Watkins,  organising  Secretary  of  the  County  Technical  Instruction,  lectures  on  Dairy  Farming  in  the

Congregational Schoolroom in connection with the Beccles Co-operative Society.
28.  The marriage takes place at the Parish Church of Miss Harrietta Louisa Angell, daughter of the late Mr. George B. Angell,

to the Rev. H. Webster, MA.., fourth son of Mr. John Webster, of Dulwich.
28.  The Rifle Volunteers have a Route march via Ringsfield.
28.  Mr. Rogers of Brentwood attend the Congregational Christian Endeavour and gives an address.

29.  Ven. Archdeacon of Suffolk, Canon C. D. Lawrence, MA., holds his first visitation to the clergy and churchwardens at the
Parish Church.

30.  The Artillery Volunteers have a parade and are inspected prior to going to Languard to Camp.
30.  The death takes place at the “Grotto” of Mr. C. F. Parker.

MAY 1902
3.   Beccles contingent Artillery Volunteers proceed to Languard camp.

3.  The funeral takes place of Mr. C F. Parker.
7.  The Baptist Chapel Choir, assisted by friends, perform  a service  of  Song  in the Martyrs Memorial  Schoolroom,  entitled

7.  The 19th quarterly meeting of the Beccles Co-operative Society held, Mr. Buck presiding. Twenty-two new members were

End of the Strife”; the proceeds in aid of the Sunday School funds.

reported, the total number on the books being 874. A dividend of 1s10d in the was recommended.
8.  Some excitement caused by the vagaries of a bull, who pays an unwelcome visit to Mr. Marshall, confectioner. After some

trouble he is ejected from the premises and disports himself about the streets before finally getting

16.  Annual Meeting of the North Suffolk Agricultural Association, held at the King’s Head Hotel, Col. Burton presiding.
18.  A large congregation was present at the P.S.A. meeting to welcome Mr. John Flower, who gave an address upon “Why we

are Protestants.”
18.  Primitive Methodists celebrate their Sunday School anniversary. The Rev. E. Ball conducted the services and there was a

good attendance.
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

19.  Public Meeting held in connection with the Primitive Methodist Chapel, preceded by a tea.
19.  A Fete and Gala, under the auspices of the Beccles Men’s Social Institute is held, the weather proving most unpropitious.

24.  The G. and H. Companies 2nd V.B.N.R. have a special parade, and are put through various manouvres on the common.
24.  The funeral takes place of Mr. Charles Cowles, the Rev. E. P. P. L. Thompson conducting the first part of the service in

Parish Church.

25.  Congregational Sunday School Anniversary held, the services being conducted by the Rev. Walter Legerton.
28.  Annual Inspection of Police of Beccles, takes place on the Crown Meadow, Lowestoft.

28.  A hearty welcome  is  given to volunteers  returning  from  active service  in  South Africa. The  members  of the Artillery
Volunteer  Band  were  present,  and  the  large  crowd  lustily  cheered  as  the  train  approached.  The

returning men were  
29.  Members meeting  of the Congregational Chapel,  held in, the  Schoolroom, when Mr. W. Grice  and Mr. C.  Smith were

Privates A. Ingate, W. Rowe, W. Smith, W. Weavers, and A. Aldred.
appointed deacons to fill vacancies.

30.  Mr. Samuel Sutton, landlord of the Ship Inn, Bridge Street, found dead in bed. Deceased was in his 57th year.
JUNE 1902
1.  Rev. E. Ball, givss an address at the P.S.A. meeting on “Politeness” and ‘Honesty”

2.   Service held  at the Parish Church to  celebrate the Proclamation of Peace,  a fair congregation  being present,  after which
were general rejoicings throughout the town.

8.  Rev. W. Tomalin, of Bungay. addresses the members of the P.S.A. Society, the Rev. W. Heather presiding.
8.  Thanksgiving service at the Parish Church for the restoration of Peace in South Africa.

10.  The death takes place at his residence in Hungate Street, of Dr. William Taylor McComh, after several weeks illness.
14.  The funeral takes place of Dr. W. T. McComb. The Rev. Canon Rowsell officiated, and there were a number of tradesmen

and members of benefit societies present.
15.   Rev.  E. W. Trounson preaches  at the Wesleyan Chapel,  referring to the  Education Bill  and the High Church Clergy

15.  The P.S.A.  Society at their meeting pass  a vote of  condolence and sympathy with Mrs. McComb,  upon the loss  of her

husband, Dr. W. T. McComb.
17.  The funeral takes place of the  late Mr. Edwin Josiah Poyser, of Geldeston, the officiating  clergy being the Rev. Canon

Rowsell and the Rev. R. Dewe.
20.  Rev. Canon Rowsell  opens ths Annual  Sale  of  Work held in  Esborne House  garden, in  aid  of the Church  of  England

Society, for providing homes for Waifs and Strays.
21.  At the inviration of their teacher, Miss Walker, the members of the Congregational Young Women’s Bible Class, have a

pleasant river trip.

28.  The Rifle and Artillery Volunteers have a successful parade in the College meadow under their respective officers.
24.  The Annual Meeting of the governors of Beecles Hospital held, when a vote of condolence is passed to the widow and son

of the late Dr. W. T. McComb.
27.  Mr. R. Christie. overseer  in the foundry of the Caxton  Works,  is the  recipient  of  a handome present,  in the form of  a

29.  The death takes place of Mr. W. D. Boar. Deceased who was an old and well-known inhabitant, had latterly been a great

dressing case and a smoker’s companion, from the men and lads in his department.

JULY 1902
2.  Annual Sale of Work in aid of the Church Missionary Society, takes place in the Rectory gardens, the proceedings being of

6.  Preaching at the Wesleyan Chapel in the evening, the Rev. J. Sauger passed some severe strictures on the habit of betting

most successful character.
among adults and juveniles.

8.  The body of Mr. Charles Henry Lee, discovered on the pile bridge on the G.E.R. about a mile from Beecles.
12.  Annnual Sports in connection with the Caxton Athletic Club, attract a large gathering and prove most successful.

12.  The body of a pauper inmate at Shipmeadow Workhouse, named John Bacon, discovered with a handkerchief tied tightly

round his neck.
13.  Camp Meetings held in the College Meadow in connection with the Primitive Methodists, conducted by the Rev. B. Ball.
13.  The Wesleyan Chapel Sunday School Anniversary takes place, the services being conducted by the Rev. E. A. Bennett, of

14.  Successful Public Meeting held in the Wesleyan Chapel. Mr. F. Garrood of Wheatacre presided, and there were a good

number present.
17.  Halesworth Horse Society hold its ninth annual show on the High Field grounds. Favoured by fine weather the event was

most successful.
19.  At Bisley, Sergt. H. Tilney, 2nd V.B N.H. wins the “ Daily Graphic” Cup valued at 52 10s 0d.
22.  The Annual Prize Distribution to Scholars attending the Primitive Methodist Sunday School takes place, prior to which the

children were addressed by the Rev. E. Ball.
23.  Members of the British  Women’s Temperance  Society,  hold their  annual outing in splendid weather, the spot selected

24.  At the regatta of the Yarmouth Yacht Club on Breydon Water, Mr. H. Young’s  new boat ‘Queen Mab” won the Club

Langley Park.
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

Challenge Cup and also the Commodore’s Cup in the Cruisers handcap
25.  The Technical  Instruction Committee  meets in the Rectory Room, Rev. Canon Rowsell presiding, when the  Secretary

presents his reports.
27.  Rev. Canon Cole preaches the annual sermons on  behalf  of the Church Missionary  Society at the Parish Church. The

offertory amounted to 13 l0s. 3d.
28.  The Coronation Committee hold a meeting in the Council Chamber, the Mayor presiding, when it is resolved to carry out

the events postponed on June 28th, and hold an aquatic carnival on Bank Holiday.
28.  Funeral takes place  at Ringsfield. of the  late Princess Caroline  Letizza Aquilina Murat, who  died  on the  23rd July  at

Redisham Hall. The remains were placed in the Garden family vault.

29.  Rev Canon Rowsell presents the prizes at the Fauconberge Grammar School, in the presence of a numerous gathering.
30.  The Annual Garden Fete, in  aid of the Beccles Hospital Fund, held in Homefield  grounds. The weather was fine  and  a

30.  The Wesleyan sunday School Scholars have their annual Outing, the place visited being Worlingham.

gathering was present. The results of the Fete was 77 l0s.

2.  In the ocean race from Lowestoft to Aldeburgh, arranged by the Aldeburgh Yacht Club, Mr. H. Young’s “Queen Mab” is


4.  Wangford Aquatic Sports held, when several Beceles competitors were suceesslul.
4.  Aquatic sports  arranged in  connection with the postponed Coronation  festivities takes place  on the  river below Beccles

Bridge, attracting a large number of spectators and competitors. The Artillery Volunteer Band was

in attendance.
5.  The members of the Beecles Crown Football Club have their Annual Dinner at Smith’s Coffee Rooms, when the Secretary

reported a fairly successful season.
6.  Mr. William Tevison Burrell, a Bungay farmer found dead on the road by the side of his overturned cart, the horse lying

beside him.
9.    The  Coronation  of  His  Majesty  King  Edward  VII.  observed  at  Beccles  as  a  general  Holiday,  shops  being  closed  and

generally suspended. The Corporation with  various  Societies  and  Volunteers attended service  in Parish Church  at 11

a.m. Athletic Sports were held in the afternoon and Fancy Dress Costume Parade in the evening.

10.  A sudden failure in the town water supply occurs between 12 and 1 noon.
11.  At a special meeting of the Beccles Hospital, the Governors appoint Mr. Gilbert Wood-Hill as one of the medical officers.

11.  Rev. E. Ball addresses the members of the Congregational Christian Endeavour on “First things First.”
14.  Funeral takes place at Beccles Cemetery of Mr. H. S. Gobbitt of Saxmundham, and formerly of Beceles.

16.  At the invitation of the Superintendents of the Senior and Junior divisions, the teachers of the Parish Church Boys’ Sunday
School are entertained to a substantial tea on Boaters Hill, after a row down the river.

16.  The Beccles Company 2nd. V.R.N.R. leave for Yarmouth for the Annual Musketry course at the North Denes Rifle Range.
17.    A  lad  named  Hall,  while  rowing  on  the  river,  pluckily  rescues  a  little  girl  aged  nine  years  from  drowning  in  the


18.  The marriage takes place at St. James, Piccadilly, of Miss Garden, of Redisham, and Capt. Algernon Fielder.
20.  Sale of Work in aid of the Delhi Zenana Mission held at Blyburgate House, a sum of 75 being realised.

20.  The Scholars of the Primitive Methodist Sunday School have their annual treat in Mr. Gibbons’ meadow.
20.  The Members of Mr. R. C. Dunt’s Bible Class have their annual outing, driving to Gorleston.

20.  A collision occurs on Breydon between the yacht Gitana, 20 tons and the steam launch Ethel May, belonging to Mr. P. J.

Gibbons, the latter being sunk in 20 feet of water.
23.  The “Pickwickians” have their 9th annual outing, journeying to Sotterley via Blythburgh, a liberal meal being served at the

23.  Members of the Beccles Fire Brigade hold their annual Outing at Yarmouth, returning by way of Lowestoft, dinner being

provided at the Yarmouth Aquarium.
23.  A 16-ft. yacht, with Mr. Wilton Jones and three ladies, sinks below Beccles Bridge. The party were immersed, but were

able to keep afloat till help arrived.
24.  Offertories taken at the Parish Church in aid of Curate’s Fund, amounting to 12 5s., Rev. Canon Crowfoot preaching in

the morning, and the Rector in the evening.
26.—Mr. E. Self loses a valuable cow, as a result of its being stug by a hornet.
27.  The Wedding takes place at the Congregational Church, of Miss Mabel Marshall (eldest daughter of Mr. Chas. Marshall)

and Mr. Wm. J. F. Boar.
27.  A little girl named Beckett has a narrow escape from drowning, her father being able to rescue her.
29.  Funeral takes place of the late Mr. J. B. Holton, tile service heing conducted by the Rev. J. Hunt Lynn.

29.  A sad accident occurs whereby a  child  named Willie John Chapman,  is fatally  injured by the overturning of  a trap, in

30.    Mr.  C.  Smith’s  Bible  Class  have  their  annual  Outing,  Kessingland  being  the  place  selected,  where  a  capital  tea  was

he and his father, John Thomas Chapman, were riding.
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

4.  A gentleman named Chamberlin, and a companion, meets with a mishap on the river, whereby both were immersed; they

were rescued by Mr. A. Field.
6.  The funeral takes place of Mrs. John Green, for 60 years a member of the Martyrs’ Memorial Chapel. A number of friends

were present, Rev. J. Hunt Lynn conducting the service.
6.  The members of the Reed and Trumpet Bands of Nos. 8  and 9 Companies 1st N.R.G.A. visit Yarmouth for their annual

Outing, dinner being served at the Aquarium.
7.  The new pastor, Rev. John Harris, preaches at the Wesleyan Church, a good number being present.
7.  Rev. W. C. Ball, of Nottingham, brother of the pastor, preaches at the Primitive Methodist Chapel.

9.  The employees of the Ingate Iron Works hold their annual meeting at the Caxton Arms; Mr. W. Edmunds in the chair.
13.  The Beccles Town Band have their annual Outing, driving via Kessingland and Wrentham to Wangford, where an ample

dinner was provided at the Swan Hotel.
13.  Congregational Church Choir have a pleasant Outing to Lowestoft via St. Olaves and Somerleyton, and partake of tea at

the Pier View Hotel.

14.  Salvation Army Harvest Festival held the services being well attended.
15.  The yearly meeting of the Congregational Athletic Club held, when a satisfactory account of the club’s finances was given

by the secretary (Mr. E. Esling).
18.  The members of the Congregational Church Choir present Mr. W. J. F. Boar (a fellow member) with a handsome lamp, on

the occasion of his recent marriage.
17.  A young woman named Day has a narrow escape from drowning; the boat she was leaving gliding away as she attempted

19.  The Revising Barrister, Mr. Theobald Matthew, holds his court at Beccles Police Station, for thc purpose of revising the

land at the Bathing Place.

21.  Harvest Festival Services held at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, conducted by Mr. Adam Adams, J.P. Special anthems

of voters in the Beccles Polling District.
rendered by the choir under Mr. J. W. Frost.

23.  A Beccles lad named Benjamin Borrett, drowned while fishing with the lugger “Boy Roland” off Lowestoft.
24.  Sudden death of Mrs. Susannah Aldous in her garden at Blyburgate street, while talking to a visitor.

24.  A meeting in connection wxth the Independent Order of Good Templars held in the Town Hall, when Bro. J. Malins, C.C..

gives interesting lecture on his “Journey round the World.”
25.  At a meeting of the Town Hall Committee tenders were received in connection with the alterations and additions to that

building,  the  committee  recommending  the  acceptance  of  Messrs.  Boddy  and  Son  (Norwich)  at

28.   Sunday  School Anniversary held  at the Martyrs’ Memorial Chapel, Rev. R. C. Bardens  conducted the services, which

28.  Wesleyan Harvest Festival held, the preacher  being Mr. C. C. Kelsey (Harleston). The church was tastefully decorated,

well attended.

29.  Coronation Committee hold their last meeting, the Mayor presiding, when the final business connected with the Beccles

the usual harvest hymns were sung.

festivities were disposed of.
30.  At a special meeting the Corporation confirm the Town Hall Committee’s recommendation to accept the tender of Messrs.

Boddy and Son, Norwich, at 917, for alterations and additions to the Town Hall.
1.  A new lodge in connection with the I.O.G.T., is instituted at a meeting at Smith’s Temperance Hotel, the lodge to be called

the “Twentieth Century” Lodge.
2.  Vestry Meeting held at the Parish Church, to consider and decide on an application from the Overseers to authorise them to

charge on the poor rate the expenses of procuring a valuation of certain properties in the parish. The

Rector presided.
2.  Harvest Festival celebrated at the Parish Church, the preacher being the Right Rev, the Lord Bishop of Thetford. The large

congregation included the local Volunteers. The Church was effectively decorated.
2.   A  largely  attended meeting  held in Corn Hall  under the  auspices  of the British  Women’s Temperance Association,  in

of  the  movement  for  Closing  Public  Houses  on  Sunday.  The  Rev.  T.  W.  Gladstone

(Secretary Sunday Closing
3.  The  members  of the Caxton  Sick  Friendly  Society present the retiring  Secretary (Mr. H. Woolner) with  a  gift of 5,  in

Association) addresses the meeting, and a resolution in favour carried.

recognition of his 29 years’ secretaryship.
5.    Harvest  Thanksgiving  Services  held  at  the  Congregational  Chapel,  conducted  by  Rev.  W.  Heather.  There  was  a  good

5.  An outbreak of fire occurs at a cottage occupied by Mr. Carl Gower, Ravensmeer,which the Fire Brigade speedily subdues
6.  Public Meeting in connection with the Harvest Services of the Congregational Chapel, held in the Schoolroom, the pastor

presiding. Addresses given by Rev. W. Tomalin and Rev. J. Harris.
7.  Mr. and Mrs. George Bolton, Denmark road, celebrate their golden wedding, and entertain a number of friends.
7.  Annual Meeting  and Prize Distribution of the P.S.A.  Society held in Congregational  Schoolroom. The  Secretary (Mr. A.

Salter) reported a very successful year. An interesting programme was provided and about 140 prize
Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

books were  
11.  At the  invitation  of  Lieut. Carteret Leathes, the G  and H Companies Rifle Volunteers  have  a  route march to Mutford,

presented to members regularly in attendance.

where the men were entertained.
12.  Rev. Canon Rowsell conducts the Harvest Thanksgiving Service for children in the afternoon at the Parish Church. The

offertory devoted to the Mission Room Sunday School.
12.  Beccles Fire Brigade,  joined  by the Bungay Brigade, have their  annual Church Parade; headed by the Town Band, the

procession march to the Parish Church, and after the service march through several streets.
13.  A schoolboy named Wm. Geo. Mean, of Thuriton, choked by swallowing an acorn.
14.  Meeting of the Queen Victoria Memorial Fund Committee held, the Mayor presiding, when subscriptions amounting to

memorial should take the form  

l0s. were reported,  of which  21 11s, had been paid in.  Suggestions were made that the
of a bust or painting of the late Queen to be placed in the Town

15.  Annual Meetings of the Beccles and District Free Church Council held in the Wesleyan Church. There was a Conference

the  afternoon  on the  Education Crisis.” Resolutions condemning the  Education Bill were

unanimously passed.
19.  Mr. C. W. Deacon, J.P.. C.C., Ex-Mayor of High Wycombe, preaches special sermons on behalf of the Methodist Local

Preachers’ Mutual Aid Association, at the Wesleysn Chapel.
22.—A most successful Entertainment takes place in the Congregational Schoolroom arranged by Miss Walker, in. connection

with the Band of Hope, a large audience being present.
25.  Annual Dinner of the Caxton Outing Club takes, place at the Corn Hall, Col. Wilson presiding.
25.  House to house collection made on behalf of Dr. Barnardo’s Homes, the amount realized being 14 16s. 2d.

29.    The  Mayor  entertains  a  large  and  representative  company  at  the  Corn  Hall,  in  commemoration  of  King  Edward’s

Coronation, the guests being drawn from the various public bodies in the town.
31.  A labourer, named Arthur Lane, in the employ of Messrs. Boddy, Norwich, while at work at the Town Hall, meets with a

serious accident, a pail falling some thirty feet on to his face and injuring his nose. The sufferer was
removed to the  


3.  First meeting of the winter session of C.E.T.S., held in the Ingate Mission Room. The Rector presided and there was a good

3.  The 4th Annual Meeting of the Congregational Christian Endeavour  Society held in the  Schoolroom, there being  a large

4.  Entertainment in aid of Girls’ Friendly Society held in the Corn Hall by the Misses Conway, and greatly appreciated by the

large audience present.
5.   At the  Yarmouth  Fanciers Annual  Show, Messrs.  E.  E. Kirby  and H. Copeman  and  Son  are  successful  exhibitors, the

first-named obtaining a 1st, and the latter a 1st and 2nd prize.
7.  Messrs. Cannell and Sons hold their Annual Show of Roots in the Corn Hall. The exhibitors were numerous. The Judges

were Mr. F W. D. Robinson, Roos Hall, and Mr. J. Brock, Gillingham.
9.  The King’s 61st Birthday celebrated hy the hoisting of the flag on the Church Tower and the ringing of the bells.
10.   First Quarterly Meeting  of the Corporation  held  at  12  o’clock, when Cooncillor A. McQucen is unanimously  elected

10.  Rev.  W. Heather, MA., reads  an  interesting paper on “How we  got our Bible”  at the  Wesley Guild, which was much

on the proposition of Alderman Walton, seconded by Councillor Woodroffe.

12.  Annual Show of the Beccles and District Chrysanthemum and Floricultural Society held in the Corn Hall, proving highly

12.  Annual Meeting in support of the Church Missionary Society held at the Rectory Room, Mr. E. T. Dowson presiding. Rev.

Canon Rowsell produced a satisfactory report in respect to local effort.
12.  At the Annual Show of the Lowestoft Fanciers Miss Clabborn, Messrs. Copeman, Mrs. Holmes, and Mr. E. E. Kirby were

successful exhibitors.
14.  Col. Wilson on behalf of the Corporation, presents Mr. Tom P. Angell with a wedding present in the form of a solid silver

entree  dish  suitably  inscribed  and  bearing  the  borough  arms,  and  conveying  the  Council’s  best
wishes on his marriage.

15.  A Concert in aid of the Men’s Social Institute held in the College Schoolroom, and proves a financial success.
16.  The Beccles  Volunteers  (G and H Companies)  join the Battalion  at Yarmouth  and take part  in the “Mayor’s  Sunday”

parade at St. Nicholas Church. Previous to the parade Col..Sergt. W. C. Hoff, on behalf of the men,
presented Major

Angell with a silver cigarette case, &c., suitably inscribed on the occasion of his

16.  Rev. C. H. Ingram preaches at the Wesleyan Chapel in connection with Wesleyan Foreign Missions, a special service for

children being held in the afternoon.
18.  The Marriage takes place at St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Church, Bayswater, of Mr. T. P. Angell, Town Clerk, and

Miss S. Gertrude Rachel Parrish. Father Black officiated.
18.  James Beales, bill poster, meets with a serious accident when descending the hill from White Horse yard to Puddingmoor,

Beccles, Newspapers, Diary for 1889-90 
David Lindley, July 2002 

fracturing his left arm.
19.  Rev. C. H. Titterton, D.D., lectures on “The Jews in Poland” at the Ingate Mission Room; Rev. Canon Rowsell presided,

and Mr. H. Ainsworth manipulated the lantern. There was a good attendance.
19.  The  newly-formed 20th Century  Lodge  of Good Templars  hold their first public  meeting  at the  Lodge Room, when  a

petition to Parliament was signed, urging the passing of the Liquor Traffic Local Veto Bill.
20.  Annual Meeting of the Society for Propagation of the Gospel held at the Rectory Room, Mr. W. M. Crowfoot presiding. A

satisfactory statement of accounts producod by the local treasurer Mr. F. S. Rix.
22.   Mr. Alfred  Woods, Ingate  Lodge,  kindly permits the public to  inspect  his splendid  collection  of Chrysanthemums,  a

privilege very much appreciated by the large numbers present.
23.  The “Dead March” in Saul played and sympathetic references made at the Wesleyan Chapel, to the death of the late Rev.

Hugh Price Hughes.
25.  At a meeting held in Darby’s room, it is decided to re-start the Beccles and District Liberal Association, Mr. W. Elliot was

elected  president,  Rev  W.  Heather,  vice-president,  Mr.  W.  Read,  treasurer,  and  Mr.  G,  Dunn,

26.  Mr. W. K. E. Larke meets with a serious accident in Hungate St. fracturing his collar-bone and severely bruising himself.
26. Norwich District of the Co-operative  Society, hold a  conference  at the  invitation of the Beccles Committee, Mr. Buck

26.    Sale  of  Work  held  at  the  Primitive  Methodist  Schoolroom,  in  aid  of  the  debt  incurred  in  renovation.  The  proceeds

amounted to about 70.
1.  Monthly Meeting of the Church of England Temperance Society held in Ingate Mission Room, the Rector presiding. Mr. J.

G. Collins gave a lecture on “ Almost wrecked” illustrated by lantern slides.
2.  Annual tradesmen’s Dinner held at the Bear and Bells Inn, Mr. G. Johnson presiding.
2.   Some excitinent caused by a load of straw catching  fire in the New Market about 8 p.m. The  outbreak was  attributed to

explosion of a paraffin lamp attached the waggon.
3.  A united service of intercession for Foreign Missions held in the Parish Church, an address being given by the Rev. N. G,

Lawson, (Haddiscoe.)

3.  An old inhabitant, in the person of Mr. Wm. Piper passes peace fully away at the age of  84 years.
3.    New  premises  of  the  Beccles  Mens’  Social  Institute  formally  opened.  Mr.  A.  K.  Hockey  presided  and  there  was  a

representative gathering. It was stated that 200 out of the 250 required ha been raised.