HAWKERS: We hear that Petitions are preparing in the towns of Beccles & Bungay to be presented
to the Representatives of that County, requesting them to support a Bill for the entire suppression of

Norwich Merc 2 Jan       

Hawkers & Pedlars.
THEATRE:  Select  Company  from  Saddler’s  Wells  “at  a  large  Theatrical  Place  in  Beccles”.  Still
Rope Dancing, etc.

Norwich Merc 9 Jan        

TO BE LET: Good House with Wash-house,  Stable, Garden & very large  Yard, fit for business of
Fellmonger in Bridge Street [33 Northgate] late occupied by John Meek, deceased. The Yard so large
&  the  navigable  River  from  Bungay  to  Yarmouth  running  at  the  bottom  of  the  Yard  make  it

Norwich Merc 13 Feb        

convenient  for  almost  any  branch  of  Trade.  Enquiries:  Mrs  Mek,  widow,  or  Robert  Simons  at
Ringsfield Hall.
CONCERT & BALL: White Lion; Monday 12th, Benefit Mr Manini; 2s/6d, 6.30pm


Norwich Merc 3 Apr        

RACES: July 5th & 10th, Francis Schultz, Steward.       
COCKING at the White Swan, Beccles. Races. 5 Gns a Battle. 50 the Main. Ordinary each Day.
Mary Culyer,  Ely  Sparks  of Beccles to Bridewell. Reeling false yarn  Sarah Hoover of Beccles for

Norwich Merc 29 May 

1773    Norwich Merc  3 July 

Norwich Merc 26 Jun       

having wool of different Pulters - out at the same time do.
Lost of Beccles Common on 4th or 5th of July, a light chestnut riding mare with a cut tail, hanging

1773    Norwich Merc 31 July 

mane white shin? Down her face and a white foot lock behind.  Whoever will inform Mr Blowers,
Post Master of Beccles of the said mare shall be fully rewarded.

1773   Norwich Merc 14 Aug 

House  late  occupation Will Bendy, with Bank Barns, Mill house,  buildings, Puddingmoore yards,
gardens and orchards. 1 acre 3r. Staithe and warehouse by River Waveney…Also meadows adjoining

called Wildes meadows 4 acres. NB 115 very fine forest trees upon the premises.
Horse. Lost, supposed stolen from a pasture of Abraham Schildham.
To be let: House  and shop  late occup. Benj Baker, Chandlery, office, warehouse, stable  etc.  Enq:
Francis Harmer, grocer. [Blyburgate]

1773      Norwich Merc 28 Aug
1773      Norwich Merc 4 Sept 

1773     Norwich Merc 2 Oct 
1773     Norwich Merc 18 Dec 

Lost off Beccles Common in August. A black filley. 2 black horse colts, a mare and colt.
Edmund Barrett : large stock of brandy, rum, geneva? etc.

1774      Norwich Merc 7 Jan 

To be let. New-fronted dwelling house with old and good accustomed  Grocer's shop and warehouses
near the Market Place  now occup Owen Holmes,  grocer and tallow chandler. Also adjoining  house

occup. Mrs Mary Anguish.
Beccles.White  Lion.  Late Joseph Beck. Taken by James Algan from Diss (to  be sold there  a  neat
billiard table almost new)

1774     Norwich Merc  5 Feb 

1774     Norwich Merc 23 Apr 
1774     Norwich Merc Apr 23 

James Algen from Diss.
Beccles: James Alger from Diss, begs leave to inform his friends and the public in general that he has
opened a large and commodious Inn, near the Town Hall in Beccles aforesaid (to which house the old

sign  of the  White  Lion is  now  removed0where  he  laid  in  a stock of wines  ans  spirituous  liquors,
which  he  hope  will  prove  to  the  satisfaction  of  his  customers  whose  favours  will  be  gratefully
acknowledged By their most obliged humble servant, James Algan.

1774     Norwich Merc Apr 23 


NB. Very good stalled stabled and 5 hard?lands at the above Inn.
To be left and entered upon at Michaelmas next, a house situated at Beccles in Suffolk in Northgate
Street, now in the occupation of Edward Arnold, carrier. Consisting of a shop, parlour, kitchen and

wash house, four chambers, three garrets, very good cellar, pantries, etc with a large yard (walled in)
two  gardens,  a  barn,  stable  and  workshop  in  the  yard,  with  a  right  of  commonage  on  Beccles


For further particulars enquire Mr Edward Donn,  grocer and draper opposite the said house, or Mr
Robert Moore, grocer at Bungay. NB. The present tenant will quit the house sooner if required For
further particulars enquire Mr Edward Donn, grocer and draper opposite the said house, or Mr Robert

Moore, grocer at Bungay. NB. The present tenant will quit the house sooner if required.

1774     Norwich Merc 4 June 
1774     Norwich Merc June 25 

Mr and Mrs O'Brien,  having  delayed their  summer  vacation to make  a more  equal  division  of the
year, intend opening their school again on Monday 18th of July.


The  terms  for  board,  teaching  English  grammatically  and  various  sorts  of  needlework  are  fifteen
guineas a year and two guineas entrance. French half a guinea a quarter and half a guinea entrance.

Geography the whole  expense for tow pounds four shillings  and six pence. The terms for  dancing
(which  Mr  O'brien  teaches  three  times  a  week)  are  fifteen  shillings  a  quarter  and  half  a  guinea
entrance. The other accomplishments of music, writing, arithmetic and drawing, by proper masters on

the usual terms.

1774     Norwich Merc 9 July 
1774     Norwich Merc Aug 27 
1774     Norwich Merc Oct  1 

Auction *??
Meeting of His Majesty's Justices
To be sold by auction (by a written catalogue) by Samuel Creed on Wed 5th


and Thurs 6th Oct 1774. All the household furniture of Mr Edward Utting, decsd, at his late dwelling
house  at Beccles.Consisting of 4 post bedsteads, with Harraleen? And hangins,  goose  feather beds,
blankets, quilts  and  counterpains,  chests of  drawer, tables  and  chairs in mahogany  and walnut-tree,

carved, framed, pier  and other  glasses, stores, carpets  and  glass ware,  a very  good eight day clock,
with kitchen furniture and brewing utensils. The goods to be viewed on the Tuesday preceeding the
days of sale. Each days sale to begin at 10 O'clock.

1774     Norwich Merc Oct 15

Mr O'Brien's ball for his pupils in Beccles, will be at the Assembly Room on Friday 21 October. To
open at half past five O'clock and close at ten, that the company may have time for dancing. Tickets
to be had at Mr Miller's at the Kings Head and the White Lion at half a crown each 

Tickets to be had at Mr Miller's at the Kings Head and the White Lion at half a crown each

1775     Norwich Merc Jan 14 
1775     Norwich Merc Mar 4 

Beccles Assembly. Kings Head 3/-. Town now entirely free of smallpox.
To be let Brick House occup. John Kenwood. 3 parlours, 4 bed chambers, 2 night closets, 3 garrets,
kitchen, wash house, cellars, garden walled in, genteel summer house, chaise? House and stable.

1775     Norwich Merc Apr 22 
1775     Norwich Merc Aug
1775     Norwich Merc Aug 26 

S.M. Creed to sell furniture of John Kerwood gent and his house (details).
Concert and ball at Ass. Room 3/- Mr Maine.
Assembly Room: Ben Mully. Concert and ball 2/6


1775     Norwich Merc Sep 30 
1775     Norwich Merc Oct 28 

O'Brien's Ball. Ass. Room. Wed 11 Oct 6-10pm 2/6.
Fire at Reeve's of Worlingham. House, barn full of corn, corn stack, hay stacks, wagon loaded with
straw all destroyed. Malting office saved by Beccles Fire Engine.

1775     Norwich Merc Nov 25 

Beccles.  House  of  John  Grimstay?  And  shop,  handy  merchant  to  be  sold  in  Market  Place.  [New
Market BE]

1775     Norwich Merc Dec 30 
Beccles Ass Room. Wed 3rd Jan 2/6.
1776     Norwich Merc 13 Jan 

Geldeston staithe etc. to be sold by private contract. All that well-known staithe and wharf with the
sole  and  exclusive  right of  navigation belonging thereto,  extending to and  from the Port of Great

Yarmouth,  at which  is now carried  on  a very considerable  and well  established mercantile trade  in
coal,  corn,  deal,  etc. with  great  advantage,  and  in  great  repute,  being  so situated that the trade is
entirely free from all encumbrances of tonnage, lockage etc. to which most other inland navigations

are subject; being a singular and very considerable advantage to the trade of this navigation.
This situation for trade is admirably fine, being so entire within itself that no opposers will ever hurt


it, lying between the towns of Beccles and Bungay and having  a fine navigable  canal  cut from the
River  Waveney half  a mile  up to it, upon which stands  a small town  of warehouses,  malthouses,

granaries, etc. all adjoining to the land and locked up every night: with an exceeding fine coal wharf,
capable of containing 2000 chaldron of coal, which are landed with little or no expense, with a very

quick sale for the same.  Likewise alone  capable  of  containing 1000 quarters of  corn, built in 1773,
adjoining to which is commanded the canal, the wharf and all the buildings etc. upon it.
Also  an  exceeding  good  brick  and tiled malting office, built last summer, 40  comb steep, with two


exceeding good work floors, one plaster of Paris, the other brick, and a fine granary over the same,
capable of containing 500 quarters of corn, with store rooms and drying chambers for laying dry malt
so conveniently adjoining and built over the canal, that vessels may lay under the chambers to receive

their loading without expense and the same is capable of containing 1000 quarters of malt.
Adjoining is a strong-built brick cinder oven, with large yards boarded in for laying a large quantity
of coals and cinders. Also new built stables for the convenience of teams coming to the staithe; also


adjoining  is  a  large  spacious  quay  and  yard;  and  near  there  too  stands  an  exceeding  good  and
convenient messuage with very pleasant garden, orchards with great variety of fruit trees, fish pond
etc, pleasantly situated  against the road leading from Bungay to Beccles, with  a barn, stables  and

convenient outhouses; and a Public House, known as the sign of the Wherry, let to John Brown at the
yearly rent of £5. Also  about 9 acres  of pasture or meadow land adjoining to the  navigation with  6
tenements,  four  of which  are  new built, brick and tiled, with large yards and  gardens to each,  very

convenient for watermen etc. employed in the said navigation.
The whole is freehold, and upwards of £2000 have been laid out upon the premises within five years,
which has rendered it  one of the most  compact situations  for  a  merchant, that is  in the  county of


Norfolk or Suffolk, and which opens itself into a fine extensive country for trade, which is a large and
well established and carried on with great advantage and is in great esteem.


The reason for all the premises being to be disposed of, arises from the present proprietor's intention
of going to reside in London, in a capital mercantile business.


Likewise are to be sold three wherries or lighters with their masts, sails, ropes, rigging and furniture
now  in  employ,  and  belonging  to  the  said  navigation,  in  conveying  merchandise  to  and  from
Yarmouth. Also a sixteenth part of a ship called "The Shrimp" of Yarmouth (burthen 100 tons, John

Moore, Master)  an  eighth part  of  a ship  called the "Good  Intent"  of  Yarmouth (burthen  100 tons,
Simon Smith, Master) and two pleasure boats with sails and rigging.
Also  an  estate  in  Geldeston  aforesaid  called  and  known  by  the  name  of  the  Old  Staithe,  with  a


messuage, outhouse and about two acres of land, let to Elias Clear, tenant at will at the yearly rent of
£7, together with a Marsh called the Staithe Marsh and the Staithe Dam, and Staithe Fleet belonging,
adjoining to the River Waveney, aforesaid, containing about four acres more or less in occupation of

the owner.
Also a piece of arable land called Gravel Pit Close, containing by estimation one and a half acres and
another  piece  of  arable  land  called  the  Hall  Meadow,  containing  three  acres;  and  an  adjoining


meadow  of  about  one  acre,  now  let  to  John  Morse  at  the  yearly  rent  of  five  guineas.  These  last
mentioned premises are copyhold.


The whole of the buildings and the croft etc. are in good repair and condition, and will all be disposed
of in one lot and may be entered upon next Michaelmas or sooner if desired.


For further particulars enquire of the Proprietor, Mr Samuel Robinson, merchant on the premises, or
of John Kerrick, Esq. at Harleston, John Gay,  Esq.  at Norwich: Mr Christopher  Eaton, merchant at

Yarmouth or Mr Joseph Shrimpton and Co. merchant in Mark Lane, London.
Beccles Fenn. This  is to  give notice that JOIST CATTLE  are taken on  as  usual  and that  a proper
person is appointed to look after them not if any stray off the fen. The expenses attending them will

1776     Norwich Merc Apr 27 

not be paid by the Corporation. Isaac Blowers port Reeve.
To be sold by auction. A capital substantial Manor House in Beccles. + details.
SALE:-  To  be  sold  by  auction,  Capital  substantial  well-built  freehold  brick  mansion,  situated  in

1776     Norwich Merc May 11 

Nor Merc 16 May

Beccles,  Suffolk  now  in the  occupation of John Cooper,  Esq,  commanding  extensive and pleasant
views of the navigation on the River Waveney for many miles, a large walled garden, planted with
the choicest fruit trees, now in full perfection, a fish pond, Boat house and the river at the bottom of

the garden. The house consists of three Parlours, Servants Hall, Housekeeper's room, Butler's room,
China room, Kitchen,  Store room, Brewhouse  etc. Ten room, six Bedchambers, Dressing room and
garrets, a large handsome six-stalled stable, coach house for three carriages, Hay and corn chambers

over the same, with 2  large yards walled in, fine pasture for  a certain number  of  horses  and  cows,
with every convenience for a gentleman of Fortune or Capital Merchant and fit for their immediate
reception, the whole being in perfect repair.

1776     Norwich Merc June 22 


Enquires of Samuel Maltwood Creed, Beccles (This will be advertised but twice more)
Second quarterly Ball. Mon July 1st.
Rest of 1776 missing

1777     Norwich Merc Jan 4 

Isaac   Lenny  -   continues  to  make   land  surveying  his  principal   employment."   Youth  may   be
conveniently boarded and taught the whole art of land surveying."

1777     Norwich Merc Feb 22 
1777     Norwich Merc May 3 

(Will. Crowfoot, brewer Beccles).
Cattle taken on the fen from May 12th 12/- per head.

1777     Norwich Merc June 7 

Sale of Brick Mansion [Roos Hall] - (long description) [Roos Hall] 
Grosvenor Square or LG Browne Attorney, Beccles.
Black mare stolen or strayed off the common. One guinea reward. Robert Beane, Wheelwright.

Apply    Sir    Robert    Rich,

1777     Norwich Merc June 7 
1777     Norwich Merc June 14 

S.M. Creed to sell at Kings Head large house
Ash candle and soap house - (long advert)
Beccles: to be sold very near Beccles parcel of fine oak timber, many of the trees fit for the Navy. C

1777     Norwich Merc June 14 
1777     Norwich Merc June 14 

10 woods of ash and elms with faggot wood and billet. Enq : James Skerry.
Will Maplestone to Beccles bridewell stealing £1-2-6 from shop of Mr Matchett of Ellingham. (many

1777     Norwich Merc July 5 

of the shillings were marked with 2 letters of Mr Matchett's name).
Beccles Ass. Mon 14 2/6

1777   Norwich Merc July 5 
1777   Norwich Merc July 19 

Beccles Quarter  Sessions  : Benjamin  Eves stealing  a pig. Publicly whipped next market day and  at

1777   Norwich Merc Aug 30 

To  be  sold  or  let  …  brick  messuage  …  large  garden  walled  in  (1  acre)  Enq.  Will  Elmy  or  Rev
Beccles Quarter Session. Sam Ward and Rich. Golts stealing a great coat prop. of Will Ingate from

1777   Norwich Merc Oct 11 

houses  of  Will  Hailstone  [Bungay]  to  be  publicly  whipped  afterwards  sent  on  board  one  of  His
Majesty' Ships of war.
Wanted: an assistant at Mrs O'Brien's School qual. To teach Tambour, Dresden and plain works. Can

1777   Norwich Merc Nov 22 
read and write the English language with propriety. Not less than 30.

1778   Norwich Merc Jan 3 
1778   Norwich Merc Jan 17 

Stolen from kennel of Will. Leman, a pointer 5 gns reward.
Beccles Quarter Sessions at the Guildhall. Robt Button alias Allen convicted of breaking open a box

in  the  house  of  John  Holmes  alehousekeeper  of  Bungay  and  taking  17s  6d  property  of  Henry
Belingfield servant to Holmes. For which  offence he was sentenced to  3 years  hard  labour in the

Allday and Kerrison appointed exchangers of the deficient gold coin which commenced 1 May now
provided with new money  and such  as will remain to  be  current, to  give  in exchange for  deficient

1778 Norwich Merc Aug 1

Guineas weighing less than
Half guineas 





  8        and not





 16       less than



Quarter guineas 
Coined prior to the first of January 1772
Continue to exchange them till 19th of August at the following towns:

   1          7

1778 Norwich Merc Aug 1


Mr Owen Holmes Beccles etc.
Will esteem it a favour as large a premium will be given
From  every part  of the Kingdom these  are most pleasing  account  of a plentiful  harvest, which is


already begun in Hertfordshire  etc; the farmers say that flour before Christmas will be so low as 24s
per sack.
Miss Cropley. School at Wymondham. [Moved to Beccles by 1/1/1780 -2 left by 1781]

1778 Norwich Merc Aug 24 
1778 Norwich Merc Aug 24 

William Jackson - Crown Inn; Downham Market [Thos Jackson at White Lion 1767]
Average prices of corn (in Suffolk) Wheat 4 - 0; Rye : 2 - 10 ; Barley 2 - 3 ; Oats 1 - 11 ; Beans 2 - 9.
To be sold by auction at the Kings Head

1778 Norwich Merc Aug 31
1778 Norwich Merc Sept 14 


Lot 1 A messuage with convenient outhouse, and about 73 acres of land  Outsitter in 1775 lying in
Beccles, Ringsfield and Barsham all Freehold, subject only to 2 small rent of 3s 4d with a grove of

oak timber about the farm now in the occ of Mr Thos Hotblack, at the yearly rent of £62.
Lot 2 A messuage with corn outhouse etc. in Wenhaston

1778 Norwich Merc Sep t21 


We hear a woman servant who has lived near 50 years in Mr Schultz's family at Gillingham was on
Thursday found drowned in a pond near the house.

1778 Norwich Merc Sept 28 
Notice about Shipmeadow House of Industry Up to 12 October 1779 - 1780
1779 Norwich Merc Mar 27 

Whereas the ushership of the Free School at Beccles, for the education of youth in reading, writing
and arithmetic, is become vacant. Friday 16th April next (at eleven in the forenoon) is appointed for a

proper person to succeed to that office: Such persons as may intend to offer themselves as candidates
for the same, are desired to send a testimonial of their moral character and ability and a specimen of

their writing, to Mr John Assey of Beccles, one of the Governors of the said school.
NB. The salary is £30 besides perquisites, which amounts to about £5 p.a.

1779 Norwich Merc Oct 28 


Last Sunday se'n night a large gang of Kentish smugglers, to the amount of near 100 horses and men,
loaded with dry goods, passes by Beccles, Bungay and through Harleston. On the Monday a party of
them seized Mr Porrock, an excise officer at a public house in Yaxley, near Eye in Suffolk, and after

beating him in a most inhuman manner ties him cross a horse and rode off with him, there is but little
doubt of his being murdered. This daring outrage was  committed at one o'clock  at noon in sight of
many people. A party of tight horse  in  disguise  have been  searching the  country round  for  some

miles, but can get no intelligence of him. This man heard to shriek in a terrible manner through some
of the villages as they carried him along.
Mrs O'Brien's Ball.  Wed May 13  2/6. Mrs O'brien wants  apprentice not under  14. "A  clergyman's

1778 Norwich Merc April 18 

daughter would be most agreeable.
Battalion of Norfolk Militia marched from Norwich to Beccles and Bungay and next day proceeded
to Southwold.

1778 Norfolk Chron June 3 
1778 Norwich Merc July 25 

White Horse in Market Place to be sold with food stables, tenements and White Horse 
water convenient, right of commonage. Yearly rent £18.
Enquiries: Denny Barker of Beccles.


1778 Norwich Merc  Aug 29 


Rev. Carter, Rector of Worlingham, N. Cove with Willingham d. aged 87.
S  M  Creed  to  sell  furniture  and  farm  and  stocks  of  Isaac  Sallows  of  Henstead.  (Details  of  sums
required on mortgages)

1778 Norwich Merc Sept 19 

1778 Norwich Merc Sept 26 
1778 Norwich Merc Oct 10 

House to let. Enquiries Thos. Blowers, carpenter and joiner.
John Brewer, stone-mason joined by Ed Holl. Monuments, tombs, balck marble and Portland.

1778 Norwich Merc Nov 28 
1778 Norwich Merc Nov 28 

Warwick Militia leave Norfolk for Beccles, Lowestoft, Southwold, Halesworth etc.
Wanted 6 journeyman coopers (6 months work) Sam Barry, Beccles

1778 Norwich Merc Dec 19 
1778 Norwich Merc Jan 2 

Beccles Assembly Friday January 1st: 2s/6d.
Beccles: Mr Amyas, Miss Chambers of late Alderman Chamber of Norwich pupils of Mr Alderson of
Norwich, perform "Cats".

1778 Norwich Merc July 4 

T.  Smith  takes  school  at  Beccles  of  Mr  Lenny,  late  deceased.  The   English  speaking  tongue
grammatically, writing, arithmetic, book keeping, geometry, mensuration, navigation, algebra, every
useful branch of mathematics… Strictest attention to morals and learning.

1779 Norwich Merc Jan 30 
1779 Norwich Merc Feb 3 

Assemby - Long Room: Benefit Johnson Collins, a blind boy.
Norfolk Company at Beccles:- Romeo and Juliet and All the Worlds a Stage. (Mons Thurs and Sats)
The Beaux Strategem and The Citizen.

1779 Norwich Merc Feb 3 

To be sold or let. House with large garden, choice fruit trees, brewing office,malting office, adjoining
the river. Will Crowfoot proprietor and occupier of the premises.
Norfolk Company of Comedians : Beggars Opera and th Lying Varlet. A Word to the Wise and the

1779 Norwich Merc Feb 27 

Meek Doctor. Pit 2s, Gallery 1s:  6-30pm
Norfolk Company: Jane  Shore  and the Witches Frolic (parts): tickets, Kings Head, White  Lion and

1779 Norwich Merc Mar 13 

Mr Errington at Richardsons collar maker.
Norfolk  Company   "The  Orphan   and  the  Witches   Frolic"  The   Suspicious  Husband  -   Stevens

1779 Norwich Merc Mar 20 

Paraphrase of Shakespeare's Ages, The Mayor of Garratt.
Norfolk Co. "A Word to the  Wise". Between the plays  entertainment will  be attempted (written by

1779 Norwich Merc Mar 27 

agent in Beccles) "All the World in a Pillory". The Quaker (musical)
To cover at James Collins, "The Horse and Groom"?
Beccles: Jonathon Bly, for keeping a house of ill fame [Newgate 1775] and stood in the pillory here,

1779 Norwich Merc Mar  27 
1779 Norwich Merc Apr 3 

pursuant to his sentence at Bury Assizes.
Widow Mayhew, carrier … continues late husband's business with assistance of careful servant.Cart
sets our from Beccles 10 am Mons and Thurs and from White Hart, St Peter's Norwich 12 noon Tues

1779 Norwich Merc Apr 3 

and Fri. Goes to Lowestoft Wednesday.
Joist Cattle from May 12th:  12/- a head.
To cover this season at 10/6  a move; Brigh Bay Cart Horse. Green Dragon Bungay  on Thursdays:

1779 Norwich Merc  April 17 
1779 Norwich Merc  April 24 

White Swan Beccles on Saturdays.
O'Brien's Ball Assembly Room:  2/6
On Wed.nesday  last the  Western Battalion  of the Norfolk Regiment  of Militia  commanded  by the

1779 Norwich Merc  May 22 
1779 Norwich Merc  June 19 

Earl of Oxford marched in two divisions by Bungay and Beccles to Aldeborough where they arrived
on Wednesday and are to be en camped. "The same day the Eastern Battalion of Essex marched into
headquarters at Yarmouth. Stationed at Yarmouth, N.Walsham, Lowestoft and Beccles."

1779 Norwich Merc  July 17 

Mr Dobson present his respectful compliments. Likenesses in profile, likenesses being adjusted by an
introduction of the features in Indian Ink. Most sincere thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of Bungay
and Beccles for the many favours conferred on their humble servant J Dobson.



NB. A finished profile with frame and glass complete 10/6.
Rode  away  from  Beccles  by  a  deserter  of  Capt.  Astley's  Company  A  RUSTY  BLACK  MARE

Norwich Merc Nov 27  

HOBBY rising 6 years old about 13 hands ½ high mane partly cut and hanging down on the near side
and a switch tail. Whoever can give account of the sand mare, so as she may be had again shall have

reasonable changes allowed for their trouble by applying to Thos Brown, Beccles.
Rook's Lane To be let and entered upon immediately at Beccles in Suffolk, a very good house well

Norwich Merc Nov 27  

situated and with every desirable convenience for a carpenter, joiner and cabinet maker in which the
late John Pleasants carried on a very large and extensive business in the above branches. The stock of
oak timbers wainscot and deals of various dimensions to be sold at a fair valuation.



For particulars enquire of John Barcham? Or Owen Holmes, executors to the late Mr Pleasants … etc.
New Market: Mrs O'Brien begs leave to acquaint her friends, that in order more effectually to carry
on her plan of the education of YOUNG LADIES in the several departments of it, she has taken into

Norwich Merc Dec 13

partnership,  MRS  BERRY,  (late  of  Halesworth  in  this  county)  and  flatters  herself,  that  by  this
FORTUNATE connection the end she propose will be fully answered.
They are, at this time, in want of a half border, and are desirous of taking an apprentice; the terms of


each may be known by applying to them at Beccles. Letters post paid will be duly answered. They
open school again the 17th of January.
A person who has long been an assistant, is out of employment on account of the partnership and is


desirous  of  engaging  as  a TUTORESS TO YOUNG LADIES In A Private Family Or In A School
For the  conveniency of presents being delivered  in  London  in time for Christmas  and New Years

Norwich Merc Dec 13

The  Beccles  Machine  will    set  out  from  the  Kings  Head  Inn  in  Beccles  on  the  mornings  of
Wednesday the 22nd and 29th of this instant December at one o'clock to be at the Cross Key Inn in


Gracechurch Street London on Thursday.
Miss Cropley most respectfully informs her friends and the public, that she has taken a commodious
house in Beccles, for the purpose of boarding and instructing young ladies in every part of polite and

Norwich Merc Dec 22

useful education. The terms for the boarding, reading and teaching all sorts of needlework, viz neat
plain work, Dresden, tambour, tent stitch  and  embroidery,  fourteen  guineas a year  and one  guinea
entrance. Music, dancing, writing and arithmetic by proper masters on the usual terms.


NB The school will be opened for the reception of boarders and day scholars on Monday the 17th day
January next.
J.  Lenny hereby  informs the public that  he is  disappointed of the  house that was promised  him  in

Norwich Merc Dec 31

Bungay, therefore is obliged to decline his intentions of a school at present. He begs leave to inform
the  nobility  and  gentry  in  general,  that  he  continues  to  follow  the  LAND  SURVEYING  AND
MAPPING, and is at liberty to wait upon his friends (upon immediate notice) to any part of England


Rooks Lane: William Denny, carpenter and joiner, having taken the stock and premises of the late Mr
John Pleasants, deceased, intends  carrying  on the trade complete,  in all the  branches, and therefore

Norwich Merc Jan

humbly solicits the continuance  and support  of Mr Pleasant's  friends  and  of  all who will please to
favour  him  with  their  commands,  assuring  them,  that  his  constant  attention  to  their  interest  and
approbation  shall  be  devoted  to  their  service.  He  also  carries  on  the  cabinet  and  chair  making

business in the genteel taste and on the most reasonable terms. (was previously at Yoxford)
A.S. ALDERTON having  opened  a Boarding  and Day  School,  at Beccles  in  Suffolk, presents her
respectful Compliments to the Ladies and Gentlemen in Beccles and its Environs, and likewise to her

Norf Chron 12 Feb 

Friends in Ipswich and Yarmouth, and begs Leave to acquaint them and the Public in general, that her
House. (situated between the Church-yard and the Market-Place) is now ready for the Reception of

Boarders and Day-Scholars.
Her  Terms  are,  Parlour  Boarders,  21  Pounds  per  Ann.  Entrance  2  Pound  2  Shillings.  Boarders,


fourteen Guineas and one Guinea Entrance, Tea, Sugar and Washing excepted to bring with them a
half Dozen breakfast Napkins.


The strictest Attention will be paid to the Morals of those Pupils committed to her Care, and to every
Part of their Education. Tambour, Dresden. Dearning, Plain Work, etc at Eight Shillings per Quarter.
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic  and the Italian Method of Book-keeping taught by A.S. ALDERTON

from Half past Eleven in the Morning till One O’clock, during which Time, all Sorts of School and
Blank  Books,  Pens,  Inks,  Paper,  Sealing  Wax,  etc.  may  be  had.  Music  and  Dancing  by  proper


 Boarding school for young ladies at Beccles. Mrs Berry begs leave to acquaint her friends and other
ladies and gentlemen that Mrs O'Brien having resolved to give up at Midsummer next her boarding
school at Beccles for young ladies, she has taken it from that time … etc

Norwich Merc May
Norwich Merc Jan 1 

Miss Cropley …  commodious  house … Needlework, neat, plain work, Dresden  and tambour, tent
stitch  and  embroidery 14  gns. Music,  dancing, writing and  arith. By proper masters. Puddingmoor  
[empty by 1781].

Norwich Merc  Jan 15 

A S Alderton opens  day and boarding  school. House between  churchyard  and Market Place  (long
advert) [16 Newmarket]
Beccles Fair. 4 May and cattle on the Fen from 12th May at 12/- a head.


Norwich Merc  Apr 15 
Norwich Merc   Apr 29 

Sale of furniture Mrs. Cooper at late dwelling house by S M Creed (details)
Mrs Berry (assistant) takes Mrs O'Brien's school.
Lost, supposed stolen off the common, a bay mare. Reward: Mr King of Beccles.


Norwich Merc   May 13 
Norwich Merc  May 20 


Norwich Merc   July 8 

Purvis, surgeon marries Miss Ferrier daughter of Robert of Starston.
Mr Murrill tanner had a chest broken open and nearly £400 taken.

Norwich Merc  Oct 21 
Norwich Merc Oct 28 

Last Sunday se’ennight a large group of Kentish smugglers, to the amount of nearly 100 horses and
many loaded with dry goods, passed by Beccles, Bungay and through Harleston…


Norwich Merc  Oct 28 

S.M. Creed to sell furniture of Mrs Parkinson, deceased (details).
Beccles: Deserted  from  Lieut.  Lodington's  recruiting party of marines,  quartered  at Beccles. Henry

Norwich Merc Dec 23 

Hythant  27,  Wm  Goodwin  alia  Fish  Alias  Skipper  29,  Peter  Washurton  34.  Whoever  apprehends
them shall receive FORTY SHILLINGS reward for each, or if they will deliver themselves up, shall
receive a free pardon.



Norwich Merc Jan 6 

 Beccles. Died William Bohun, last of his family at Westhall Hall.
Lost out of the White Horse Stable - a sorrel mare.

Norwich Merc  Jan 6 
Norwich Merc Mar 10 
Beccles and Harleston New Diligence by Bungay will set out every Monday at 9 am from Rampant

Horse, Norwich to the  Pie  at Harleston:  and  returns  on Tuesdays,  and will set out  every Thursday
from the Rampant Horse to the Kings Head in Beccles to return on Fridays.
Insides to Bungay 3s, One outside at 2s. Insides to Beccles and Harleston 4s. One at 2/6. Children on


the lap half price and parcels reasonable terms.
Famous ointment of the itch now made by Elizabeth Wakefield of Beccles, widow, successor to her
late mother, Mrs Hannah Cockerill, for whom she conducted the business these many years.

Norwich Merc Apr 17 
Norwich Merc  Sept 8 

Beccles.  Partnership  between  Nathaniel  and  Sam  Godbold  dissolved.  Sam  to  continue  Grocery
business. Apprentice wanted.
 Demands on estate of late George Hanely send account to Isaac Blowers or James Algan.


Norwich Merc Nov 3 
Norwich Merc  Dec 29 
Beccles Assembly. Johnston Collins long room 2/6.



Death of Thomas Ellis, merchant.
Millinery stock of Mrs Miller for sale. Retiring.
Benjamin Murrill, considerable ? died aged 53.

Norwich Merc  Jan 19
Norwich Merc  Mar 2 
Norwich Merc   Mar 16 


Norwich Merc   Mar 16 

To be let tanning office late B. Murrill. Handsome house lately rebuilt.
No more 1782



Norwich Merc Jan 5 

Beccles. Assembly for Johnston Collins: 2/6. No servants admitted.
S.M. Creed to sell furniture of late Mrs Berry.  Tamboer Frames, Music and Drawing. School books
and benches. Brewing utensils etc.

Norwich Merc Feb 1 
Norwich Merc Mar 29 

Died  William Crowfoot. "For many years Chief Constable of that place [Beccles]. A man  greatly
regretted by his family and acquaintance.
Chestnut horse to cover. 1gn and 2/6. The servant at the Maid's Head Inn.


Norwich Merc  Apr 12 
Norwich Merc Apr 26 

Lost from stable of Falcon Inn: brown dog named Tip. 1gn reward from Lt. Décor of 20? Regt Light
Dragoons at the Kings Head.
Cattle 12s a head from May 12. Frances Sewell Portreeve or Owen Holmes, surveyor. NB. A proper

Norwich Merc Apr 26 

person will be appointed to look after the cattle.
John Hankes, Beccles, Carrier.
James Algar announced that Michaelmas he (of the White Lion) shall remove next door to where he


Norwich Merc Jun 21 
Norwich Merc Jun 28,

now resides.
Stolen off Beccles common, a black gelding. Reward. William Good. Keeper of Beccles gaol.
Beccles Cast. See other notices?


Norwich Merc July 26 
Norwich Merc Aug 23 
Norwich Merc 30 

 Beccles. Trustees  and  directors of the New Fire Office Company in  London have with Mr Robert
Davey  of  Beccles  Agent  for  Beccles  and  Bungay  and  parts  adjacent  to  Insure  houses,  buildings,

goods, wares and merchandise.
Beccles. Brick Mansion House to be let. (long account …"A kitchen garden with a cut or canal up to

Norwich Merc Nov 1 

it from navigable river" Roos Hall?
Beccles.  Thomas  Singles,  druggist  and  chemist  opened  warehouse  -  large  assortment  and  more

Norwich Merc Dec 27 
coming from abroad? Wholesale and retail.


Norwich Merc Jan 17 

Mr Boldery? Of Westhall Hall marries Miss Barcham of Beccles.
Copor. London, Dublin York (see other notes) ?

Norwich Merc  Jan 17 
Norwich Merc Jan 31 

Beccles  "Comedy  of the Wonder"  des.  Ladies of Beccles. Perf. New Theatre there to  a polite  and
crowded audience next with universal applause.[The Assembly Room not built till 1786/87]

Norwich Merc Feb 7 

Beccles Theatre: Beaux Stratagem des Mr and Mrs Esdale and Conscious Livers des. Sir Edmund and
Lady Bacon.

Norwich Merc Feb 21 

Many  esp.  of  subs.  Etc  to  poor  including  Phil.  Bedingfield  of  Ditchingham  Hall  and  at  Beccles
"Three times  a week  a dinner  has been provided at the White  Lion, consisting  of the best beef and
bread and served out to the relief of 750 persons at a time".


Norwich Merc May 1 

The Miss Routh to open a boarding school at Diss. Terms: Rev. Routh, Beccles.
Cattle 12/- on Beccles Fenn. The "walls thereof having been lately repaired".

Norwich Merc May 1 


Norwich Merc May 28 

Beccles: Bishop confirms 300 persons. Routh preached.
Beccles Ass. Benefit of Collins 2/6.
John Hawke to sell caravan or light wagon almost new. Runs upon iron. Owners has carried 24 cwt

Norwich Merc Sept 25 
Norwich Merc Oct 16 

with pair of small horses from Beccles to Norwich.
Beccles: To be  sold  under prime  cost  all stock  of  Val Bullar…ironmongery,  brazery,  earthen  and
glass ware etc… house, shop and warehouses to be let or sold…Rede.

Norwich Merc Nov 6 
Norwich Merc Dec 4 

List  of  spinners  convicted  of  reeling  false  and  short  yarn  in  Norfolk  and  Suffolk  (c  50  names)
including Mary Housego, Beccles.

Norwich Merc Jan 5 

 Meeting at Kings Head Dec 27. Association for apprehending and prosecuting felons in Beccles and
within five miles thereof …subs to Owen Holmes, grocer.

Norwich Merc Mar 17 

Beccles: To be let a house in Bridge Street … garden walled in ENQUIRIES William Oswald or B.P.
Chamber, Diss.
Edward Arnold elected Portreeve. Entertained Corporation and his friends in an elegant manner.


Norwich Merc Apr 9 
Norwich Merc Apr 23 

To cover: Bay Driven? : property of Sam Sayer of Beccles won 3 fifties at Newmarket etc. 14s each
mane and 1s the groom (- visiting various places)
Beccles Fen  : Joist  cattle  at 12/- for the summer. Gates to be opened  12 May. Fenn  now  in  high

Norwich Merc Apr 30 

condition "the wall thereof having been lately repaired".
Beccles: Creed to sell stock of Valentine Bullar. Ironmongery, cutlery, braziery,  earthen and 0glass
ware (4 or 5 days)

Norwich Merc May 28 
Norwich Merc Aug 30 

Beccles. To builders and workmen. Any able and substantial person who is willing to undertake the
building  a THEATRE AND ASSEMBLY ROOM in the town of Beccles agreeable to and of such
materials  as are mentioned in the Plans,  Elevations,  Sections  and particulars made for that purpose

and  left with  Edward Holt of Beccles, desired to  give proposals for  erecting the same at the Kings
Head on or before the 3 of September at 11 am.
Beccles : On Tues 30th Inst. By order of the Executers of the late Sir Robert Rich, Bart. Dec. on his

Norwich Merc Aug 27 

late  premises  known  by  the  name  of  Rose  Hall  at  Beccles.  All  the  genuine  household  furniture,
tapestry hangings, paintings, prints and drawings, capital brewing coppers and utensils, useful kitchen
furniture  etc.  and  which  will  more  particularly  be  described  in  catalogues  which  may  be  had  on

Saturday 27th at most inns at Bury, Ipswich, Bungay, Yarmouth and of the Auctioneer, Limehouse,


Norwich Merc Oct 8 

J. Utting coach to be applied to use a nd accommodation of Bungay, Beccles, and Norwich
Story of Beccles balloon hoax.

Norwich Merc Oct 22 
Norwich Merc Dec 24 

Beccles : Will Page with wife and son to Beccles gaol charged with stealing money etc from house of
Rev. Lodington.


Norwich Merc Dec 24 

(Rev John Francis takes house in Ditchingham late Rev B Frost. Educate boys to age of 14).
Beccles : Kings Head. Assemby. Benefit of William Hindes. Jan 16th.

Norwich Merc Dec 31 


Norwich Merc Jan 14 

 Beccles : Boy carrying mail from Beccles to Lowestoft perished. Horse fell into drift of snow.
Beccles : A wherry built only 2 years, with Hart? Sail and rigging all new. Burden 13 haulirons and

Norwich Merc  Mar 11 

draws 14" water tight. Enquiries : Will Barrett, Beccles.
Thetford Assizes : Wm Churchman and Edmard Hunter - for stealing 2 cows the property of Esther

Norwich Merc  Mar 11 

Lowther of Beccles. Removed to Bury gaol.
Beccles : Cockerill's original ointment for the itch 1/9. (1/- for children) sold many places ..


Norwich Merc Mar 25 
Norwich Merc  July 8 

Beccles : Notice of exhibition of Robert Davey's oil paintings at Yarmouth.
Beccles  :  Rev.  B.  Sparrow  married  Miss  Elmy,  only  daughter  of  William  Elmy  Esq>>  "In  the
Commission of peace for that County">

Norwich Merc July 22 
Norwich Merc Sept 2 

Beccles  : House for sale : Parlour,  hall, kitchen,  4 chambers, 3  garrets.,  2 acres  garden and  6 other
tenements. ENQUIRIES : Le Grice Brown.
Mr Crowfoot names daughter of Le Grice Browne


Norwich Merc  Oct 7 
Norwich Merc  Nov 18 

Beccles Assembly. Kings Head. Benefit Johnson Collins, blind organist.
John Bibby son of John Bibby plumber and glazier and house painter to continue father's business.
Sale of part of furniture of Philip Dykes, Esq.


Norwich Merc Nov 18 
Norwich Merc  Dec 16 
Norwich Merc Dec 23 

Meeting  of  Principal Tradesmen resolved to  discontinue the practice of  giving Christmas offerings
and largesse (follows similar Norwich decision)



 House of Edward Donne of Beccles broken into and considerable goods stolen.
Mr Blowers being certain that there are many to whom he has not yet had it in his power to make his

Norfolk Chronicle Mar 24
Norfolk Chronicle  Apr 21

personal acknowledgement for their favours conferred upon him whilst in trade, humbly hopes they
will accept this (though late) Public Testimony of the grateful sense he retains of his obligations to
them, with a firm assurance of his wish to have it in his power to render them any service in future.

Beccles April 19.
No hair dressers in Suffolk after 10 am.

Norfolk Chronicle  Aug 4


Thomas Lovewell died aged 88 in Norwich. Many years a schoolmaster in Beccles.
Beccles : "There was a grand and excellent display of fireworks to commemorate the centenary of the
Glorious Revolution. Upwards  of fifty  gentlemen supped  at the Kings' Head,  a band  of  music was

Norfolk Chronicle Oct 25
Norfolk Chronicle Nov 

provided  on  the  occasion,  several  loyal  and  constitutional  toasts  were  drunk,  and  the  evening
concluded with the greatest hilarity".

Norfolk Chronicle Feb 2 

 To be sold at the White Horse in Beccles Market Place occup. Jo Sparshall, druggist and John Bilby,


At Beccles the Port Reeve  and Gownsmen, preceded by a band of music, proceeded to church and
heard an excellent sermon, suitable to the day. In the evening endeavour which loyalty and patriotism
could suggest was exerted to testify to the joy of the inhabitants. The church steeple, town hall and

Norfolk Chronicle Apr 25

every  house in the place were  illuminated,  many  beautiful  and well  executed transparencies were
displayed particularly at the houses of Messrs Purvis, Harmer, Easdale, Cole, Creed, Howes and the
Kings Head, at the last house a very elegant entertainment was provided for the chief inhabitants who

by numerous toasts and aongs, testified their patriotism and attachment to the House of Brunswick.
The concourse of people on this occasion was immense and the whole conducted with the strictest to
attention and decorum.


 Beccles Quarter Sessions. Will Burroughs. Petty larceny. 3 months hard labour and publicly whipped
the next market day in Beccles.

Norfolk Chronicle Jan 16

Grand  collection  of  wild  beasts  now  to  be  seen  in  a  commodious  caravan  in  the  Market  Place
GreatYarmouth… The noble lion, the laughing hyena, a beautiful hunting tiger, and a great variety of
other rare and curious animals from the most remote parts of the world. After a short stay there, they

Norfolk Chronicle Jan 23

intend visiting Beccles and Bungay.
We  the  undersigned  Curriers  and  Leather  sellers,  give  notice  to  shoe  makers  with  whom  we  are
connected that we  find  ourselves under the necessity  of  giving only six  months  credit and that  in

Norfolk Chronicle Feb 6 

future we intend being paid twice a year, at Lday Day and Michaelmas, to which Regulations it is our
united determination strictly to adhere.
Edward Arnold, jun. Beccles 




Jas. Brokes, Bungay and Halesworh
mich. Baldrey, Yoxford

William Plowman     Bungay 
Beccles Quarter Sessions. Robert Beecroft grand larceny 7 years transportaion
Mary Balls petty larceny 12 months hard labour


Norfolk Chronicle Apr 17



Wm Marshall          "         6      "         "       "
John Summonds refusing to find security in case of bastardy - imprisoned and discharged by course

of law
Wm Barton for felony. Acquitted



Wanted journeyman cabinet maker and chair maker. J. Lane, Cabinet Maker, Beccles.
Mr Hunter estimates population of Beccles as 2565 increase of 700 in 40 years.

Norfolk Chronicle Apr 17
Norfolk Chronicle  May 15


Died at Beccles : John Boreham, oatmeal maker, aged 60.
Beccles Annual Water Frolic : Oulton Festival Monday August 2nd
Mon. Last Annual Water Frolic from Beccles held upon Oulton Broad. A gale from the S.W. with a

Norfolk Chronicle  May 29
Norfolk Chronicle  July 24
Norfolk Chronicle Aug 7

continued rain  entirely prevented the boats from sailing to the  great disappointment of a  numerous
and  genteel  company. Upwards of 20  boats were  brought  down from Yarmouth, Bungay, Beccles,
Aldeby and places  adjacent. Could preference have been  given to  any of the boats,  it must be the

Elija, Capt. Holl from Beccles who had on board a numerous well-chosen band of music ……Cold
collation in the  grananry at Mutford Bridge. Dinner  and  good wine in the evening to the Theatre. -
Lowestoft Theatre…?

Notes taken 16 Dec 1998                                                                                                                      1790

Beccles First Subscription Assembly will be at the New Room, on Monday 25th October instant. Sir
Edmund Bacon, Bart and Wm Sawbridge esq. stewards. Tickets to Non Subscribers residing within 5

Norfolk Chronicle Oct 23

miles 5s each; and 3s 6d to those at any further distance; supper included.
N.B. The second Assembly is fixed for Monday 22 of November; the third for Friday 28th Jan. next.
Died last week Miss Schutz dau of late Francis Shutz Esq of Gillingham


Norfolk Chron Oct 30  



Died at Beccles in his 68th year Jerem. Taylor an eminent butcher
To be let a handsome dwelling house [details given] late in the occ. Of Jarret Dashwood particulars:
Thos Fair of Beccles.

Norfolk Chron Dec 4
Norfolk Chron Dec 4

A clergyman of established church preparing  young gent for university would be glad of one other in
his studies  - one who wishes to lay something  of  a  foundation  for the study of  divinity - Rev JL

Norfolk Chron Dec 24 

Girdlestone, St Andrews Norwich.
Sale by William Sharman at Kings Head : freehold messe - in 2 tents in Anns Bridge in occ ofNed

Norfolk Chron Dec 24 

Jones  at yearly rent  of  £5. The premises  have  a right  of  commonage on Beccles Fen -  details Mr
Copping, attorney Harleston.



Norfolk Chron  Jan 1 

Died Miss Taylor, sister of Wm Taylor, Esq of Yarmouth
SALE : property of Jeremiah Taylor decsd.

Norfolk Chron Jan 15 



LOT 1. Butcher's stall late Mary Sallows widow  
LOT 2. Butcher's stall adjoining on the west
LOT 3. A stall lately converted into Draper's shop - now in occ. Of Sam Gore



All copyhold of Manor of Beccles.
LOT 4. FREEHOLD Messe  M White Horse Yard - now in occ.  Of Robt. Taylor and Jas Collins -
All copyhold of Manor of Beccles.


LOT  5.  Freehold  messe  in  occ  of  Rich  Rayner.  Oswald  Crisp  excc.also  10  horses  and  colts,  5
butchers carts several pairs of harneses.
Cures performed by Christian Kebbs, surgeon and occultist - since the short time of his residence in

Norfolk Chron  Feb 5 

Beccles.  Jacon  Heath  was  very  deaf,  restored  to  hearing.  Wm  Browning  gardener  deaf  18  years
restored hearing in a few days.  A dau. Of Mr Bery Barber, shoe maker inveterate scurvey - cured.
John Backer had cataracts forming - restored by operation. Consult at Mr Shares's, saddler.

All persons indebted to Rev Stephen Miller, late of Beccles - to Robt Purvis or Mr. J. Smith.

Norwich Mercury
Copied 31/7/1997


Norwich Merc Feb 11 

To be sold by auction by Wm Sharman on 3 March
Lot 1 A Mansion House, pleasantly situated with stable, granary, chaise



house and convenient out-buildings, a neat garden and a pleasant grove, planted with a quantity of fir
trees  and  about 40 fine timber oaks,  in the possession  of John  Price Esq. Also a  farmhouse  on the
other side of the road, opposite the garden wall, with barn, stable, pigeon house and other convenient

outbuildings and upwards of 30 acres of exceeding good, arable and pasture land lying contiguous to
the house. There is  a profitable brick-kiln on the premises and a  great  quantity pf brick-earth sand
and water. Also  a  large  malting  office  of  35 combs  steep. There  is  also  a right  of  commonage  on

upwards of 1400 acres, part of which is excellent marshes for 7 beasts free and 5 more at 8d each.
Lot 2 Arable land
Lot 3 Land 



4a 2r19p

8a      10p 
3a 1r  13p
2a 2R  12p



Lot 4   "
Lot 5   "



Lot 6   "
The  premises  are  all  freehold  except  about  6  acres  copyhold  of  Manor  of  Beccles  -  apply  Mr

1a 2r 

Copping, attorney at Harleston.
Beccles  and Bungay follow the various  laudable  examples before them, and stand forward  in the

Norwich Merc Mar 3

cause of humanity. Petitions to Parliament are signing at both towns for thr abolition of slavery. 
Whereas a large silver spoon of the old fashioned make, marked RAH was offered for sale at Beccles
on 29th of Feb 1792, and it being wrongly suspected that the said spoon is stolen, any person having

Norwich Merc Mar 3

lost such a spoon is desired to apply to me Mr Owen Holmes of Beccles, Chief Constable.
(The letter concerning the sale of the Grove dates from Jan 1792)
John  Price  Esq having  executed  a Deed of Trust  for the  equal  benefit  of  his  creditors;  all persons

Norwich Merc Mar 10 

having any demands on his estate and effects are requested to send an immediate account of the sum,
and what security they hold for the same to Mr Copping, attorney at Harleston.
Mr Lallet assistant to Mr Veron, dancing master, will attend ……at Beccles every Tuesday.


Norwich Merc Mar 24 

Petition for abolition of slave trade from Beccles signed by "several hundred signatures".
An assembly for the benefit of Mr Pruitt? At the Crown Inn Beccles will be held at the New Room on
Monday 9 April. Tickets 3s 6d each to be had of Mr Pruitt. Supper included.

Norwich Merc Mar 31
Norwich Merc Mar 31


Norwich Merc  Apr 7          Auction by Same Crowe on 14th (in the house of Mr Wm Hindes called the Kings Head)

That neat and substantial dwelling house and prem. Near the Market Place in the occ. Of Miss Fox's,
milliners - freehold moderately assessed to the land tax, very lately put in good repair and in a most

excellent situation for a gent or tradesman.
To be entered at midsummer on 26th.
All their well chosen stock of linen drapery, millinery, hosiery and haberdashery goods.




Norwich Merc  Apr 7          Auction by Sam Crowe on Mon 23rd April 1792


White Lion in the Walk 
good trade has been carried on for many years (Mr James Algar the present owner and occupier going

That neat and desirable Inn, called the White Lion in Beccles in which a
to retire from the public business)

Also  a very neat and substantial dwelling  house  adjoining now in the tenure  of Mrs Miller under  a
lease which will expire on 10 Oct 1800 at yearly rent of £23, but much under let.
The above premises are well situated near the Market Place in very excellent repair, are freehold and


moderately assesses for the land tax.
The White Lion to be entered upon at Michaelmas and the furniture may be taken by the purchaser.
The premises to be surveyed by applying to Mr Algar, Mr Robt Davey or the auctioneer.




Mr  Scraggs  having  resigned  to  Mr  Fisher  of  the  Theatre  Royal  Norwich  the  management  of  his
company  of  comedians  …  a  complete  set  of  scenes,  wardrobes  etc  have  been  purchased  and  a
respectable company of performers engaged ….etc.

Norwich Merc Apr 14

HEMP YARN Whereas many impositions have of  late been practiced  by false  and short reeling  of
this article to the great injury of manufacturers of hempen cloth - it is decided that a general meeting
of the trade to be held at the Saracen's Head at Diss on Friday May 4th? At 11 o'clock in the morning

Norwich Merc 21 Apr

to consider of the most prudent measures to prevent the like abuses in future.
Letter  from Robert  Sparrow ref: Bill  before  Parliament "more  effectually preserving  certain  lands

Norwich Merc 21 Apr

from injury or damage by the sea and repealing an Act of 7th year of James I."
Article about Tom Paine


Norwich Merc 21 Apr
Norwich Merc   Apr 28 

Creditors of Jeremiah Taylor late of Beccles, butcher decsd. Meet at Kings Head on 7 May - receive
final dividend. Accounts to Oswald and Crop of beccles, executers.

Norwich Merc May 5 

To be sold by private contract : An estate in Beccles consisting of a genteel dwelling house, with an
excellent  cellar, wash  house, stable  and yard, well situated  near? The Market  Place for  a  gent  or
tradesman. Apply Mr Crowe.


Norwich Merc May 12 

Auction by Sam Crowe
House of John Pruitt called the Crown Inn. The  aforesaid Inn  in  occ of Mr Pruitt as tenant at will.
Consists of a good substantial new ? brick house with excellent cellars stable yard etc adjoining the

Norwich Merc May 21 

playhouse and assembly room. Further particulars apply William Denny the owner or mr Crowe.




Beccles. Mr Ward of King's Head died aged 76?
Story of thief taking parcel as Thos. Mayhew, Beccles carrier was getting his breakfast at the White

Norfolk Chron Jan 19
Norfolk Chronicle Feb 9 

Swan, Norwich.
On Saturday and Monday two divisions of the Royal South Lincs militia marched into Bury on their
way to Bungay, Beccles, Woodbridge and Saxmundham and other towns adjacent to the coast.

Norfolk Chron Feb 23 


Norfolk Chron Mar 23 

Norwich Gen. Assurance Office. Beccles Agent : Jas Sparshall.
Barns  Stables  and  out houses. Hay and corn stacks  and  all live  and  dead farming stock.  Insured  at



Norfolk Chron Mar 23 

Royal Exchange Assurance. Bungay: Will Hunter. Beccles Rich Wilby.
Such  persons  have  any  goods  in  pawn  at  the  shop  of  the  late  Mrs  Steward,  pawnbroker  Beccles
desired to reclaim the same as Mr Thurlow who takes the above shop and does not intend continuing

Norfolk Chron Aug 10 

business of pawnbroker.
Dr Cooper's charge to the Grand Jury at Beccles 6d.
B.U. Dowson of Geldeston. Staithe at Beccles and Hardly.


Norfolk Chron Aug 10 
Norfolk Chron Oct 26 
Norfolk Chron Nov 23 
Lost of Beccles Common a red polled scotch heifer ½ gn reward. John Land.
Norfolk Chron Jan 18 

Beccles Quarter  Sessions. Ely  Leggett leaving poor house at  Shipmeadow and taking  away apparel
belonging the the same. Sentenced to 2 months hard labour and solitary confinement in Beccles Gaol.

Norfolk Chron Feb 22 
Elegant ball and supper at Worlingham Hall when only son of Robert Sparrow came of age.

C.  Brightly  returns  his  sincere  thanks  to  his  friends  and  the  Public  for  the  liberal  support  he
experienced   during   his   residence   at   Beccles   and   respectfully   informs   that   for   the   better
accommodation  of  his pupils,  he has taken  an  eligible  house  in  an  airy situation  at Bungay where

Norfolk Chron

future favours will be gratefully acknowledged.
Terms: Entrance 10/6, board and tuition in English, writing, arithmetic, merchants accounts and the
theory  of  mensuration,  mapping,  use  of  the  globes,  algebra,  navigation  and  the  mathematics  in


general. £14 - 14s. French extra 10s 6d per quarter. Music, dancing and drawing on the usual terms.
School opens Mon Jan 19th.
Opening   of  Beccles  New  Organ.   Vocal  concert  with  performers  from  Yarmouth,  Halesworth,

Norfolk Chron May 9 

Southwold etc.
Sam Crowe to sell at the Kings Head Beccles farm 84 acres at Ellough occ. Thos Bland.


Norfolk Chron May 16 
Norfolk Chron May 16 

Mon,  Tues,  Wed.  The  3rd  Regiment  of  Foot  (old  buffs?)  the  53rd  and  88th  Regiments  from  the
continent, … last fromnHarwich, where they landed last week, marched into this city. These gallant,

though  greatly emaciated troops, from severe service,  a painful retreat, a tedious voyage,  exhibited
(both officers and men) such an appearance as beggar all description. At Ipswich, Diss, Eye, Beccles,
Bungay  and other places through which they passed  on their route for  comfortable  quarters  in this

City, they received the utmost attention and liberality. A conduct which reflects equal honour on the
donors as the receivers.
Theatre Beccles: Norwich Co. The Mountaineers : Fontain with Forest. Mons Weds Fridays and Sats.


Norfolk Chron  June 6 
Norfolk Chron  Jun 27 
Farm Henstead and Hulver 89 acres for sale King's Head. Beccles Rent £62.


Norwich Merc Feb 24 

Desirable  situation in the  corn trade in Beccles. House  and  staithe yard,  extensive  granaries, malt
house  with  30  comb  steep  adjoining  river.  Enquiries  Sam  Lillistone  who  wishes  to  resign  the

At Worlingham parsonage near Beccles a boarding school is opened by Miss S. Routh for reception

Norwich Merc Mar 11 

of young ladies to 12 years of age. The house is pleasantly situated on a fine dry soil and extremely
well calculated for their accommodation.
Beccles : Meeting of occupants, tradesmen and others to consider steps proper to be taken to prevent

Norwich Merc Mar 11 

embarrassment and public credit from the effect of any ill-founded and exaggerated alarms.
Resolved that we will  continue to receive  in payment the  cash notes  issued  by the Bankers  in the
town, Messrs R Rede, Farr and Smith and that we recommend the same measure to be pursued by all

Norwich Merc Mar 11 

merchants, shopkeepers and tradesmen.
T. Rede, Portreeve
J. Crisp and Co                  




Bence Sparrow [Rector]            
L.G.B. Bohun [gentry]                   
Will Elmy 

 John Penn [Vicar of Roughton]
W. Crowfoot [surgeon]
S. Lillistone [merchant]


S. Crowe [auctioneer]       
B. Spalding                         




R. Burling 




J. Allen [Esq 
L? Purvis [gentry Capt. RN]  J. Assey [surgeon]

R. Purvis [surgeon] 
G. W.Bohun [Attorney]



R. Davey
J. Cole [draper] 
N. Boby [linen draper] 



P. Dykes [Esq]
T.Webster [draper]




H. Davey [surgeon] 
T. Buck
R. Chinery 

R.Chapman [grocer]
W. Libbis [painter & glazier]

Job Smith [carpenter]



R. Harmer [ironmongers]
The  following  listed  in  the  Universal  Directory  of  1798  were  NOT  signatories  [some  were  non



Clergy ?
Traders etc. 

No women, Basil Camber, S.M. Creed, Farr John,Farr Thos, Meen Robt,
Ellcoson?,Girdlestone, Heptinstall, Leman Robt, Sufford, Taylor, H. Physic : Sparshall Jas,

 Aldis, Thos; Aldred, Chas, Alger Jas, Allcock, Arms?. Thos, Bilby, Poradnum?,

Bunyon, Chamber, Chaston, Crsips, Wm, Davis, Abel, Delf, Dan, Donn, Edw, Fiddes Jas, Garrod jn,
Gobold Natts, Gobbold  Sam,Hambling, Harmen  W, Hatton  W, Hindes Wm, Horthwales?, Howes
Wm,  Illingwater?  Jones  Wm,  Lane  Jas,  Land,  Maplestone,  Maskell,  Mayhew,  Mills,  Newson,

Norman,  Nudds,  Pontin,  Peel,   Pond,   Pullyn,  Rogers,   Savage,   Scarmel,Shaw,   Shreave,   Sones,
Steward, Taylor B, Thurlow, Turner, Verdon?J & W, Ward J, Weavers, Wilby, WilsonWm, Wright.
Similar notice from Lynn and 150 signatories


Norwich Merc  Mar 11 
Norwich Merc  May 13 

Beccles Fair will be held on Whit Monday and Tuesday next this year and in future upon that part of
the common lying between Red? Bridge, and the starting post. Farmers in the town and neighborhood

having proposed to accommodate the Scotch Drovers with as much grass as they will have occasion
for, several of them have agreed to bring their beasts for sale there annually and a large show of cattle

is consequently expected, so that in future these fairs which have been of late years increasing with
probably in point of magnitude vie with any Fairs of the  country and the public  are desired to take

notice that no cattle will be permitted to be exhibited for sale in the streets.
Death  of  Robert  Davey.  New  master  at  Beccles  Free  School  wanted.  Must  be  of  the  Established

Norwich Merc May 27 
Norwich Merc July 8 
Valentine Bullen, of Beccles, ironmonger deceased. Claims etc to Sam Harmer, auctioneer.
Norwich Merc  Sept 14 

Modern neat sashed house 4 rooms a floor, good vestibule and staircase with garden and 2? Stalled
stable. Late residence of Rev. Robert Leman, decsd. Apply Mr Crowe, Post Master [BALLYGATE

Norwich Insurance Company. Beccles Agent : Samuel Crowe.
Noverre's Ball Kings Head December 5th 3/6


Norwich Merc Oct 5 
Norwich Merc Nov 30 


Norfolk Chron May 13 

 Beccles Fair on Whit Monday and Tues. to  be  held in future upon that point of the  common lying
between  Red  Bridge  and  the  starting  post,  which  is  excellent  dry  turf.  Farmers  in  the  town  and

neighbourhood  propose  to  accommodate  the  Scotch  Drovers  with  as  much  pasture  as  they  have
occasion for, several of them have agreed to try their beasts there annually and a large show of cattle

expected. Public desired to take notice that no cattle will be permitted to be exhibited in the streets for
Norwich Insurance Agents : Robert Chapman, Beccles.


Norfolk Chron  Jun 24 
Norfolk Chron Jun 24 

A. Burrows elected Master of the Free School. Healthy, airy situation. Intends to establish boarding

Norfolk Chron Sep 9 

Beccles : W. Hatten, jun; John B. Storey, Nath Dennington, B.U. Dowson under necessity, in future
to deliver coal for ready money only.