Beccles Paper 28 Jun 

SALE: BALLYGATE 29: The Billiard Room & Land adjoining. Gardener, Mr Dunn will sow the
place. Apply Mr Jecks, Lowestoft
SALE: BALLYGATE 18: Executors of late Robert Jordan, butcher

Beccles Paper 25 Jan 




Lot 2: The well-frequented Public House called the Duke Inn in Ballygate in the occupation of  
Samuel  Fiske, a yearly tenant. Only outgoing: Land Tax 5s 2d
SALE: BALLYGATE 18: at Duke Inn of Furniture of Samuel Fiske, who is retiring

Beccles Paper 4 Oct 




SALE: BALLYGATE 18: Executors of Robert Jordan, butcher: [Robert Jordan died 14 December
1869 aged 62]
Valuable property late in the occupation of the deceased, in which a well-established family trade




been carried on for many years.
LOT 1: The Dwelling House & domestic offices, Garden & Summer House occupied by the  
deceased in Ballygate. Large Slaughter house, Stables, bullock & sheep pounds, piggeries, &  




convenient offices also in Ballygate.
Shop & Counting House standing in a coomanding position in the New Market
The above are all freehold. Only outgoing: Land Tax 19s 6d.




With this Lot will be sold the goodwill of the Butcher’s business, which has averaged 6 bullocks &
25 sheep weekly besides pigs & calves.
Purchased by William Beckett of Great Yarmouth for 660



Beccles Paper 6 Jun 

SALE: BALLYGATE 25: A well constructed Modern Family House in a commanding position
extensive and delightful  view of the River Waveney, a spacious, substantial Building, in the Garden




easily converted into a second Residence, with Garden, excellent Paddock & Building Land.
Mr Fenn instructed by William Jecks, Esq, the Proprietor to sell by Auction on 7 July 1871.
LOT 1:  The spacious , well arranged, and substantial Family Mansion, situate at the Entrance to the






Town from Bungay, overlooking the River Waveney & Valley, with Conservatory, large, tastefully
planned Garden on the East & detached Plantation beyond the highroad or street in front; the whole




admirably adapted for a Gentleman’s Residence or for any establishment requiring airy and cheerful




LOT 2: A lofty brick building nearly 50ft in length, adjacent to the hhigh road, designed as a
& Music Room, but capable of easy conversion into a charming small Residence having the same



picturesque prospect as Lot 1, with Yard & ample Garden Ground on the East side.

[This was before the Homefield Estate, including the Lodge, was developed]
LOT 3: A piece of excellent Land, now cultivated as Meadow & well adapted for Gardening or as



Building Ground containing about 1acre & adjoining Hungate Lane

LOT 4: Another piece of Land between Lots 1 & 3 containig about half an acre, approached by
doors from Hungate Lane; with large Stables & Coach House. Pump & Well thereon.



Freehold, with immediate possession.
TO BE LET: St MARY’S COTTAGE: Apply Rev AO Hartley, Steeple Ashton, Troubridge, Wilts

Beccles Paper 2 May 



BALLYGATE 25: [LAW CASE: George Fenn v William Everett of Carlton. George Fenn sold at

Auction a Billiard Table belonging to Mr Jecks, formerly of Holkham Hall. Mr Everett had not  
received six of the Pool Balls promised by Mr Jecks. Defendant won.]

TO BE LET: St MARY’S COTTAGE:  in September; Apply Rev AO Hartley


Beccles Paper 1 Jun 

Convenient & well fitted Cottage in Fair Close. Apply William W Woodroffe
SALE: by Private Treaty. Newly built brick & slated Dwelling in 2 tenements in Fair Close with

Beccles Paper 12 Oct 



Kitchen, Wash house & other offices; 3 Sleeping Rooms, Closets etc. Freehold, Land Tax redeemed.  
Rent 16 pa. total. Apply W Lenny or Mr Sam Love.

& back Gardens to each & an excellent Pump of Spring Water. Each has front Sitting Room,  


Beccles Paper 16 Nov 

Ready for occupation 4 Genteel Residences, six roomed with every convenience. Fair Close. Rent
12. Apply WW Garnham.

Beccles Paper 30 Nov 
SALE by Mortgagee in Fair Close. Newly built brick & slated Dwelling in 2 Tenements


Beccles Paper 15 Feb 

TO BE LET: House in Fair Close, now in the occupation of Mr CT Greenwood. Apply William



SALE: of Mr Thornton’s freehold Property
LOT 4: Four newly erected  & substantial brick & slated Residences fronting the Fair Close with



convenient detached Wash Houses & other offices. Also neatly arranged flower & vegetable Gardens  
enclosed in the front by pallisades occupied by Robert Charlish, James Blanch, E purland & JH Piper



[Purchased by  Mr Goffin 580 - possibly no 30etc?]
SALE by Mr John Rous Cooper’s  executors
LOT 1: Valuable walled-in Bowling Green, for some time past occupied with the King’s Head, with

Beccles Paper 24 Sep 




new brick & slated Mixing Bar, Refreshment Room & Summer House.
LOT 2: A capital Garden or Building Site abutting EASTWARDS of Lot 1, with frontages of 155ft
upon the Lane & Fair Close Road & containing upwards of 20 perches.