Beccles, Newspapers from the 1830s, themes 
from 1830

13 Nov 1830

Long account of Riots in Norfolk
North Cove. Fire at 6 p.m. on Saturday in stackyard of farm belonging to at John Lee  Farr

20 Nov 1830

rush stack, malting office 150 yards long, cart house, stable and all out-buildings

occupied by James Lemming. Three barley stacks and one pea stack, two hay stacks, one



destroyed... fire engines from Beccles saved house. Malting in possession of John J 
27 Nov 1830

Woods, insured. Lemming not insured, loss of 750.

250 reward offered for discovery of felony on North Cove farm fire.  JL Farr offers  
100, Magistrates of Norfolk and Suffolk Association meeting at King’s Head offer 50; J  
Lemmings offers 50.

4 Dec 1830
4 Dec 1830

Account of Riots in Norfolk
Meeting of Magistrates at Heckford next Reepham. Agreed not to make use of threshing

machines in land in their own occupation. Strongly recommends the discontinuance of
them to all persons within our respective limits of influence

11 Dec 1830

Riots in Suffolk - not Beccles

11 Dec 1830

Tithe Audits at Weston at King’s Head, Beccles:
themselves and a reduction of tithe to the farmers; which after some discussion were  

A large body of labourers assembled and pressed their claims for an advance of wages to


agreed to and they went home cheerful and quite satisfied. Next day a larger body from
North Cove, Ellough and Willingham, some of the party behaved in a very noxious and


threatening manner...The firm behaviour of J Mayhew, Esq of Saxmundham appointed to  
receive tithes. The following morning Mr Mayhew met farmers and labourers at Cove.

10 Dec 1830

Affairs amicably settled ....and warrant issued for two of the party.

Fire at premises of Mr Maddle of Bull’s Green, Toft near Beccles. Small bean stalk  
consumed ... engines from Beccles soon on spot and prevent fire spreading.. He had six


men to watch till daybreak ... then another fire in a cartshed... also put out.
17 Dec 1830
17 Dec 1830

Saturday evening about 5,30 p.m. fire in hay stack meadow in Goose Green belonging to
George Fenn, Beccles. Put out

Stack of marsh hay on Gillingham Dam, the property of Mr Goat of Beccles, set on fire
and burnt.

29 Nov 1830

North Walsham district has been considerably disturbed during the week. Large parties of
the course of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ten premises had machines broken.  

labourers assembled, chiefly at night for the purposes of breaking threshing machines. In

12 Mar 1831

Sixteen persons arrested and taken to Norwich Castle.

Third fire on George Fenn’s premises. Empty barn burnt. The horses and bullocks  
removed from the yard.

21 Jan 1832

Incendiarism prevented. Nightly depredations may be effectively prevented by means of

the Alarm Shell invented by W Adkin, gunmaker, Bungay. A Trespasser can scarcely enter  
stock yards, gardens or premises when an explosion takes place. No danger from fire.  


Portable, cheap and safe.  6s per dozen (from inventor or White, ironmonger, Norwich).

2 Feb 1833 

Incendiarism at Heckingham House of Industry. [built in 1764] Adjacent building  

containing straw fired. Loddon fire engine came promptly. Inmates (who had gone to bed)  
helped. 10 distributed to most active helpers. 300 reward for information.

1 Feb 1834 

Incendiarism at Halesworth. Stock yard of James Taylor of Speckhall and another at Mr


Prime’s of Holton. “the labourers not only refused to assist in subduing the fire, but  
occupied the time in a wanton and noxious manner.”

1 Aug 1840

Two young men, Carsey and Lovett to prison. Charge of having, on the previous night
destroyed a mare belonging to Mr Buck, while at marsh, by cutting her throat.... They may  

Beccles, Newspapers from the 1830s, themes 

6 Mar 1852

have destroyed others for the purpose of getting the job of flaying the carcass and selling
the flesh.

Fire at seat of Lady Olivia Sparrow of Brampton. 50 sheep etc. burned to death: same
some fine cedars of Lebanon in the park cut down. Lady Sparrow’s charities: distribution


of bread, meat and clothing to every poor family, schools, infirmary for sick, lodging  

21 Mar 1855

houses for the old; but drunkenness, outrage and theft all but too prevalent.

Stacks on fire of Mr Flaxman of Weston. Beccles fire engines limit damage. Incendiarism?
Disorder at Shipmeadow. Male married paupers (about 70) force their way into female

27 Feb 1847

quarters; then lock themselves in dormitory upstairs, refusing to surrender. Three
ringleaders. But extra police arrive; door battered down; three men arrested; 14 days hard  



5 Jun 1847 

Account of Shipmeadow finances (full). Number of paupers relieved: 1992 (297 more than
last year). Population of Beccles & Bungay & 27 villages: 13,766. - Population of  paupers
relieved 12 3/4% in towns, 17% in villages.


30 Jun 1832

Persons committed under Game Laws in three winter months of each year:
Nov 1829- Feb 1830




Nov 1831- Feb 1832











22 Nov 1834

Rev JB Collyer at the  inaugural  meeting  of the Society for rewarding  good conduct  in

servants, cottagers and occupiers. Such societies are excellent auxiliaries to the new Poor Law, whose
object was to surpress indolence, idleness and crime etc.

14 Apr 1832
26 Aug 1847

Advertisement to emigrate: The Ardwell 300 tons will sail from King’s Lynn to Quebec
early in May provided a sufficient number of passengers offer.

Sale at Beccles: All furniture and stock in trade of R Morris who is leaving for America.
The emigration  mania  has reached  our town. During  the week  several  tradesmen and

5 Mar 1852
mechanics have left for the diggings.

14 Jan 1854

Public subscription last week formed for alleviating great distress among the poor arising
from the inclemency of the weather and the dearness of provisions and other necessities.
Upwards of 150 already collected, which will be expended (chiefly on flour) among the
really necessitous. A committee of gentlemen have been sitting to receive applications and  

26 Feb 1853

to make enquiries as to the actual state of the parties so applying.

The Poor. It is a fact worthy of public notice that although there has been great scarcity of
employment amongst the agricultural poor during the winter, there has been only one case



requiring the interference of the magistrates since the first of January last, a fact


honourable to the working classes and creditable to others, as affording testimony to the
sympathy they manifest towards their poor neighbours.

Beccles, Newspapers from the 1830s, themes 

10 Apr 1831  

Beccles. It is with great satisfaction that we announce the arrival here of a Humber Keel

of 60 tons burden on Sunday evening last. She sailed up amidst shouts of "Beccles a Port"  
from an immense concourse of persons assembled to witness the arrival of the first  

7 Apr 1832  

sea-borne vessel. She was laden with chalk for Mr Steed and sailed again on Tuesday  
morning with a freight of malt. This proves how easy the Waveney may be made
navigable to Beccles bridge for larger  vessels.


Arrival of sea-borne vessel at Beccles from Lowestoft with coals sold at 5s to 8s per  
chauldron less than most.

20 Oct 1832

Beccles arrivals: George, William and Mary and Friends from Goole with wools. Betsy
and Bessey from Newcastle with coals. Sailed: Betsey with ballast. George with barley.

27 Oct 1832  

The new and direct Beccles and London Shipping and Trading Co. One vessel will sail


from Stanton's London Wharf, Tooley street, London every Thursday: the last day of  
loading Wednesday; and one vessel will leave Beccles for London every Thursday

17 Nov1832  

Lillistone and Crickmer, Agents for Beccles

Beccles November 3: Arrival ! Alliance, Allen from Norway with bark and deals. Lark
Marsh from Newcastle with coals; Jane Scott in ballast; Orion Trader from London with
goods; Sailed: Betsey, Johnson, Friendship. Johnson for Wakefield with corn. Jane for


5 Jan 1833  

London with corn and goods.

Beccles arrived: Apollo, Pybus from Goole with coals Sailed: Squire Yallop for London
with grain. Barbara Anderson with ballast.

12 Jan 1833  

Arrived: three vessels with coals, one with bark from Norway and two others.
Sailed: three with grain, one with grain and beer, one with grain and malt, one with goods.


9 Feb1833  

Arrived: four vessels with goods. Four from Goole with coal Sailed: two vessels with grain
and one with ballast.


29 Apr 1833  

Every vessel laden with coals to pay 3d per imperial chauldron.
Any bricks, tiles, stones, timber, goods etc. left on the quay for more than three days  

without consent shall be charged extra.

3 Aug 1833  

Beccles. Arrived 5 vessels with coals Sailed 6 vessels for Hull and London with ale, grain
and wool

24 Aug 1833


Meeting of Norfolk and Lowestoft Shipping Co. Six vessels; three in Norwich and three
in Beccles trade.

8 Jan 1834  

Arrivals: two ships from Lowestoft with timber and deals; three from London with  
timber, deals and goods. Depart: four for London, three with ale and grain, one with malt.

25 Jan 1834  
8 Feb1834  
27 Jun 1835

Arrivals: three with goods and coal. Depart: four for London with grain, malt and ale.
Arrivals: five (one from Hull) Depart: four (one to Newcastle with malt).
Just landed by Charles Hursthouse at Beccles and Lowestoft: cargo of best Bangor slates at

26 Mar 1836  


Timber Yard, New Quay, Beccles and New Harbour, Lowestoft.
Beccles arrived: 3 London coals. 1 Newcastle coals, 1 Goole coals Sailed 1 London all

grain flour
21 Jan 1837

Beccles: arrived 2 from London. sailed 2 for London with ale, grain etc.

10 Jun 1837

London, Lowestoft, Norwich and Beccles Traders. From Griffith's Wharf, Tooley Street,
London: vessel every Wednesday for Norwich direct. Every Saturday for Lowestoft and

Beccles. WH Leavold, Beccles
2 Jul 1837  

Arrived three vessels from London, 1 from Newcastle with coals.

14 Oct 1837

Arrival: St Besna Waters? from London with goods. Francis Thirkettle from Newcastle
with coals. Luna Moone from Goole with coals.

11 Sep 1838

Arrived 1 London with goods, 1 Newcastle with coals. and others. Sailed 1 to London with
ale and grain, To Newcastle with grain.

16 May 1840

Arrival  2 goods from London. Sailed 3 for London with malt.
Beccles, Newspapers from the 1830s, themes 
Feb 1841 
Arrived 4, Sailed 5 with malt and grain
Beccles, Newspapers from the 1830s, themes 

17 Sep 1831

Beccles Races: Stands filled with fashionable company, numerous booths well attended,

vast numbers of people on foot, on horseback and in carriages with their places on each
side the lines running. Assembly visited by the Earl of Stradbroke, Sir Edmund Bacon and  


family, Sir W & Lady Beauchamp Proctor, Sir H & Lady Berney etc. Waltz, quadrille and  
gallopede.  - sumptuous dinner of venison etc. provided by Newman of the King’s Head.


Theatre, garden, places of amusement.

7 Sep 1833 

Beccles Races: “The town infested with swindlers and pick-pockets.”  Mr Fenn’s “Gripe”
a runner.


26 Aug 1837

Beccles Races: William Jepps, proprietor of the White Lion Inn & Rural Gardens... intends

1 Sep 1838 

grand display of fireworks as also a military band ... engaged Bollens family, Mr and Mrs
theatres in London.

Glinton, Mr Keats celebrated basso singer and other first rate artists from the principal

Beccles Races September 20th -21st
Ist Day: Gents Purse 50. Handicap stakes 5 each with 10 added. Second horse to save

his share.



Hurdle Race for horses that have been hunted with the Freestones or Mr Jessop’s hounds..
2nd Day: Town Plate 50. Hunters’ Stake 3 each with 10 added. To leap three sets of

16 Feb 1839

hurdles. A bridle each day for ponies under 13 hands.

Ball on 1st night. Gents 6s, Ladies 4s; Tea & coffee included. Theatre open in Race Week.

Steeple Chase. Friday 8 March.
that have been regularly hunted with either the Hopton or Messrs Freestone’s Harriers. To  

1st Race: Handsome silver Cup added to a sweepstake of three sovereigns each to horses


carry 12 stone. The distance not to exceed 4 miles. The second horse to save his stake.  
“Gentlemen Riders”



2nd Race: Sweepstakes 3 sovereigns each with a purse added. Open to any horse; To carry
11 stone (winner of any chase in 1838, 1839 to carry 7 lbs extra) and as above.

12 Sep 1840

Beccles Races: Man named Edwards, very intoxicated staggered in the way of carriage and
was killed on the spot.



John Rudd & John Howard attempt to pick pockets on Race Course. Three months hard

9 Aug 1847

Beccles Races: Thursday & Friday 7 & 8 September
course.” Stewards: ES Gooch, M.P., Officers of the 16th Lancers, & FW Farr.

“No gambling booths, Horse Riders or Shows of any description will be allowed on the

16 Jul 1849

Vast train of cutters etc. fill the river. Jackson’s & Brighton’s Cornucopian Bands near


Mayor’s barge (HS Farr) 2 days.

Amusement at Apollo Gardens (Harvey’s White Lion Hotel)

15 Apr 1837

Meeting to discuss expediency of establishing a Day Coach: Beccles, Bungay, Harleston,
Scole, London. signed W Henchman Crowfoot, Mayor

29 Apr 1837

Adjourned meeting on coach. Application to be made to GPO  for conveyance of mail by
four horse coach: Yarmouth, London, via Beccles, Bungay, Bury, Chelmsford


11 Mar 1835

Smallpox broken out. A general vaccination should be effected. A small sum not
exceeding 20 for vaccinating the poor in the town, but not paupers in the Hundred.


1 Sep 1849 

Cholera: 5 fatal cases: two children named Laws; quickly buried on Sunday. Poor woman
Algar also died. On Sunday another man named Holmes in respectable circumstances

Beccles, Newspapers from the 1830s, themes 


died. Tuesday evening. -  The corpse of another child (Laws) hurried on the bier by two
men to its last home.


25 Aug 1849

Several cases of cholera - fatal. Prevent epidemic from spreading. Committee set up. 50
to be put at their disposal.

3 Dec 1836

Beccles: In gale, water mill lately erected by new town council blown down. Narrow  
escape of workman.

20 Apr 1850

Tenders from millwrights for repair of Marsh Mill on Beccles Fen to George Fenn.