Beccles Paper 17 Jul 

Tenders for erection of Maltings by the Railway Station to be received by 31 July
New Road. Medium depth 119ft [Lots 73, 74 & 75 offered for Sale on 31 July on 31 July  


SALE: with instructions from Messrs W & R Rix, bankrupts, to sell:
LOT 3 at Beccles: A Plot of Building Land near the Railway Station,Frontage of 46ft to a


Beccles Almanack  
Near the Station are the Maltings of Messrs Crisp and son, said to be the largest in England.
 ARCHITECT 1955/57
from Eugene Ulph’s Scrapbook in Beccles Museum

Frederick Skipper died aged 96, Norwich Architect. Designed & built:
i ) Rebuilt the Maltings near the Station after the fire of 1912, which “destroyed almost the complete property.”
ii ) The original buildings of the Sir John Leman High School in Ringsfield Road in 1914


Beccles Paper 8 Dec 

During violent storm [see weather] five men taking shelter on the east side of the new Granary of
fell on the men. Charles Oxborough was killed.

Mr John Crisp, junior near the Railway Station, the wall on the East Side gave way, barley & bricks
Beccles Paper 8 Dec 

Charles Oxborough, a journeyman bricklayer accidentally killed - support of wife & children (6 at
home). Subscription started.

Beccles Paper 15 Dec 

Inquest on Charles Oxborough: John Crisp, junior: Granary built last Summer by July. Mr Ingram of
practice, well skilled in building. Mr Chance one of his employees, carpenter. Accidental Death; but  
iron columns, anchors & ties should be added to the building.


Beccles built it under Mr Toll who acted as Architect under Crisp’s orders. Had great deal of  


Beccles Paper 24 Feb 

William Elliott, mechanical engineer. Business will be removed from Blyburgate  after 1 March & be
caried on in the NEW WORKS near the Railway Station. New & improved working machinery.

from the Official Beccles Guide c 1972

The engineering firm of ELLIOTT & GARROOD LTD. at Gosford Road, celebrated its centenary in 1968 and was pleased to
present a diving stage to the town swimming pool in recognition of its long and close association with the local community.

Elliott & Garrood Ltd. in its early days made stationary power plants followed by power-driven machinery for the fishing
industry. A new patent steam capstan was introduced in 1884 and within three years a range of five sizes were in production. In
the early 1890’s a steam-driven road vehicle was constructed with a twin cylinder engine developing about 5 h.p. Although
quite successful, increased activity on the marine side of the business took priority and no further development work was
introduced on road vehicles. By the middle of the 1890s the company had designed and developed main propulsion machinery
and in 1897 the Consolation was the first drifter to be fully equipped with F & G machinery.

After some years of producing marine engines, the company concentrated on marine deck equipment and products included
trawl,  winches,  seine  winches  and  rope  coilers,  line  haulers,  donkey  pumps,  electrohydraulically  driven  capstans,  marine
research instruments and special winches for research vessels.

A few years ago the firm, which was acquired by Dobson Park Industires in 1970, discontinued the manufacture of marine
deck equipment with the exception of the Beccles rope coilers, used for seine net fishing throughout the world, and now the
company’s main valve products enjoy a high reputation.


Beccles Almanack  

Messrs Elliott & Garrood are partners in the rapidly increasing engineering business  
established near the railway station

Beccles Almanack  

Opposite the Maltings are the extensive Ingate Iron Works of Messrs Elliott & Garrood, who  
employ 300 men in the manufacture of their patent steam capstans.



Beccles Almanack  
Messrs G Durrant & Sons, whose auction premises are near the railway station

Hutsons (Beceles) Ltd. an associate company of K E Hutson Ltd of Kessingland, acquired the abattoir business of Swifts in
1982. The company manages a fine, up-to-date export approved abattoir and distributes pork, beef and lamb throughout the UK
and Europe. Livestock is purchased from all parts of East Anglia direct from farms.
The original company of Europack was established in Beceles as a general engineering company in 1965. Since
1970 the company has specialised in packaging machinery and is now amongst the major UK suppliers of
shrinkwrapping, stretchwrapping, pal letwrapping and case-erecting machines.

The Beccles company has steadily expanded throughout its history and has long-since heen part of the G F I Group. Today it
occupies a modem purpose-built plant at Common Lane North, and produces an entire range of machines being designed and
built at Beceles.

The  company  supplies equipment to major users in the food, drinks, tobacco, printing, paint and other industries and it
exports to a number of countries throughout the world.


acres of well-planted garden ground admirably suited for building & through which itr is proposed to construct a new road from
Ingate Road [now Grove Road] to the Station.

Beccles Paper 30 Jul 

SALE: Ingate Lodge: surplus furniture of Mrs Loring.
SALE: Ingate Lodge in 30 Lots (for many years Residence of late Mr Fenn) with Offices, Vineries & 4

Beccles Paper 26 Oct