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A collection of old postcards of past Liston

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To get pictures of a size suitable for printing or close inspection click on the picture or the accompanying text. Please remember that we are very much on the lookout for pictures of old Liston in order to make a comprehensive collection here.
The photograhs themselves are scanned in sufficient quality to provide an A4 photograph is a quality that is almost indistinguishable from the original

Liston Hall in its glory days
Liston Hall, taken just before its demolition
Don't drop it! An unexploded bomb at Liston in WW2
An old lithograph showing a rather romanticised view of Liston Hall
The famous 'Owl Face' at Liston Church. This was a popular subject for photographs, where an old tree had developed a supposed 'face'.
The staff of Stafford Allen & Sons stand proudly outside the office at Liston in 1900
Mr Baker, the farm bailiff, standing outside Stafford Allen works in 1901. The company moved to Liston works in 1899. The site had been a Flax factory
Henbane is being weighed in at Stafford Allen. Stafford Allen specialised in the production of medecines, scents and both brewing and cooking essences
Lavender pickers near Liston. Lavender was grown by several local farmers and provided a useful 'hedge' against the fickleness of the price of grain. The East Anglian climate is ideal for growing Lavender in the UK
A Belladonna crop being carted to the Stafford Allen works at Liston. Stafford Allen was originally a drug company which later diversified into other natural products and ceased pharmecutical production in 1989
The Bush Boake Allen site. Stafford Allen was merged with two other companies to form Bush Boake Allen. in 1966 The original works, including the 'White house' were demolished soon after this photo was taken
An engraving of Liston Hall, date unknown
Liston Hall.jpg
Liston Hall, taken in around 1910 near the croquet lawn
Lyston Churchyard 1910 The Owls Head.jpg
A colourised postcard of The famous Liston 'owl's face', which was much admired by tourists. It was, sadly, just the way that the rot in the severed branch appeared!
Lyston Floodgates.jpg
A colourised postcard of the mill gates and millpond at Liston mill on the River Stour