The Foxearth and District Local History Society
Index for 1851 Census of Hadstock
Mary A. Ayling (1830) 21Yrs259 Wandsworth
Eliza Daniels (1836) 15Yrs259 Balsham
Thomas French (1802) 49Yrs259 Linton
Mary French (1804) 47Yrs259 Linton
Eliza French (1835) 16Yrs259 Linton
James French (1840) 11Yrs259 Linton
Henry French (1847) 4Yrs259 Hadstock
Phoebe Shore (1827) 24Yrs259 Stoke
John Wilkerson (1806) 45Yrs259 Hadstock
Harriett Wilkerson (1811) 40Yrs259 Linton
Martha Wilkerson (1836) 15Yrs259 Hadstock
Harriett Wilkerson (1838) 13Yrs259 Hadstock
Elizabeth Wilkerson (1840) 11Yrs259 Barley
Sarah Wilkerson (1840) 11Yrs259 Hadstock
Kezia Wilkerson (1841) 10Yrs259 Barley
Anley? Wilkerson (1844) 7Yrs259 Hadstock
James Wilkerson (1846) 5Yrs259 Hadstock
Mary Wilkerson (1849) 2Yrs259 Hadstock
Mascall Freeman (1818) 33Yrs260 Linton
Elizabeth Freeman (1822) 29Yrs260 Linton
Frederic Freeman (1843) 8Yrs260 Linton
Mary Ann Freeman (1845) 6Yrs260 Linton
Alexander Freeman (1848) 3Yrs260 Linton
Walter Freeman (1850) 5mYrs260 Hadstock
Ann Linsdell (1771) 80Yrs260 Shudy Camps
Henry Linsdell (1806) 45Yrs260 Linton
James Linsdell (1807) 44Yrs260 Linton
Mary Linsdell (1807) 44Yrs260 Bradley
Mary Linsdell (1817) 34Yrs260 Abington
Robert Linsdell (1832) 19Yrs260 Linton
Elizabeth Linsdell (1841) 10Yrs260 Hadstock
Henry Linsdell (1844) 7Yrs260 Hadstock
Eliza Linsdell (1849) 2Yrs260 Hadstock
Henry Lofts (1846) 5Yrs260 Linton
Robert Martin (1822) 29Yrs260 Swaffam
Eliza Martin (1823) 28Yrs260 Chelsea
Robert Martin (1843) 8Yrs260 Swaffam
Edwd. Martin (1845) 6Yrs260 Horsheath
Sarah Martin (1847) 4Yrs260 Swaffam
Reuben Martin (1850) 4mYrs260 Hadstock
Sarah Nooker (1839) 12Yrs260 Linton
Henry Osborne (1818) 33Yrs260 Linton
Mary Ann Osborne (1818) 33Yrs260 Linton
Thos. Osborne (1842) 9Yrs260 Linton
Lousia Osborne (1844) 7Yrs260 Linton
Mary Osborne (1846) 5Yrs260 Linton
Susanna Osborne (1849) 2Yrs260 Hadstock
Elenor Osborne (1850) 7mYrs260 Hadstock
Benjamin Pearson (1827) 24Yrs260 Hadstock
Elizabeth Reder (1818) 33Yrs260 Stansted
Thomas Reder (1819) 32Yrs260
George Rolinson (1811) 40Yrs260 Linton
Sarah Rolinson (1814) 37Yrs260 Linton
Arthur Rolinson (1837) 14Yrs260 Linton
Richard Rolinson (1841) 10Yrs260 Linton
Sarah Rolinson (1843) 8Yrs260 Linton
Amelia Rolinson (1846) 5Yrs260 Linton
Walter Rolinson (1849) 2Yrs260 Linton
William Scott (1769) 82Yrs260 Swaffam
Jane Arnold (1779) 72Yrs261 Tuxford
Harriet Avery (1798) 53Yrs261 Blackwater
Thos. Butterfield (1839) 12Yrs261 Royston
John Casbolt (1811) 40Yrs261 Linton
Elizabeth Casbolt (1828) 23Yrs261 West Wickham
Alice Fordham (1787) 64Yrs261 Harboro
James Fordham (1789) 62Yrs261 Linton
Joseph Fordham (1829) 22Yrs261 Linton
Richard Gates (1818) 33Yrs261 Linton
Mary Gates (1821) 30Yrs261 Linton
Charles Gates (1841) 10Yrs261 Linton
Susan Gates (1843) 8Yrs261 Linton
William Gates (1846) 5Yrs261 Linton
Mary Ann Gates (1850) 10mYrs261 Hadstock
James Hill (1816) 35Yrs261 Linton
Hannah Hill (1818) 33Yrs261 Linton
Daniel Hill (1845) 6Yrs261 Hildersham
Julia Hill (1847) 4Yrs261 Hadstock
Kitty Hill (1850) 1mYrs261 Hadstock
Jane Howard (1827) 24Yrs261 Barley
William Jobson (1787) 64Yrs261 Haverhill
Susan Jobson (1814) 37Yrs261
George Jobson (1815) 36Yrs261 Haverhill
Joseph Jobson (1848) 3Yrs261
Geo. Jobson (1849) 2Yrs261
William Jobson (1850) 1mYrs261
Mary Miller (1783) 68Yrs261 Birdbrook
Phebe Nicholls (1796) 55Yrs261 Saffron Walden
Frederick Nicholls (1835) 16Yrs261 Linton
Isaac Nokes (1788) 63Yrs261 Hadstock
William Nokes (1828) 23Yrs261 Linton
Richard Sagears (1776) 75Yrs261 Linton
Lucy Sagears (1806) 45Yrs261 Southersby
Francis Sagears (1807) 44Yrs261 Linton
Elizabeth Seaman (1786) 65Yrs261 Linton
Martha Walker (1842) 9Yrs261 Bermondsey
Leach Balwin (1808) 43Yrs262 Linton
Maryan Balwin (1814) 37Yrs262 Abington
John Balwin (1835) 16Yrs262 Sawston
George Balwin (1838) 13Yrs262 Sawston
Thomas Balwin (1843) 8Yrs262 Langley
Elida Balwin (1848) 3Yrs262 Hadstock
Mary Bush (1811) 40Yrs262 Hadstock
Jonah Bush (1837) 14Yrs262 Hadstock
Alexander Bush (1844) 7Yrs262 Hadstock
Emmly Bush (1846) 5Yrs262 Hadstock
Arthur Bush (1850) 10mYrs262 Hadstock
Arthur Chapman (1848) 3Yrs262 Linton
John Cracknell (1811) 40Yrs262 Linton
Thomas Fitch (1806) 45Yrs262 Hadstock
Jane Fitch (1808) 43Yrs262 Hadstock
George Fitch (1828) 23Yrs262 Hadstock
Matilda Fitch (1831) 20Yrs262 Hadstock
William Fitch (1834) 17Yrs262 Hadstock
Mary Fitch (1837) 14Yrs262 Hadstock
Sarah Fitch (1841) 10Yrs262 Hadstock
Thomas Fitch (1845) 6Yrs262 Hadstock
Clara Fitch (1848) 3Yrs262 Hadstock
Charles Hammond (1801) 50Yrs262 Linton
Ann Hammond (1802) 49Yrs262 Brandon
Naomi Hammond (1828) 23Yrs262 Linton
Nathan Hammond (1837) 14Yrs262 Hadstock
Richard Hayward (1806) 45Yrs262 Linton
Samuel Swan (1776) 75Yrs262 Hadstock
Sarah Swan (1793) 58Yrs262 Hinxton
Mary Thompson (1776) 75Yrs262
Elizabeth Webb (1798) 53Yrs262 Hadstock
Thomas Webb (1799) 52Yrs262 Low Leyton
Charles Webb (1833) 18Yrs262 Hadstock
Thomas Webb (1835) 16Yrs262 Hadstock
Joseph Webb (1839) 12Yrs262 Hadstock
Noah Webb (1842) 9Yrs262 Hadstock
William Wright (1802) 49Yrs262 Hadstock
Elizabeth Wright (1802) 49Yrs262 Weston Colvile
Charles Wright (1846) 5Yrs262 Linton
Charles Brown (1809) 42Yrs263 Linton
Maria Brown (1817) 34Yrs263 Linton
James Brown (1838) 13Yrs263 Linton
Martha Brown (1844) 7Yrs263 Linton
Charles John Brown (1848) 3Yrs263 Hadstock
Joseph Barton Davey (1807) 44Yrs263 Hadstock
William Davey (1811) 40Yrs263 Hadstock
Sarah Davey (1816) 35Yrs263 Hadstock
Charles Fordham (1816) 35Yrs263 Hadstock
Dudley Fordham (1818) 33Yrs263 Hadstock
Steven Fordham (1837) 14Yrs263 Hadstock
George Fordham (1839) 12Yrs263 Hadstock
Eliza Fordham (1842) 9Yrs263 Hadstock
Dennis Fordham (1846) 5Yrs263 Hadstock
Emma Fordham (1848) 3Yrs263 Hadstock
John Free (1806) 45Yrs263 Hadstock
Beatrice Free (1811) 40Yrs263 Cambridge
David Free (1844) 7Yrs263 Hadstock
Thomas Free (1847) 4Yrs263 Hadstock
Frances Hawes (1789) 62Yrs263 Hadstock
John Hawes (1789) 62Yrs263 Hadstock
Ann Haymaker (1826) 25Yrs263 Worminghall
Sarah Malyon (1831) 20Yrs263 Hadstock
Henry Pearson (1776) 75Yrs263 Hadstock
Lydia Pearson (1777) 74Yrs263 Hadstock
Lavina Pearson (1840) 11Yrs263 Hadstock
William Stock (1815) 36Yrs263 Linton
Amelia Stock (1816) 35Yrs263 Walden
Isaac Stock (1837) 14Yrs263 Ashdon
Sarah Stock (1839) 12Yrs263 Ashdon
George Stock (1841) 10Yrs263 Ashdon
Elizabeth Stock (1843) 8Yrs263 Ashdon
James Stock (1845) 6Yrs263 Hadstock
Charlotte Sutton (1793) 58Yrs263 Oxford
John Sutton (1817) 34Yrs263 Hanney
Charlotte Sutton (1827) 24Yrs263 Oxford
John Swan (1815) 36Yrs263 Hadstock
Mary Ann Barker (1831) 20Yrs264 Hadstock
Edith Fordham (1805) 46Yrs264 Hadstock
William Fordham (1805) 46Yrs264 Hadstock
James Fordham (1834) 17Yrs264 Hadstock
Charles Fordham (1836) 15Yrs264 Hadstock
Honour Fordham (1838) 13Yrs264 Hadstock
Jepha Fordham (1841) 10Yrs264 Hadstock
Jacob Fordham (1843) 8Yrs264 Hadstock
Anna Fordham (1849) 2Yrs264 Hadstock
Sibetha Free (1784) 67Yrs264 Walden
Samuel Free (1787) 64Yrs264 Hadstock
Lydia Free (1807) 44Yrs264 Hadstock
Richard Free (1816) 35Yrs264 Hadstock
Henry Free (1817) 34Yrs264 Hadstock
Samuel Free (1818) 33Yrs264 Hadstock
John Free (1831) 20Yrs264 Hadstock
Jonas Free (1841) 10Yrs264 Hadstock
George Free (1841) 10Yrs264 Hadstock
Lousia Free (1844) 7Yrs264 Hadstock
Georgiana Free (1845) 6Yrs264 Hadstock
John Marsh (1791) 60Yrs264 Hadstock
Elizabeth Marsh (1794) 57Yrs264 Linton
Mahala Marsh (1828) 23Yrs264 Hadstock
David Marsh (1833) 18Yrs264 Hadstock
Matilda Marsh (1837) 14Yrs264 Hadstock
Mary Ann Marsh (1840) 11Yrs264 Hadstock
John Rolandson (1765) 86Yrs264 Horsheath
John Rolinson (1787) 64Yrs264 Hadstock
Sarah Rolinson (1791) 60Yrs264 Brinkley
Steven Rolinson (1835) 16Yrs264 Hadstock
Elizabeth Swan (1821) 30Yrs264 Cork
Charles Swan (1822) 29Yrs264 Hadstock
Sarah Ann Swan (1843) 8Yrs264 Linton
Charles Swan (1848) 3Yrs264 Hadstock
Geo. Swan (1850) 1Yrs264 Hadstock
Emma Symonds (1834) 17Yrs264 Hadstock
Martha Turner (1835) 16Yrs264 Walden
John Adams (1771) 80Yrs265 Foulmere
Thos. Adams (1789) 62Yrs265 Hadstock
Charles Adams (1821) 30Yrs265 Hadstock
Robert Ashby (1804) 47Yrs265 Walden
Eliza Ashby (1813) 38Yrs265 Walden
Lewis Ashby (1842) 9Yrs265 Hadstock
Mary Ann Ashby (1844) 7Yrs265 Hadstock
George Ashby (1849) 2Yrs265 Hadstock
William Barker (1780) 71Yrs265 Hadstock
Steven Barker (1789) 62Yrs265 Hadstock
Ann Barker (1790) 61Yrs265 Debden
Mary Barker (1790) 61Yrs265 Linton
Hannah Barker (1835) 16Yrs265 Hadstock
George Barker (1844) 7Yrs265 Hadstock
Mary Bush (1819) 32Yrs265 Hadstock
James Bush (1822) 29Yrs265 Linton
James Bush (1847) 4Yrs265 Hadstock
Wm. Bush (1850) 1Yrs265 Hadstock
Hannah Fordham (1799) 52Yrs265 Hadstock
Samuel Fordham (1800) 51Yrs265 Hadstock
Elizabeth Freeman (1796) 55Yrs265 Hadstock
William Freeman (1821) 30Yrs265 Hadstock
Charles Freeman (1830) 21Yrs265 Hadstock
Mary Ann Freeman (1833) 18Yrs265 Hadstock
Emma Freeman (1835) 16Yrs265 Hadstock
Harriett Freeman (1843) 8Yrs265 Hadstock
Eliza Freeman (1845) 6Yrs265 Hadstock
John Freeman (1848) 3Yrs265 Hadstock
Edward Newell (1824) 27Yrs265 Godmanchester
James Savill (1788) 63Yrs265 Hadstock
Sarah Savill (1791) 60Yrs265 Hadstock
Samuel Savill (1832) 19Yrs265 Hadstock
Mary Symonds (1791) 60Yrs265 Hadstock
Richard Symonds (1791) 60Yrs265 Hadstock
Sarah Symonds (1827) 24Yrs265 Hadstock
Phebe Symonds (1837) 14Yrs265 Hadstock
William Waters (1848) 3Yrs265 Hadstock
John Webb (1813) 38Yrs265 Hadstock
Mary Webb (1814) 37Yrs265 Hildersham
James Webb (1838) 13Yrs265 Linton
William Fincham (1785) 66Yrs266 Hadstock
Samuel Fordham (1803) 48Yrs266 Hadstock
Mary Fordham (1808) 43Yrs266 Hadstock
James Fordham (1832) 19Yrs266 Hadstock
William Fordham (1833) 18Yrs266 Hadstock
Sarah Fordham (1835) 16Yrs266 Hadstock
Samuel Fordham (1837) 14Yrs266 Hadstock
Emma Fordham (1840) 11Yrs266 Hadstock
Daniel Fordham (1843) 8Yrs266 Hadstock
Mary Ann Fordham (1848) 3Yrs266 Hadstock
Elizabeth Fordham (1850) 1Yrs266 Hadstock
Robert Free (1788) 63Yrs266 Hadstock
Mary Free (1791) 60Yrs266 Foulmere
William Free (1800) 51Yrs266 Hadstock
Mary Free (1803) 48Yrs266 Hadstock
Samuel Free (1809) 42Yrs266 Hadstock
Steven Free (1816) 35Yrs266 Hadstock
George Free (1824) 27Yrs266 Hadstock
Charles Free (1826) 25Yrs266 Hadstock
Susan Free (1831) 20Yrs266 Hadstock
Frances Free (1832) 19Yrs266 Hadstock
George Free (1834) 17Yrs266 Hadstock
Benjamin Free (1834) 17Yrs266 Hadstock
Harriett Free (1837) 14Yrs266 Hadstock
William Free (1837) 14Yrs266 Hadstock
Matilda Free (1839) 12Yrs266 Hadstock
Lydia Free (1841) 10Yrs266 Hadstock
Alfred Free (1842) 9Yrs266 Hadstock
Charles Free (1843) 8Yrs266 Hadstock
Charles Free (1844) 7Yrs266 Hadstock
Samuel Free (1845) 6Yrs266 Hadstock
Charles Free (1846) 5Yrs266 Hadstock
Rebecca Marsh (1813) 38Yrs266 Walden
George Marsh (1818) 33Yrs266 Linton
Mary Marsh (1840) 11Yrs266 Hadstock
Charles Marsh (1843) 8Yrs266 Hadstock
William Marsh (1848) 3Yrs266 Hadstock
William Pearson (1787) 64Yrs266 Hadstock
Hannah S. Pearson (1791) 60Yrs266 London
Elizabeth Webb (1808) 43Yrs266 Hadstock
John Ashby (1797) 54Yrs267 Walden
Ann Ashby (1799) 52Yrs267 Hadstock
Walker Barker (1843) 8Yrs267 Hadstock
Charles Barker (1846) 5Yrs267 Hadstock
Lydia Dockerill (1842) 9Yrs267 Hadstock
Celina Fitch (1834) 17Yrs267 Linton
Benjamin Free (1815) 36Yrs267 Hadstock
John Free (1837) 14Yrs267 Hadstock
George Free (1840) 11Yrs267 Hadstock
Addison Free (1841) 10Yrs267 Hadstock
Amelia Free (1842) 9Yrs267 Hadstock
Arthur Free (1845) 6Yrs267 Hadstock
Sarah Hill (1794) 57Yrs267 Hadstock
Mary Hill (1830) 21Yrs267 Hadstock
John Pearson (1772) 79Yrs267 Hadstock
Maria Pearson (1785) 66Yrs267 Hadstock
Elizabeth Pearson (1787) 64Yrs267 Hadstock
George Pearson (1794) 57Yrs267 Hadstock
Arthur Pearson (1821) 30Yrs267 Hadstock
Betsey Pearson (1830) 21Yrs267 Hadstock
Anne Pearson (1834) 17Yrs267 Hadstock
Eliza Pearson (1836) 15Yrs267 Hadstock
Susanna Pearson (1850) 6mYrs267 Hadstock
David Robinson (1816) 35Yrs267 Hadstock
Charles Robinson (1840) 11Yrs267 Hadstock
David Robinson (1842) 9Yrs267 Hadstock
Elizah Robinson (1845) 6Yrs267 Hadstock
Sarah Robinson (1847) 4Yrs267 Hadstock
Robert Skeppage (1783) 68Yrs267 Hadstock
Martha Turner (1801) 50Yrs267 Chrishall
Mary Turner (1828) 23Yrs267 Ashdon
Geo. Turner (1829) 22Yrs267 Ashdon
Grace Webb (1779) 72Yrs267 Hadstock
Joseph Webb (1825) 26Yrs267 Hadstock
Ann Webb (1825) 26Yrs267 Hadstock
Benjamin Webb (1825) 26Yrs267 Hadstock
John D. Webb (1826) 25Yrs267 Hadstock
Mary Webb (1827) 24Yrs267 Hadstock
Charles Webb (1846) 5Yrs267 Hadstock
George Webb (1849) 2Yrs267 Hadstock
William Fitch (1791) 60Yrs268 Hadstock
Sophia Fitch (1796) 55Yrs268 West Wickham
Eliza Fitch (1833) 18Yrs268 Hadstock
Josiah Fitch (1837) 14Yrs268 Hadstock
Martha Fitch (1841) 10Yrs268 Hadstock
Louisa Fitch (1844) 7Yrs268 Hadstock
George Fordham (1806) 45Yrs268 Hadstock
Rebeca Fordham (1808) 43Yrs268 Hadstock
George Fordham (1828) 23Yrs268 Hadstock
Charles Fordham (1830) 21Yrs268 Hadstock
Jonas Fordham (1836) 15Yrs268 Hadstock
Lewis Fordham (1838) 13Yrs268 Hadstock
Adelaide Fordham (1843) 8Yrs268 Hadstock
Elizabeth Fordham (1844) 7Yrs268 Hadstock
Martin Fordham (1847) 4Yrs268 Hadstock
Peter Fordham (1849) 2Yrs268 Hadstock
John Freeman (1776) 75Yrs268 Hadstock
Lydia Freeman (1811) 40Yrs268 Hadstock
William Freeman (1811) 40Yrs268 Hadstock
Jonas Freeman (1837) 14Yrs268 Hadstock
Naomi Freeman (1843) 8Yrs268 Hadstock
Geo. Freeman (1848) 3Yrs268 Hadstock
Eliza Himus (1812) 39Yrs268 Hadstock
Stephen Himus (1812) 39Yrs268 Linton
Dimme Himus (1828) 23Yrs268 Horsheath
Louisa Himus (1841) 10Yrs268 Hadstock
Eliza Himus (1843) 8Yrs268 Hadstock
Harriett Himus (1845) 6Yrs268 Hadstock
Sarah Himus (1847) 4Yrs268 Hadstock
Stephen Mallian (1819) 32Yrs268 Hadstock
Susan Mallian (1824) 27Yrs268 Hadstock
William Mallian (1846) 5Yrs268 Hadstock
Mary Ann Mallian (1849) 2Yrs268 Hadstock
Thomas Pearson (1782) 69Yrs268 Hadstock
Mary Pearson (1791) 60Yrs268 Camps
Martha Pearson (1831) 20Yrs268 Hadstock
John Pearson (1833) 18Yrs268 Hadstock
Harriett Reader (1825) 26Yrs268 Hadstock
William Reader (1829) 22Yrs268 Linton
Mary Ann Reader (1850) 10mYrs268 Hadstock
Ann Fordham (1796) 55Yrs269 Hadstock
Steven Fordham (1797) 54Yrs269 Hadstock
Sibitha Fordham (1825) 26Yrs269 Hadstock
Richard Fordham (1826) 25Yrs269 Hadstock
Elizabeth Fordham (1827) 24Yrs269 Linton
John Fordham (1828) 23Yrs269 Hadstock
Harriett Fordham (1830) 21Yrs269 Hadstock
Ann Fordham (1830) 21Yrs269 Hadstock
William Fordham (1832) 19Yrs269 Hadstock
Joseph Fordham (1835) 16Yrs269 Hadstock
Steven Fordham (1849) 2Yrs269 Hadstock
Emily Fordham (1850) 1Yrs269 Hadstock
Elizabeth Free (1761) 90Yrs269 Linton
Joseph Free (1786) 65Yrs269 Hadstock
William Hammond (1801) 50Yrs269 Hadstock
Mary Hammond (1817) 34Yrs269 Hadstock
James Hammond (1825) 26Yrs269 Hadstock
George Hammond (1839) 12Yrs269 Hadstock
Betsey Hammond (1841) 10Yrs269 Hadstock
Ann Hammond (1845) 6Yrs269 Hadstock
Naomi Hammond (1848) 3Yrs269 Hadstock
Zenophen Hymas (1797) 54Yrs269 Bartlow
Mary Hymas (1800) 51Yrs269 Hadstock
James Hymas (1824) 27Yrs269 Hadstock
Mary Ann Hymas (1841) 10Yrs269 Hadstock
Charles Hymas (1850) 10mYrs269 Hadstock
William Lofts (1811) 40Yrs269 Hadstock
Sarah Lofts (1818) 33Yrs269 Cowling
Emma Lofts (1839) 12Yrs269 Horsheath
George Lofts (1843) 8Yrs269 Horsheath
Harriett Lofts (1846) 5Yrs269 Horsheath
Sampson Lofts (1849) 2Yrs269 Hadstock
Samuell Pearson (1797) 54Yrs269 Hadstock
Elizabeth Pearson (1806) 45Yrs269 Hadstock
Martha Pearson (1841) 10Yrs269 Hadstock
John Swan (1803) 48Yrs269 Hadstock
Mary Swan (1808) 43Yrs269 Hadstock
Harriett Swan (1834) 17Yrs269 Hadstock
Jane Swan (1840) 11Yrs269 Linton
Charles Swan (1845) 6Yrs269 Linton
Edward Bye (1778) 73Yrs270 Hadstock
John Bye (1815) 36Yrs270 Hadstock
Maria Bye (1815) 36Yrs270 Hadstock
Jemima Bye (1838) 13Yrs270 Hadstock
Thomas Bye (1840) 11Yrs270 Hadstock
Susan Bye (1843) 8Yrs270 Hadstock
Samuel Bye (1845) 6Yrs270 Hadstock
Ann Bye (1849) 2Yrs270 Hadstock
Amy Cutter (1763) 88Yrs270 Hadstock
Samuel Fitch (1822) 29Yrs270 Hadstock
Emma Fitch (1848) 3Yrs270 Hadstock
Elizabeth Flack (1826) 25Yrs270 Linton
Sarah Flack (1850) 1Yrs270 Linton
James Hill (1807) 44Yrs270 Hadstock
Alice Hill (1809) 42Yrs270 Hadstock
William Hill (1833) 18Yrs270 Hadstock
George Hill (1839) 12Yrs270 Hadstock
Martha Hill (1843) 8Yrs270 Hadstock
Charles Hill (1844) 7Yrs270 Hadstock
James Hill (1849) 2Yrs270 Hadstock
Richard Marsh (1774) 77Yrs270 Hadstock
Emma Marsh (1787) 64Yrs270 Hadstock
Harriett Marsh (1832) 19Yrs270 Hadstock
William Pearson (1775) 76Yrs270 Hadstock
Elizabeth Pearson (1776) 75Yrs270 Hadstock
Thomas Pearson (1778) 73Yrs270 Hadstock
John Pearson (1786) 65Yrs270 Hadstock
Clara Pearson (1791) 60Yrs270 Ashdon
Peter Pearson (1825) 26Yrs270 Hadstock
Moses Pearson (1829) 22Yrs270 Hadstock
Abraham Robinson (1815) 36Yrs270 Chrishall
Elizabeth Robinson (1817) 34Yrs270 Hadstock
Susan Robinson (1841) 10Yrs270 Hadstock
Mary Ann Robinson (1844) 7Yrs270 Hadstock
George Robinson (1846) 5Yrs270 Hadstock
Dennis Robinson (1849) 2Yrs270 Hadstock
Sarah Seamen (1823) 28Yrs270 Hadstock
Emma Seamen (1841) 10Yrs270 Hadstock
George Seamen (1847) 4Yrs270 Bedford Town?
Eliza Seamen (1849) 2Yrs270 Linton
Elizabeth Bard (1771) 80Yrs271 Chesterford
John Bard (1773) 78Yrs271 Hadstock
James Bard (1811) 40Yrs271 Hadstock
Mary Brown (1814) 37Yrs271 Hadstock
Benjamin Fordham (1833) 18Yrs271 Hadstock
Geo. Fordham (1834) 17Yrs271 Hadstock
Thomas Fordham (1837) 14Yrs271 Hadstock
Steven Fordham (1841) 10Yrs271 Hadstock
William Mallion (1789) 62Yrs271 Hadstock
Martha Mallion (1799) 52Yrs271 Hadstock
Betsey Mallion (1829) 22Yrs271 Hadstock
Lawrence Mallion (1833) 18Yrs271 Hadstock
Susanna Mallion (1836) 15Yrs271 Hadstock
George Mallion (1848) 3Yrs271 Hadstock
Thomas Mole (1773) 78Yrs271 Hadstock
John Mole (1809) 42Yrs271 Hadstock
Mary Mole (1809) 42Yrs271 Hadstock
Samuel Mole (1837) 14Yrs271 Hadstock
George Mole (1842) 9Yrs271 Hadstock
Thomas Mole (1845) 6Yrs271 Hadstock
Richard Mole (1847) 4Yrs271 Hadstock
Charles Mole (1850) 1Yrs271 Hadstock
Lucy Pearson (1805) 46Yrs271 Hadstock
John Pearson (1813) 38Yrs271 Hadstock
Eliza Pearson (1847) 4Yrs271 Hadstock
Charles Pearson (1850) 10mYrs271 Hadstock
Mary Robinson (1787) 64Yrs271 Hinxton
George Swan (1806) 45Yrs271 Hadstock
Mary Ann Swan (1808) 43Yrs271 Hadstock
Lydia Swan (1830) 21Yrs271 Hadstock
Jane Swan (1836) 15Yrs271 Hadstock
George Swan (1839) 12Yrs271 Hadstock
James Swan (1841) 10Yrs271 Hadstock
Mary Swan (1844) 7Yrs271 Hadstock
Amos Swan (1846) 5Yrs271 Hadstock
John Swan (1849) 2Yrs271 Hadstock
Lucy Swan (1850) 2wYrs271 Linton
Rosetta Swan (1850) 4mYrs271 Linton
Geo. Adams (1816) 35Yrs272 Hadstock
William Brown (1775) 76Yrs272 Hadstock
Elizabeth Brown (1775) 76Yrs272 Chesterford
Henry Fordham (1826) 25Yrs272 Chrishall
Lavina Fordham (1835) 16Yrs272 Chrishall
Mary Ann Fordham (1850) 1wYrs272 Chrishall
Jacob Hawes (1788) 63Yrs272 Hadstock
Mary Hawes (1801) 50Yrs272 Chrishall
Benjamin Hawes (1802) 49Yrs272 Hadstock
Joseph Hawes (1826) 25Yrs272 Chrishall
Benjamin Hawes (1827) 24Yrs272 Chrishall
Elizabeth Hawes (1831) 20Yrs272 Hadstock
George Hawes (1832) 19Yrs272 Chrishall
Obadiah Hawes (1837) 14Yrs272 Chrishall
Robert Hawes (1848) 3Yrs272 Hadstock
Sarah Hill (1785) 66Yrs272 Hadstock
William Hill (1819) 32Yrs272 Hadstock
George Hill (1821) 30Yrs272 Hadstock
Rebecca Hill (1821) 30Yrs272 Linton
Harrett Hill (1823) 28Yrs272 Hadstock
William Hill (1833) 18Yrs272 Hadstock
Ann Hill (1845) 6Yrs272 Hadstock
James Kitteridge (1813) 38Yrs272 Ashdon
Martha Kitteridge (1826) 25Yrs272 Chesterford
Wm. Kitteridge (1846) 5Yrs272 Hadstock
Seth Kitteridge (1848) 3Yrs272 Hadstock
Richard Marsh (1803) 48Yrs272 Hadstock
Elizabeth Marsh (1807) 44Yrs272 Hadstock
Robert Marsh (1835) 16Yrs272 Hadstock
Richard Marsh (1837) 14Yrs272 Hadstock
Susan Marsh (1840) 11Yrs272 Hadstock
Charles Skippage (1814) 37Yrs272 Hadstock
Mahala Skippage (1816) 35Yrs272 Hadstock
Mary Skippage (1838) 13Yrs272 Hadstock
Josiah Skippage (1847) 4Yrs272 Hadstock
Charles Skippage (1849) 2Yrs272 Hadstock
Thomas Turner (1809) 42Yrs272 Linton
Mary Turner (1811) 40Yrs272 Hadstock
William Turner (1837) 14Yrs272 Hadstock
George Turner (1839) 12Yrs272 Hadstock
Robert Bye (1785) 66Yrs273 Hadstock
Ann Bye (1787) 64Yrs273 Linton
Ishmael Cutter (1796) 55Yrs273 Hadstock
Sarah Cutter (1798) 53Yrs273 Linton
John Cutter (1812) 39Yrs273 Hadstock
Sarah Cutter (1814) 37Yrs273 Bumpstead
Eliza Cutter (1833) 18Yrs273 Hadstock
Charles Cutter (1835) 16Yrs273 Hadstock
Harriett Cutter (1837) 14Yrs273 Hadstock
Lucy Cutter (1837) 14Yrs273 Hadstock
Harriett Cutter (1839) 12Yrs273 Hadstock
Emma Cutter (1841) 10Yrs273 Hadstock
Eliza Cutter (1848) 3Yrs273 Hadstock
Charles Cutter (1849) 2Yrs273 Hadstock
Wm. Cutter (1850) 2mYrs273 Hadstock
Elizabeth Fordham (1775) 76Yrs273 Hadstock
Henry Fordham (1775) 76Yrs273 Hadstock
John Fordham (1818) 33Yrs273 Hadstock
Steven Hill (1823) 28Yrs273 Hadstock
Mary Hill (1825) 26Yrs273 Hadstock
James Hill (1845) 6Yrs273 Linton
Stephen Hill (1846) 5Yrs273 Hadstock
Eliza Hill (1850) 1Yrs273 Hadstock
Jane Mallion (1827) 24Yrs273 Hadstock
Charles Mallion (1850) 10mYrs273 Hadstock
John Smoothy (1803) 48Yrs273 Hadstock
Ann Smoothy (1810) 41Yrs273 Linton
John Smoothy (1837) 14Yrs273 Hadstock
Henry Smoothy (1839) 12Yrs273 Hadstock
Mary Ann Smoothy (1842) 9Yrs273 Hadstock
Alfred Smoothy (1846) 5Yrs273 Hadstock
Jane Swan (1768) 83Yrs273 Hadstock
John Swan (1772) 79Yrs273 Hadstock
William Swan (1806) 45Yrs273 Hadstock
Rebbecca Swan (1807) 44Yrs273 Hadstock
John Swan (1831) 20Yrs273 Hadstock
Richard Swan (1833) 18Yrs273 Hadstock
Henry Swan (1836) 15Yrs273 Hadstock
Martha Swan (1838) 13Yrs273 Hadstock
Mary Swan (1840) 11Yrs273 Hadstock
Charles Hill (1828) 23Yrs274 Hadstock
Harriett Hill (1831) 20Yrs274 Hadstock
Geo. Hill (1850) 1Yrs274 Hadstock
Amy Pottage (1824) 27Yrs274 Hadstock
Charles Pottage (1824) 27Yrs274 Linton
Catherine Saville (1811) 40Yrs274 Hadstock
John Saville (1819) 32Yrs274 Hadstock
Samuell Saville (1837) 14Yrs274 Hadstock
Mary Swan (1806) 45Yrs274 Lofts
Betsey Swan (1846) 5Yrs274 Hadstock