The Foxearth and District Local History Society
Index for 1851 Census of Middleton
Susan Bryant (1823) 28Yrs48 Bures
George Bryant (1825) 26Yrs48 Middleton
William Bryant (1847) 4Yrs48 Middleton
Charles Bryant (1850) 1Yrs48 Middleton
Charles Newman (1769) 82Yrs48 Middleton
Abraham Newman (1809) 42Yrs48 Middleton
Eliza Newman (1813) 38Yrs48 Glemsford
Sarah Newman (1813) 38Yrs48 Middleton
Eliza Newman (1837) 14Yrs48 Middleton
Emma Newman (1839) 12Yrs48 Middleton
Charles Newman (1841) 10Yrs48 Middleton
Thomas Newman (1844) 7Yrs48 Middleton
Sarah Newman (1846) 5Yrs48 Middleton
Abraham Newman (1850) 1mYrs48 Middleton
Emily Raymond (1818) 33Yrs48 Middleton
Emma Raymond (1848) 3Yrs48 Newport
Margaretta Raymond (1850) 8mYrs48 Bulmer
Louisa Viall (1831) 20Yrs48 Middleton
Sarah Brabrook (1780) 71Yrs49 Middleton
Stephen Brabrook (1811) 40Yrs49 Middleton
Elizabeth Brabrook (1811) 40Yrs49 Sudbury
Walter Brabrook (1836) 15Yrs49 Ballingdon
Abraham Brabrook (1837) 14Yrs49 Ballingdon
Stephen Brabrook (1841) 10Yrs49 Ballingdon
Isaac Brabrook (1844) 7Yrs49 Middleton
Christiana Brabrook (1847) 4Yrs49 Middleton
William Brabrook (1850) 18mYrs49 Middleton
William Bryant (1777) 74Yrs49 Middleton
Dorcas Bryant (1797) 54Yrs49 Bulmer
James Bryant (1830) 21Yrs49 Middleton
Robert Bryant (1832) 19Yrs49 Middleton
Susan Bryant (1835) 16Yrs49 Middleton
Samuel Carter (1811) 40Yrs49 Great Henny
Thomas Golding (1813) 38Yrs49 Bulmer
Mary Golding (1816) 35Yrs49 Bulmer
Sarah Golding (1839) 12Yrs49 Middleton
Samuel Golding (1841) 10Yrs49 Middleton
Maria Golding (1844) 7Yrs49 Middleton
Eliza Golding (1846) 5Yrs49 Middleton
William Golding (1850) 10mYrs49 Middleton
Rose A. Newman (1793) 58Yrs49 Bures
William Newman (1800) 51Yrs49 Bures
Joseph Newman (1830) 21Yrs49 Cornard
Robert Newman (1831) 20Yrs49 Cornard
Edward Newman (1833) 18Yrs49 Cornard
Ellen Newman (1835) 16Yrs49 Cornard
Priscilla Piper (1827) 24Yrs49 Bulmer
Jesse Piper (1829) 22Yrs49 Middleton
Priscilla Piper (1850) 6mYrs49 Middleton
William Snell (1788) 63Yrs49 Middleton
Sarah Snell (1792) 59Yrs49 Middleton
Susan Snell (1837) 14Yrs49 Middleton
James Tuffin (1784) 67Yrs49 Middleton
John Tuffin (1813) 38Yrs49 Middleton
James Bryant (1816) 35Yrs50 Middleton
Elizabeth Bryant (1821) 30Yrs50 Lamarsh
William Bryant (1845) 6Yrs50 Middleton
Charles Bryant (1846) 5Yrs50 Middleton
Joseph Bryant (1849) 2Yrs50 Middleton
Sarah Constable (1799) 52Yrs50 Middleton
Charles Constable (1836) 15Yrs50 Middleton
Robert Lee Keeble (1813) 38Yrs50 Ipswich
Eliza Keeble (1813) 38Yrs50 Brent Eleigh
Emma Keeble (1833) 18Yrs50 Brent Eleigh
Robert Keeble (1835) 16Yrs50 Brent Eleigh
Stow Keeble (1838) 13Yrs50 Bulmer
Martha Keeble (1840) 11Yrs50 Ballingdon
Christiana Keeble (1849) 2Yrs50 Ballingdon
Mary Nears (1810) 41Yrs50 Hedingham
Edward Nears (1819) 32Yrs50 Great Henny
Rebecca Nears (1836) 15Yrs50 Great Henny
William Nears (1839) 12Yrs50 Great Henny
Mary Ann Nears (1842) 9Yrs50 Great Henny
George Nears (1847) 4Yrs50 Middleton
Ellen Nears (1850) 3mYrs50 Middleton
Samuel Newman (1801) 50Yrs50 Middleton
Emily Newman (1828) 23Yrs50 Middleton
Samuel Piper (1791) 60Yrs50 Middleton
Jeremiah Piper (1797) 54Yrs50 Middleton
Edward Piper (1799) 52Yrs50 Middleton
Alfred Piper (1846) 5Yrs50
George Scrivener (1821) 30Yrs50 Pentlow
Amelia Scrivener (1821) 30Yrs50 Foxearth
Eliza Scrivener (1846) 5Yrs50 Middleton
Walter Scrivener (1848) 3Yrs50 Middleton
Charles Scrivener (1850) 1Yrs50 Middleton
Mark Shorten (1808) 43Yrs50 Bulmer
Mary Ann Shorten (1809) 42Yrs50 Foxearth
William Shorten (1831) 20Yrs50 Bulmer
Walter Shorten (1839) 12Yrs50 Bulmer
William Snell (1830) 21Yrs50 Great Henny
Ann Balls (1815) 36Yrs51 Southminster
William Balls (1820) 31Yrs51 Great Henny
Sarah Balls (1848) 3Yrs51 Great Henny
John Balls (1850) 7mYrs51 Middleton
Charles Brabrook (1811) 40Yrs51 Middleton
Susan Brabrook (1836) 15Yrs51 Ballingdon
Charles Brabrook (1839) 12Yrs51 Ballingdon
James Brabrook (1841) 10Yrs51 Middleton
Harriet Brabrook (1844) 7Yrs51 Middleton
Walter Harrington (1809) 42Yrs51 Great Henny
Hannah Harrington (1810) 41Yrs51 Great Henny
John Harrington (1811) 40Yrs51 Great Henny
Sophia Harrington (1821) 30Yrs51 Twinstead
Sarah Harrington (1832) 19Yrs51 Middleton
Alfred Harrington (1836) 15Yrs51 Middleton
Jane? Harrington (1836) 15Yrs51 Alphamstone
Esther Harrington (1838) 13Yrs51 Middleton
Josiah Harrington (1840) 11Yrs51 Middleton
James Harrington (1842) 9Yrs51 Middleton
Walter Harrington (1842) 9Yrs51 Lamarsh
Josiah Harrington (1844) 7Yrs51 Lamarsh
John Harrington (1845) 6Yrs51 Middleton
Mahala Harrington (1846) 5Yrs51 Lamarsh
Emily Harrington (1849) 2Yrs51 Lamarsh
Mary Ann Harrington (1849) 2Yrs51 Middleton
Susannah Harrington (1850) 1mYrs51 Middleton
Frances Kilbourn (1820) 31Yrs51 Cockfield
Thomas Kilbourn (1825) 26Yrs51 Stansfield
Selina Kilbourn (1847) 4Yrs51 Cockfield
Frances Kilbourn (1849) 2Yrs51 Middleton
Mary Piper (1799) 52Yrs51 Monks Eleigh
William Piper (1804) 47Yrs51 Middleton
Caroline Piper (1830) 21Yrs51 Middleton
Mary Piper (1835) 16Yrs51 Middleton
Delila Tiffin (1762) 89Yrs51 Sudbury
Samuel Tiffin (1817) 34Yrs51 Great Henny
Sarah Vincent (1821) 30Yrs51 Docking
John Vincent (1822) 29Yrs51 Bagthorpe
Robert Andrews (1799) 52Yrs52 Great Henny
Catherine Andrews (1801) 50Yrs52 Great Henny
Martha Brabrook (1773) 78Yrs52 Middleton
Joseph Canham (1796) 55Yrs52 Rochester
Maria Canham (1798) 53Yrs52 Hitchin
Mary S. Canham (1832) 19Yrs52 Ramsgate
Frederic Canham (1840) 11Yrs52 Ramsgate
Mary Carter (1798) 53Yrs52 Belchamp Walter
John Crick (1791) 60Yrs52 Thorpe
Sarah Crick (1796) 55Yrs52 Cockfield
Emma Crick (1840) 11Yrs52 Cockfield
George Golding (1813) 38Yrs52 Bulmer
Ann Golding (1817) 34Yrs52 Bulmer
William Golding (1838) 13Yrs52 Bulmer
Henry Golding (1842) 9Yrs52 Bulmer
Mary A. Golding (1848) 3Yrs52 Middleton
Susan Grimwood (1835) 16Yrs52 Rickinghall
William Hurrell (1783) 68Yrs52 Middleton
Sarah Lee (1796) 55Yrs52 Middleton
Mary Lockwood (1804) 47Yrs52 Bury St Edmunds
Susan Lusher (1816) 35Yrs52 Diss
Thomas Moss (1775) 76Yrs52 Lewes
Marianne Moss (1784) 67Yrs52
Elizabeth Newman (1805) 46Yrs52 Bulmer
Oliver Raymond (1794) 57Yrs52 Belchamp Walter
Anne Raymond (1794) 57Yrs52 Great Henny
Catharine Raymond (1822) 29Yrs52 Middleton
Juliana Raymond (1828) 23Yrs52 Middleton
Maria Robinson (1801) 50Yrs52 Ballingdon
John Shorten (1802) 49Yrs52 Bulmer
Susannah Shorten (1805) 46Yrs52 Stanstead
Henry Shorten (1836) 15Yrs52 Middleton
Walter Shorten (1838) 13Yrs52 Middleton
George Shorten (1846) 5Yrs52 Middleton
Mary Ann Shorten (1847) 4Yrs52 Middleton
Anne Ryecroft Smythies (1825) 26Yrs52 Middleton
Samuel Wright (1806) 45Yrs52 Acton
James Snell (1825) 26Yrs53 Middleton
Charlotte Snell (1826) 25Yrs53 Great Henny
William Snell (1845) 6Yrs53 Middleton
Eliza Snell (1850) 8mYrs53 Middleton