The Foxearth and District Local History Society
Index for 1851 Census of Mount Bures
Ambrose Allen (1763) 88Yrs264 Melford
Mary Bradley (1791) 60Yrs264 Melford
George Bradley (1827) 24Yrs264 Bures Hamlet
Willm. Bradley (1836) 15Yrs264 Bures Hamlet
Mary Burch (1798) 53Yrs264 Bures
Charles Burch (1802) 49Yrs264 Bures
George Burch (1834) 17Yrs264 Bures
Barnbs Burch (1836) 15Yrs264 Bures Hamlet
Jeremiah Burch (1843) 8Yrs264 Bures Hamlet
Harriot Deves (1838) 13Yrs264 Bures
Elizabeth Miles (1789) 62Yrs264 Acton
M.A.(Female) Miles (1825) 26Yrs264 Bures Hamlet
Thos. Salter (1831) 20Yrs264 Melford
David Scarfe (1815) 36Yrs264 Botesdale
Sarah Scarfe (1819) 32Yrs264 Halstead
Thos. A. Scarfe (1844) 7Yrs264 Brightlingsea
Sarah E. Scarfe (1848) 3Yrs264 Bures Hamlet
Kate Siggars (1850) 1Yrs264 Melford
George Boggis (1774) 77Yrs265 Lamarsh
Sarah Boggis (1808) 43Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Caroline Cardy (1819) 32Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Lydia Cardy (1847) 4Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Lewis Cardy (1849) 2Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Henry Cardy (1850) 2DYrs265 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Clarke (1804) 47Yrs265 Mount Bures
James Clarke (1818) 33Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Frank Clarke (1847) 4Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Arthur Chr. Clarke (1850) 1Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
William Danzee (1796) 55Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Susan Danzee (1798) 53Yrs265 Castle Hedingham
Mary A. Danzee (1823) 28Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Danzee (1828) 23Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Elizth. Danzee (1834) 17Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
George Danzee (1837) 14Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Ellen Danzee (1846) 5Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Ann Eldred (1836) 15Yrs265 Pebmarsh
Thomas Harris (1813) 38Yrs265 Bures St Mary
Emily Harris (1814) 37Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Deborah Harris (1842) 9Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Caroline Harris (1844) 7Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
George Harris (1847) 4Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Rebecca Harris (1850) 1Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Robert Holmes (1812) 39Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Uriah(Female) Holmes (1813) 38Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Emily Holmes (1833) 18Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Frank Holmes (1840) 11Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Samuel Holmes (1845) 6Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Walter Holmes (1848) 3Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Matilda Holmes (1850) 1Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
M.A.(Female) Kendall (1844) 7Yrs265 Hatfield
Mary Mole (1772) 79Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Ann Springett (1780) 71Yrs265 Polstead
Eliza Springett (1820) 31Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
Henry Springett (1847) 4Yrs265 Bures Hamlet
John Cansole (1805) 46Yrs266 Bures St Mary
Dorcas Cansole (1806) 45Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
William Cansole (1836) 15Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
James Cansole (1838) 13Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Thomas Cansole (1844) 7Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Samuel Cansole (1846) 5Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
George Cansole (1848) 3Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Hannah Cansole (1850) 8mYrs266 Bures Hamlet
William Chaplin (1813) 38Yrs266 Pattiswick
Mary Waller Chaplin (1819) 32Yrs266 Colchester
William A. Chaplin (1840) 11Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Lucey Cousins (1818) 33Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Abraham Cousins (1821) 30Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Emma Cousins (1840) 11Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Charles Cousins (1842) 9Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
George Cousins (1846) 5Yrs266 Wormingford
Joseph Cousins (1848) 3Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Cousins (1850) 1Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Hannah Disney (1772) 79Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Abraham Disney (1774) 77Yrs266 Monks Eleigh
Martha Godfry (1789) 62Yrs266 East Bergholt
John Tracey (1799) 52Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Tracey (1803) 48Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Ann Tracey (1823) 28Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
John Tracey (1825) 26Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Harriot Tracey (1832) 19Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Robert Walsh (1788) 63Yrs266 Earls Colne
Lidia Walsh (1790) 61Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Robert Walsh (1823) 28Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Harriot Walsh (1824) 27Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Thomas Webber (1795) 56Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Susan Webber (1799) 52Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Joseph Webber (1818) 33Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
John Webber (1825) 26Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Thomas Webber (1830) 21Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
George Webber (1836) 15Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Charles Webber (1840) 11Yrs266 Bures Hamlet
Esabel? Bailey (1832) 19Yrs267 Horselydown
George Cousins (1819) 32Yrs267 Bures Hamlet
Jemmima Cousins (1820) 31Yrs267 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Cousins (1842) 9Yrs267 Bures Hamlet
Jemima French (1791) 60Yrs267 Bures Hamlet
Robert Howard (1804) 47Yrs267 Great Henny
Sarah Howard (1806) 45Yrs267 Bures St Mary
Robert Howard (1826) 25Yrs267 Bures St Mary
Sarah Howard (1833) 18Yrs267 Bures St Mary
William Howard (1836) 15Yrs267 Bures St Mary
George Howard (1839) 12Yrs267 Bures St Mary
Harriot Howard (1843) 8Yrs267 Bures St Mary
Charles Howard (1845) 6Yrs267 Bures St Mary
Alfred Howard (1847) 4Yrs267 Bures Hamlet
Robert Stebbing (1808) 43Yrs267 Bures Hamlet
Lydia Stebbing (1808) 43Yrs267 Bures St Mary
Jane Stebbing (1826) 25Yrs267 Bures Hamlet
David Stebbing (1836) 15Yrs267 Bures St Mary
Robert Stebbing (1839) 12Yrs267 Bures St Mary
George Stebbing (1841) 10Yrs267 Bures Hamlet
William Tracey (1834) 17Yrs267 Bures Hamlet
George Tyler (1811) 40Yrs267 Thornham
Mary A. Tyler (1817) 34Yrs267 Brettenham
Hannah Tyler (1839) 12Yrs267 Thorndon
Ellen Tyler (1844) 7Yrs267 Thorndon
Sarah Underwood (1795) 56Yrs267 Wormingford
William B. Underwood (1799) 52Yrs267 Wormingford
Barnard Underwood (1827) 24Yrs267 Wormingford
Sarah Elizth. Underwood (1828) 23Yrs267 Wormingford
Daniel? Underwood (1836) 15Yrs267 Wormingford
John Webber (1833) 18Yrs267 Bures Hamlet
Mary Whybrew (1774) 77Yrs267 Bures St Mary
James Everet (1820) 31Yrs268 Bures St Mary
Harriet Everet (1821) 30Yrs268 Hartest
Charles Everet (1845) 6Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Charles Frost (1805) 46Yrs268 Mount Bures
Mary Frost (1823) 28Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Mary Groom (1801) 50Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
William Groom (1810) 41Yrs268 Dedham
Mary Ann Groom (1829) 22Yrs268 Colchester
Emma Groom (1830) 21Yrs268 Colchester
Lavinnia Groom (1833) 18Yrs268 Colchester
Thomas Pettikan? (1781) 70Yrs268 Nayland
Ann Pettikan? (1793) 58Yrs268 Coggeshall
Thomas Pettikan? (1826) 25Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Thomas Sparkes (1770) 81Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Susan Sparkes (1784) 67Yrs268 Colne Engaine
John Sparkes (1806) 45Yrs268 Colne Engaine
William Sparkes (1821) 30Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
George Sparkes (1823) 28Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Job Sparkes (1828) 23Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
John Sparkes (1830) 21Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Sparkes (1830) 21Yrs268 Bures St Mary
Susanna Sparkes (1833) 18Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Sparkes (1849) 2Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Dyer Stedman (1831) 20Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Susan Waters? (1833) 18Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Webber (1845) 6Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
George Wright (1827) 24Yrs268 Bures Hamlet
Susanna Wright (1830) 21Yrs268 Pebmarsh
Harriot Clarke (1824) 27Yrs269 Wormingford
Elijah Ladbrook (1798) 53Yrs269 Bures St Mary
Elizabeth Ladbrook (1800) 51Yrs269 Stebbing
Esau Ladbrook (1825) 26Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Ann Ladbrook (1827) 24Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Ephraim Ladbrook (1830) 21Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
John Parker (1781) 70Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Mary Parker (1791) 60Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Henry Parker (1837) 14Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
John Pettikan (1771) 80Yrs269 Wiston
Zachariah Pettit (1788) 63Yrs269 Mount Bures
Susanna Pettit (1790) 61Yrs269 Great Tey
Jeremiah Ruggles (1787) 64Yrs269 Mount Bures
John Ruggles (1813) 38Yrs269 Mount Bures
Elizabeth Ruggles (1822) 29Yrs269 Wormingford
Mary Ruggles (1831) 20Yrs269 Mount Bures
Eliza Ruggles (1844) 7Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
John Ruggles (1847) 4Yrs269 Mount Bures
Jeremiah Ruggles (1848) 3Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Ann Ruggles (1850) 1Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Thomas Springett (1837) 14Yrs269 Bures
Mary Stebbing (1789) 62Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
James Stebbing (1799) 52Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Charles Walsh (1824) 27Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Walsh (1824) 27Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Robert Walsh (1845) 6Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Lidia Walsh (1847) 4Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Mary A. Walsh (1850) 1Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Webber (1774) 77Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Robert Webber (1813) 38Yrs269 Bures Hamlet
Abram Balls (1813) 38Yrs270 Mount Bures
Mahala Balls (1813) 38Yrs270 Wakes Colne
Elizabeth Hall (1817) 34Yrs270 White Colne
Eliza Hall (1843) 8Yrs270 Lexden
Charles Howard (1825) 26Yrs270 Mount Bures
Sarah Howard (1828) 23Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
Henry Howard (1850) 1Yrs270 Mount Bures
Elizabeth Palmer (1805) 46Yrs270 Bacton
James Palmer (1809) 42Yrs270 Bargate
Henry Palmer (1832) 19Yrs270 Bacton
Susannah Palmer (1834) 17Yrs270 Bacton
Maryanne Palmer (1836) 15Yrs270 Bacton
Ann Marie Palmer (1838) 13Yrs270 Bacton
Betsey Palmer (1840) 11Yrs270 Bacton
William Palmer (1843) 8Yrs270 Bacton
Elijah Palmer (1846) 5Yrs270 Bacton
Thomas Springett (1796) 55Yrs270 Melford
Aprilia Springett (1796) 55Yrs270 East Bergholt
Lucy Springett (1838) 13Yrs270 Bures St Mary
Charles Warren (1836) 15Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
William Waters (1812) 39Yrs270 Hartest
Eliza Waters (1837) 14Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
William Waters (1839) 12Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
Emily Waters (1841) 10Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
Maryann Waters (1843) 8Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
Jemima Webber (1803) 48Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
Charles Webber (1831) 20Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
John Webber (1834) 17Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
Emma Webber (1836) 15Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
George Webber (1840) 11Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
Frederick Webber (1849) 2Yrs270 Bures Hamlet
Frances Webber (1850) 11mYrs270 Bures Hamlet
Mary Whybrew (1812) 39Yrs270 Mount Bures
Martha Whybrew (1847) 4Yrs270 Mount Bures
Matilda Whybrew (1849) 2Yrs270 Mount Bures
Daniel Bambridge (1818) 33Yrs271 Mount Bures
Carolina Bambridge (1824) 27Yrs271 Lamarsh
Eli Bambridge (1843) 8Yrs271 Mount Bures
Lydia Bambridge (1845) 6Yrs271 Mount Bures
Levey Bambridge (1847) 4Yrs271 Mount Bures
Ezra Bambridge (1848) 3Yrs271 Mount Bures
Abraham Cant (1820) 31Yrs271 Mount Bures
Walter Cant (1836) 15Yrs271 Mount Bures
Zachariah Cant (1838) 13Yrs271 Mount Bures
William Cant (1839) 12Yrs271 Mount Bures
James Cant (1841) 10Yrs271 Mount Bures
George Cant (1843) 8Yrs271 Mount Bures
Henry Cant (1845) 6Yrs271 Mount Bures
Hannah Cant (1847) 4Yrs271 Mount Bures
Hannah Carter (1781) 70Yrs271 Great Tey
Henry Carter (1805) 46Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Carter (1812) 39Yrs271 Southminster
Henry Carter (1834) 17Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
James Carter (1837) 14Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
William Carter (1839) 12Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
John Carter (1842) 9Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
Jesse Carter (1844) 7Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
Mira Carter (1846) 5Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
Emmery Carter (1848) 3Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
Mary Cornell (1835) 16Yrs271 Mount Bures
John Manning (1769) 82Yrs271 Mount Bures
Sarah Newman? (1816) 35Yrs271 Wiston
Edgar Newman? (1845) 6Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
Alfred Newman? (1847) 4Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
Jacob Newman? (1850) 1Yrs271 Bures Hamlet
Hugh Timson (1821) 30Yrs271 Mount Bures
Charles Tokely (1833) 18Yrs271 Bures St Mary
Bilbara? Warren (1783) 68Yrs271 Mount Bures
Edwrad Ball (1792) 59Yrs272 Mount Bures
Mary Ball (1804) 47Yrs272 Stebbing
Sarah Ball (1837) 14Yrs272 Mount Bures
Maria Ball (1844) 7Yrs272 Mount Bures
Thomas Bland (1840) 11Yrs272 Mount Bures
George Bull (1817) 34Yrs272 Mount Bures
Jane Bull (1819) 32Yrs272 Mount Bures
Jane Bull (1841) 10Yrs272 Mount Bures
Georg Bull (1842) 9Yrs272 Mount Bures
William Bull (1844) 7Yrs272 Mount Bures
Sarah Bull (1849) 2Yrs272 Mount Bures
Eliza Cant (1808) 43Yrs272 Mount Bures
Jonathan Cant (1850) 1Yrs272 Mount Bures
Robert Durrant (1797) 54Yrs272 Bures Hamlet
Maria Durrant (1800) 51Yrs272 Lamarsh
Sarah Durrant (1840) 11Yrs272 Mount Bures
Edward Durrant (1845) 6Yrs272 Bures Hamlet
Joseph Gallifant (1780) 71Yrs272 Mount Bures
Phillip Hunt (1792) 59Yrs272 Bures Hamlet
Deborah Hunt (1800) 51Yrs272 Bures St Mary
Joseph Hunt (1839) 12Yrs272 Mount Bures
Maria Hunt (1840) 11Yrs272 Mount Bures
Victoria Hunt (1843) 8Yrs272 Mount Bures
Octavious Hunt (1844) 7Yrs272 Mount Bures
John Potter (1786) 65Yrs272 Lamarsh
Jonathan Sparkes (1821) 30Yrs272 Bures Hamlet
Hannah Sparkes (1826) 25Yrs272 Assington
Sarah Stebbing (1804) 47Yrs272 Lamarsh
William Stebbing (1815) 36Yrs272 Bures Hamlet
James Wisby (1829) 22Yrs272 Wormingford
Elizabeth Wisby (1830) 21Yrs272 Mount Bures
George Wisby (1850) 1Yrs272 Mount Bures
Ann Clampin (1790) 61Yrs273 Colne Engaine
Edward Clampin (1796) 55Yrs273 Twinstead
James Deal (1816) 35Yrs273 Foxearth
Susan Deal (1820) 31Yrs273 Foxearth
Walter Deal (1842) 9Yrs273 Halstead
Abram Deal (1844) 7Yrs273 Foxearth
Oliver Deal (1847) 4Yrs273 Maplestead
Ursula Deal (1850) 9mYrs273 Bures Hamlet
Samuel Fitch (1802) 49Yrs273 Bures
Edward Fitch (1824) 27Yrs273 Bures
Sarah Fitch (1829) 22Yrs273 Bures
Thomas Fitch (1831) 20Yrs273 Bures
Martha Fitch (1835) 16Yrs273 Bures
Elizabeth Fitch (1836) 15Yrs273 Bures
John Fitch (1843) 8Yrs273 Bures
James Frost (1817) 34Yrs273 Wickham St Pauls
Anna Frost (1818) 33Yrs273 Lamarsh
Lousia Frost (1842) 9Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
Harriot Frost (1844) 7Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Frost (1845) 6Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
Mary Ann Frost (1848) 3Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
Charles Frost (1850) 6wYrs273 Bures Hamlet
William Gallifant (1804) 47Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
Eliz. Gallifant (1806) 45Yrs273 Colne
Elizabeth Gallifant (1830) 21Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
J.(Male) Gallifant (1832) 19Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
T.(Male) Gallifant (1834) 17Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
Moses Gallifant (1838) 13Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
Abram? Gallifant (1840) 11Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
A.?(Male) Gallifant (1846) 5Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
Samuel Gallifant (1849) 2Yrs273 Bures Hamlet
Michael Smith (1789) 62Yrs273 Great Henny
Susan Smith (1791) 60Yrs273 Glemsford
Sarah Smith (1834) 17Yrs273 Great Henny
Elizabeth Balls (1796) 55Yrs274 Copford
Maria Boggis (1814) 37Yrs274 Glemsford
Lidia Boggis (1816) 35Yrs274 Bures St Mary
William Gallifant (1828) 23Yrs274 Bures Hamlet
Harriot Gallifant (1832) 19Yrs274 Mount Bures
Arthur Gallifant (1850) 7wYrs274 Bures Hamlet
Charlotte Humm (1837) 14Yrs274 Bures St Mary
Parel? Humm (1838) 13Yrs274 Bures St Mary
Jemima Mole (1796) 55Yrs274 Bures Hamlet
Isaac Mole (1797) 54Yrs274 Bures Hamlet
George Mole (1824) 27Yrs274 Bures Hamlet
Ellen Mole (1826) 25Yrs274 Bures Hamlet
Charles Mole (1833) 18Yrs274 Bures Hamlet
William Mole (1836) 15Yrs274 Wivenhoe
Alfred Mole (1839) 12Yrs274 Wivenhoe
Robert Parker (1828) 23Yrs274 Bures Hamlet
Alice Pettitt (1775) 76Yrs274 Henny
Mary Ann Pettitt (1814) 37Yrs274 Bures St Mary
Charles Pettitt (1821) 30Yrs274 Mount Bures
Frank Pettitt (1847) 4Yrs274 Bures Hamlet
Allen Pettitt (1850) 1Yrs274 Bures Hamlet
Mauria Pettitt (1850) 1mYrs274 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Potter (1828) 23Yrs274 Wakes Colne
Thomas Rawlinsin (1826) 25Yrs274 Brighton
Jemima Webber (1826) 25Yrs275 Bures Hamlet
Thomas Webber (1832) 19Yrs275 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Webber (1833) 18Yrs275 Bures Hamlet
Henry Webber (1838) 13Yrs275 Bures Hamlet
Caroline Webber (1849) 2Yrs275 Bures Hamlet
Esther Webber (1850) 6mYrs275 Bures Hamlet
Susannah Cook (1824) 27Yrs279 Bures Hamlet
George Cook (1830) 21Yrs279 Nayland
Mary Death (1787) 64Yrs279 Bures St Mary
Robert Death (1829) 22Yrs279 Bures St Mary
Emma Death (1834) 17Yrs279 Bures St Mary
William Faiers (1797) 54Yrs279 Nayland
Selina Faiers (1809) 42Yrs279 Bures St Mary
Matilda Faiers (1840) 11Yrs279 Bures St Mary
Harriet Garrard (1824) 27Yrs279 Bures Hamlet
George Garrard (1827) 24Yrs279 Bures St Mary
Maria Garrard (1849) 2Yrs279 Bures St Mary
George Garrard (1850) 4mYrs279 Bures St Mary
Anne Hume (1835) 16Yrs279 Bures St Mary
Walter Leeks (1827) 24Yrs279 Melford
Thomas Rayner (1806) 45Yrs279 Bures St Mary
Charlotte Rayner (1810) 41Yrs279 East Donyland
Thomas Rayner (1837) 14Yrs279 East Donyland
Sarah Cooper (1814) 37Yrs280 Lamarsh
Ann Crossman (1807) 44Yrs280 Bures St Mary
Charles Crossman (1811) 40Yrs280 Bures St Mary
Charles Crossman (1838) 13Yrs280 Bures St Mary
Robert Crossman (1841) 10Yrs280 Bures St Mary
Edward Crossman (1844) 7Yrs280
Emma Crossman (1847) 4Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Susan Holmes (1817) 34Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
William Holmes (1817) 34Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Harriet Holmes (1842) 9Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Holmes (1844) 7Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
William Holmes (1846) 5Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Holmes (1848) 3Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Peter Ladbrook (1824) 27Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Charlotte Ladbrook (1825) 26Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Ladbrook (1849) 2Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Ellen Ladbrook (1850) 10mYrs280 Bures Hamlet
Hannah Rowe (1778) 73Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Samuel Springet (1802) 49Yrs280 Little Cornard
Susannah Springet (1803) 48Yrs280 Sudbury
Mary Ann Springet (1831) 20Yrs280 Little Cornard
William Springet (1835) 16Yrs280 Great Cornard
John Springet (1837) 14Yrs280 Great Cornard
Elizabeth Springet (1840) 11Yrs280 Great Cornard
Richard Springet (1843) 8Yrs280 Bures St Mary
Thomas Springet (1847) 4Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Jemima Stebbing (1807) 44Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Robert Stebbing (1825) 26Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Rachel Stebbing (1827) 24Yrs280 Little Cornard
Mary Ann Stebbing (1842) 9Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Mary Ann Stebbing (1848) 3Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Stebbing (1850) 1Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Mary Wright (1819) 32Yrs280 Bures St Mary
John Wright (1838) 13Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Wright (1845) 6Yrs280 Bures Hamlet
George Baker (1836) 15Yrs281 Mount Bures
Elizabeth Bray (1774) 77Yrs281 Bures St Mary
William Bray (1783) 68Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Crossman (1795) 56Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
Edward Crossman (1805) 46Yrs281 Bures St Mary
Charles Crossman (1837) 14Yrs281 Bures St Mary
Walter Crossman (1849) 2Yrs281 Sudbury Union
Elizabeth Dessant (1787) 64Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
Parmiter Dessant (1789) 62Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
William Dessant (1816) 35Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
John Dessant (1826) 25Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
Frances Dessant (1828) 23Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
John Emenson (1832) 19Yrs281 Earls Colne
Harriot Garrard (1792) 59Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
John Garrard (1797) 54Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
Harriot Ann Garrard (1826) 25Yrs281 Bures St Mary
Elizabeth Garrard (1827) 24Yrs281 Bures St Mary
William Garrard (1834) 17Yrs281 Bures St Mary
Elizabeth Good (1781) 70Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
Daniel Good (1823) 28Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
Joseph Marsh (1821) 30Yrs281 Groton
Elizabeth Marsh (1821) 30Yrs281 Mildenhall
Selina Marsh (1847) 4Yrs281 Groton
Elizabeth Marsh (1849) 2Yrs281 Edwardston
Harriet Plampin (1820) 31Yrs281
Rebecca Robinson (1811) 40Yrs281 Bures St Mary
Jonathan Sparks (1802) 49Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
Mary Stapleton (1827) 24Yrs281
Amelia Stedman (1819) 32Yrs281 Bures Hamlet
Charles Weaver (1788) 63Yrs281 Alphamstone
Mary Weaver (1791) 60Yrs281 Bures St Mary
George Burch (1808) 43Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Zachary Burch (1832) 19Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Burch (1836) 15Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Burch (1838) 13Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Ann Clark (1807) 44Yrs282 Stoke By Nayland
Mary Ann Clark (1834) 17Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Thomas Clark (1837) 14Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Giblin (1793) 58Yrs282 Great Tey
George Ladbrook (1810) 41Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Ladbrook (1811) 40Yrs282 Bures St Mary
Sarah Ladbrook (1840) 11Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Walter Ladbrook (1845) 6Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Deborah Ladbrook (1846) 5Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Harriett Ladbrook (1849) 2Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Thomas Sparks (1812) 39Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Joseph Sparks (1814) 37Yrs282 Colne Engaine
Mary Sparks (1816) 35Yrs282 Thorpe
Mary Ann Sparks (1818) 33Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Sparks (1839) 12Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Abraham Sparks (1839) 12Yrs282 Bures St Mary
Henry Sparks (1841) 10Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Mary Ann Sparks (1842) 9Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Emily Sparks (1846) 5Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Sparks (1847) 4Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Sparks (1848) 3Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Caroline Sparks (1850) 5mYrs282 Bures Hamlet
Esther Springet (1798) 53Yrs282 Langham
William Springet (1808) 43Yrs282 Bures Hamlet
Mary Brown (1791) 60Yrs283 Bures St Mary
Sarah Cousins (1811) 40Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Charles Finch (1825) 26Yrs283 Kelvedon
Samuel Goymer (1806) 45Yrs283 Stonham Aspall
Eliza Goymer (1824) 27Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Emma Goymer (1837) 14Yrs283 Wivenhoe
Robert Goymer (1838) 13Yrs283 Wivenhoe
William Rayner (1835) 16Yrs283 Bures St Mary
Mary Rudkin (1804) 47Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Mary Rudkin (1836) 15Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
James Stebbing (1821) 30Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Stebbing (1829) 22Yrs283 Little Cornard
Maria Stebbing (1850) 3mYrs283 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Ann Stebbing (1850) 16mYrs283 Bures Hamlet
William Stedman (1815) 36Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Jemima Stedman (1819) 32Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Charles Stedman (1841) 10Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Matilda Stedman (1845) 6Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Mary Ann Stedman (1847) 4Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Frederick Stedman (1849) 2Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Mary Webber (1771) 80Yrs283 Bures St Mary
Joseph Webber (1772) 79Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Ann Webber (1807) 44Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Henry Webber (1811) 40Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Lydia Webber (1847) 4Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Henry Woolman (1792) 59Yrs283 Lamarsh
Elizabeth Woolman (1793) 58Yrs283 Bures Hamlet
Edward Howard (1805) 46Yrs284 Lamarsh
Sarah Howard (1818) 33Yrs284 Rowhedge
John Howard (1834) 17Yrs284 Rowhedge
Mary Ann Howard (1836) 15Yrs284 Lamarsh
Lousia Howard (1839) 12Yrs284 Lamarsh
William Howard (1843) 8Yrs284 Lamarsh
Alfred Howard (1846) 5Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Jane Howard (1849) 2Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
William Salmon (1801) 50Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
David Salmon (1836) 15Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Margarett Salmon (1840) 11Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Henry Salmon (1843) 8Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Mary Salmon (1846) 5Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
George Shed (1813) 38Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Harriett Shed (1814) 37Yrs284 White Colne
Emily Shed (1837) 14Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
George Shed (1838) 13Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
John Shed (1841) 10Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Harriet Shed (1843) 8Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Henry Shed (1846) 5Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Caroline Shed (1849) 2Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
William Stebbing (1800) 51Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Susan Stebbing (1827) 24Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
John Stebbing (1829) 22Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Stebbing (1831) 20Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
George Stebbing (1832) 19Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Isaac Stebbing (1834) 17Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Martha Stebbing (1836) 15Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Benjamin Tracy (1796) 55Yrs284 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Tracy (1800) 51Yrs284 Langham
Edward Boggis (1809) 42Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Nathan Boggis (1839) 12Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
William Boggis (1842) 9Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Clampin (1836) 15Yrs285 Lamarsh
Elizabeth Holmes (1789) 62Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Kemp (1804) 47Yrs285 Alphamstone
Harriet Kemp (1829) 22Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Emily Lee (1818) 33Yrs285 Brantham
James Lee (1820) 31Yrs285 Langham
Emily Lee (1846) 5Yrs285 Langham
William Lee (1848) 3Yrs285 Colchester
James Lee (1849) 2Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
George Lee (1850) 3mYrs285 Bures Hamlet
Nathaniel Mole (1794) 57Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Mary Mole (1803) 48Yrs285 Ixworth
Nathaniel Mole (1838) 13Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Jacob Rule (1807) 44Yrs285 Langham
Maria Rule (1813) 38Yrs285 Dedham
Isaac Shed (1785) 66Yrs285 Halstead
Mary Shed (1791) 60Yrs285 Little Cornard
Mary Shed (1815) 36Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Samuel Shed (1829) 22Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
William Shed (1835) 16Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
William Springet (1829) 22Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Mary Ann Stedman (1791) 60Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
John Stedman (1822) 29Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Charles Stedman (1830) 21Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Stedman (1833) 18Yrs285 Bures Hamlet
Susan Clark (1804) 47Yrs286 Bures St Mary
Joseph Clark (1805) 46Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
William Clark (1827) 24Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Harriet Clark (1830) 21Yrs286 Nayland
Henry Clark (1835) 16Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Emily Clark (1840) 11Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Ellen Clark (1843) 8Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Harriet Clark (1846) 5Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Robert Dessant (1811) 40Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Ellen Dessant (1846) 5Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Rachel Dyer (1777) 74Yrs286 Kirby
Henry Dyer (1813) 38Yrs286 Kirby
Abraham Dyer (1818) 33Yrs286 Kirby
Frances Lewis (1801) 50Yrs286 Foxhall
Harriet Manning (1812) 39Yrs286 Great Waldingfield
Edward Manning (1815) 36Yrs286 Drinkstone
George William Manning (1844) 7Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Harriet Eliza Manning (1849) 2Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Mary Manning (1850) 11mYrs286 Bures Hamlet
Eliza Page (1821) 30Yrs286 Foxhall
Thomas Page (1824) 27Yrs286 Ipswich
Charles Page (1849) 2Yrs286 Bacton
Julia Page (1850) 4DYrs286 Bures Hamlet
James Walsh (1814) 37Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Emelia Walsh (1814) 37Yrs286 Coggeshall
Eliza Walsh (1839) 12Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Harriet Walsh (1844) 7Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
George Walsh (1846) 5Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Walsh (1848) 3Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Lydia Walsh (1850) 1Yrs286 Bures Hamlet
Simon Boggis (1824) 27Yrs287 Bures St Mary
James Bray (1788) 63Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
Mary Bray (1810) 41Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
James Bray (1815) 36Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
Rebecca Bray (1828) 23Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Bray (1838) 13Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
William Bray (1841) 10Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
William Bray (1842) 9Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
Ann Bray (1842) 9Yrs287 Heybridge
Ann Bray (1843) 8Yrs287 Lamarsh
Frances Bray (1846) 5Yrs287 Lamarsh
Charles Bray (1848) 3Yrs287 Lamarsh
John Bray (1850) 3wYrs287 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Clark (1809) 42Yrs287 Lamarsh
Sarah Garrad (1786) 65Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
James Garrad (1801) 50Yrs287 Mount Bures
Hannah Ladbrook (1829) 22Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
Charles Ladbrook (1832) 19Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
William Ladbrook (1850) 6mYrs287 Bures Hamlet
John Moss (1795) 56Yrs287 Little Cornard
George Moss (1833) 18Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
James Moss (1836) 15Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
Elijah Norton (1806) 45Yrs287 N/K
Susan Norton (1814) 37Yrs287 Lindsell
Albion Norton (1841) 10Yrs287 Lamarsh
Frances Norton (1842) 9Yrs287 Lamarsh
Arthur Norton (1844) 7Yrs287 Lamarsh
Deborah Norton (1846) 5Yrs287 Lamarsh
Mehala Norton (1849) 2Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
Charles Townsend (1790) 61Yrs287 Bures Hamlet
John U. Brown (1818) 33Yrs288 Wickham St Paul
Elizabeth Brown (1821) 30Yrs288 Pebmarsh
Amelia Brown (1845) 6Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Ellen Brown (1846) 5Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Joseph Thompn. Brown (1849) 2Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Mary Ann Brown (1850) 4mYrs288 Bures Hamlet
Sarah Hardy (1828) 23Yrs288 Assington
Elizabeth Harrington (1791) 60Yrs288 Mount Bures
Daniel Harrington (1793) 58Yrs288 Alphamstone
James Harrington (1823) 28Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Maria Harrington (1823) 28Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Fanny Harrington (1829) 22Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Abraham Harrington (1831) 20Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Edward Harrington (1842) 9Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Betsey Harrington (1843) 8Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Daniel Harrington (1843) 8Yrs288 Lamarsh
Sarah Harrington (1848) 3Yrs288 Lamarsh
Elizabeth Harrington (1850) 1Yrs288 Lamarsh
Susan Heyward (1824) 27Yrs288 Twinstead
Edward Heyward (1826) 25Yrs288 Lamarsh
Charles Mills (1817) 34Yrs288 Great Cornard
Maria Mills (1823) 28Yrs288 Alphamstone
Charles Mills (1845) 6Yrs288 Alphamstone
Clara Mills (1847) 4Yrs288 Alphamstone
Lydia Mills (1847) 4Yrs288 Alphamstone
George Mills (1850) 11mYrs288 Mount Bures
Elizabeth Thompson (1794) 57Yrs288 Colne Engaine
Lydia Wass (1773) 78Yrs288 Milden
John Wass (1805) 46Yrs288 White Colne
Mary Wass (1808) 43Yrs288 White Colne
Henry Wright (1785) 66Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Margaret Wright (1794) 57Yrs288 Sudbury
Samuel Wright (1832) 19Yrs288 Bures Hamlet
Barnabas Burch (1816) 35Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
Harriet Burch (1819) 32Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
Kitty Choat (1800) 51Yrs289 Henham
Kitty Choat (1833) 18Yrs289 Toppesfield
William Dansie (1825) 26Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
Simon Dansie (1831) 20Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
William French (1832) 19Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
Joshua Frost (1769) 82Yrs289 Alphamstone
William Goldsmith (1793) 58Yrs289 Wickhambrook
William Goldsmith (1824) 27Yrs289 Chapel
Thomas Goldsmith (1827) 24Yrs289 Chapel
Arthur Peek (1835) 16Yrs289 Bures St Mary
John Rawlinson (1794) 57Yrs289 Stepney
Maria Rawlinson (1803) 48Yrs289 Sudbury
John Thomas Rawlinson (1839) 12Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Rawlinson (1844) 7Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Rayner (1791) 60Yrs289 Thorpe
Joseph Rayner (1799) 52Yrs289 Bures St Mary
Susan Sach (1793) 58Yrs289 Thorpe
Thomas Stedman (1813) 38Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
Mary Stedman (1815) 36Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Stedman (1843) 8Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
William Stedman (1846) 5Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
Emma Stedman (1848) 3Yrs289 Bures Hamlet
Elizabeth Turner (1772) 79Yrs289 Lavenham
Mary Warren (1830) 21Yrs289 Bures Hamlet