The Foxearth and District Local History Society
Index for 1851 Census of Ovington
Joseph Batram (1786) 65Yrs637 Ovington
Susan Batram (1793) 58Yrs637 Belchamp St Pauls
Charles Batram (1836) 15Yrs637 Ovington
Mary Batram (1837) 14Yrs637 Ovington
Elizabeth Foxearth (1786) 65Yrs637 Ovington
William Foxearth (1786) 65Yrs637 Ovington
Robert Foxearth (1820) 31Yrs637 Ovington
Elizabeth Foxearth (1830) 21Yrs637 Ovington
William Foxearth (1834) 17Yrs637 Ovington
Emma Foxearth (1836) 15Yrs637 Ovington
Stephen Plumb (1782) 69Yrs637 Ovington
Charlotte Plumb (1785) 66Yrs637 Ovington
Sarah Plumb (1809) 42Yrs637 Ovington
John Plumb (1811) 40Yrs637 Ovington
Mary Plumb (1814) 37Yrs637 Belchamp St Pauls
Thomas Plumb (1820) 31Yrs637 Ovington
Daniel Plumb (1833) 18Yrs637 Ovington
Thomas Plumb (1836) 15Yrs637 Ovington
Robert Plumb (1838) 13Yrs637 Ovington
George Plumb (1841) 10Yrs637 Ovington
Mary Batram (1780) 71Yrs638 Hundon
John Batram (1792) 59Yrs638 Ovington
Charlotte Batram (1807) 44Yrs638 Ovington
Edward Batram (1823) 28Yrs638 Ovington
Betsey Batram (1825) 26Yrs638 Belchamp St Pauls
Caroline Batram (1831) 20Yrs638 Ovington
Hanah Batram (1835) 16Yrs638 Ovington
Naomi Batram (1838) 13Yrs638 Ovington
Thomas Batram (1840) 11Yrs638 Ovington
Francis Batram (1843) 8Yrs638 Ovington
George Batram (1845) 6Yrs638 Ovington
Matilda Batram (1850) 10mYrs638 Ovington
George (Snr) Byford (1784) 67Yrs638 Belchamp Otten
Mary Byford (1786) 65Yrs638 Wixoe
Ann Byford (1787) 64Yrs638 Tilbury
William Byford (1793) 58Yrs638 Little Bardfield
Charlotte Byford (1811) 40Yrs638 Great Yeldham
George Byford (1811) 40Yrs638 Belchamp Otten
Thomas Byford (1832) 19Yrs638 Ovington
William Byford (1835) 16Yrs638 Ovington
James Byford (1837) 14Yrs638 Ovington
Emma Byford (1839) 12Yrs638 Ovington
John Byford (1845) 6Yrs638 Ovington
Charles Byford (1849) 2Yrs638 Ovington
Walter Byford (1850) 1mYrs638 Ovington
Mary Everett (1785) 66Yrs638 Ovington
Hanah Everett (1809) 42Yrs638 St Neots
James Everett (1812) 39Yrs638 Ovington
Samuel Everett (1841) 10Yrs638 Belchamp St Pauls
Thomas Everett (1850) 1Yrs638 Ovington
Daniel Golding (1835) 16Yrs638 Ovington
Mary Hull (1804) 47Yrs638 Stoke
Elizabeth Parker (1806) 45Yrs638 Ovington
Jesse Parker (1806) 45Yrs638 Ovington
John Parker (1832) 19Yrs638 Ovington
Harriett Parker (1834) 17Yrs638 Ovington
Caroline Parker (1837) 14Yrs638 Ovington
Eliza Parker (1839) 12Yrs638 Ovington
Robert Parker (1842) 9Yrs638 Ovington
Tamar Smith (1809) 42Yrs638 Belchamp St Pauls
George Argent (1816) 35Yrs639 Belchamp St Pauls
Emily Argent (1824) 27Yrs639 Ovington
Emma Batram (1850) 1Yrs639 Ovington
Hanah Bigmore (1824) 27Yrs639 Stisted
Thomas Byford (1817) 34Yrs639 Ovington
Susan Byford (1820) 31Yrs639 Ovington
Abraham Challis (1822) 29Yrs639 White Notley
Phoebe Challis (1824) 27Yrs639 Luton
Charlotte Chickall (1791) 60Yrs639 Tilbury
Jane Chickall (1821) 30Yrs639 Ashen
Mary Matilda Chickall (1823) 28Yrs639 Ashen
Mary Cook (1800) 51Yrs639 Dedham
Anna Everett (1787) 64Yrs639 Clare
Alfred Everett (1826) 25Yrs639 Ovington
Charles John Fisher (1818) 33Yrs639 Ovington
Mary Fisher (1820) 31Yrs639 Gorleston
Charles Travers Fisher (1850) 1Yrs639 Ovington
Emma Harding (1833) 18Yrs639 Colchester
Frederic Hickford (1820) 31Yrs639 Ashen
Charlotte Hickford (1821) 30Yrs639 Ashen
Sarah Hickford (1840) 11Yrs639 Ashen
George Hickford (1844) 7Yrs639 Ashen
William Hickford (1849) 2Yrs639 Ashen
John King (1783) 68Yrs639 Ovington
Ann King (1787) 64Yrs639 Whittlesford
George Whitfield King (1821) 30Yrs639 Ovington
Nathaniel Man (1796) 55Yrs639 Ovington
Harriett Man (1801) 50Yrs639 Ovington
Robert Man (1826) 25Yrs639 Ovington
Nathaniel Man (1835) 16Yrs639 Ovington
Daniel Twitchett (1802) 49Yrs639 Ovington
Sarah Twitchett (1804) 47Yrs639 Cavendish
Keziah Twitchett (1829) 22Yrs639 Ovington
Daniel Twitchett (1830) 21Yrs639 Ovington
John Twitchett (1832) 19Yrs639 Ovington
Frederic Twitchett (1835) 16Yrs639 Ovington
Sarah Twitchett (1845) 6Yrs639 Ovington
William Twitchett (1850) 1Yrs639 Ovington
Sarah Underwood (1826) 25Yrs639 Ovington
Joseph Chapman (1818) 33Yrs640 Stansfield
Sarah Chapman (1822) 29Yrs640 Ovington
Emma Chapman (1843) 8Yrs640 Ovington
Eliza Chapman (1846) 5Yrs640 Ovington
Elizabeth Chapman (1846) 5Yrs640 Ovington
James Chapman (1848) 3Yrs640 Ovington
Sarah Chapman (1850) 1Yrs640 Ovington
Fanny Shepherd Chickall (1832) 19Yrs640 Ashen
Mary Everett (1776) 75Yrs640 Ovington
Robert Everett (1812) 39Yrs640 Belchamp St Pauls
Harriett Everett (1815) 36Yrs640 Ovington
Abatha Everett (1848) 3Yrs640 Ovington
Calab Edgar Garnham (1829) 22Yrs640 Stonham Aspall
Daniel Golding (1805) 46Yrs640 Belchamp St Pauls
Harriett Golding (1810) 41Yrs640 Ovington
Sarah Golding (1840) 11Yrs640 Ovington
John Golding (1843) 8Yrs640 Ovington
William Golding (1846) 5Yrs640 Ovington
Thomas Golding (1849) 2Yrs640 Ovington
Frances Parker (1811) 40Yrs640 Ovington
William Parker (1812) 39Yrs640 Ovington
Caroline Parker (1832) 19Yrs640 Ovington
Jesse Parker (1834) 17Yrs640 Ovington
William Parker (1838) 13Yrs640 Ovington
Elizar Parker (1842) 9Yrs640 Ovington
Mary Scrivener (1828) 23Yrs640 Hundon
Matilda Smith (1796) 55Yrs640 Cavendish
Susan Smith (1796) 55Yrs640 Cavendish
Vince Smith (1796) 55Yrs640 Belchamp St Pauls
James Smith (1797) 54Yrs640 Ovington
James Smith (1825) 26Yrs640 Ovington
Thomas Smith (1828) 23Yrs640 Ovington
Charles Smith (1830) 21Yrs640 Ovington
William Smith (1831) 20Yrs640 Ovington
Sarah Smith (1832) 19Yrs640 Belchamp St Pauls
Eliza Smith (1835) 16Yrs640 Ovington
Alice Taylor (1834) 17Yrs640 Hundon
William Wheybrew (1817) 34Yrs640 Belchamp St Pauls
Susan Wheybrew (1828) 23Yrs640 Belchamp St Pauls
Jane Parker (1844) 7Yrs641 Ovington
John Parker (1847) 4Yrs641 Ovington
Sarah Parker (1850) 11mYrs641 Ovington
Harriett Parker (1850) 11mYrs641 Ovington
Samuel Plumb (1821) 30Yrs641 Ovington
Rebecca Plumb (1824) 27Yrs641 Clare
Sarah Plumb (1847) 4Yrs641 Ovington
Henry Plumb (1849) 2Yrs641 Ovington
Caroline Plumb (1850) 5mYrs641 Ovington
Sarah Willis (1802) 49Yrs641 Stoke
George Willis (1803) 48Yrs641 Ashen
Susan Willis (1836) 15Yrs641 Clare
William Willis (1840) 11Yrs641 Ashen
Eliza Willis (1842) 9Yrs641 Ashen