The Foxearth and District Local History Society
Index for 1851 Census of Sturmer
Betsy Bowyer (1833) 18Yrs76 Kedington
Frances Bowyer (1837) 14Yrs76 Kedington
Samuel Chapman (1789) 62Yrs76 Barnardiston
Lydia Clarke (1780) 71Yrs76 Steeple Bumpstead
Sarah Cowling (1794) 57Yrs76 Haverhill
William Cowling (1833) 18Yrs76 Sturmer
Elizabeth Mann (1832) 19Yrs76 Harbury
Mary A. Meakins (1830) 21Yrs76 Stoke
Harry Purkis (1806) 45Yrs76 Sturmer
Elizabeth M. Purkis (1842) 9Yrs76 Sturmer
Annie K. Purkis (1844) 7Yrs76 Sturmer
Harry C. Purkis (1846) 5Yrs76 Sturmer
Charles B. Purkis (1849) 2Yrs76 Sturmer
Alice M. Purkis (1850) 8mYrs76 Sturmer
Jane S. Robinson (1806) 45Yrs76 Kedington
Daniel Bowtell (1818) 33Yrs77 Sturmer
Sarah Brazier (1768) 83Yrs77 Birdbrook
Mary Darking (1830) 21Yrs77 Sturmer
Mary Ford (1808) 43Yrs77 Haverhill
Stephen Ford (1810) 41Yrs77 Sturmer
Elijah Ford (1830) 21Yrs77 Sturmer
Elizabeth Ford (1830) 21Yrs77 Sturmer
Mary Ford (1834) 17Yrs77 Sturmer
Emma Ford (1837) 14Yrs77 Sturmer
John Ford (1842) 9Yrs77 Sturmer
Caroline Ford (1846) 5Yrs77 Sturmer
Ellen Ford (1849) 2Yrs77 Sturmer
Evey Gip (1795) 56Yrs77 Kedington
Elizabeth Gip (1798) 53Yrs77 Sturmer
Anna Gip (1835) 16Yrs77 Sturmer
Robert Gip (1841) 10Yrs77 Sturmer
James Hammond (1824) 27Yrs77 Sturmer
Emily Hammond (1824) 27Yrs77
Emma Hammond (1850) 1Yrs77 Sturmer
William Hicks (1789) 62Yrs77
Charlotte Hicks (1800) 51Yrs77 Cambridge
Herbert S. Hicks (1832) 19Yrs77 Sturmer
William P. Hicks (1837) 14Yrs77 Sturmer
John B. Hicks (1839) 12Yrs77 Sturmer
Coryton F. Hicks (1842) 9Yrs77 Sturmer
Catherine E. Hicks (1844) 7Yrs77 Sturmer
Charlotte Ince (1825) 26Yrs77 Sturmer
Susan Raisen (1805) 46Yrs77 Stoke
James Raisen (1816) 35Yrs77 Sturmer
George Raisen (1833) 18Yrs77 Stoke
Mary Cowle (1803) 48Yrs78 Keddington
George Cowle (1813) 38Yrs78 Sturmer
Emely Cowle (1841) 10Yrs78 Sturmer
Fredric Cowle (1843) 8Yrs78 Sturmer
Alfred Cowle (1845) 6Yrs78 Sturmer
Walter Cowle (1847) 4Yrs78 Sturmer
George Cowle (1849) 2Yrs78 Sturmer
John Darkin (1850) 1Yrs78 Haverhill
Margaret Ford (1822) 29Yrs78 Wixoe
Thomas W. Ford (1825) 26Yrs78 Sturmer
Bendysh Ford (1848) 3Yrs78 Sturmer
Fanny Ford (1850) 1Yrs78 Sturmer
Catherine Linzell (1846) 5Yrs78 Belchamp St Paul
James Lorkin (1809) 42Yrs78 Clare
Louisa Lorkin (1812) 39Yrs78 Haverhill
William Lorkin (1834) 17Yrs78 Sturmer
Susannah Lorkin (1836) 15Yrs78 Sturmer
John Lorkin (1840) 11Yrs78 Sturmer
Robert Lorkin (1842) 9Yrs78 Sturmer
Ann Mason (1773) 78Yrs78 Cavendish
Charlotte Mason (1805) 46Yrs78 Sturmer
John Mason (1807) 44Yrs78 Sturmer
George Mason (1832) 19Yrs78 Sturmer
Thomas Mason (1838) 13Yrs78 Sturmer
John Mason (1842) 9Yrs78 Sturmer
Harry Mason (1845) 6Yrs78 Sturmer
Mary Raisen (1797) 54Yrs78 Kedington
George Raisen (1829) 22Yrs78 Sturmer
Phoeby Raisen (1833) 18Yrs78 Sturmer
Henry Raisen (1839) 12Yrs78 Sturmer
John Walliker (1811) 40Yrs78 Steeple
Martha Walliker (1813) 38Yrs78 Haverhill
John Walliker (1835) 16Yrs78 Kedding
Susan Walliker (1842) 9Yrs78 Sturmer
Emely Walliker (1845) 6Yrs78 Sturmer
Thomas Bowyer (1806) 45Yrs79 Keddington
Mary Bowyer (1808) 43Yrs79 Thurlow
Mary Bowyer (1835) 16Yrs79 Keddington
Susan Bowyer (1839) 12Yrs79 Keddington
Ether Bowyer (1842) 9Yrs79 Keddington
Ellen Bowyer (1847) 4Yrs79 Sturmer
Anne Bowyer (1850) 1Yrs79 Sturmer
Mary Claydon (1797) 54Yrs79 Birdbrook
Ann Dearsley (1775) 76Yrs79 Sturmer
Stephen Gowers (1813) 38Yrs79 Keddington
Mary Gowers (1815) 36Yrs79 Sturmer
John Gowers (1843) 8Yrs79 Sturmer
Henry Gowers (1845) 6Yrs79 Sturmer
Stephen Gowers (1846) 5Yrs79 Sturmer
Charlotte Gowers (1848) 3Yrs79 Sturmer
Fanny Gowers (1850) 6mYrs79 Sturmer
Harriet Purkis (1803) 48Yrs79 Sturmer
John Purkis (1828) 23Yrs79 Keddington
Elizabeth Purkis (1830) 21Yrs79 Sturmer
Fanny Purkis (1850) 7mYrs79 Sturmer
Thomas Skelton (1776) 75Yrs79 Keddington
Mary Skelton (1776) 75Yrs79 Camps
Joseph Skelton (1815) 36Yrs79 Sturmer
John Skelton (1817) 34Yrs79 Sturmer
Robert Spencer (1812) 39Yrs79 Barkway
Elizabeth Spencer (1813) 38Yrs79 Castle Bytham
Jane A. Spencer (1839) 12Yrs79 Sawby
Ann Spencer (1842) 9Yrs79 Barkway
William Spencer (1844) 7Yrs79 Buntingford
Edward Spencer (1849) 2Yrs79 Sturmer
Elizabeth Walliker (1833) 18Yrs79 Sturmer
Eliza Chapman (1842) 9Yrs80
William Choat (1812) 39Yrs80 Keddington
Sarah Choat (1822) 29Yrs80 Wethersfield
Thomas Claydon (1815) 36Yrs80 Sturmer
Rebekah Claydon (1816) 35Yrs80 Sturmer
Fredric Claydon (1841) 10Yrs80 Sturmer
Sargent Dillistone (1810) 41Yrs80 Sturmer
Susan Dillistone (1811) 40Yrs80 Keddington
Thomas E. Dillistone (1836) 15Yrs80 Sturmer
William Dillistone (1839) 12Yrs80 Sturmer
Josiah Dillistone (1841) 10Yrs80 Sturmer
Francis Dillistone (1844) 7Yrs80 Sturmer
Elizabeth Dillistone (1847) 4Yrs80 Sturmer
Henry C. Dillistone (1850) 1Yrs80 Sturmer
Sarah Eldred (1806) 45Yrs80 Belchamp
George Eldred (1831) 20Yrs80 Borogreen
John Hammond (1803) 48Yrs80 Sturmer
John Nun (1803) 48Yrs80 Sturmer
Abigail Nun (1808) 43Yrs80 Sturmer
James Nun (1827) 24Yrs80 Sturmer
Mary Nun (1831) 20Yrs80 Sturmer
George Nun (1834) 17Yrs80 Sturmer
Susan Nun (1836) 15Yrs80 Sturmer
Harriet Nun (1841) 10Yrs80 Sturmer
Charlotte Nun (1844) 7Yrs80 Sturmer
Stephen Nun (1846) 5Yrs80 Sturmer
Ellen Nun (1850) 1Yrs80 Sturmer
Samuel Osborn (1802) 49Yrs80 Sturmer
George Osborn (1834) 17Yrs80 Sturmer
Henry Osborn (1836) 15Yrs80 Sturmer
Mary A. Osborn (1842) 9Yrs80 Sturmer
Joseph Skelton (1832) 19Yrs80 Sturmer
Mary Turner (1779) 72Yrs80 Wombro
Susan Turner (1806) 45Yrs80 Sturmer
William Turner (1831) 20Yrs80 Sturmer
Sarah Basset (1767) 84Yrs81 Castle Camps
Elijah Cowle (1812) 39Yrs81 Haverhill
John Cowle (1822) 29Yrs81 Sturmer
Mary Cowle (1846) 5Yrs81 Sturmer
William Eldred (1818) 33Yrs81 Sturmer
Eliza Eldred (1824) 27Yrs81 Sturmer
Charlotte Eldred (1844) 7Yrs81 Sturmer
Elizabeth Eldred (1847) 4Yrs81 Sturmer
Sophia Ince (1798) 53Yrs81 Sturmer
Robert Ince (1800) 51Yrs81 Sturmer
Charls Ince (1834) 17Yrs81 Sturmer
Sophia Ince (1839) 12Yrs81 Sturmer
Thomas Ince (1843) 8Yrs81 Sturmer
Thomas Lorkin (1785) 66Yrs81 Clare
Pheby Lorkin (1807) 44Yrs81 Helions Bumpstead
Ann Lorkin (1837) 14Yrs81 Sturmer
Esther Lorkin (1840) 11Yrs81 Sturmer
Eiza? Lorkin (1842) 9Yrs81 Sturmer
George Lorkin (1846) 5Yrs81 Sturmer
William Mason (1798) 53Yrs81 Keddington
Rebekah Mason (1803) 48Yrs81 Haverhill
George Mason (1833) 18Yrs81 Sturmer
Charlotte Mason (1839) 12Yrs81 Sturmer
William Skelton (1805) 46Yrs81 Sturmer
Thomas Skelton (1828) 23Yrs81 Sturmer
Charlotte Skelton (1834) 17Yrs81 Sturmer
John Skelton (1838) 13Yrs81 Sturmer
Joseph Skelton (1840) 11Yrs81 Sturmer
Henry Skelton (1843) 8Yrs81 Sturmer
Benjamin Cowle (1818) 33Yrs82 Sturmer
Ann Cowle (1822) 29Yrs82 Haverhill
Susan Cowle (1844) 7Yrs82 Sturmer
William Cowle (1850) 2mYrs82 Sturmer
Thomas Hammond (1784) 67Yrs82 Sturmer
Hannah Hammond (1787) 64Yrs82 Wratting
Charles Hammond (1829) 22Yrs82 Sturmer
Elizabeth Ince (1807) 44Yrs82 Steeple Bumpstead
Henry Ince (1807) 44Yrs82 Clare
George Ince (1831) 20Yrs82 Sturmer
Robert Ince (1834) 17Yrs82 Sturmer
William Ince (1836) 15Yrs82 Sturmer
Mary Ince (1839) 12Yrs82 Sturmer
Harriet Ince (1841) 10Yrs82 Sturmer
Elijah Ince (1847) 4Yrs82 Sturmer
Mariah Ince (1849) 2Yrs82 Sturmer
Alles Kelly (1847) 4Yrs82 Clapham
Elizabeth Moody (1775) 76Yrs82 Cavendish
Scarlet Moody (1775) 76Yrs82 Birdbrook
Charles Ridgwell (1806) 45Yrs82 Sturmer
Harriet Ridgwell (1813) 38Yrs82 Sturmer
William Ridgwell (1835) 16Yrs82 Sturmer
Charlotte Ridgwell (1843) 8Yrs82 Sturmer
Ellen Ridgwell (1850) 1Yrs82 Sturmer
Mary Walliker (1790) 61Yrs82 Steeple
Susannah Walliker (1819) 32Yrs82 Sturmer
William Walliker (1825) 26Yrs82 Sturmer
Emely Walliker (1825) 26Yrs82 Sturmer
Harriet Barker (1822) 29Yrs83 Steeple Bumpstead
Sarah Claydon (1791) 60Yrs83 Keddington
Fredric Claydon (1817) 34Yrs83 Sturmer
George Claydon (1827) 24Yrs83 Sturmer
Dudley Claydon (1829) 22Yrs83 Sturmer
Charles Claydon (1832) 19Yrs83 Sturmer
Matilda Claydon (1833) 18Yrs83 Sturmer
John Green (1791) 60Yrs83 Sturmer
Harriet Ince (1821) 30Yrs83 Haverhill
William Ince (1823) 28Yrs83 Sturmer
William Ince (1831) 20Yrs83 Sturmer
Caroline Ince (1847) 4Yrs83 Sturmer
William Ince (1850) 10mYrs83 Sturmer
Mary Luckling (1792) 59Yrs83 Haverhill
John Purkis (1798) 53Yrs83 Sturmer
Margretta Purkis (1831) 20Yrs83 Haverhill
John N. Purkis (1833) 18Yrs83 Haverhill
Henry W. Purkis (1834) 17Yrs83 Sturmer
Francis Purkis (1837) 14Yrs83 Sturmer
Ellen M. Purkis (1846) 5Yrs83 Sturmer
Sarah Tilbrook (1817) 34Yrs83 Helions Bumpstead
Martha Walliker (1803) 48Yrs83 Steeple Bumpstead
Edward Walliker (1803) 48Yrs83 Sturmer
James Walliker (1831) 20Yrs83 Sturmer
Charlotte Walliker (1834) 17Yrs83 Sturmer
Sophia Walliker (1836) 15Yrs83 Sturmer
Hannah Chapman (1797) 54Yrs84 Keddington
James Chapman (1830) 21Yrs84 Sturmer
Esther Chapman (1832) 19Yrs84 Sturmer
Emma Chapman (1833) 18Yrs84 Sturmer
Henry Chapman (1839) 12Yrs84 Sturmer
William Chapman (1850) 1mYrs84 Sturmer
Sarah Cowle (1787) 64Yrs84 Steeple Bumpstead
David Cowle (1834) 17Yrs84 Sturmer
Thomas Green (1816) 35Yrs84 Sturmer
Matilda Green (1822) 29Yrs84 Steeple Bumpstead
Emma Green (1844) 7Yrs84 Sturmer
Charles Green (1848) 3Yrs84 Sturmer
Samuel Ince (1797) 54Yrs84 Clare
Susan Ince (1804) 47Yrs84 Sturmer
George Ince (1830) 21Yrs84 Sturmer
Mary Ince (1833) 18Yrs84 Sturmer
Charles Ince (1835) 16Yrs84 Sturmer
Thomas Ince (1838) 13Yrs84 Sturmer
Alfred Ince (1841) 10Yrs84 Sturmer
John Ince (1843) 8Yrs84 Sturmer
William Nun (1784) 67Yrs84 Sturmer
John Osborn (1782) 69Yrs84 Sturmer
Sarah Osborn (1782) 69Yrs84 Haverhill
Stephen Osborn (1815) 36Yrs84 Sturmer
Ann Osborn (1840) 11Yrs84 Sturmer
Sally Skelton (1809) 42Yrs84 Kedington
Stephen Skelton (1811) 40Yrs84 Sturmer
William Skelton (1839) 12Yrs84 Sturmer
Harriot Skelton (1841) 10Yrs84 Sturmer
Susan Skelton (1842) 9Yrs84 Sturmer
David Skelton (1848) 3Yrs84 Sturmer
Harriet Claydon (1819) 32Yrs85 Haverhill
John Claydon (1820) 31Yrs85 Sturmer
William Claydon (1824) 27Yrs85 Sturmer
Mary A. Claydon (1826) 25Yrs85 Haverhill
Mary A. Claydon (1840) 11Yrs85 Sturmer
David Claydon (1845) 6Yrs85 Sturmer
William Claydon (1847) 4Yrs85 Sturmer
Thomas Cowle (1781) 70Yrs85 Old Sampford
Sally Cowle (1820) 31Yrs85 Great Bradley
William Cowle (1820) 31Yrs85 Sturmer
Fredric Cowle (1844) 7Yrs85 Great Bradley
Charlotte Cowle (1846) 5Yrs85 Keddington
William Cowle (1848) 3Yrs85 Keddington
Walter Cowle (1850) 3mYrs85 Sturmer
Ann Ford (1779) 72Yrs85 Sturmer
Thomas Ford (1779) 72Yrs85 Sturmer
John Ford (1812) 39Yrs85 Sturmer
Lydia Ford (1815) 36Yrs85 Helions Bumpstead
Priscilla Ford (1837) 14Yrs85 Sturmer
Henry Ford (1839) 12Yrs85 Sturmer
Marke Ford (1842) 9Yrs85 Sturmer
John Ford (1844) 7Yrs85 Sturmer
Frank Ford (1847) 4Yrs85 Sturmer
Emely Ford (1848) 3Yrs85 Sturmer
Luke Ford (1850) 4mYrs85 Sturmer
David Hickford (1811) 40Yrs85 Keddington
Matilda Hickford (1815) 36Yrs85 Thurlow
Emma Hickford (1841) 10Yrs85 Keddington
Henry Hickford (1843) 8Yrs85 Sturmer
James Hickford (1847) 4Yrs85 Sturmer
David Hickford (1849) 2Yrs85 Sturmer
William Mays (1782) 69Yrs85 Keddington
Julia Mays (1789) 62Yrs85 Keddington
Mary Bennett (1810) 41Yrs86 Thaxted
Elizabeth Bennett (1837) 14Yrs86 Steeple Bumpstead
John Dillistone (1816) 35Yrs86 Sturmer
Harriet Dillistone (1818) 33Yrs86 Sturmer
Charlotte Dillistone (1840) 11Yrs86 Sturmer
Ann Dillistone (1842) 9Yrs86 Sturmer
Alice Dillistone (1847) 4Yrs86 Sturmer
Fanny Dillistone (1850) 1Yrs86 Sturmer
William Mays (1803) 48Yrs86 Sturmer
Mary Mays (1811) 40Yrs86 Haverhill
Susan Mays (1836) 15Yrs86 Haverhill
Samuel Mays (1839) 12Yrs86 Keddington
Mary Mays (1841) 10Yrs86 Haverhill
Elizabeth Mays (1842) 9Yrs86 Sturmer
Eliza Mays (1846) 5Yrs86 Sturmer
George Mays (1849) 2Yrs86 Sturmer
Luesa Mays (1850) 3wYrs86 Sturmer
Henry Nun (1806) 45Yrs86 Sturmer
Rebakah Nun (1808) 43Yrs86 Keddington
Alen Nun (1835) 16Yrs86 Keddington
Samuel Nun (1840) 11Yrs86 Keddington
Noah Nun (1848) 3Yrs86 Sturmer
Elijah Nun (1850) 1Yrs86 Sturmer
Sally Peverett (1822) 29Yrs86 Cowlinge
Mary Phillips (1832) 19Yrs86 Keddington
Rhoda Rooks (1827) 24Yrs86 Haverhill
Edward Rooks (1828) 23Yrs86 Sturmer
Eliza Rooks (1848) 3Yrs86 Haverhill
Emely Rooks (1850) 1Yrs86 Sturmer
William Tat (1773) 78Yrs86 Sturmer
Radcliffe P. Todd (1793) 58Yrs86 Birdbrook
Eliza Todd (1817) 34Yrs86 Keddington
Mary Todd (1829) 22Yrs86 Sturmer
Rebaca Buryes (1828) 23Yrs87 Ashdon
William Freestone (1824) 27Yrs87 Halstead
James Green (1814) 37Yrs87 Sturmer
Ann Green (1818) 33Yrs87 Steeple Bumpstead
Thomas Green (1845) 6Yrs87 Sturmer
Mary Green (1848) 3Yrs87 Sturmer
James Green (1850) 9mYrs87 Sturmer
Soloman Jackson (1770) 81Yrs87 Sturmer
Robert Ridgwell (1809) 42Yrs87 Sturmer
Rebaka Ridgwell (1812) 39Yrs87 Sturmer
George Ridgwell (1833) 18Yrs87 Sturmer
Rutland Ruse (1788) 63Yrs87 Horseheath
Rebechah Ruse (1806) 45Yrs87 Broxted
Robert Ruse (1833) 18Yrs87 Sturmer
Harry Ruse (1839) 12Yrs87 Sturmer
Henry Ruse (1841) 10Yrs87 Sturmer
Eliza Unwin (1816) 35Yrs87 Birdbrook
Elizabeth Walliker (1811) 40Yrs87 Steeple Bumpstead
Timothy Walliker (1811) 40Yrs87 Sturmer
James Walliker (1839) 12Yrs87 Sturmer
Eliza Walliker (1843) 8Yrs87 Sturmer
Harriet Walliker (1845) 6Yrs87 Sturmer
Sarah Walliker (1847) 4Yrs87 Sturmer
Emma Ward (1818) 33Yrs87 Bilderstone